Wait a minute did I play against you? This story sounds slightly familliar lol. Btw it isn’t the tank Meta, don’t get so salty over one game. (Or learn an ADC with more consistent % damage)
Seal Bot (EUNE)
: Is no one going to talk about the fact Sivir received a MASSIVE nerf??
I mean she was a little strong, but they didn’t need to gut her like that.
Manxxom (NA)
: There is one kind of champion with a concept I most undoubtly want to be in the game.
How about a void infected creature fighting for control of its own mind, and hence growing more savage as it struggles against itself
: I don't consider the small tradeoff of the the shield an equal or proportionate nerf for the healing buff. You're going to lose ~150 HP shield in exchange for FULL gray health recovery rated at 60% of all damage taken. That's HUGE. That's the ratio Pyke USED to have.
But remember, that healing isn’t on an assassin anymore. Instead it’s on a tank; someone who’s meant to soak in damage as a frontline, so while the healing may be similar to Pyke, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be abusable or even absurdly strong. Technically means he can take way more poke but can be all in’ed easier. Plus because the giant shield was one of the big reasons TK was so oppressive, it’s an nerf. At least to TK top. The shield allowed him to go for long trades and essentially take double the damage to kill, now he’s FORCED to back off and use the healing rather than being able to always go aggressive and push a lead (trust me I played TK top before that ridiculous buff to him). With all of that in mind I still say it’s a nerf.
: These swain changes please me greatly.
I no longer need a stack of my passive to use my ultimate thank god. (It was rare but that was the most frustrating shit ever mid game)
: I don't quite understand what was removed on Tahm's Q. Does it do some AOE damage that I've never known about?
If you used his Q and someone was in melee range it would always hit as long as it was aimed at your general direction. Not sure if it was a bug or intended but yeah it made it so you literally couldn’t sidestep it from up close
: [PBE] Poppy's W changes (Hooray!)
I can just imagine stopping a {{champion:429}} once and then her just standing there autoing frantically confused about why she’s not also hopping
: PBE 7/1 Opinions.
You misunderstood the TK changes on his E; it’s a nerf to the shield potential and a slight buff to the healing. Now the grey health you get is no longer 80 to 100% of the damage taken, but instead 50-60% of the damage taken. Meaning he’ll have much less grey health when getting hit which means smaller shields which means less tower diving and free trading up top. But in exchange the grey health will completely heal instead of only healing for 20-40% of the grey health stored.If anything this makes his laning against poke better, but his all in worse, and his all in is what’s so broken atm, so nerf. TLDR: he gains less grey health when you hit him, but all the grey health will be healed out of combat now instead of just some of it
: Nerfing Karma and buffing Illaoi wtf?
WOW. Woooow. I had no idea bias ran this strong I MAIN Karma and I knew those buffs where uneeded day 1, and I’m glad she got nerfed literally just 1 patch in. (Though I do think people overreacted about her overall strength) Meanwhile I don’t even recall the last time I saw an Illaoi in game because she’s so easy to counter.
: im gone for a week, and i come back to this
Can they just release this instead of the battle boss skins? That’d be nice
If they nerf his toplane they’ll have to at least make him a viable support again
: "Omg Mordekaiser is so utterly broken and unfair I'm literally shaking and crying right now"
I mean to be completely fair, Karma was pretty sub par before the buff, she’s only been broken for this one patch.
: "I support Nubrac but I do not want him in my own games"
Yeah, no. “I don’t support Numberac because he’s toxic, but I do support the idea of taking supports into other roles or roaming lane supports”
: What 'Buffed' Sona to the point where she's up to 53% and in need of nerfs?
General indirect buffs to healing and shielding items, the buffs to Armor and MR tunes allowing for more safety in lane, slow but consistent nerfs to damage, damage runes being nerfed, etc... oh but damage is STILL too high guys I won’t be satisfied until Zed can’t deal damage anymore.
: The lane is won or lost at champ select. Welcome to adc for the past 5 years my dude.
The support pick dictates the lane more than the ADC pick with the exceptions of {{champion:119}} and {{champion:96}}. The mid to late game is dictated by the ADC pick.
: What noob mistakes did you make starting out?
Ahem. {{champion:22}} {{item:3075}} That is all.
: Ryze is no longer a Battlemage, but a DPS mages
Being a battlemage doesn’t mean you need self sustain, you just need to be able to deal constant DPS with Spells while being somewhat durable. For Ryze it’s the fact that he can build tanky items with less damage fall off now, they got rid of the shield because it was overloaded (kek) on his Q.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: I think Sion passive is the only passive that helps the enemy team
This actually happened in one of my games, I was support and out jungler was camping mid (and succeeding too), and bot lane had a slow lead, but top lane was getting their asses handed to them by Morde. For a while they started bitching about “oh Jungle never tanks me blah blah” and jungle said (very politely I might add) “you do know he’s a Juggernaut, and if I go up there he’ll iust Ult me, kill me, and then kill you? I’d rather just get the other lanes ahead” Some more bitching later and despite the jg’a Better judgement he goes too. Exactly what he says would happen happens, and the top laner goes into a fit saying how he shoulda been there earlier, and how his camping mid was the wrong call, and blah blah blah. Needless to say I learned something that day. If I ever decide to learn jungle I’m muting my top laner if he hard looses lane then whines (not asks but whines) about me not tanking him specifically.
