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: d3 mid main looking for a duo partner that wants masters too
but you're last 8 games are with same support? XD and you're still sub 70% win rate in silver. even soloq thats not impressive but its just pathetic as duoq
: I can legit link my plat 2 smurf with higher mmr then you, smurfs r a thing, try to get better bro, not bitter
> [{quoted}](name=christ revenged,realm=NA,application-id=qNbk5bu1,discussion-id=TiX14p29,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-14T09:43:10.313+0000) > > I can legit link my plat 2 smurf with higher mmr then you, smurfs r a thing, try to get better bro, not bitter bro relax lol, you're 67% win rate in silver 4 with duoing...why do you have such a huge ego? you sound like such a loser irl
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: Need duo/triple/team/plat team idgaf
gunna assume this isnt troll post.... don't know why its so hard for low elo players to not blame themselves for their own mistakes and blame their own team. everyone in high elo tells you the same thing yet you don't listen. this is why you're gunna be stuck in your shit elo forever, not cause of your teammates. also, just browsing your match history, you have shit kda's/performances in over half your games. no idea how you can complain about your team everygame when you yourself underperform in over 50% of your games.
: Diamond 3 Supp mian looking for duo on smurf!
Hey, got a smurf in p5, g1, and g5. Main jg/adc hmu if you wanna play :-)
: Smurfs about to place?
He's gunna do placements and then climb? You mean to gold 2 where you're at now with a 52% win rate? Stop looking for people to boost you pathetic
Kabum (NA)
tried adding but your friends list is full
Octiz (NA)
: [NA][S][LF Diamond+ Top/Jungle/Support][Ranked 5v5/Competitive]
- Summoner Name: Critz and Tits - Rank: D5 - Role: Jungle - Top 5 Champions: Graves, Olaf, Khazix, Reksai, Gragas - What are your strengths/weaknesses: Strengths: mechanics, early game pressure, map awareness Weakness: Vision control, sometimes questionable calls - Team Experience: Been on random 5s teams
: Made a bad situation worse? Yeah cause my reactions to Ekko and Thresh feeding really made that game unenjoyable for everyone right? You can mute someone getting mad at a troll if you don't want to hear it. You can't mute a jackass wasting 40 minutes of your time. Your logic is stupid. I am not the cause here. I am the effect of Riot not being able to clear garbage out of their game that every other company seems to handle just fine.
At the end of the day rules are rules. You agreed to the terms Riot has outlined. Obviously trolling and intentionally feeding is worse than flaming but both are punishable. If you don't like the CLEARLY stated rules...don't play the game. Pretty simple.
: Lf Smurfs in gold elo ish ~~~
: Come smurf with me
: Trolls do happen every two games i got from ranked. I played bronze, silver, gold tier before and now that im stuck in bronze every two games are having trolls on my team or feeders like jg no gank ff (while being top lane and bave 0 idea on how to sustain on lane or farm under turret or no idea of trading and understanding of the champions); and like fizz and multiple yasuo goes aggro mid; and the other game where adc is just pure bad at csing and dodging skillshots. I play jg mostly so i looked at the map a lot and see how other players are doing and tbh most player did horribly like as for my standard: cs, kite, dodge skillshots for adc; understanding ur enemy and counter-plays for top and mid and they just did "horribly bad". Some goeS extreme and just start feeding or dont care after laning phrase. Lets be honest, everyone is bad at this game in lower tiers and i have to agree that there should be a way to control these trollers
I too have been in bronze I know there are lots of trolls. But the idea is the same...stop worrying about them and worry about yourself. You say that you can't win because of your teammates but the enemy team has statistically the same odds to troll and play poorly. The ONLY constant in each game is YOU. If you can't climb to ranks the only thing YOU can do is improve yourself. Honestly a good idea would be to mute everyone in game if what trolls say is affecting you so much. Learn to carry yourself. Bronze is not impossible to conquer you just need to have the right mentality. A lot of people have climbed out of bronze and trust me you are not alone...If I was theoretically placed in bronze I know I would be able to carry myself out of bronze elo in a few days just because of my own skill (Plat). I have the same chance that you have to get trolls too in bronze but I would still be able to carry. I've done it on more than one trust me when I say I know what you are talking about and understand.
: I Tried, but i think im done with League for awhile.
I think this is a pretty bad mentality to have to be brutally honest with you. There is no doubt in my mind you are exaggerating the amount of "trolls" you get in your games. With that said, yes there are a lot of trolls in League of Legends but there are a lot more decent people just playing the game to get better or for fun. I am not sure what your goal is in league but if it is to improve/climb then you should stop worrying about the trolls and instead focus on yourself. Not trying to be rude, just honest, but looking at your match history I think it is very evident you have made a lot of mistakes in your recent games which more than likely could have been carried, even if your teams had trolls. Focus less on others and more on yourself....good mentality in this game and in life :) To comment on last part of your post...every role has the ability to carry. Supports naturally will have the toughest time but believe me if a support is good enough he will carry. There is a reason smurfs exist and are able to climb effortlessly...they carry (even with trolls sometimes). Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, but its the truth. Good luck!
: what do i do with this on my team
I would like to start off by saying, I know exactly how you feel because I have been there. I have 3 accounts in plat and believe me all of them spent a LONG time in silver at some point. You have to realize that there will be unlucky games, even strings of unlucky games which may be what you have experienced. There is no way around this....but what you also have to realize is that if you deserve to be in a higher rank, then after playing a certain number of games you will achieve said rank. One of the quickiest ways I've learned this is by my several accounts. Even if I think I'm better than I am, at the end of the day ALL of my accounts are mid-low Plat. I gaurentee you if you started a fresh account and ranked up you would more than likely land in the same spot. The key is focusing on improving. Once you have improved and only then will you surpass where you are. In terms of what to do in games like those, the best thing you can do it focus on your OWN play and improving. Yes it is a team game and yes you will have some REALLY bad team mates but if you are focusing on them you will not be able to focus on yourself. Focus on yourself, improve your own play, and I promise you will climb :) Sorry if what I said was not what you wanted to hear, but it is what I believe to be the truth. Good luck!
: Plat 3 Supp Main Smurfing on Bronze 1 Account; LFG for ranked; Mics preferred
You have a 46% win rate in bronze .... you were silver in season 4 and 5 on that're not a smurf.
Lynador (NA)
: smurfing @ s3
Also smurfing (@ Gold 2) atm: yellownoodlez


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