Tegash (NA)
: @Karma Mains, Is There Any Merit to This Kit Idea?
Holy shit why did this of all things get downvote botted
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: reading the new champions abilities be like
As far as I can understand he has 5 separate weapons * each weapon has a unique auto attack effect * Each weapon style has a cast-able ability in Q * Each weapon has a secondary ability and/or passive in R W just switches between the current two weapons you have, but DOESN’T bring up any new weapons. It just swaps primary and secondary. Once one weapon is out of ammo (50 shots per weapon) it switches to the next weapon in line and places the previous weapon at the end of said line to “recharge”. Some of the abilities are kinda ... weirdly worded so I don’t quite understand how EVERYTHING works but I’ll try... Weapon 1 * passively has extra range on AA’s. And any other Abilities that use this weapon mark enemies. * Ability: Line skillshot that also marks people for a short time. * Marked targets can be auto attacked globally * Not sure how R works? I think it’s a temporary buff that makes ALL of his abilities mark targets weather they use the weapon or not??? Weapon 2 * Passive: free life-steal. Healing beyond max health gives a shield * ability: I’m guessing it’s like Urgot W, but uses both his primary and secondary guns simultaneously to fire at champions * R is a flat heal Weapon 3 * Auto Attack slow passive like Ashe * ability: enemies slowed by this gun take damage and are rooted * R: another one I’m not sure about... I assume attacking an already slowed target just passively slows them more??? Don’t know if it’s an active or what Weapon 4 * auto attacks spread in a cone AOE like Bard chimes * Ability: Fire a wave of magic then shoot everyone who was hit with your secondary weapon * R: attacking the same target twice causes the AOE to be in a circle instead of a cone Weapon 5 * Boomerang auto, you can’t attack again until it comes back to you. Attack speed makes the thing fly faster and being close means it comes back faster * you make a heimerdinger turret that shoots bullets that your secondary weapon would shoot... (which confuses me beyond belief like what about the lifesteal one? But whatever’s) * R: this one is very badly explained. Sorry, I don’t even know what it’s trying to say. If all of this seems excessive it’s because it is. I’m trying to get a friend of mine into the game how the hell am I supposed to explain this?
Manxxom (NA)
: When you somehow understand EVERYTHING about Aphelios's kit but you can't play annie
Alright you literally got me to laugh out loud. Here have an upvote
Bultz (NA)
: I'm honestly very glad Aphelios can out so fast after Senna
I’m excuuuuuuuuse me sue, but {{champion:3}} is the all-might champion. Fake snide-ness aside ditto. I love the Juggernaut class of champions especially when they’re well designed with their strengths and weaknesses taken into account.
: Revert Karma Nerfs
Maybe if Riot hit her ridiculous base damage instead of her already mediocre AP scaling...
: Taming Tank Karma
You are singing the most insightful songs to fall on deaf ears. Everything you speak is 100% true but besides most Karma players people will either focus their hatred through Karma or she’ll continue to be ignored.
Falrein (EUW)
: What are your biggest fears regarding your favourite champions/regions' future?
: Anybody worried about where all the bot accounts will play once Twisted Treeline is gone?
You have to remember bot accounts don’t want to be suspended so they’ll play the lowest risk modes for reporting. so either SR bot games or ARAM.
: What's one thing that Riot did right or you like?
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: Sum of Attractive Champions - Male
00|00|02|00|00 Alistar 00|00|02|00|00 Amumu Thank you for disqualifying Amumu. (Not trying to be sarcastic, seriously thanks)
: Playing Shen vs Mordekaiser
I’ve been playing a lot of Morde... my best tip is to not pick Shen because TBH he’s probably your hardest counter. * He’s not too auto attack reliant so your W’s not going to help too much. * He’s got % damage and free magic penetration, so building tank will be less effective for fighting him, especially over extended periods of time with conquerer and his passive * He can either yoink you out of ulting someone or Ult the person you wanted to protect.. My recommended pick into Morde is probably Kled or Gangplank, but if you want someone similar to Shen to play against him you could try Galio and make him cry.
Cräfty (EUW)
: A message from a jungler to all lanes!