Thilmer (EUW)
: Mordekaiser ults Kled
{{champion:82}} : welcome to the realm of death fool! {{champion:41}} : slowly pulls out an orange {{champion:82}} : What the hell is that
: Remove MS from Darkness Rise
Huh who left this here? {{item:3140}} ...
: NB3 and Nubrac both deserve to be ban, LOL
I mean to be completely fair, Tyler’s at least tried redeeming himself, and his ban was technically indefinite, not permanent. Small but important difference.
: At 0:35 in, you're missing the fact that Nightblue didn't notice that it says 49% win rate on the left. He actually gave Nubrac the benefit of the doubt after seeing the couple recent wins. (And likely assuming he actually played Teemo in the Support role, instead of griefing both bot and mid) Around 6:36, though, Nubrac himself falsely claims a 65% win rate. That's what I'm referring to. It's especially funny that he cites his past 50 games, where it's actually even lower.
Well even then a 49% winrate in master teir isn’t too shabby, especially sense his own team most likely gets tilted off of his strat and wont even play with him. Don’t get me wrong, the way he’s doing his off Meta strat is ALL wrong, not even considering how his teammates feel, AND he shouldn’t lie about his WR, but the strat still does have legitimacy.
: > [{quoted}](name=jocomotion,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Wp7AcbG7,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-06-18T06:07:13.069+0000) > > Didn’t the guy have like a 70% winrate or something though > > That’s a weird definition of loss streak, his strat seemed to be working. I'd like to believe you're joking, since I specifically mentioned, "people who believed you without checking." His win rate with it is 48%. Boosting that 20% gets you just about to the 65% he was lying about.
Actually I assumed it from **nightblue’s** stream, couldn’t find the original video on twitch but here’s the YouTube link https://youtu.be/3OfvaUJtnFs , skip about 35 seconds ahead
: Situation everybody hates. *Teamfight Happens* {{champion:82}} why would u look at that a wild {{champion:67}} is there in a team fight why not just ult him. {{champion:67}} Yesss we are winnning the fight cause of me. Wait where is mord... HOLY SHT *minute passes* {{champion:82}} K i killed vayne oh wait we won the team fight cause they dont have adc oh wow we are pros.
Actually, a good Vayne should be able to beat him in his own death realm, her kite is good enough to the point where she doesn’t have to just run in one direction.
: Roaming Teemo Support 3-Step Guide
Didn’t the guy have like a 70% winrate or something though That’s a weird definition of loss streak, his strat seemed to be working. Edit: I got the number from watching NB3, https://youtu.be/3OfvaUJtnFs, I never even heard of Numberac before this happened and as far as I know, I haven’t heard him brag about his WR
: > [{quoted}](name=Makattack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=usyj7IWW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-17T18:34:48.084+0000) > > Who is **_we_**? Because their last attempt to update her was hot garbage, and that was why it was scrapped. If you're a Karma main, you know it. The last attemped update was not shipped because of negative feedbacks. I'm also a Karma main and I don't agree with you. Might as well ask you. who is **_we_**? Because I appreciated that Karma buff
Honestly I’m more happy that we got the new skin than the number buffs. I like it when my champion pool is balanced, not abusable. That’s why I cry when I think of Galio
: Make frozen gauntlet melee only please?
The only problem is if Iceborn becomes melee only you know a lot of people will call for melee only {{item:3100}} and {{item:3078}}
PekiCodex (EUW)
: Do YOU support non-meta strategies?
I think there’s a limit to certain things and some things that others have just accepted as the norm, so when something new comes along it’s easy to either raise an eyebrow or reject the idea all together. With the Numberac incident for example, he did both. 1Picked Teemo Support, 2Supported mid lane instead of bot Granted Teemo support isn’t so strange that it alone isn’t seen as a valid reason to ban, but the playstyle of supporting mid is interesting to me, and seen as trolling by some. Remember back in season 1 the way lanes and the jungle where split was essentially up to the players to figure out, but because pros started going ADC and Support bottom that’s what was pushed by riot. Now, several years later it’s whats expected, and is ingrained so heavily into our regular play that draft and ranked now show you where each role goes at the start of the loading screen when your lanes are revealed. (Honestly that may bring a lot of fun to a role that has been notorious for being the “boring” role) I for one am curious if Riot will take a step back and possibly push a Meta where supports roam to other lanes instead of just staying bot, but based off the incidents in the past I think riot and the playerbase may be too stubborn to ever let it slide in a solo/duo ranked game. I also wonder what makes a roaming support different from something like a non-traditional bot laner, or a mage top laner, or an off-Meta jungler, all of which are not Meta picks. But for the love of god don’t go something like AP Darius in my games there is a threshold for off Meta and actual trolling
: There is cancer in this game and it's NOT Morde. In fact most of the cancerous shit beats Morde easily
*Horror music intensifies* {{champion:43}}
: I've been a Karma one trick for about 5 years. I've been begging for an update since season 6. They tried to do an update last year, and it was the shittiest thing I've seen. It didn't solve any of her problems. They clearly don't know what to do with Karma.
