: Little buf for Akali pls
This doesn't belong in the TFT bug report forum A) this isn't a bug B)This isn't about TFT And finally Akali deserved that nerf.
: Feeding the enemy jungler isn't an excuse to flame your own
Xavanic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FSRER,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YT3kEBkv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-29T10:43:11.584+0000) > > They wanted to get pyke away from solo laning. Instead of nerfing the hp he converts and the time he has to health them back up from his passive, they did these stupid changes. but that's forcing his role, he was fine being played in other roles imo......
BorkyAlex (EUW)
: TFT first champ select not loading
Same thing. It happens 100% of the time(at least 30 games). I tired updating my anti-virus and turned the graphics down to absolute minimum. No joy. I don't have load in problems with Summoner's Rift.
Kilanost (NA)
: The TRUTH about the tank reworks
I honestly think that Riot is just trying to get rid of the tank class completely.
: What is Pantheon's counterplay? (Serious thread)
I don't know if there is any champ in the game that falls off harder than Panth. If he doesn't have 6 kill/assists by 12 mins, he basically lost the lane.
: Tank update discussion
I think they choose more popular champs, because seemingly the idea isn't to make playable champs but to kill the entire class as a whole.
Ooray (EUW)
: I'd like on hit effects on Riven's Q plz
Can I only down vote this once? Asking for a friend.
: His ult is just as slow though. W was very important to Maokai because he had to be fairly close for his whole kit to be effective. Now they have this weird...like long range engage/flank I guess? Follow-up engage? I'm not really sure what his new play pattern was intended to be.
: And he gained power in the rest of his kit. Maokai as he is now is good for flash-rooting a carry and generic tank stats from his Ult. Thats all he is. They needed to take power away from his W so they could add to the rest of his kit
You are really god damn stupid if you think the rest of his kit gained power. His new ult may be the most worthless ult in the game. It is just a slower Nami ult that doesn't even stun/knock up, it just roots.
: Except Riot has a track record of leaving in some very questionable abilities.
Remember when Riot Olafed Olaf and he wasn't played for 2-3 years?
: "I watched a clickbait Youtube video and now I think Maokai is garbage"
I predict that first two weeks Maokai will have a sub 44% win rate on op.gg. We can wait until then to see who is right and who is the OP of this thread.
Ralanr (NA)
: He still has his heal. And Zac also lacks shields, damage reduction, and bonus defensive stats.
As I said his heal is much better as sustain, not really damage mitigation. He isn't going to be tanky vs someone like pantheon, who can burst him down quickly before you can get more than 1 heal. This sustain would be helpful vs a champs like Swain/Singed/Yorick who whittle you down but can't normally just 100-0 you. In a mid-late game team fight I can't see him getting more then 2-3 of these heals off because so much of the more of damage he will take will come from Auto attacks and not spells(AAs don't reduce his passive). For example a mid to late game crit from a Cait would likely be as much as the heal would be. Yes he will build defense items but depending on base stats that won't make him any tankier than a Teemo with the same items. Zac is somewhat special in that his spell resource is his HP. Partly because of that he has one of the highest base HP in the game. Plus Zac almost always builds full tank since he has good base damage/CC. Throw in his free GA and Zac can survive a fight. But all other tanks have something in their kits that reduces the amount of damage they receive, like a shield, bonus stats, or a damage reduction.
: he has a much larger heal now i think full build with the runic armor + visage, i was healing for about 900 per proc. might make grasp really good on him for the empowered healing
His passive is more for sustain though. Once every 45 Seconds? Means in a team fight you might get it 2-3 times. And you only get a reduction on it for spells not auto attacks. So late game any crit ADC is going to shred Maokai. That passive is no where near the defensive value of what any other tank has.
: Out of all the updated Tanks, Maokai is the one which I'm quite disappointed with
What I want to know is, how is he going to be played as a tank if he doesn't have any damage mitigation? His ult is gone and his new passive is more sustain. So he is going to be the only mainly tank champ without damage mitigation(shield, damage reduction, bonus Defensive stats, etc)?
: Which should I pick up: Lee or Maokai?
Pick up Leesin. He is totally immune to nerfs, while Maokai is a few days from being gutted.
