: Your fav champ...yeah that's it
: WHo counters Zoe?
{{champion:38}} does really well.
: CertainlyT created both my Favorite and Most Hated Champions
: > [{quoted}](name=jo9901,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pgld2EtQ,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2017-11-21T16:06:08.315+0000) > > You can hover over my name to see my level, i am level 33. says your 32
> [{quoted}](name=JesusTakeTheKill,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pgld2EtQ,comment-id=0006000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-21T16:07:45.247+0000) > > says your 32 Hmm, odd. My client says 33. Maybe the website updates slower, since i hit level 33 last night.
: > [{quoted}](name=jo9901,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pgld2EtQ,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-11-21T16:01:54.405+0000) > > I'm able to login at will without any problems. Mind if I ask what level you are?
> [{quoted}](name=Monarch Jay,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pgld2EtQ,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-11-21T16:03:11.977+0000) > > Mind if I ask what level you are? You can hover over my name to see my level, i am level 33.
: Has Anyone Actually Logged-in?
I'm able to login at will without any problems.
: Its trolling if you play a champ without knowing how to use the champ in ranked. Usually people will only autolock her in norms not ranked.
Also keep in mind that people have played her on the PBE, so they would know how to play her.
Natake (NA)
: An Illaoi Mains thought on Battlecast Illaoi
Hey, at least your main get's a skin.
: > [{quoted}](name=jo9901,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rJoawiAw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-21T11:08:04.341+0000) > > Most new champ's come out a few days after their patch. ....? Er, I don't think thats right. From what I recall, they are almost always released alongside their patch, at least the ones I remember. Ekko was released on the same patch, and many reworks were as well. Even Ornn was released the same day.
I could be wrong, but i could almost swear that's the case. If i am wrong, then my excuse is that iv'e only cared about the release of 2 champs, A Sol and Zoe.
: Do we have an ETA on Zoe?
Most new champ's come out a few days after their patch.
Tôm (EUW)
: Thanks man, I've tried Vel'koz a few times and loved it but again, sucked major punani at it. Maybe i should try him again. Thanks for your advice my dude!
No problem. I find that most of the mage champs i tried and sucked at are now a lot easier with the manaflow band rune. I also like to use Presence of mind from the Precision tree.
Tôm (EUW)
: Help me find my main!
What i would suggest is that you retry those champions that you liked and keep playing them, even if you do poorly. There is a good chance you will get better. When i first started playing League, i just went through the roster, found champs i liked and played them. At first i was terrible, but i gradually got better. My main champs are Vel'koz and Aurelion Sol. If you want a high damage mid lane champ, those two are good. The down side is that if theres something like a good zed or ahri you will need to play very safe and farm with your Q as velkoz. Oh, and avoid fizz at all times.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jo0o,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=3e2bhJvU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-19T16:01:02.654+0000) > > You'd think it'd be easy. When I get mad, I talk out loud to myself. I've even got "stayed cool" on games that I've been furious with my team mates over. I've never been suspended for 14 days or any of that. It's easy, just don't type. You people forget the part where if you can't say anything nice, just don't type.
That's the reason i try to only play league with friends. If i get annoyed or mad, i can just complain out loud, rather than in chat. It may annoy them, but usually they complain more than me.
: > [{quoted}](name=jo9901,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ulPGK5Jq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-19T19:54:20.746+0000) > > Ya know, i complain all the time about stuff being broken and unbalanced (only to my friends though, never on the boards) but all in all, RIOT does a pretty decent job, what with all the champs, items, runes, and how everything interacts. Some stuff is broken, but most of it is ok. i mean complaining on the boards is fine cause i believe they need your feedback but really balance team is fine
I agree they need feedback, but i feel like the boards are so negative that RIOT probably barely looks at them.
: Plays 15 games, gets 800 BE
I get what you're saying, but personally, i play for the fun of the game primarily. I rarely notice how much currency i have, even in the old system. I'd be playing and notice "Hey, ive got like 12000 IP, guess i'll unlock some new champs (that i will never use)". Personally, i don't really mind the rewards ATM, but maybe that's just because i only play when i have friends on.
: Why should I go bankrupt for ranking up mastery?
Then don't rank it up. Not like a higher mastery means anything.
: Saw so many posts about riot balance team
Ya know, i complain all the time about stuff being broken and unbalanced (only to my friends though, never on the boards) but all in all, RIOT does a pretty decent job, what with all the champs, items, runes, and how everything interacts. Some stuff is broken, but most of it is ok.
