: Super Galaxy Gnar
I don't have PBE either. The transformation when he turns to Mega Gnar is a lot easier to read via the GIF. Yes! Thank you for looking into this. I cannot wait to be able to purchase the skin. The adjustments are perfect. <3 {{champion:150}}
: Super Galaxy Gnar
Basically what Paleo said. Thank you for reading my message Katey! I love Gnar so much it hurts. He's just being a beautiful strobe light.
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: I Think I found the dumbest league related post ever ....
Mary Etheldreda's emojis are bothersome. There's a gun pointing at a baby. >.>
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: Starting an all girl ranked team! Charmed Gaming
**IGN**: Guardian Kiwi **Role:** I can do just about anything, my weakest role is jungle. **Champs you play in said role:** I have a wide range of champions I can play. Right now, I'm playing Orianna, Vayne and Malphite. I don't feel like listing all of them. **Availability:** If I get a serious team, then yes, I can flex my schedule. **Do you have teamspeak?: **I have TS, yes. **Are you willing to listen to a coach/analyst?** Dude, anything you say to me can only help me improve. You can coach/analyze me all night, bb. :^)
: The Final Boss approaches
Reminds me of the boss in Super Smash Bros.


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