> “When I ping " on the way " while I'm doing a jungle camp, that does NOT mean to engage right away, that means " prepare yourself, I'mma finish this camp real quick and gank for you! ". So, don't be stupid, save your CC and your CDs for when I'm there and don't get engaged on or poked out of the lane before I get there.“ So, I made an account recently to learn Jungle with, and I started out in Iron as you do.... and my god... reading this bit gives me severe PTSD. Honestly jungle as a role feels pretty bad, especially with how the community can treat the jungler. A year ago I woulda said Support was the worst role..... how wrong I was. Also I love this entire post it’s the epitome of its funny because it’s true. > If I push the wave to the turret after a gank, that's me helping you reset the wave while getting some gold/exp for my troubles. Don't be a bitch about it and spam ping me to back off the lane, stop crying, JESUS! HOLY FUCK THIS ONE TOO. JESUS, like that first one at least is mostly in lower elo, but my god I see the top, mid, and ADC ping the ever living FUCK out or jungler just trying to help push a lane after a SUCCESSFUL GANK. This is why I bought the Rammus thumb-up emote over any other.
pwc2016 (NA)
: We can all agree...
F is for flash D is **D**on’t you **D**are **D**ub **D** for flash you **D**egenerate
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: wanted to type 2000 my bad literally walking might be faster than using tahm kench ult
Level 1 with ~ 400 MS is usually more effective yes, at this point it’s more to corals people or maybe rotate beyond walls quickly, but yeah.... it’s bad.
Larriet (NA)
: What your role says about you!
Holy S*** you’re right!
: akali has bad design
> “bruiser-like kit with assassin levels of damage. “ THIS. MY GOD. It’s literally impossible to trade with her on most champions level 1-4 because of this alone. I’m fine with Akali one shorting me, I’m fine with Akali one shorting my team. It’s fine, she’s an assassin, that’s literally their life’s mission. I’m fine with her shroud (now that the true stealth is gone) and even her mobility. But her ability to consistently trade while having all of those strengths.... that’s where I have an issue. * thanks to her empowered auto attacks being reset by her Q which while both not high in damage, has only a 1.5 second Cooldown between uses, which means she can Q you, leave the ring, and auto attack and the Q is near instantly back up. * you can’t dodge the Q because it’s so instant, and unless you’ve got mobility, you can’t outrun the oncoming auto’s because she gains movespeed and bonus attack range, not to mention the tip of her Q can also slow you making it even easier to trade for free. * She rushes gunblade which has allowed her to be difficult to kill on top of being flighty, scrappy, and murdery * Her shroud gives her back a good chunk of her energy and is a huge deterrent for any auto attack heavy Champions/predictable champions to every fight her (which would actually be fine if it weren’t for the fact that she can also keep fighting due to again, too much damage consistancy) sure someone like Talon has his E and his Ult, but at least when he uses his E to escape he has trouble re-joining the fight, and at least his Ult deters him continuing to fight lest he waist his only in-fight safety option. I’m not a balance expert, but I think her biggest problem truly is this.
: Is Thresh A Tank?
Well yes but actually no.
KazKaz (OCE)
: URF isn't bad this time around, it's the community
**sees title** https://media.tenor.com/images/dd1d5841ea874b592bd2132cb97cb84f/tenor.gif Someone figured it out! To be honest I’ve been trying to find the perfect middle ground when playing urf on my accounts. Champions who are fun to play, but not anti fun to play against. So far I’m just playing champs I enjoy and here’s what I got Anti fun {{champion:3}}.... didn’t really surprise me, I just wanted to play him once since he’s my favorite champ, but yeah. He’s more broken than a McDonalds Ice cream machine. {{champion:99}} Poke bot. Was kinda boring tbh. At least with Galio I had a bit of fun. {{champion:35}} he’s pretty fun with the full AP build, but he rides the edge of anti fun a bit too closely {{champion:13}} see Lux Fun to play, not unfair to play against {{champion:19}} healing build and AP build {{champion:497}} movespeed build, AP build {{champion:82}} normal build, Full AP build, movement speed build. I expected Galio levels of broken-ness and was pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t too overbearing {{champion:43}} this one surprised me tbh. I thought she’d be broken but she’s actually just slightly above average {{champion:72}} literally just go full movespeed and kidnap people it’s pretty funny, but he himself isn’t OP. Not that fun to play (IMO) and not anti fun {{champion:20}} I’ve tried full tank, full AP, and Full MS. Some of it worked but I somehow find SR Nunu way more fun than urf. It’s an anomaly. Fun to play but terrible/situational {{champion:122}} by the time My Q finished winding up Id keep dying. And being Kited is 10000x more painful. But if you get ahead dear god he seems straight anti fun. {{champion:50}} Surprised me. But his passive doesn’t scale with CD, his E and W are easy to dodge, and his Ult just doesn’t heal him fast enough in urf where everything’s on a 1.5 second CD. Still unsure {{champion:17}} had one guy curse me out for dying to shrooms repeatedly and another literally LAUGHING and challenging me to a 1v1 playfully. I think it just depends on how you think about Teemo.