: RIP Maokai
What I want to know is, how is he going to be played as a tank if he doesn't have any damage mitigation? His ult is gone and his new passive is more sustain. So he is going to be the only mainly tank champ without damage mitigation(shield, damage reduction, bonus Defensive stats, etc)?
: Maokai's W is slow af now
What I want to know is, **how is he going to be played as a tank if he doesn't have any damage mitigation? ** His ult is gone and his new passive is more sustain. So he is going to be the only mainly tank champ without damage mitigation(shield, damage reduction, bonus Defensive stats, etc)?
: Zac's new ult
Can't wait for my first Zac team mate to pull {{champion:32}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:420}} right into the center of our team, so we can get blown up.
: Maokai Rework
Did they raise his base armor/ MR? Because his ult is what made him a tank, if they take that away he can't really dive and his W is useless. So then he is just a waste of space that just throws saplings.
: Why? He still has his w which is super good agains those hypermobile fuckers.
His new W is so slow you can walk back to the pool before he gets to you. Plus they took away his damage mitigation(his ult) so he really isn't going to be tanky enough to you know, tank.
Why would it matter? After these changes go through you will never see Maokai played again. Riot Olafed that poor tree.
: 41% playrate 50% winrate
Riot has states quite a few times that they like LeeSin really strong because of the exciting plays in the pro game. They want flashy champs so pro play doesn't get boring and they lose money.
: Could use another Mage Jungler.
{{champion:60}} is considered a mage. So is {{champion:79}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:32}} .
: Differences between Aurelion Sol hard to play and Yasuo hard to play?
The whole Yasuo is hard to play thing is a myth.
: laning vs swain as a melee FeelsGoodMan
Swain has one of the weakest early laning phases in the the game. Anyone who can all in him wins the lane hard.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Daily reminder that Yasuo is a skillshot champ, and his crits don't do 100% damage
Not as though he has a free escape/gap closer, or is manaless, or gets a ton of free stats, an ability on an extremly low CD that had a 1:1 AD ratio bonus, the best defensive spell in the game(one that stops almost every source of damage in the game) and a free shield.
: "skillshot champ". {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Nasus against Pantheon, can confirm. Son of a bitch engages W E, takes 50% of your life with additional Thunderlord proc and then Q's you down to 30%. If you dare to hit him, block. If you dare to farm, W E again.
If you pick Nasus into Panth you deserve what you get. If you early pick Nasus you deserve what you get. Panth has to get kills early or is completely useless. Panth can start 6/1 still lose if the game goes more than 30 mins. Panth is the very definition of an early game champ who falls off hard.
: Ignite Pantheon top beats everyone. Akali's early game is really hecking strong considering her massive sustain and lack of taking damage.
Akali's sustain is complete B/S. Uses no mana and never has to leave lane. I honestly don't understand how you ever lose lane as an Akali.
: you dont have to make a champion overpowered to give them a fighting chance in the early game. She has the most pathetic base stats in the game. And when i mean a cool champ design i mean in terms of look at kit. She is an extremely unique and cool champion that makes no sense to forget because she is probably one of riots best creations. Kindred mains arent asking riot to make her as overpowered as she was, they just want a fighting chance against meta jungler.
But that is my point. You can't give her good or even average base stats, because if you did, once she got some marks she would be over tuned. Unless you gave her average base stats and then made her passive very weak. In which case, you have no point in bothering to get the marks(ala Skarner passive). And frankly her whole identity is wrapped up in this "hunter" theme for which the stacks are important.
: > [{quoted}](name=regaline,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=onoM2oLI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-30T04:35:34.751+0000) > > {{champion:103}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:55}} Syndra, Veigar, and Orianna can't. I don't know about the others, but those can not since they're squishy, Yi can get close to them and Q their dangerous skillshots.
Veigar can if he gets the CC and hits Yi with a full combo. I don't play Syndra but if she hits the stun on a Yi who doesn't have any MR I would imagine it would pop him too.
: seriously, is no one talking about kindred?
