: Lucian is forming a party to rescue Senna, which 4 Champs would you choose to fill out his roster?
Assuming we’re going off Lore Lucian’s technically demacian, but as far as we know he doesn’t have any particular hatred towards magic specifically, but towards necromancy, so champs who dabble in that are a no-go. {{champion:25}} could be a good spirit medium to try to pull Senna out of the lantern (assuming Lucian could track Morg down) {{champion:83}} is another strong contender, that is if Lucian where willing to work with him. Since he’s technically not undead and wishes to put them to rest. He could be the muscle to fight of thresh. {{champion:67}} is another demacian monster hunter who’s skills could prove useful. {{champion:57}} would probably be my last guess, if Lucian doesn’t try to kill him.
: Champion Types That Are Inherently Broken
1. Yes and no, I agree some support carries go overboard like brand, but then you got ones like Xerath where his damage is terrible if he falls behind and only mediocre if they end even. 2. Again yes and no. You failed to mention most camouflage champs have some kind of preset warning like Pyke’s sharks, Rengar eyes, Evelyn heart etc... and it’s those spells that have the most one shot potential but then there’s champs like Shaco or Wild who I can’t vouch for when they’re strong. 3. Yes.
: You are great at portraying there are no problems
I mean yeah damage is a problem, but it’s less of a problem than it was in season 8.
: Raise your voices pls
I mean... if we’re raising our voices... I don’t really care
: Would you say there are any items that need reworks?
{{item:3095}} : too awkward for ADC’s to build, maybe if it gave 25% Crit instead of AS? Idk. {{item:3022}} : niche at best, abusable at worst {{item:3056}} : the stats it grants spell out tanky support, It’s active spells out diver. Change one or the other {{item:3161}} : “Spell overturned” “s-p-e-a-r (space) o-f (space) s-h-o-j-i-n” “that is correct” maybe make it just grant 10% CDR if you at least want to give it a slap on the wrist {{item:1083}} I actually forgot this item was in the game. On that note why is this item still in the game {{item:3042}} should be more accessible on more champions that need mana, but less abusable by a certain blond mage (part of that reason is the fact that a lot of AD items don’t give mana though) {{item:3140}} : doesn’t need a rework, but it does need an AP equivalent (similar to the way stopwatch has its buildpath, not just a copy-paste of {{item:3139}}, maybe rework {{item:3222}} into a AP version. Since it too needs changing {{item:3075}} : small complaint on this one having grevious wounds. It’s great against auto attackers, but against something like vlad you’re fucked since he won’t auto you and he deals magic damage. Just make a new HP tank item and give it GR instead {{item:3907}} : I appreciate Riot trying a concept like this out. I don’t appreciate how this item is either forgotten or oppressive {{item:3146}} : there is no reason a single item should ever give this many unique things all at the same time without being as expensive as Triforce. AD, AP, Ranged active slow, and Healing... just wow {{item:3009}} almost always edged out by either {{item:3111}} or {{item:3117}}
Hotarµ (NA)
: Yuumi Proposal - Minor Rework / QoL Changes
This is an amazing concept, forcing Yuumi to spend more of the game as an actual champion is a good idea to improved her overall health and make her gameplay less toxic, if I could add one small detail though. Another, albeit smaller, annoying thing about Yuumi’s kit is her Q. Enemies hate it because it’s free like that’s practically gaurenteed to hit, and Yuumi players hate it because it deals so little damage while costing so much. In the spirit of giving Yuumi more incentive to be detached at times riot could implement something like: > Q: Prowling projectile * [new] Firing prowling projectile while detached increases its missile speed drastically * Prowling projectile turn radius increased while attached (it can’t turn as sharply) Because honestly her lack of venerability and her literal free poke are the main two toxic parts of her kit. (At least in my opinion)
: What's Taliyah's favorite country?
What’s Taliyah’s favorite kind of music? Rock What’s Malphite’s favorite kind of music? Hard rock What’s Rammus’s favorite kind of music? Rock n’ Roll I’m so sorry.
