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: {{champion:103}} and {{champion:64}}.
: {{champion:120}}
THRESH aha so im assuming supports have been the most "consitent "
: lulu
Wow your right LULU has been extremely consistent aha she so annoying though my god!
: My experience with league of legends over the years have been so-so , For beginners yes there are gaming concepts that help noobs get into the hang of things but I was Ranked Platnium last season and got demoted back to SIlver .... what an absolute waste of time honestly All thoose hours I put into the game to be demoted again? I WENT 8-2 IN PLACEMENTS ....... Some champions also are extremely over powered like UDRY they bring in new items to make some champions unstoppable which sucks smhhh lool ill be back playing league when they fix some things
Yeah that sucks , Platnium???? dam your good! I would quit though league of legends has updates regularly so these issues that you are facing usually get fixed fairly quickly!!! I would probably send them an email of certain issues you feel are in the game as they are usually good with responses ! hope you dont quit man !! All in all the game is extremely fun and you gotta admit that aha otherwise you wouldnt have played this long!XD
: Quinn. My main ADC, and the crit build works just as well mid as it does bot, so my two main roles are covered
I like what you did there you picked a champion that can go multiple lanes so you don't have to stay at one lane for the whole season . Quinn is a beast though !!!!!!!{{champion:133}}
: Morgana{{champion:25}} for science
: lmao idk why nobody picked the most not balanced champ in this game... Master Fucking Yi! just friggin go sated, guinsoos, or just go guiinsoos nashors rav hydra and u are set the atk spd is insane, u can buy whatever and deal so much damage
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: Nasus top
Early game nasus, its going to be brutal but as the game progresses you will outscale any top laner. your playing style consist of just farming till the 20-30 minute mark {{champion:75}}
: Im trying to learn Thresh got any tips?
thresh is a great support a lot of beginners underutilize his W (Dark Passage), it could help if one of your teammates are getting chased. Also collect souls, in order for you to stack your passive
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