Abandon (OCE)
: There are too many strong champions right now. Please balance the game.
Tbh I’d rather have this than 2-5 champs at the top.
: What Do YOU Want Karma to Become?
Honestly they should avoid adding anything new. Both old and current Karma have enough mechanics they could either add back in some way/shape/ or form, and because of that I don’t think making new mechanics is the way to go (like when they tried to make her W reduce champion cooldowns and give mana for example. Some examples of things from old Karma that should at least be considered bringing back are: * Shield bomb Maybe not in its instant-cast iteration from before, but I could see Riot nerfing Karma’s pro play reliability by hard nerfing RE in exchange for returning shield bomb. * giving W an ally function, even if it’s not a supportive one Even if it doesn’t actually *give* anything to allies, imagine being able to tether an enemy/ally of your choice to catch out enemies, or you could play to the supportive aspect and have it buff allies in some way like sharing speed buffs (just off the top of my head) * Playing up the Karmatic theme Old Karma’s passive (while bad in terms of its execution) could be revitalized to play up more of her Karmatic theme of “if you hurt me but give me the chance to hit back, it WILL hurt”. The only problem is making sure this idea doesn’t take over her kit, while remaining something to think about for the enemy team. Then there’s the problems that Karma has or has had that don’t all need hard fixes, but should at least be addressed * Good early game, good mid game, and decent late game generalist with no easily abused tangible weakness. AKA why she’s so good in pro play * Making mantra’d ability choice be an actual skilled part of her gameplay, and not something determined by play style * W’s heal scaling. My god. It’s been literal years. Why. * Defiance’s currently overtuned nature * Her lack of damage options besides Inner flame and soulflare * Her passive’s hidden but oppressive power I actually don’t think a revert is necessary, but taking the best parts of both kits, and fixing the problems with the current kit seems like the smartest way to go about it at the very least.
: What Legendary Skin did you get
On my main account I got the legendary Nocturne skin (don’t remember what it’s called) On my secondary I got Battlecast Skarner (luckily I actually play Skarner on that account)
Lost R (NA)
: Why remove the healing from Relic Shield?
I assume it’s for the same reasons they removed the bonus damage on procing {{item:3303}}. I think it’s fine since the items are now extremely self-sufficient power-wise. I can understand why some stats needed to be trimmed somewhere.
Moody P (NA)
: Shame that Spear is being removed
It’s an overloaded item. By most (including me) it will not be missed.
: Shaco Rework 9.20 - AD Shaco struggling after rework?
It’s returning him to his early game centered roots. AD Shaco has better consistent damage and higher base damage, but less AD Scaling and the lack of Lethality scaling in his E. Overall it’s a net buff in the early and mid game, but a nerf afterwards
Zee Zone (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=jocomotion,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rnMHr9GI,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-10-08T23:03:50.120+0000) > > I mean yeah.... but you could also say the {{champion:43}} nerf makes less sense. Scenario 1: you judged the post by its title and rushed for a reply missing the "jk" written in the post Scenario 2: You don't know that JK is short for Just Kidding which , if this is the case, now you know OR Scenario 3: You noticed that the title is supposed to be a joke and yet took it seriously which in this case uhhh... ummm... wh.. i... i have nothing tbh
> [{quoted}](name=Zee Zone,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rnMHr9GI,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-10-08T23:41:19.173+0000) > > Scenario 1: you judged the post by its title and rushed for a reply missing the "jk" written in the post > Scenario 2: You don't know that JK is short for Just Kidding which , if this is the case, now you know > OR > Scenario 3: You noticed that the title is supposed to be a joke and yet took it seriously which in this case uhhh... ummm... wh.. i... i have nothing tbh Scenario 4: I’m going along with the joke saying it makes no sense since Riot “usually buffs champions for publicity”. I read the post my dude, don’t take everything so serious.
