Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 7
Thoughts on {{champion:421}} and {{champion:254}} ? I was quite an enthusiastic main of both champions in earlier seasons but Vi's kit feels really outdated, with her Q being very easily sidestepped and her R being easily shut down. Vi could benefit from a Xin Zhao-esque rework while Rek'Sai just feels like a clunky mess and needs some real QoL help, maybe exchanging numbers for removing the lockout on her R, making her tunnels more reliable, or making her tremor sense refresh less than horrible. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing your opinions :)
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
Could you guys possibly consider making attack speed a 4th option in the 2nd row? A lot of champions, junglers especially, benefit from being able to double down on attack speed. Also, why did you make the AS of the AS stat shard 1% less than if you went Precision with any tree but inspiration this season, while adaptive force remains the same? Also, if I am lucky enough for a rioter to read this comment, what are your opinions on the states of {{champion:254}} and {{champion:421}} I love both these champions quite a lot, maining them both for extensive periods of time in the past. However, it has become increasingly difficult to pilot either of these champions in a decent elo at this point, with Vi's problem being that her damage is frontloaded into her Q, which is very easy to telegraph and dodge compared to skills like Camille E and Gragas E. Also, her ultimate has become increasingly more frustrating to use, due to the introduction of more champions with untargetability and the introduction of Stopwatch. This leaves her to only be decent in lower elos, where players do not know how to exploit her weaknesses. I think a Xin Zhao-esque update would greatly benefit Vi, cutting off some excess damage from her abilities while giving her more options in her kit and some quality of life changes. Rek'Sai is a champion who is currently way too clunky and unreliable to use against decent players. While I do agree that damage Rek'Sai is a better design for her as opposed to tank Rek'Sai, Rek'Sai is currently unable to utilize building damage due to how laughably easy it is to dodge her E and her R, due to her E being a fixed distance no matter what, unlike practically any other engage tool that any jungler has in the game, and her R being dodgable by even the slightest movement speed buff. You could trim off damage from Rek'Sai as well in exchange for more reliable engage tools (Maybe making her able to unburrow in the middle of her E or removing the lockout after casting her R). Thank you to any Rioter that took their time to read my post, and I appreciate any feedback that you have to give me. :)
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: Check out Ivern’s PBE Gameplay
1. Can Ivern move while casting W? 2. Does Ivern scale better off of a full AP build or an AP bruiser/off-tank build? 3. Does the extra range on his W passive go up with rank? 4. Does the slow go away if the enemy breaks the shield on his E?
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: The Preseasoning Day 3: Worlds is Tomorrow
Why are you guys gutting every jungle item except Warrior enchantment so hard? Warrior get a 15 AD buff in exchange for losing its armor pen, which is a net buff, I believe. Cinderhulk doesnt get any stat changes in compensation for its price increase, shafting tanks alongside the Frozen Heart price increase. Tank junglers usually don't net in as much gold as more damage-oriented junglers because tanks dont focus on the farm-and-carry playstyle, rather they focus on snowballing other lanes and selflessly helping their team, which is why tank items have always historically been cheap. Runeglaive not only didnt get any stat compensation, but it got NERFED by 10 AP. This is a poor excuse for a nerf if this was targeted at Elise, because now Evelynn, AP Amumu, AP Ekko, Diana, and Nidalee suffer as well. The Runeglaive nerf along with all these AP item nerfs and the fact that BV/SV give 70 MR and Maw is overpowered as hell now make AP as unviable as when Runic Bulwark was a thing in Season 3. Price increase on Devourer without stat compensation hurts Devourer junglers for no reason because now they need more gold to get Devourer, which not only denies them gold from building items they need to buy due to being farm junglers, but also delays the period of time where they can start stacking their Sated. And with all these gold increases for our junglers, you take away the bonus gold on jungle items. You said that you wanted to make this game diverse, so that picking your roles and champions had meaning. You had to think hard about choosing what would fit right in your team composition. What roles would play well vs other roles. But all you're doing is forcing the meta to "take turns" between roles. You forced the tank meta, you forced the bruiser meta, and now you're shoving a Marksmen-oriented meta down our throats, with the shafting of top lane, jungle, and mid lane items along with the overpowered ADC items like PD, Death's Dance, and the LW upgrades. Also, nerfing everything but Warrior makes the jungle meta a stale, copypaste AD jungle meta yet again, just like what happened in Season 4 and what you did a good job of circumventing in Season 5 with how good Cinderhulk/RG/Devourer were. Why is it necessary to nerf all of these items?