: So here's my question. Experiments (including Riot's) have proven that offering more and more chances or more and more light punishments do not meaningfully reduce the behavior in question. Why, therefore, should Riot extend more chances to those players who have already proven the current warnings and chances are insufficient to encourage change? All that does is expose more and more of the playerbase to problematic behavior as those whose behavior IS an issue now have more leeway. As is the system already has some leeway for minor toxicity, so people can have the occasional bad day as long as they're not abusing other players or casually tossing around hate speech. Why do we need more?
What he said. I've been playing for almost 2 years now and i haven't been banned. Seems to me that the banning system is just fine. Every post i see on the boards saying "WTF, i didn't deserve this ban" and then they show chat logs where they very clearly did.
: BE is so good :) (and keys)
I have like 10+ keys and nothing to do with them.
: And why is that?
Why is it bugged? I don't know.
: Thanks for input guys. Sejuani sounds good and so does Veigar. I'm also interested to pick up 1 mid that would have good roam potential and 1 jungler that can do well early game. That way I'd have 4 champs to practice in total in case some get banned.
A Sol has good roam potential, on account of his E letting him fly over walls. Combined with his Q, it can be a good gank.
: Zoe is bullsh**
The only thing there is to say is that she is on the PBE for a reason. Give Riot a chance to balance the champ and actually release her.
: Predator Kayn, Cant Buy Items.
There's a notification on the game that says that predator is bugged on kayn. However the notification also says it is supposed to swap out predator with electrocute.
: Just had two games with Zoe in PBE, boy is she fun!
I wish i could try her out against actual people. Every match she's either chosen first or someone who wanted her dodges. At least i can try her in custom matches now, and she is indeed fun. Definitely one of my favorite champs, alongside velkoz and A Sol. I wouldn't say shes even broken. She's about on par for every other 100-0 champ.
: PBE ragers......
I was trying out the pbe the other day and our top took Zoe. They didn't so all that well, went negative i believe, but my friend was really not happy about it. I don't understand anyone getting mad at anyone else for not knowing a new champ that's being bug tested.
: I honestly don't believe the game is balanced at all right now. It's all over the place. Things are obviously busted. Some champs got gutted exclusively with this new layout, while others are outright broken. Don't even get me started on how terrible adcs STILL are (as in, how strong they are).
Thing's not being balanced makes sense right now, because it's preseason.
RapidFab (EUW)
: Gifting Bug
Runes and masteries may be free, but rune pages aren't. That isn't a bug. Having to buy rune pages if you want more presets is still a thing.
: is aurelion actually bad right now? ever since pre season ive been trying to learn him, and ive fed almost every game, my best score is 3/4/7, I want a reason to blame my lack of success on xd
He isn't bad, just a bit finicky. He' has one glaring weakness and that is anything that can close quickly or stun. I've played him since he came out and i consider him my second main, but it can be hard dealing with many champs if they focus you.
: Just realized i don't have my silver border anymore....
I feel ya. I hate ranked. I tried my hand at it once, got to silver 5 playing A Sol jg, got bored and never went back.
: Need advice for starting role jungle / mid
Idk about jg, but with mid Annie and Veigar are simple and easy. Annie is easy to last hit with using her q, which will refund her mana if it kills its target. Veigar is Veigar. He is pretty easy and strong. His q is meant to be used for last hitting minions to build up ap. My favorite is Vel'koz. He has good waveclear with his combos, good range, and if you kill a minion with your q itll refund half the mana. His ult also does true damage if you land his passive. Another one that i like personally is Aurelion Sol, but i'm told he is a bit more on the complicated side, though i thought he was pretty simple. He is a bit quarky though with one big weakness, which is anything with a stun, dash, flash or gap closer.
: Rito be like
As an A Sol main, i agree. With my luck though whenever they do make an A Sol skin it'll be crap. I want a star guardian or final boss one.
: really cuz in that time i only have 12 left. and i refuse to buy ekko. that champ is cancer.
I've only got just over 50 after almost 2 years. Too bad one of those is ekko. Wish i still had a refund token. Meanwhile 2 of my friends have all of them in the same time, but from rp. It's fine to me though, cause i only play like 10-15 with any competency. The only reason i would need any more is so i can pick a champ for my friend and trade it so the enemy cant pick them.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Shut up, maggot.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: This is a tank meta AGAIN , but more cancerous
It's at times like this that im glad my main is Vel'koz. At least that way i can do SOMETHING to tanks. Before they get full build anyway.