Zee Zone (EUW)
: All the sudden the Lissandra buffs make sense
I mean yeah.... but you could also say the {{champion:43}} nerf makes less sense.
cars3n (NA)
: His ult is super predictable tbh. Oh? I’m low health and Pyke is running at me? Better walk in a straight line and not dodge!
Has a dash, a stun, a ranged pull/slow, can go camo, and gets a movespeed boost, not to mention his Ult’s Actual cast time is short, the hitbox is WAY bigger than it looks, and even if the actual Ult doesn’t kill you it still resets and gives him gold, and if it does kill you he also gets a blink! But nah, you right just run away
: What skin lines would fit your main amazingly that you know Riot won't do?
{{champion:223}} Kench in wonderland World eater Kench with the worldbreaker skin line Darkstar with there being a black hole in his stomach {{champion:101}} Battle boss Program {{champion:516}} Candy cOrnn (like lolipoppy and candy king Ivern Pro gamer Ornn (arcade) Reindeer Ornn (Christmas’s series) Pride demon Ornn Literally anything for Ornn (yes I’m bitter)
datfatguy (OCE)
: How do you even play against Tryndamere
{{champion:223}} : wait shit he was nerfed {{champion:43}} wait shit she was nerfed {{champion:350}} ? Wait shit she was gutted {{champion:78}} ???? I guess. She’s not bad.
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: Rakan
Maybe you’re playing him wrong? Plus that build overlaps on CDR pretty badly. And if you build nothing but pure utility, why would you expect to do damage or be tanky. I usually build 2-3 of those and then change my build for what I need when I play Rakan. Also you forgot redemption.
: How are you suppose to face Swain Support???
Pretend his E = Blitz Hook. Don’t get hit by it on the return trip. And if he uses it abuse him since he’s got no effective way to close the gap.
: Mordekaiser's New ult and it's utility
> [{quoted}](name=Acemaster81,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5OekdM1b,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-26T20:34:37.635+0000) > > There more I think about it, the more I feel this ultimate really lacks counterplay. Let me stop you right there. * {{item:3140}} : Not only provides an instant escape but gives MR to lower the damage he deals as well * Any cleanse will immediately break you out if the ult. Including but not limited to basic abilities like GP W, Empowered Rengar W, Olaf Ultimate. * Spell shields like Siver E, Banshee’s And Malzahar Passive block the ultimate * if you stealth during he short channel it goes on cooldown. He’ll you can walk into a brush and it’ll go on cooldown (which is pretty funny) * If you’re ranged and you’re caught out far enough for Morde to be able to walk up and get an Ult on you, you SHOULD be punished. On top of that since you’re ranged you can kite him since his Q is pretty telegraphed and it’s his only immediate damage source. * If he catches you in the DR and you have mobility you can kite him, and if he does so near walls you can just jump over one and wait. * Edit: I forgot one, as a slow Juggernaut, CC and it’s effectiveness is very VERY potent against Morde. Especially since his two main damage spells plant him in place for a considerably longer duration than most cast times on abilities. This just makes kiting him easier. Every champion in the game has something they can do to at least fight against the death realm’s effects. If anything I’m surprised Riot implemented it with this much Counter play on release since most reworks recently start out the opposite, that being overtuned.
: Tham kench
Eh Tahm gets a monthly gutting. You get used to it after a while.
: I hope Riot learns something from this season
I mean by balancing for the sake of pro play they make hundreds of thousands of dollars off of worlds due to the amount of people buying tickets, watching, buying merchandise, and attending the event. Unless there’s a major riot (no pun intended) they won’t exactly “learn a lesson” unless that lesson is do it again, but bigger.