JRobin31 (NA)
: I looked and saw {{champion:82}} buff?!? what? {{champion:82}} is a Tier 2 champion getting buffed and {{champion:43}} is a Tier 4 champion getting nerfed?!? To be clear in {{champion:82}} match-ups I have almost no counter-play. It's literally he will farm me with his ult. I made a thread to discuss options. I got many suggestions and I implemented all suggestions in actual ranked games against Mordekaiser and came back to the thread and gave feedback on my experiences - exhausted all options. It's not cool that he is getting a buff. And {{champion:43}} percent scaling nerf? What? Why? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
To be fair, the Morde buff is pretty tiny. His shield went from building up at 30% of the damage he deals to 35% of the damage he deals. Nothing spectacular.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
So, you finally did it Riot. You’ve gotten me to completely doubt you. I know, I know. You don’t actually care about an individual’s opinion, but you guys have been grossly ignoring your playerbase here on the boards. A majority of people here are casual players, and the lack of communication on anything other than what you want to talk about can be extremely discouraging, and disconnected. And now it’s come to the ultimate LCS patch. Last year you guys pulled this stunt as well, but this is actually worse. I even made a post on that https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/cffW74Hm-819-patch-notes-but-if-riot-where-just-honest check it out if you want to, it mostly pokes innocent fun at you, but the point remains. You guys have stopped caring about the actual balance of the game, or the enjoyment of the community in favor of making money, or it at least seems that way to us. Getting rid of rotating game modes, Twisted treelines soon removal, taking away the old snow map, LCS patches, balancing 90% of the game around the top 2% of players, changing the game to be more exciting to watch rather than play by adding more damage, promoting the creeping power creep, not listening on player feedback- heck I thought that you where at least doing that by pulling back on the riven changed a couple of patches ago, but no, here they are. And with LCS coming up it seems like the only reason you did this was so Riven, and a lot of other flashy and popular champions could get the glory, and you could gain that LCS money. Riot, I love this game. It’s still my favorite, well actually second favorite. Overwatch has actually edged y’all out at this point. I don’t know what else to say. I’m not burned out on gaming, and I don’t even hate the game, I just hate where it seems to be going. It’s becoming more of a commercial title, and less of a video game. if that’s what you want than, great but just know that you’ll eventually loose a lot of the playerbase that got you there in the first place. Edit: Hell who am I kidding this comment wont be read by anyone let alone a rioter.
Ryelic (NA)
: Aatrox feels legitimately awful to play in lane now.
See I’m split, I’m glad his sustain when alone in lane was finally hit, because trading with him felt awful since he’d heal back up so fast, but he had been nerfed in so many other ways to finally get to this point that he’s awful. Maybe if Riot reverts his older nerfs he’d be in a better spot.
: yes... The smaller ratio is going to be giving you less of the AP that you build as damage. Meaning she can't build a few AP items into tank and still have decent damage.
No... it’s be better to nerf her base damage then. Since the base damage maxes out at 260, which is pretty high. Beefing it down to say 220 would’ve been not only a smarter move for her, but a healthier one as well. To prove my point let’s do some math Tank karma builds maybe 1 AP item top lane, that item usually being {{item:3027}} if any item at all (Though she usually rushes iceborn, I’m just giving you the FULLEST benefit of the doubt). ROA gives up to 100 AP, which means currently it alone gives her 60 extra damage on her Q. With this nerf it gives her 40 instead, wow... 20 whole damage less. That sure does hurt **tank** karma a lot. And remember this is assuming She even builds ROA. But wait, what about Soulflare? Her ulted Q? Surely THAT would have a lot less damage. Well let’s see, assuming you stand in both the initial explosion and the second explosion, the AP ratio totals out to be 150% meaning it deals 150 bonus damage and with the nerf it’s.... 130... **wow** 20 less damage...... yeah there’s no way to try to sugarcoat this. This nerf is a way to gut support and Mid Karma for worlds. If anything Tank Karma was nerfed the least of all her play styles.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
Those Karma changes are legit dumb. Riot, if you wanna nerf Karma’s functionality in pro play then nerf the movespeed she grants to adjacent allies on her Defiance. Don’t nerf the only actual damage spell she has. (Or better yet finally rework her like seemingly every karma main wants)
Nasakeki (NA)
: Just delete Yuumi, please.
