: turning spoilers off in client just does nothing
I was just about to post something about this. I logged on to the client this morning before I went to watch the vods for last nights match and boom. Right in front of my face. You'd think you'd have to hover over it for the spoiler at least. Seems simple and I'm pretty dissappointed
: Petition for a Legendary Varus skin named Vaarus
Released alongside a 'what if' he were evil Naasus skin
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Broporo (NA)
: Unfortunately, the client doesn't actually have the ability to tell *why* you disconnected, only that you're no longer connected to the game/lobby. Getting a bugsplat is heckin' frustrating that's for sure, and in my experience, it's really good to start troubleshooting after the first time to try and resolve whatever caused it so you don't get any unneeded penalties. If you saw any specific errors during that crash, please send those my way so I have more info to work with, but until then try running a repair through the client options (if you haven't yet). It'd also be a good move to double check both your graphics drivers and DirectX drivers as well.
Just happened again, no specific error pop up, just a bug splat report screen asking for info about what happened, both times happened as it switched from one phase of champ select to another. First time was from pick intent to ban phase, this time was from ban phase to actual pick phase. Doing a full client repair, my drivers are all up to date.
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: A guide to playing the Soulforged: Bot lane Mordekaiser with Aery and Spellthieves' Ege
I just want to say that I'm going to try out some Mordekaiser play today. After seeing you post so much about him for so long your passion for the metal man has gotten me interested in a character that didn't really pique my interest before. Hopefully the start of having a new champ to enjoy and have in my belt for games!
: > Long while You missed Death Sworn Viktor clearly.
xD clearly! I didn't play much for a couple months and I just assumed he hadnt gotten one yet. Well archive this one for the next time he gets a skin lol.
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: When a Kha'Zix in your game is extremely toxic...
It's not his fault, he got into some bug poison.
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: Hello, my fellow sock connoisseur. I'm a huge fan of pokemon socks (I have like 7 pairs @.@), though I've recently fallen in love with socks that has a giant Seto Kaiba face on it (from Yu-Gi-Oh).
Pokemon socks! Ugh I know what I'm asking for Christmas now!! Like the sock is just one big Seto face? That rocks! I need to up my sock game
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.23
Has no one jumped on this sock question yet? XD I love goofy socks! My favorite is a pair of socks with pizza slices, closely followed by the classic puzzle pieces.
: Upvote for: Global during night reset system for first win of the day bonus
While it does suck in some regards they don't do this because it would give incentive for people to play one game late at night, just before the reset, and one game just after the reset. Riot doesn't want this because then people will log in disproportionately at these times for the reset to maximize xp earnings. They want first win of the day to be an incentive to play no matter your schedule. Personally first win of the day doesn't make enough of a difference for me to matter that much, but I can see why Riot doesn't want to have people feel like they need to play at a certain time to maximize earnings.
: Depends on the animal. Some have limbic system evolved enough, some don't. And it's not about opinion but about facts.
It's not necessarily about facts, it's about definition of terms. If you are defining emotion specifically as a scientist would then it is only about facts. However I don't think the question here is whether or not animals have the possibility of emotion in their physical make-up. I, for one, believe that emotions are too complex, nuanced, multi-faceted, to be defined in merely scientific terms. There is a depth of emotion that a variety of species show in various ways and amounts. I think that the human experience shows a deeper level of emotion than that of any other animal, whether or not the brain of any other particular animal has the potential to have the same range of emotion as mankind.
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: New armor/ AP item concept
Interesting item, I like it. The passives are kinda cool, but I think it conflicts with what armor/ap items want to do. Also how it might interact with manaless champs could be wonky (even if they won't buy it anyways). I think a more defensive based passive would be more suiting, maybe something like a ninja tabi passive or to go with the name you could have a passive similar to maw or steraks that would solidify it as anti-ad burst. Also the cdr seems superflous especially when so many items already give it, maybe scrap it and make it a one or two hundres g cheaper?
: We want Rengar changed/fixed, but we havn't given many structured posts on HOW. Lets start?
I think that it needs to be accepted that Riot isn't going to go back, or even partially go back, on most of the Rengar changes. If Rengar is going to receive changes it'll be going forward to what is there now. He may end up being an assassin again, but I think that he'll look drastically different if he is. Personally, I think that it makes sense that he is bruiserish from a lore perspective. He isn't like other assassins. He is a hunter of determination and conviction. When he goes in for a hunt he is going to finish it through brute strength and superior intellect. There is no backing down or going out for him. This doesn't sound like an assassin to me. He may kill quickly, but it doesn't sound like an assassin of the likes of Kat, Talon, etc. Not that lore has to be the final say, it just doesn't quite fit. I think that Rengar should be one of the most difficult, vision reliant champs. He should require intense set up and mechanical input to be able to quickly dispose of a target. If he oneshots you it should be because he put in the work to set up the perfect scenario, not because you just so happened to show in a sidelane alone across the map. Rengar should need to be smarter and better than his opponent and be rewarded for it, but if he's not he should pay for it. The hunter fantasy seems to me to be the perfect fit for the "I'll win through superior intelligence and forethought" more than it does randomly jumping out of stealth and winning through brute strength then dying. He currently doesn't fit quite what I would want him to be, but his old kit didn't either and I think that it was worse for game health overall imo.
