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: he's received that nerf in urf more than once, if you've paid attention to recent patch notes. and I'm not saying he's unplayable, he can still hard carry a match like jax, yi, illaoi, vlad, etc., but a decent team comp can keep him down.
Wow I honestly didn't know he was nerfed that much, I never read urf patch notes cause I still consider it a fun gamemode. But Idk Yi seems to be the only champion just as bad to play against. I understand what you're saying with team comp, but it's random so you can't really justify him being able to mow every champion down who goes near him just because a few champions are able to stop it. None of the other champions you listed are problematic compared to Yi and Garen, they just go over the line.
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: Jax is pretty insane aswell. In one of my games I was 16/2 as lucian against him, him being 0/9. The moment he built gunblade he started one shotting me under tower, going 26/11. Absolutely insane.
Yeah Jax is super strong as well, but that just depends on who he's against. As an AA based champion I can see it being worse to play against than Garen, but as pretty much anybody else Jax isn't that bad in my opinion. Super unfun and uninteractive though as an adc to play against him.
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: You're basically proving my point. You're complaining about how annoying to play against certain champions, even though their stats show that they're middle of the pack at best. That's separate issues. If you want to talk about actual strong meta champions in SoloQ, you should start by questioning why champions like Jax, Graves, Kha'zix, Ahri, Talon and Jhin have been sitting at the top for an entire season (in SoloQ) and outperforming all the new reworks outside of competitive play.
I believe champions like those are strong too, and very oppressive. More than they would have been a couple years ago. A slightly fed Jhin can turn his tiny lead into a hard carry better than Vayne and maybe Master Yi. I'm not complaining about how op some champions are, I'm just saying Meta champions have an even easier time than they used to already have.
: No. * Lane bullies just feel more impactful when games are short and laning matters. * Heavy health sustain in lane gives a free pass to some champions with some historically bad laning phases, especially in already favorable matchups (i.e.: Viktor). * People tend to confuse "annoying to play against" and "strong". * Bias. People remember the times they got dumpstered by Irelia/Aatrox, but don't remember all the bad ones. Their SoloQ stats are average at best. It's not because a champion is dominant in Diamond II+ and competitive that it's a strong pick for the remaining 99% of the playerbase. >I think it's due to Riot just constantly changing the game, separating Bad from Good champions more and more without realizing it. There hasn't been any major changes outside of reworks since the mid-season backlash, and basically everything is getting pushed back to Pre-season. If anything, we're in a period with an historically low number balance changes. Anyway, people wanted top lane to be relevant and more solo carry agency/less reliance on bot lane. What we currently have is what people asked for. To answer your question. Picks and team comps barely matter pre-Diamond. That's ~98% of the playerbase right there.
I don't understand what your point is. I'm saying that Meta champions nowadays seem way more oppressive than they used to. Playing against a decent fed Irelia or Akali makes trying to win just seem useless. I feel like I have an easier time dealing with a fed "hypercarry" like Vayne or Yi, since they're both pure damage mobile squishies that can be shutdown with cc. But with newer champion kits like Akali, she is pure damage but you have to play whack a mole trying to predict where she'll be in her shroud or after her 4 dashes. New Irelia's kit is the same as Akali's, and I keep trying to make ways to explain her kit, but there's so much about her Idk where to start. A fed Irelia can 1v1 well, teamfight well, AND can get objectives fast. She's tankier than a Yi or Vayne so it takes more time and abilties to kill her, plus her W, just to make her take some more time to kill. Plus she has a pretty good early game so it's hard to shut down her late game power like a Veigar. It's these new overloaded Kits, the importance Riot has put on early game, and other stuff that just make Meta champions so much more oppressive for the enemy team.
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