: The Preseasoning Day 2: Open Forum [VISION / STARTING ITEMS / RIFT HERALD / ETC]
High Diamond jungle main here with a lot of questions. 1. What was the incentive on taking away to bonus gold on the jungle items? 2. Why are the prices of Stalker's/Tracker's/Skirmisher's going up so high? 3. I havent seen Ranger's Trailblazer show up at all during item leaks. Is this item really gone? I used it quite a bit and I'd be very upset to see it go :(.
: Pure Sanctuary looking for players for ranked 5v5/ tournament team. Diamond+
IGN: hi im gestapo Age: 19 Solo Que rank: D5 100LP Top 5 Champions that you feel comfortable on that apply to the role you are trying out for: {{champion:421}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} , but I can play plenty more Times available and the days you are available at those times: M-F past ~5 EST, Saturday Sunday past ~9 EST Past team experiences:A few diamond 5s teams Do you have a working mic and would you be willing to use Team Speak: Yes Do you have a twitch, youtube, twitter, or facebook with any sort of following corresponding to your LoL account (if yes link them): No
: Creating A Serious 5`s Team High Plat/Diamond LF Players
Time Zone: EST Rank: D5 Champ Pool: Rek'Sai, Gragas, Vi, Ekko, Evelynn, Amumu, Hecarim, Maokai, Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao, Olaf, Nocturne, Sejuani, Shaco Strengths/Weaknesses: S: Carry potential, Map pressure, objectives, some shotcalling W: Vision control
: Galactic Gaming - Brand NEW Teamspeak Server!
So what makes this server different from the rest? The communities are always rude for the most part to newcomers and I always get RP weaseled away from me when I do good in the RP tournaments.
: LF High Diamond Jungler For Diamond/Challenger Ranked 5's Team (Serious)
I added you. I'm D3 right now but I've been in D2 several times and I peaked D1 96 LP this season before tilting into oblivion. Lol
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Xeyva (NA)
: LFM Plat-Diamond [Mid / Top / Jungle] for serious 5's
Best Vi World Diamond 3 Vi, Sej, Rek, Eve flexible schedule
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Ypherion (NA)
: Let's talk about the jungle
Hey! As a Diamond 1 jungle main, I have a lot of questions regarding jungle changes. A. Is there any chance that you can add 10% CDR to the new tank jungle item? I find it unfair that you took the 10% off of it because tanks arguably are more dependent on CDR than bruiser junglers are, so its only fair to give their jungle item 10% CDR to keep them on par with the bruiser junglers like you intended. B. Amumu. I love the little bastard and I played him a lot in Season 4. Unfortunately, the Season 5 jungle is a little harsh for my mummy friend, along with the fact that his mana costs are exceedingly high. Maybe you could reduce the mana costs on his Q and R in exchange for maybe lowering the AP ratios on those abilities by 0.1? Either that or increase his base mana like you did with Sejuani/Gragas. C. Nautilus. I feel like his E slow shouldn't decay, as decaying slows are really bad right now. Also, isnt the W nerf a little too harsh? D. Are there any changes coming to the Magus enchantment? I feel like Magus could use a little love as well.
Rotato (NA)
: Sponsored Diamond NGG Team Looking for Support and Jungler
Summoner name: Best Vi World Role: Jungle Age: 19 Rank: Diamond 1 Team experience: A lot of 5s teams in Season 4 Champion Pool: Sejuani, Vi, Rek'Sai, Nunu, Hecarim, Nocturne, Maokai, Amumu Time Zone: EST
Nemotay (NA)
: Vivid StoneEdge Looking for Analyst + Coach to help our team train and climb the ladder
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: Ranked 5s LF Diamond+ Jg.
IGN; Best Vi World Age: 19 Rank: Diamond V Top 3 Champs: Vi, Amumu, Maokai Strengths: Hugeeeee champion pool, can adapt to several playstyles Weaknesses: Tilt Reason for wanting to join a 5s: To get better as a player and as a teammate
: [Quantic eSports] [LFM]
Name: Brad IGN: Best Vi World Age: 19 Role: Jungle Rank: Diamond V Can you make Practice? Yes. I might be ~15 minutes late some Tuesdays and Thursdays due to class, but other than that, I'm fine. Mic? Yes Other Information: I've played for a lot of 5s teams, my champion pool is pretty large. I can use Skype, CV, or Teamspeak.
Dripzzi (NA)
: Destiny Falls looking for Players of any rank to form teams!
