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Penta Yi (NA)
: Silver Jung top player looking for dedicated team EST
Hi, I am messaging people on the boards looking to start a low/mid silver team to practice together to prep for season 5! Hopefully that would mean getting to gold or higher lol. I am a silver 5 mid/adc main. I placed into silver 5 but don't really play ranked, but I'd really like to get into it. My friends that I usually play with are gold-diamond so I have a lot of experience beating "better" players than me. Feel free to add me on the client: jeffrayyypoint0. Thanks hustla.
: Silver 3 Support LF Team
Hi, I am interested in actually making a team of low/mid silver players interested and willing to practice together and get better before playing ranked for season 5! I play mid and ad carry. I would be willing to pick one of those since I find them both fun. Do you want to start a team like that with me? Feel free to add me in game. My name is jeffrayyypoint0. If you're interested, we could start a new thread with us two together. Thanks!
: These were so fun to draw!! I'm so happy right now!! <3 What do you guys want to see next TELL MEEEE!!
Gnar riding a Yasuo tornado!
Interact (NA)
: Lol{{champion:37}} "won't have to flash with her new movement speed passive to get a good crescendo off" Riot:Shows sona flashing to get crescendo off in the teamfight video. never played sona but i thought that was funny


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