: If everyone could refund 3 things a season, everyone would just buy/refund everything using a bunch of different accounts, be able to experience the whole game with 50$ loaded onto a bunch of different accounts, and then the whole experience would be 100% complete then people would realize League isn't even THAT fun compared to some other 60$ games and then those same people would just get up and leave, leaving their memories of putting worth to the League title behind them I'm just lucky enough that I used my refunds wisely; Blood Moon Yasuo refund ( Cool skin but everyone with skill ace-counters this champ and Yasuo mains are toxic by nature) Xayah refund (one of the most expensive champs, recently just bought her using BE so it was worth) and then something else that i forget, but these two refunds simply were good calls. I'm glad I made wise decisions, as Rito expects the community to. If you didn't that's your problem. - Rito
Man, i blew my refunds on crap before level 20. I think i refunded like 2 low cost champs and like one crap skin. Wish i knew then what i knew now.
: Can we have the option to disable Notifications on recurring missions?
: Should Riot make a way to change your remaining RiotPoints into BlueEssence?
I would endorse this idea, but i know that if i used something like this who knows how much RP i would waste, instead of letting the extra build up. It's kinda like loose change. It's not much, but if you save it, it'll be worth something.
KazKaz (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=jo9901,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ucsFcZjO,comment-id=0001000000010000,timestamp=2017-11-15T16:09:13.401+0000) > > I don't know about the OP, but i personally am glad you had so few champs to start with. When i started league, i had never played a moba before. Everything was new. Having 150+ champs would have pushed me away instantly. I much preferred and enjoyed learning the basic mechanics and then going through the champ roster, picking champs that i like the look of and finding a kit that sounds fun. I don't really mind having to grind for every champ, because 90% of the champs don't really interest me and don't fit my playstyle. Then how did you find out which champion(s) suited you? You most likely looked at one of them and said "well, that one looks cool", so you buy that champion and play it. Wouldn't it be a lot easier if that cool hero were automatically unlocked for you at the start of the game?
Like i said, i looked through the roster and chose some that i liked the look and kit of. And while it may have been easier having everything, there wouldn't have been any fun. The way i play multiplayer games is like this: i set up a number of goals and try to achieve them. If its CoD, i'll try to get a gun to gold or a class to prestige. In this game my goal was to find a champ i liked and get it to mastery 5, then repeat, all while having the next champ in mind and working toward earning it. If everything had been unlocked for me at the get go, i would have gone "Oh, this game is kinda cool. I'll play for a bit, but there's no point putting much effort in because there is nothing to earn." And then i would have stopped playing after at most a month. TLDR I much prefer having to work for and earn new champs. It gave me something to strive for while i was learning the game.
KazKaz (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=NocturnalSheild,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ucsFcZjO,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-15T15:37:18.250+0000) > > Like 100% of what you said is wrong. > > That takes fucking skill to have over 5 paragraphs being 100% wrong. Oh, so you disagree when I say that Riot has a revenue of 1.6 billion USD? Annnnd you disagree when I say that DOTA 2 and TF2 both give the player EVERY bit of necessary content in order to play the game? Do you disagree when I say that the new player experience is underwhelming? You sure are adamant in saying that I'm wrong without presenting any actual reasoning.
My personal experience from when i was a new player (about a year and a half ago) was very overwhelming. I had never played a MOBA before and i was very happy there was a limited amount of champs.
: Let’s also not forget the fact that most people don’t even WANT all of the champions. Most people only buy champs that they actually want. And from someone who’s been playing since Season 1, champions are MUCH more diverse than other characters in games like Overwatch and Battlefront. While some would contest that rune pages are sorta still pay to win, those can still be bought with in-game currency, and those can still be earned within a reasonable time frame (with the new system, I’d guesstimate 2-3 weeks?). Don’t quote me on the math, though. And, of course, let’s not forget that they have to make money somehow. Yes, you can buy champions with RP, but simply having bought a champion doesn’t give you an OBJECTIVE advantage over anyone else. Champs fall in and out of meta all the time. Some champs on release are strong (Camille), but some are also weak (Ornn). And you playing champions that you bought does not OBJECTIVELY trump their experience in the game. If people want to buy the champs with real money, that’s their decision. That’s not buying them an “always win forever” card like some other games do. >.>
True. And in regards to rune pages, i never needed more then one cause those runes were expensive, and i just stuck to one playstyle, said playstyle being a mage.