I wish they’d just take a step back and address her issues rather than doing the old “hurt durrr lower her numbers” For example off the top of my head some ideas: * make her Q harder to land by increasing its turn radius, giving her less reliable poke in lane instead of just repeatedly nerfing the numbers * Make her W tether temporary so she’s not literally always untouchable, or have a timer for how long she can stay on a champion in a given amount of time. * get rid of her level 1 automatic W so she’s more susceptible to pressure from enemy champions When a champion’s kit is this abusable simple number changes won’t cut it, but Riot can get too lazy to actually try and think about better options because worlds is on the way, and they got to make that $$$. Hell, if they got rid of her frustrating/unfair mechanics they could actually buff her, making her more rewarding to play and more fun to play against (relatively speaking)
Mortismo (EUW)
: but if marksmen dont go bot where do they go? i get your point but whats the point of having an entire class with only 1 role in which they barely excel in?
I mean it’s not like {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} can go top Or {{champion:29}} can go jungle Or {{champion:81}} {{champion:18}} can go mid Or {{champion:21}} can support.... Oh wait.
S V (NA)
: i see no god up here other than me
The eyes..... they scare me.
: A balanced champion gets buffed
{{champion:240}} mains.... I’m sorry for what’s about to come
PzyXo (EUW)
: Riot is going crazy now
The prophecies where true: Galio gets skin=Galio gets buffed again Thank God.
: New player free champion selection isn't fair
This is a pretty dumb thing to be mad about tbh. I remember back in season 7 people where complaining about how new players would have such a horrible start because of how the IP system worked. Now we have a crafting system, ways to get free skins, AND new players get to select champions for free? I don’t see the issue really. Even if champs are worth different amounts in blue essence, that doesn’t make one champ better than another. A 450 champ could be more or less powerful than a 6300 champ literally depending on the patch. So who cares if new players get a choice between the two? It’s not meant for players to have the most price-effective champion, but a champion they’d like to play. Are you mad because you as a long-time player didn’t get this opportunity? Because if that’s the case you’re just being petty, it’s not like these new players are getting exclusive items or RP. Everything they get you’ll eventually get too.
> [{quoted}](name=BigPapaGoose,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=APxQ77NW,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-12T01:41:39.488+0000) > > IT IS 2019. WHY DOES EZREAL STILL GET TO ABUSE THIS ITEM? 1 DAMAGE ITEM (MANAMUNE) AND A TANK ITEM, AND HE DOES MORE DAMAGE THAN ANYBODY ELSE IN THE GAME. Honestly, you make it sound like the item needs a nerf in numbers then. Simply removing the ability for ranged champions to use the item has and will always be the easy way out. It’ll “fix” the problem without actually coming up with an actual solution. You could 1. nerf the flat damage of iceborn, and have the damage scale better with Base AD since Ez’s bade AD is low 2. Have it simply deal less damage for ranged auto’s 3. Have the AOE Zone it creates scale better with Armor and worse without building it. 4. Have the slow/Zone/Damage scale with health (it is meant to be tanks Sheen item after all) Etc etc
: The current kit isn't bad, people screaming it is "generic" or "not like old karma" (which she isn't, she is a huge rework like Poppy, Urgot or Galio) forget that the problem of her kit is that, like Taliyah for example, her strength are pro play favored strength which make her very suceptible to be nerf/difficult to balance. But what good proposition did you guys make? I read your messages, we didn't have ANYTHING except shieldbomb whining. The best thing I read was not here but on reddit about how the MS boost from karma in R/E would always make her problematic, and her safety/good waveclear will always make her come back (like syndra). And none of your adress the issue about Karma being very bad agains toplaners, or either using it like "See? she is bad! Old one was better". Riot struggle to see what to do with her in term of changes but CURRENTLY, Karma is strong, she isn't op and she isn't ultra bottom tiers. Come on now, stats don't even lie. The current work, the issue is that the way it work is too good on proplay (like taliyah) so it make her a top pick if she is ever strong. It is why they tried this weird itineration of karma some months before, to switch her strengths to make her easier to balance. But changing a champ design isn't always simple, and it seem some kind of light rework isn't easy to do for her.
