: What skin lines would fit your main amazingly that you know Riot won't do?
datfatguy (OCE)
: Why do people choose to not ban a champion
I would ban nobody, but there's one problem in this game... {{champion:55}} too op. wait... {{champion:222}} (scratch that make it 2) VeigarSad
Cat Pyke (EUW)
: What are some cool skins that are 975-1350rp?
Pentakill Mordekaiser and Pool Party Draven only cost 975 and are super worth the price!
: You know, I can't help but feel I'm not banning champions I don't find fun to play against...
I just play blind ;p you usually fight people who are worse at the champs/do interesting builds. I would like to permaban katarina, jinx and zed every match cause they're just op and unfun, but just always fighting one of them in draft/ranked just ruins it for me
Serrgol (EUW)
: i played veigar 1st time in about 3 years still get 900 stacks at 28 mins
Veigar needs nerfs? PFFFFT what world do you live in. Enemy teams gotta be really garbage if you even got 900 stacks And I mean like all 5 of them had to run it down mid.
Zee Zone (EUW)
: We want MORE maps not LESS #SaveTwistedTreeline
People freaked out more over a cursor than this games removal.
: Prestige edition skins are...
I do agree that prestige skins are not original, BUT I am a collector, I need to collect everything >:D I do like them being in the event passes though, the more you grind the easier it is to get. The prestige points system however, I can care less about.
Rioter Comments
: Nightblue gets a player Falsely banned.
Riot needs to do something about NB3 in general ;l
Rioter Comments
hoganftw (NA)
: Still no new Lux skin
She doesn't have her legendary skin yet, smh
PavLoo (NA)
: LEVEL 2!
Grats! I'm honor restricted right now xD How much did you play on a daily basis ?
Oldřich (EUNE)
: My reactions on the new skins
I kinda like Qiyana's, but star guardian qiyana just sounds better
: [Off Topic] Autochess tips?
Is tidehunter just that good?
Rioter Comments
: Riot games has just set out a new rule!
Kai'sa, been out for like 1 year or so. 5 skins Ornn. been out longer. 1 skin Kindred. Been out for like 4 years 2 skins. Riot :(
: My reaction to Yasuo's new skin
I'm more fine with yasuo than kai'sa.
Rioter Comments
: Yuumi nerfs? Seriously?
She has the akali situation, bad if you're new to them, but op if you're good at them
: Random Mortal Kombat 11 in a Nutshell Meme
: Why does everyone think Yasuo is broken?
It's because I main veigar and he can wind wall my one shots. (I still dont think he's broken, but his kit is a little overtuned imo. I don't think he needs nerfs however. NOW ZED AND KATARINA...
yingwai (NA)
: This has always bugged me
: Can someone please tell me why they find this meta fun?
I'll prefer this meta anyday over a tank meta. Fast deaths > Slow deaths
: I ran away from my home
I have a friend that went through the merely the same situation about a year ago. And now he's going through another situation with his dad saying he's going to beat him up when he turns 18. Honestly, the best advice I have is to go over to some friend's house for a while, that's what my friend did (for 6 days at my house). It helps you just stay calm for a while and have people to talk to/feel safe near.
Rioter Comments
HobbitDur (EUW)
: [Project] Welcome to the noobs, here you can find other noobs to play with
voted for video maker, editing is fun and helping others
: Protecting children from abusive games act.
Personally, I do not approve of this act. The child is not at fault for these actions (unless they steal their parents' credit cards but not including that). The parents give permission for the child to buy stuff from the "loot" system in games. I can understand why they thought/enacted of this act, it's honestly understandable, but I personally don't approve of it.
: Why skins come out quickly for some champions and not others:
When they need money, they choose characters who are commonly mained. I mean don't get me wrong, the skins look hella nice but other champions needed some. Like if they made a legendary skarner skin it would hardly sell compared to a legendary skin for vayne, riven, lux, yasuo, ezreal, ahri, thresh, etc
: Another patch, no Wukong changes, no Wukong skin, more Ezreal Lux skins
Another patch, no new veigar skins, no new patches for veigar since 8.9 i dont care
RaDat (NA)
: I am just gonna say it, I love the new skins
I really like the skins, they look nice. But of course you get your people who hate the skins because it has only 'favorited champions'. even tho they look good :(
: Another Lux Skin
Ezreal has surpassed Miss Fortune in skins. also Lux is getting 2* more skins
Miirik (NA)
: Guessed academy champ skins, was right, am disappointed.