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: Riot doesn't know what stun means
That moment where you’re a Galio main, and some guy claims Galio has a stun in his kit. And to top it off claims someone else doesn’t know what a stun is.... Galio has * W: taunt and slow (technically it’s a MS reduction cause it sets people to a flat movespeed, but it’s easier to call it a slow) * E: Knockup * R: AOE Knockup. Not a single stun to be seen
Crocele (NA)
: i wish galio had damage reduction back on his ult
I don’t think giving him back damage reduction on his Ult as he is now would be smart. Right now he’s fairly strong, and just giving him back one of the biggest strengths they had to take away early on would be not only random but it’d push him over the edge again for being overpowered. The damage reduction on his Ult simply ate too much of his power budget, with it his one ultimate was essentially a Shen and an Pantheon Ult combined with Hard CC to boot, and that’s way too good combined with his base kit also bringing CC, damage, and a frontline to the table. All of that being said though, I agree that galio’s Ultimate feels pretty clunky nowadays. And even if I land a 3-4 man Ult it doesn’t feel satisfying. Maybe a small knockup duration buff, a channel duration decrease, or a cooldown buff sure, but I disagree on giving him that DR back. No hate, I just want my boy to be healthy for the game as a whole.
: Karma is a tank/top laner now?
Y’know now she reminds me a lot of Maokai. Ones just ranged and a kiter while the other’s melee and has more CC % health heal on a short cooldown % high base damage Terrible AP scaling save one spell (Karma W and Mao E) Point and click root Teamfight rush tactics Crippling AOE slow So uh yeah... great job making her like one of the most definite tank champions in the game I guess.
: The issue is that her q was one shorting people including tanks. She needed nerfs for a while now.
I’m sorry I had to have read that wrong. What “tanks” was the average Karma “one shot-ing”? I feel like it was an AP Malphite
: How do you built pure tank and still die in 2seconds
Did you not have Aftershock/ Guardian/ Grasp? Where you playing an actual tank champion? Where you caught alone by three or more people? Did you actually build full tank items and not off tank? Where you caught at full health? Where you ahead? Where they behind? Do you have actual video evidence? If the answer to two or more of these is no then either you’re not playing an actual tank, you don’t know how, or you’re whining because you just got beat. And this is coming from a guy who LOVES full tank champs. Right now they’re fine. Damage is maybe still a weee but too high, but most of that is champion specific nowadays and not the entire game. It’s no longer a problem that needs to be overblown.
HaydenzM (EUW)
: explain.
I would but I don’t know how to code games.... *riot, 2019*
: It's been three patches
Oh yeah this bug happens on a WAY too regular basis. I dont know how it started, but I still need to kill @PlayernameF8@ (@PlayerChampF8@) to get my last ravenous hunter stack.
Neriticc (EUW)
: Guess who Rito Bias Games is buffing next patch?
Imma guess Morde. I don’t know why but they’re trying to make him a pro pick. And let me just say as a guy who enjoys him that’ll only happen if he’s legitimately overtuned. And that SHOULDNT happen.
: I'm surprised that no one else has commented about Ashe getting a second legendary.
{{champion:122}} *Cough* GOD KING, DUNKMASTER {{champion:31}} gentlemen and battlecast.
: Worst patch ever?
You forgot {{champion:67}} Also undeserved nerfs
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 20
: How often have you been pissed b/c a champ was too tanky?
Honestly recently it’s been a bit of both. But honestly I’d take how it is now over the tank or damage Meta any day.
: Lucian is forming a party to rescue Senna, which 4 Champs would you choose to fill out his roster?
Assuming we’re going off Lore Lucian’s technically demacian, but as far as we know he doesn’t have any particular hatred towards magic specifically, but towards necromancy, so champs who dabble in that are a no-go. {{champion:25}} could be a good spirit medium to try to pull Senna out of the lantern (assuming Lucian could track Morg down) {{champion:83}} is another strong contender, that is if Lucian where willing to work with him. Since he’s technically not undead and wishes to put them to rest. He could be the muscle to fight of thresh. {{champion:67}} is another demacian monster hunter who’s skills could prove useful. {{champion:57}} would probably be my last guess, if Lucian doesn’t try to kill him.
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