Yup, looking at her kit at face value she’s seems like just a simple mage that should be easily balanced, but her numbers are all off, her W is uninteractive, her passive is one of the strongest ones in the game while also being invisible, along with a lot of other problems I don’t even feel like listing again. She’s the epitome of “looks good on paper, but there are lots of flaws when practiced.”
: Update On Nubrac's Ban
_but he didn’t take CS_ Doesn’t the dude go spelltheifs? He literally can’t take CS without being punished for it. Maybe if his laner leaves without pushing the lane, but if THATS ban able than I too should go down. If you gotta ban a man at least give a legit reason
: Did anyone ask for karma buffs?
Many people asked for a GU actually. Karma’s a surprisingly volatile champion, she was D teir for like two seasons, and one moderate sized buff later, boom A teir, instantly. She needs an update, but no one wants to admit it.
: I know many people would consider this "fair", but it is really not if you think about it objectively. An AD shield just would have way more value than an AP shield in this game. An AD shield can prevent you from getting executed by minions or even towers, which is impossible to achieve with a magic shield, since these don't deal magic damage at all. The only sources of magic damage in this game are enemy champions and gromp. That's it, nothing else will deal magic damage to you. AD shields are more versatile because of that.
Don’t forget Baron also does primarily magic damage, and if you’re worried about its overall defensive capabilities riot could easily make it so that it’s only proced on champion damage, or have it be a selective shield that will only works against enemy champions, or any number of things.
: Nullifying Orb Rune, be able to choose to be a Magic or physical shield
I say have it auto choose based off of the damage type that procs it. And if the damage is mixed say like in an empowered Jax auto, have it be whichever damage number of the two was higher. ~~also why is this not in Resolve it makes no sense~~
: Woah, karma is coming out of left field?
Riot gave her a small buff and once again just like last time she shot up to the god teirs. Happened the last time they legitimately buffed her in season 6 too, when they took out the RE damage in exchange for better shields. The cycle goes like this Karma gets a small buff -> she becomes god teir or near god teir -> she gets nerfed 2-4 times -> she goes back to shit teir -> Karma mains like myself ask for a GU -> she gets ignored for .5-2 seasons -> and repeat
: Champions who haven't gotten new skins in over 2 years
I feel like ~1000 days should be the “ok we NEED to give them a skin” like as a Karma main I LOVE the new skin, but I wasn’t really begging for it. I’d rather one of the longer waiting champs get one.
: 3 cheers for the last balanced/non-toxic champion to be released by Riot Games.
Moody P (NA)
: Replace Aftershock with Courage of the Colossus
If they do this I think they should rework guardian in some way, since the two may be too similar. But yeah as much as I love Aftershock for letting me actually be a tank it’s got to go it’s too good on everyone else
: Is asking for Deathfire Touch to be brought back too much? But getting back on the subject, I agree. I actually liked the design of that Keystone. Gave ways for tanks to do what they are meant for, you know.. Actually tanking damage lol, instead of returning some of it back.
I mean both help with tanking damage, it’s just that Aftershock is so useful on everyone since so much resistances on someone who doesn’t build any makes them exponentially more tanky for a short while. Where as with COTC, that shield would save you MAYBE but be shredded like tissue paper
: I thought stoneborn pact was the one that gave your teammates damage reduction when nearby {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
That was windspeakers blessing, and it gave temporary Armor/MR on shields and heals
CD8 (NA)
: Anyone else find it odd that Qiyana is AD?
I mean {{champion:55}} deals magic damage and builds primarily AP even though a majority of her damage is slashing you with throwing knives. Sometimes damage is just weird like that
J Eevo (EUNE)
: Not quite convinced on why she'd need the passive shotgun blast (though admiteddly it is pretty cool), but I love the W creating a tether between the nearest ally and of course the shield bomb. Good work!
Thanks! The only reason I added the cone part in was because it was like Karma's old Q, and besides the shield-bomb it's what I see most Old Karma mains say they missed.
: Taric counters AD assassins like Qiyana
It's like when {{champion:142}} came out and I spammed {{champion:201}}. That shit was hilarious. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Rioter Comments
: Can we have a disable chat function?
As long as there's something at the beginning of the game that says something like "LoliSupergirl has chat disabled" At the beginning of the game I think it'd be fine.
: Regarding Qiyana and Sivir...
{{champion:62}} fights with a staff {{champion:24}} fights with a lamp ThEy’Re BaSiCaLlY tHe SaMe
Moody P (NA)
: a juggernaut can have 4K health and a high resist build and still vanish in 2 seconds under focus if they're supposed to tank they aren't very good at it
Buuut if an entire team focuses on one guy than even tanks die in like 4 seconds, and if they can survive for said precious seconds than that frees their own team up to do whatever they want while a tank member is under focus-fire. I know it’s a long post but at least read some of it, I know I already said what you said in there.
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