I think they look good still but other champions need more skins.
Mártir (EUW)
: So Lux gets another Skin, while there are Champs that dont for like 4 years... :-D
{{champion:432}} needs more skins so does {{champion:45}} idc if he has 9 skins, literally 6 of them are just retextures (and one of those shoots rainbows) my boye veigar hasnt gotten a skin in almost 2 years :( i need one
: Zilean didn't get a professor skin
honestly, because it has shonan inspired, I think Vel'koz should've gotten it for the assassination classroom reference, but graves is daddy af so im fine
: I got my 100th win in solo queue ranked c:
I dont ranked, but gj 200 hours casuals BTW
Mártir (EUW)
: Bad experience for New players
I feel him, I play league all the time with my friend but when we first started we got bullied by diamond tier dravens, udyrs, and what become to be my least favorite champion: fizz. I played lots of ARAM and TT because the people there are more friendly and fun to fight. I prefer the RGM usually, so much more fun. ARUrf, One for all, Odyssey, Project, Nexus Blitz, hell even dominion seemed fun to me (never played it)
: Most Satisfying Sound(s) In League?
{{champion:497}} Q hitting minions {{champion:45}} yelling toasty {{champion:432}} literally everything about bard {{champion:136}} his W hits sound nice and consistent {{champion:101}} Q chargeup {{champion:37}} Passive Auto {{champion:33}} ok EDIT: {{champion:516}} R sounds nice
: can we nerf Hanzo
Nerf ghandi in civ5, nukes.
RR8Rosie (NA)
: On your main champion which is your least favourite skin?
: I'd rather wait 30 minutes in queue than be autofilled
I used to be just a mid/sup one trick, I got autofilled jungle so much that I literally don't care which lane I play
: League News: TFBlade wrongfully banned by Twitch
he says negative, just slow down the video by 0.5x
: Fix your broken death recap rito. you are no longer small indie company
I died to pyke's hook once and it said I died from his ulti
: It's been over a week since I stopped playing league
ive been playing civ6 its still hella fun
Ziven (EUW)
: aatrox revert?
{{champion:45}} I miss him taking even less skill and his ult doing even more damage and his stun cage being instant (It's for the better he was nerfed)
Tamuut (NA)
: Coming Back After a Year
I think the game is fine, just ban vayne and kayle and you're set
ItzDyna (NA)
: Summers Rift Is Basically Battle Royale
: There should be a mastery level 8 where it only gives tokens for S+
> [{quoted}](name=How Do You Meta,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kyKkRHAW,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-04-05T23:14:07.203+0000) > > There should be a mastery level 8 where it only gives tokens for S+ ADCs will have fun with that lul
> [{quoted}](name=BitAngel91,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=VaGn9EOA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-05T22:10:51.697+0000) >League announced they were going to fix the ranking system you're funny
: So uh... about Sylas...
I've never had a problem with sylas in lane. I play veigar, who is a worse matchup (i guess?) Never lost lane against sylas.
: God I have enought of favoritism toward popular champion to remain OP
POV FROM A {{champion:45}} ONE TRICK I only play mid lane basically, I see {{champion:127}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:7}} I honestly don't see how sylas is broken, he's so easily counterable. But those are the 5 most common picks I see whenever I'm mid lane. My counters to them are: {{champion:238}} - I go {{champion:37}} usually because her pick is amazing and {{champion:516}} is my backup because how can zed get fed without getting kills? {{champion:157}} - Playing under turret or {{champion:1}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:85}} seems to always work for me. {{champion:103}} - It ultimately depends on how good they are. {{champion:115}} {{champion:142}} seem to work for me the most though. {{champion:127}} - I have no counter to her. {{champion:517}} - Literally like 50% of the roster counters him. {{champion:16}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:57}} are just a few ones that I remember off the top of my head. {{champion:7}} - I just roam a lot, she literally can't do anything against it for me. (IDK why but it works for me)
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