My dude, if you want a less whiny example of Karma’s problems, here ya go: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/R4ulUz7p-another-karma-rework-concept https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/Fi4LOEpe-one-last-hoorah-yet-another-karma-rework-concept https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/ubvEueRj-thank-you-for-communicating-with-karma While I agree Winterkill can be VERY whiny, and I don’t agree with or ever want to promote his mentality, AND I don’t think old Karma was good design by any means, I will admit riots been pretty adamantly ignoring any and all discussion on her. And yes, her kit DOES have some pretty bad issues. Nowhere near something like Azir or Kalista sure, but there’s a reason Karma’s always played/banned in higher elo’s and the LCS. And why every buff almost always immediately requires an immediate nerf.
Divin1ty (EUW)
: Just make it Melee only. Boom, fixed.
No offense but that's always been a super lazy strategy. Way too many champions get punished by doing that {{champion:6}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} just off the top of my head may have games where they want to take aftershock but then just couldn't. Meanwhile champions like {{champion:555}} or AP {{champion:3}} (at least when he's strong) would still abuse it in the long run.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: For the love of all that is holy, rework/remove aftershock
They could make the resistances last longer in exchange for lowering the amount gained from Aftershock, that way champions who use it to legitimately frontline will get more use out of it over long periods of time, while champions like {{champion:99}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:127}} etc... won’t have the ludicrously high resistances to cover their squishy-ness after busting their reliable CC. Honestly I’d even be ok with getting rid of the damage if it was changed to something like that. For example: Aftershock currently gives you 70 (+50% Armor/MR) Resistances capping at 80-150 for 2.5 seconds Instead Riot could make it grant 40 (+30% Armor/MR) with no cap for 4-8 seconds. It’s harder to wait out this version of Aftershock, and it’s less immediate defenses, but it’s easier to burst down Squishies who’ve abused the rune, and gives tanks a good dueling/teamfight advantage.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: Since Riot is removing things that have no relevance to SR and a declining player base
Don’t mind me just that one guy who plays top lane and doesn’t have any problem with it atm.
Ralanr (NA)
: Honestly I don’t think Galio needs sustain. Him not having his W be cancelled by hard CC imo is something that he needs.
Adayics (NA)
: PROJECT: Jinx, Is it too late
Eh take off the hood, doesn’t suit her. Maybe the scarf too.
Rioter Comments
: @Riot - Riot VS Karma
Looking at both kits, I still can’t say new karma is worse than the old one. But my god does she need a rework still. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/R4ulUz7p-another-karma-rework-concept
: When you greet people with "Hello There" in all chat but no one greets back
Literally half of my games Me: [all] GLHF At least one Enemy: **** you. Me: aaaaaand *muted*
: Galios Flash Taunt was instant and undodgeable. That's why it was removed.
Bro. Please read the thread. I said that was the right change to make by riot. “A lot of people are saying they should bring the flash taunt back, but I honestly don’t think they should...”
Rioter Comments
: Could reworked pantheon support?
Remember his E doesn’t stop projectiles from moving through him, it’s not Braum E, you’ll literally only protect yourself from something like an MF Ult.
Zeedus (NA)
: New Panth E, Old Braum E.
Honestly I’d be happy with some changes to Braum’s E making it a self slow instead of a MS buff in exchange for more DR he feels pretty squish nowadays even if you position your shield really well. But it is important to remember that Panth won’t block skillshots that will usually go through you anyway. So he can’t protect anyone but himself from long range harass.
: Pyke to over tuned
Let me rephrase that. Pyke’s ULTIMATE is overturned. Even Pyke players didn’t ask for this.
: > [{quoted}](name=Amewe,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=v7vAvimJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-30T20:38:10.430+0000) > > Kassadin next? {{sticker:sg-soraka}} pwease? Going by days without a skin for champions here's the top 10 first priorities... 1. Skarner (1556 Days) 2. Xerath (1556 Days) 3. Zilean (1542 Days) 4. Mordekaiser (1532 Days) 5. Rek'Sai (1496 Days) 6. Kassadin (1385 Days) 7. Vel'Koz (1216 Days) 8. Sion (1203 Days) 9. Nocturne (1182 Days) 10. Kindred (1161 Days)
To be fair, as a guy who plays Sion, I think he’s fine for now, he’s got a great legendary skin and a LOT of other good skins. So the sheer amount he has may trump the days it’s take to get a new one.