Cocho (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lovesick,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ucsFcZjO,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-15T15:26:08.592+0000) > > LoL is free to play? Only if you grind for a year and a half to unlock all of the champions. Oh wait....Battlefront II had a similar statistic of 2100 hours. Yeah, that sounds about right. > > That argument is logical, however it's a scummy business practice to market your game as free and not include all of the needed content to play from the get-go. There is 10 free champs on a rotation. There are plenty of cheap champs. Did you personally have an issue when you were new? I basically just played annie and lux while trying out free champs to see who i liked. Cait was free my 2nd week playing, so I saved up for her. I refunded a couple champs I didnt like after buying them. The casual gamer doesnt play league daily. A few XP boosts and they're going to level up and get that now ~800-ish BE. My favorite champ is 1350 lol. This game has had 8 years of DLC lol. You could defiantly buy the OG champs with $60 lol.
I don't know about the OP, but i personally am glad you had so few champs to start with. When i started league, i had never played a moba before. Everything was new. Having 150+ champs would have pushed me away instantly. I much preferred and enjoyed learning the basic mechanics and then going through the champ roster, picking champs that i like the look of and finding a kit that sounds fun. I don't really mind having to grind for every champ, because 90% of the champs don't really interest me and don't fit my playstyle.
: I get the complaints but...
I agree. I haven't played all that much, just a few games and trying out zoe a bunch on the PBE, but i really like the new runes. I cant speak much for the BE, i would have to actually level up and play more, but so far i like this preseason. (probably just because manaflow band and stuff so i never run out of mana)
: Is anyone actually using Demolish? I've tried it, and I only noticed about 300 bonus damage. 300 extra damage every 45 seconds after 5 seconds isn't much at all. It might hit large numbers on true, dedicated tanks (such as Sion), but won't do _that_ much for anyone else.
I had a game where the enemy toplaner was using it (i think) and the enemy team kinda kicked our asses. But the game didn't end early. We nearly lost a few times but were able to pull it back. We won with a base race because Yorick. I really don't know what people are talking about. game length feels the same as before.
shadyguy (NA)
: To all you selfish players who get autofilled and ruin the team comp for everyone else.
Whenever i get support i just go Vel'koz. He is one of my mains and is somewhat able to support. The problem with me is that i suck at actually supporting, so i typically just try to poke and not take any cs, while building my typical midlane stuff.
: The Honor System is so crappy it's unbelievable...
Ya know, i feel for you. I had some similar circumstances in how i started league and my experiences with premades. All i can say though is that you just gotta stay quiet and get through the match. One time, when i was trying to learn how to support, i was matched with a 4man premade. For the first half of the match they played like they were intentionally trying to lose. When i called for a surrender at 20, they promptly all declined and completely changed how they were playing to then win the game. But while they did that they all decided to constantly shit talk me and tell me how bad i was, to uninstall, etc. All i could do was hold my anger and annoyance until it ended, report them, and go blow off some steam. It sucked not being able to talk back, but that's how it goes. Now whenever i play i always try to play with at least 1 other friend.
AMOS1234 (EUW)
: How do you play mid for beginners?
Wish i could offer advice since my main role is mid, but i doubt i'm good enough to give anyone advice on a role itself. Maybe a champ but not a role. The best way to learn would probably be to just try it out in PvAI or actual games and see what happens i suppose.
bufydo (EUNE)
: Nerf Zoe
I've played her a bit and i can say, in my opinion, that she isn't THAT op. She does need some balancing, but a good chunk of her damage comes from her q. her q can be dodged with a little effort half the time. And keep in mind that she isn't even out yet, so chill with the call for nerfs this prematurely.
thorrad (NA)
: then why do you have to pay to show how good you are at the game with mastery 6 and 7 thats like i said it takes skill not money to be good at a game you cant even call that mastery of a champion anymore at that point
Dude, champ mastery doesn't indicate skill at all. Just because someone has 5,6,7 doesn't mean they can actually do well, it just means they at least had a few lucky games. For example, i have both aurelion sol and velkoz at level 7, but while i do really like A Sol and consider him my main, the reason i got to level 7 with him was primarily because no one else plays him, so the bar was set really low.
: My one issue with Hextech crafting.
The game in general gives way too many keys. I've only got honor level 4 and have gotten only 2-3 capsules, but I've had a stockpile of keys even before the honor system changed.
: Jinx VS Vel'Koz
Did you miss your abilities or something? I've played a ton of Vel'koz and i know i can delete basically any squishy from 100-0 in the time it takes them to land from the knock-up. And if you did hit your abilities then your ult would have finished her off.
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