Kindred is poor champ design, so she won't ever be balanced without a rework. She was real strong and now really weak those are the only 2 states she can be. Her passive is a hot mess. Currently she is forced to put herself in danger to get early marks when she isn't strong enough to 1v1. Before her marks were so easy to get she just out scaled the other jungler and then took over the enemy's jungle to get even more marks. Her whole identity and thus her strength is wrapped up in getting marks that it becomes a binary thing. After any nerf/buff either the marks are meaningless and her identity suffers or the mark are real important and become the foremost way she scales.
: Why is Maokai's win rate low?
Riot nerfed him based on his pro usage and not solo que.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Penns,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5kXPN5pq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-27T15:06:02.978+0000) > > People literally never ff anymore, no idea why lol. Then they blame me for afking feelsbadman xd You took a hard game and made it impossible.
Third button up from the bottom left key on your keyboard.
FNC Jinx (NA)
: The KEY Difference between Cait and all other Crit ADCs
She needs a change with the traps. No one has area denial like she does.
: 14.7%. Quints are 15% @18.
I think it is just some kind of rounding error. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_runes#Scaling_Cooldown_Reduction says 1 scalling CDR blue is 1.67. Times 9 equals 15.03.
: Can we give an extremely small buff to scaling CDR blues to make them total 15%?
Skorch (NA)
: Can we stop referring to every champ that gets buffed as favoritism?
Sujiren (NA)
: So is Darius just a perma ban now?
The problem with all these "counters" people are throwing out is that at some point in the game you will have a team fight. At that point Darius will just press R and collect kills and he is right back into the game.
: Petition: When you select Fiddles ADC, make his name change to Crittlesticks
**Petition:** When you select ADC Fiddlesticks, you receive a 5 day ban.
: Best ADC?
{{champion:96}} if he has a team that can/will protect him
: What is your most hated champion in each role to play against?
Top-{{champion:122}} Doesn't matter if you beat him in lane, he just comes to the first team fight and presses R and collects kills Jungle- (tie) {{champion:64}} {{champion:35}} Can 1v1 you in your jungle then get away Scott free; team mates away die to them Mid-{{champion:105}} Hard to gank; shows up everywhere; bot lane loves to feed him ADC- {{champion:81}} Mostly I hate him on my team, I never seem to win with him when my team plays him Sup{{champion:40}} Queen of the disengage; ganking her lane is almost futile
Bootless (NA)
: Can't tell if this Shaco hate is new or if there is just more of it.
Shaco(like most assassins) should never be a champ that is popular. He should be strong in the hands of players who play him often. If anyone can pick him up and take over a game without a lot of experience then he is too strong. Right now he is top 5 in pick rate and top 3 in win rate for junglers. He needs a nerf somewhere. Take the upcoming nerf like a man.
: Yeah but the game wasnt even 30 minutes in. I diddnt have super high CS because i was literally getting more than 1 kill/assist per minute. Diddnt have a ton of time to farm. And i participated in taking 5 towers and 2 inhibs. Idk its probally just the farm but it seems dumb to me you can go literally 31.0 kda with 75% kill participation and 0 deaths and still not even get A+ just because you diddnt visit raptors or crugs enough
Yea there are games like that as a jungler, where your team won't let you farm for just a second. Riot has never been open about what it takes to get a S, but I think there is a diminishing return on getting way more kills than average. Like if you had half as many kills and assists you would still be in the top 5% of KDA so getting any more doesn't help you. I bet if you could trade 10 kills/assists for 35-50 more cs you would have had it.
Rock MD (NA)
: I just played as AD to the Smite Support Nunu.
Riot should ban this troll again.
: He'll drop in ranks if it's not effective dude. Obviously it's good enough for him to get to diamond. And a 56% win rate means you're going to win more if he's on your team.
Not really because someone looked through his match history and found that while his "support" Nunu has a 33% win rate, he does win as jungle Nunu. So he can tread water as long as he gets jungle as much or more than he gets support. But he ruins all the games where he gets slotted as support.
Rock MD (NA)
: I just played as AD to the Smite Support Nunu.
Another really dumb thing about this smite Nunu thing is that one of Nunu's greatest weapons is his AS buff to ADCs. But if your ADC is so far behind what good is the buff?
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