: Thank you Riot
It is time for an animation update though. The skin is pretty 10/10, but the janky animations bump it down to a 7/10
: Let's make bets on what will be broken this patch.
{{champion:3}} *queue the laugh track*
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: My Idea for Some Changes
I don’t agree with the TK changes. While I do agree his W shouldn’t be able to hold an ally for 4 whole seconds, I also think 1 second is way too short. And trust me toungue lash doesn’t need more damage, it’s base damage is already pretty high, and it brings more than enough utility with its strong slow and range. Plus, support Kench needs another overall buff not a nerf. And on Azir, he’s still abused in pro play, but nowhere near as much as he was before, I doubt he’d need any nerfs. I’m also hesitant on the Camille changes, the reason shieldbreaker was removed from Irellia was because it made her overloaded and she can dive the backline already super easily with her medium range and mobility, Camille may introduce the same problem with having it on her kit, why not give it to someone like Trundle on Q, or Skarner champions meant to bring offensive utility rather than having a lot of offensive power. Everything else is 10/10
Moody P (NA)
: New taric is brainless freelo and I have good stats on him any time I play but hes lost everything that used to make him fun and gained nothing in return Sad, really
Right his appeals all gone! He no longer has...... .l Wait.... it’s mostly just his old ulti.... I barely remember what that even did. Whatchu talkin’ about Willis?
: You guys ever have that one champion that you're really good with
{{champion:43}} - even before her buffs She’s been my main champion for a while now, but my GOD is her kit uninteractive and boring. You just poke with low cooldown Q’s all game, use W aggressively when you can and just sit in lane and solo zone. Honestly the difference between a good and bad Karma isn’t mechanics, but in knowing what level of aggression she can have early on, followed by spamming RE late game on the “right” people.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Tryndamere needs to be reworked really badly (one of the most toxic designs).
: E-flash on Pyke isn't near as strong as W-flash on Galio. It just gives extra range on his E, effectively, rather than moving him into taunt range which can be let go immediately.
This. ALL of this. I mean I still want Galio buffs but yeah.
DeusVult (NA)
: I really don't know how you went through with Pyke changes
Yeah. I don’t hate or play Pyke, but honestly he’s one of the few new champions I legit love in terms of kit and design. So when they gutted his solo laning and made him an Ult bot I found it... sad? Depressing? Pathetic of the balance team? Take your pick. Like I get it, If he could solo lane and snowball others he’s just a better Talon with Hard CC and self heal, but then why not just nerf his solo burst? Or put a longer cooldown on his W? Or just do ANYTHING ELSE.
: Anyone noticed the 'nErF yAsUo' threads have been non existent lately
Good. Those threads presented nothing to actually discuss 95% of the time. I too am neither for or against Yas.
Rioter Comments
: Ideas for ultimate skins
Nasus growing and looking more powerful the more stacks he gets
Rioter Comments
: It is Finished.
Damn Trinimmortal calm down
: Benchmaster Tahm Kench
Benchwarmer Kench, part of the dunkmaster skinline.
Buchak (EUW)
: Bring Back Honorable Opponent. :)
My top laner comes to lane late, instead of just dumpstering the underleveled enemy I see “truce till 15 min” in all chat, I look up and see the two enemies free farming and giving each other the thumb-up sign. LET ME HONOR THE ENEMY DAMNIT.
Hamuza (NA)
: My experience with the new buff as a Kled main (2Mil Mastery)
Yes and no, I see Kled as a mid game powerhouse, and I kinda like that. I don’t think every champion should scale into the late game, especially him given his mounting mechanic. If he scaled it’d be near impossible to kill him, since the main things keeping him from scaling into the late game is his lack of AOE damage and him getting busted once dismounted. But if Kled has either of those two weaknesses easily covered he’d be broken. However I do agree that the grevious wounds buff wasn’t the BEST option for him. Sure it’s a nice buff, a solid 6/10, but he could’ve used SOMETHING different. Maybe more MS when dismounted, or the ability to get courage back on hitting large monsters. Idk, I don’t main him like you, just play him for fun.
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