Vallalan (NA)
: Rakan/Xayah added in synergy is gimmicky and limits the potential of Rakan himself.
I think the problem is that Rakans Xayah bonus makes him stronger and Xayahs Rakan bonus makes Rakan stronger as well. Either Xayahs interaction needs to be changed to make her stronger or Rakans needs to be changed to make her stronger. Both interactions benefit Rakan which means he will be weaker alone. My first though is to remove the range bonus from his e to Xayah and make it shield more when junping to her? Just a thought. That way it provides a bonus to Xayah instead of rakan. Then you can compensate buff better other places.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 2
I think a lot of people are worried these new runes will be 'solveable' like old runes e.g. berserk looks like the must have keystone for adcs. I'm pretty excited for them to offer meaningful choices and potential for all sorts of playing styles on different champs, but I am concerned that we'll end up with the same problem of solved runes within a month.
deoje299 (NA)
: https://m.imgur.com/QxfIBQC.gif/noredirect FTFY
THANKS. I'm not a meme poster and i always have trouble getting them to work on the boards
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
I don't need your charity https://m.imgur.com/QxfIBQC (P.s. I upvoted I'm just too proud
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: Banshee's Veil has the same CD in URF as it does in regular game modes. Why doesn't Edge of Night?
EoN is an active while banshee's is passive. So EoN isn't getting special treatment compared to other items that's just the game mode. You could argue that passives should get the same reduced cooldowns but then you'd have some real crazy stuff, like GA on a 1 min cooldown, or Trinity force on a .3 second cooldown and trust me, you do not want trinity force on a .3 second cooldown.
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: Riot, you should focus a few patches on making 'late game' a realistic scenario again.
Stats wise games are only a couple minutes shorter on average. Further than that, teams that are ahead early (get first blood, first tower, have a gold lead) have about 70% winrate since the implementation of first tower, which is actually about the same as it was in season 5 and no one was saying that we couldn't get to late game then. This combined with the winrate of late game champs as the game progresses suggests that it is possible to reach late game and that the game is no more decided at 10 minutes than it was 2 seasons ago. So it seems that what is wanted is that Riot fix a feeling that early deficits are hard to come back from and that late game champs don't get to reach their potential. It's really difficult to fix a feeling like that because they can easily end up jacking it the other way so that it feels like early game champs have to win pre-20 or they auto lose. Personally, I have never voted surrendered a game of league, nor have I forfeited any sports or games that I've played irl. I simply don't give up. I have had some games that feel hopeless and I still play with the intention of winning, even if I don't think that I'll win. However, I haven't felt this any more this season than since season 5 (when I joined). I have a conviction that the game isn't over till the nexus drops and I'll play until that moment with the intention of winning. I think that we have to have patience with Riot, with the game, and with our teammates. The more we treat the game as one that is always winnable the more it will feel like it is, even if the stats or meta indicate that it's not.
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: I don't think there should be many mages killing quicker than assassins. That is all I said To elaborate, I should also say it is not bad to have burst mages in the game. But if most mages are killing squishy targets quicker than assassins, then the assassins aren't really assassins.
I would say that the quickness to kill a target is not what should differentiate them. Several times while playing Veigar I got so far ahead that I could kill the enemy ADC by pressing R. The amount of time it took to kill her was equal to the amount of travel time for my ult to get to her. That didn't make me an assassin. An assassin should be defined by their ability to get to, kill, and get away from their target. For instance, when I was playing those Veigar games I could kill the enemy squishies at whim, but I had no way to get to them other than simply walking and if they decided to walk away from me before I got in range for my skills then I would never be able to kill them sans flash. However, as an assassin you have to ability to get to that target even when they want to stay away from you. Rengar has ult jump, kat shunpo, talon wall hop, zed shadow, fizz dashes, etc. They have ways to reliably get to their targets. Once they get there they still have the tools to take their target down (now whether or not Riot has left them with enough damage to actually take them down is a different issue). They need the burst to take them down, but only that amount of burst. It has nearly always been the case that mages have killed squishy targets at least as fast if not faster than assassins, but they don't have the tools to get to the target to do so.