YOLO IGN: Best Vi World Age: 19 Rank: Diamond 5 Prefered Role: Jungle Prefered Champs; {{champion:254}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:121}} Time zone;(pls specify the time that you will be active) EST, weekdays past 8, weekends i'm free all day What do you expect to get out of this;(simply why do u wanna join?) I wanna join a team and maybe get some coaching in certain aspects
: Diamond V Jungler Experienced in 5s looking for Team!
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: Season 5 Ranked 5's [SERIOUS]
Hello! I would like to apply for either a jungling or coaching position! Location: Florida Best available time[daily]: Usually 8pm onwards on weekdays and all day on weekends. Champion pool[For Top laners put you 5 best tops, and Junglers do 5 best junglers]: {{champion:62}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:121}} Strengths: Experience playing 5s, adaptive playstyle, decent shotcalling, tons and tons of practice dedicated into a large jungle champion pool. Dedication. Carry potential. Weakness[just one]: I can tilt if invaded frequently during a game or in the case of consecutive losses. Skype name: Add me on League, we'll discuss that there. What separates you from other players? Experience, dedication, champion pool.
: Diamond V Jungler Experienced in 5s looking for Team!
: Diamond V Jungler Experienced in 5s looking for Team!
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: Plat+ team recruiting for tournament
Well what roles do you need?
: Semi-Serious Team looking for plat+ Jungler!!!
IGN: Best Vi World Age: 19 Rank: Diamond V Main junglers: I can play pretty much, well, anything, but my biggest comfort picks are definitely Vi, Amumu, and tree. Strengths: Adaptive playstyle, carry potential from the jungle, some shotcalling Weaknesses: slightly tilty after a loss, vision control could be better Skype (Y/N): Y Ranked 5vs experience: A lot Additional comments: Penis
: Competitive Tournament Team Looking For Jungler.
YOLO -- Summoner Name: Best Vi World -- Current rank/elo: Diamond V -- Age: 19 -- times available: MWF after noon, TTh after 7, weekends free (all times EST) -- Role applying for: Forest -- Top ~~5~~ 10 champs in role: {{champion:254}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:33}} -- Playstyle: Depends on the champ. My typical playstyle is omnivorous, mostly farming pre-6 and usually taking the 2nd, maybe even the 3rd blue. My champion choices can adapt my playstyle to a peaceful herbivore or a vicious carnivore ({{champion:35}} ) -- Past experience with teams: Diamond teams, Plat teams, Gold teams. I've seen it all. All I crave is a competitive atmosphere.
: Looking for high gold-plat duo for silver games while bf is at work :)
Well aside from all this jibber jabber. I can duo with you on my Plat V smurf when my class is over (6 EST) if you still are in need.
Kiisharu (NA)
: Starting a Semi-Serious ranked team Plat+
Age: 19 Role: Jungle Are you available during the practice times?: Yes but only until 3:00 on Tuesday/Thursday Rank: Diamond V Previous experience?: Several Plat and Diamond ranked 5s teams
: LF Diamond + Jungler For Diamond Team
Add me @Best Vi World. I've had experience on several 5s teams and would be glad if I could finally find a team that is committed enough to take on challenger.
Faramar (NA)
: 5v5 Team LF Plat+ Jungler for games NOW.
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: Serious 5v5 Team LF Diamond Jungler
IGN: Best Vi World Rank: Diamond V Champion Pool: I play pretty much anything in the jungle save Lee Sin. Highest Comfort - Vi, Amumu, Maokai, Wukong, Kha'Zix 2nd Tier Comfort - Hecarim, Xin Zhao, Jarvan IV, Shaco, Rengar, Nautilus, Skarner, Warwick 3rd Tier Comfort - Nocturne, Sion, Nunu, Elise, Rammus I do have a mic and Teamspeak. I do have experience in ranked 5s. However, I am known to take losses quite seriously and I can be slightly emotional about it. I am 19 years old. The schedule that you have is fine except for Tuesdays and Thursdays, due to me having class from 3:45-6:30 EST on those days. If there is a way that I can work around that, then feel free to add me in order to further discuss tryouts!
Loryal (NA)
: Diamond 5 mid laner looking for a ranked team!
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Meddler (NA)
: Next champ's a top laner. Balancing a lane or the meta's not something we try to do with a single release though, the roster's too big and the game too complex for that to be a viable approach.
Is it a top laner that is solely a top laner such as Irelia and Renekton, or is it a top laner that is also a viable jungler, such as Zac, Aatrox, and Jarvan IV?
: [4.12] Live Gameplay Patch Forecast
So what junglers were you looking at as far as toning down? Is it just {{champion:64}}, {{champion:60}} , and {{champion:28}} ? Or is there more?

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