Ok, if you think that assassins should be killing quicker than assassins then basically you're saying that assassins should have the highest burst in the game along with the things that truly define them being: Exceptional mobility, reliable damage, above average 1v1, and typically decent split pushing. In short, you think assassins should be hyper mobile mages instead of a unique class. Assassins do need to be able to kill a high priority target quickly! I am in full agreement here and I made that clear in my post! That does not mean that they need to have the highest burst potential in the game, they simply need just enough to kill a high priority squishy target. Just because assassins have and want burst does not mean that having the highest burst defines who they are as a class! It has always been true that other mages have had higher burst potential than assassins.
Limmie (NA)
: This is a lot like communism. It sounds cool and dandy in theory until you see it in practice and realize it's actually the stupidest thing mankind has ever imagined. People aren't going to play this complicated sneaky smarty assassin that will more likely than not get blown clean away by their targets. They're just gonna play divers and burst mages instead, since they do the same thing assassins are supposed to do (eliminate high priority targets) more efficiently and with a lot less risk and effort involved.
I think that this can be a very real threat for leblanc but I think that katarina and talon have maintained enough burst to keep good play rates
nep2une (NA)
: Uh, no, the whole point of an assassin is to burst a squishy carry down instantaneously (within 0.5-0.8s) because they will be the ones to die first instead if they can't, let alone even worrying about killing the carry at that point, which they won't be able to.
An assassin needs to be able to take out a high priority target, yes; but if an assassin is anyone who can get to and kill a carry quickly then every diver and burst mage is an assassin and that's just not true
Calabok (NA)
: Burst defines assassins.
Assassins want burst, assassins may even need burst. Just because assassins have burst does not make it their defining class trait. The idea that burst defines assassins would lead to a huge portion of the champion roster being assassins when they are not. Veigar, who has the highest late game burst in the game is not an assassin by any stretch of the imagination, yet if burst is the defining trait of assassins then Veigar is in fact an assassin yet his play style is nowhere near that.
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Serial (NA)
: Do you NEVER forfeit? Even in normals? Why?
I have surrendered maybe 2-3 games in around 1500 played. I have about just over a 50% win rate across those games so about 750 lost games, 2-3 where I chose to surrender means about .5% chance of me surrendering any given losing game. I do this because I am competitive and persistent. I believe that I can win in almost all cases and even in those where I don't think I can win it is simply not in me to give up. To answer your final question, it's not that winning means that much to me, its that it is that difficult for me to quit.
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Terozu (NA)
: actually right now riven is the number one afker or rather she's tied with Yorick for a .38 % chance of leaving the game. yasuo has the most left games for the poast month at almost double lee sin's , following him are lucian, rengar, vauyne in that order. In fact until u hit diamond, Riven is one of the top 5 most likely champs to afk, after that ur safe from her rage
That's weird. I'm looking at op.gg stats for plat+ what are you looking at? Edit: Ahh my bad i had it set to diamond tier only without noticing
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: Does anybody actually miss Kalista?
I'm an ADC main and while I understand that kalista is extremely frustrating to play against due to her passive, particularly for melees who have to waste flash to get to her (ive seen the pain of many fed juggernauts and low mobility tanks chase a kalista for a solid minute only to realize they cant kill her and then have it be to late to run away) and then also for ezreals, but I would like to point out that of all the hyper mobile champs in the game only kalista seems to pay a noticible price for it. Besides being amongst the squishiest champs in the game she deals only 90% damage with autos, her basic attacks fail if vision is lost (unique to her, no other champ deals with this), and with her most recent changes she is tied to the hip with her support. All in all at least with kalista you can say she has clear weaknesses (poor dueling, dependent in runaans to waveclear, deals less damage with autos, etc) and clear strengths (excellent 2v2, good objective control, mobility to dodge skillshots, kiting) rather than being good at everything like other hyper mobile champs.
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: PSA: Don't ever first time a champion in ranked.
Ive done it several times. Four i think and have never lost. Granted once it was a panic pick udyr and I got hard carried and the other times were on simple champs. I definitely dont advise it for almost 100% of champions and i really shouldnt have done it even on the ones i did. You just cant know how it will pan out
: 14*.6 is 8.4, not 9.6. E->LS->Q->LS = E is back up, and you can repeat with W this time. Same deal after, except with that 40% CDR, Q is now off CD along with E. Which means another E at the end.
I cant maths sorry. Thanks for clearing that up :p
: Lucian's combo needs to be destroyed. Not allowed. At all.
I might be wrobg but I don't think that combo is possible as quick as you are saying it is? Max rank and 40% cdr E is a 9.8 second cooldown. You're proposing that he use E, proc his passive for the cooldown, use another skill, proc his passive again, rinse, wash, repeat. However this, assuming its done on a champion leaves a full 1.8 second cooldown on his E. If you use the resets peferfectly then you have to wait around 1.4 seconds for E to come of cooldown. So if you do the combo the way youre suggesting perfectly it takes at least 5.6 seconds. Probably closer a full 6 and some change. Maybe Im missing something though. Also im not saying that luc isnt ridiculous. Cause he is. He absolutely is.
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