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JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I am not entirely sure and i might be wrong, but i think they changed her w passive to be on-attack and not on-hit... I am really not sure though.
If they did, it wasn't in patch notes, at least not that i'm aware of. Also, 1 of her first three autos with rageblade can proc her w passive, it just doesn't work after that. If it was on attack, it most likely would never proc.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 17
Any chance ap on-hit builds will get looked at? Champions like kaisa, varus, and neeko got hit the hardest when going the ap on-hit route with nashor/rageblade. Although in neeko's situation, it is more of how rageblade simply does not work on her due to some sort of bug. Even without it, ap on-hit is probably too weak right now after the nerf.
: Guinsoo's Rage effect doesn't do anything on Jax (in Practice Tool)
I just tested it in practice tool, it does look like it's not working on him. It doesn't work on neeko's w either. I have tested it on diana and the visual effect is bugged but somehow it seems to work correctly as far as spell effects go.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
I just want to say, for any champions who are weak with {{item:3124}} . make sure to buff them on **both** builds. So if you build ad on-hit or ap on-hit {{champion:518}} , both build should work after 9.11 or whenever you do buffs on weak champion/builds. This includes ap kaisa, varus, kogmaw, or anyone who has another viable build path. As a ap on-hit neeko main/1trick, I definitely would love this.
: i hate rageblade. toxic item
doesn't change the fact that champions who use this item might become too weak tho due to this change. even when they weren't meta to begin with. Although tbh I like the idea of needing to hit 6 times to become stronger, although it should probably receive a lot more clarity. Btw, if you nerf rageblade hard, it means that rageblade users will not have as much of a good scaling item. Rageblade is like IE in that it helps them to scale up with on hit items and abilities throughout the game.
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nınth (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BigBrainSuppMain,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fdYMnpks,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-08T06:54:55.022+0000) > > Her W is used to apply her passive so that your basic attacks are then empowered (based on AD, crit chance and IE) > > I get that in lane it's used for poke, and you can get frostfang stacks with it if that's what you're trying to do, but the purpose of her W loses some of it's identity if you give it an AP ratio > > Plus it doesn't fit her theme, her W is a very physical thing, a Volley of arrows > > Enchanted Crystal Arrow will always be magical, magical=AP ratio > > I wrote an AP Ashe (bot lane) guide a long time ago, back before runes reforged, Liandry's had Pen, Wits End had Pen, Guinsoos was totally different but > > The guide is here: > > She's not a very useful support, has no CC until 6, and when you hit 6, your ult is very underwhelming in lane. Maybe it can create a successful gank, but often enemy support ultimates will provide far more than your ultimate at that time > > {{item:3146}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} > > I'd probably aim to get that^ as AP Ashe now, with fleet footwork probably I don't think the naming scheme, or even the thematic of the ability, dictates what ratios the abilities receive -- see Tryndamere's Spinning Slash, which is definitively not magical or elemental, having a 100% AP ratio. I also don't think it's incredibly honest to pretend that Ashe's Volley is entirely physical, since she fires ice arrows produced by Avarosa's bow, and her ultimate is just a larger version of that. It definitely doesn't rob the ability of it's "identity" which I think is a bit of a cop-out, plenty of physical abilities or non-magical abilities have AP ratios without it being considered strange. Malphite just had an AP ratio added to his W and that ain't ruinin' what Malphite is. I'm personally envisioning this change for Ardent support Ashe more than bot-lane-APC-but-autoattacking-anyway-Ashe, and secondarily a flat AP Mid Ashe -- but I'd love to give your build a try too if the opportunity ever arises. All-in-all though, I don't think there's a good reason her W doesn't have an AP ratio. Hoping a champ designer can tell me to see if there's something I've overlooked.
I'd love some good ap ratio on her W. I like doing ap ashe sometimes in normals and this would be great! Also good for aram.
Lapis (OCE)
: You can't get punished for playing off-meta, can you?
if you play to win, generally no you will not get punished. I've played neeko adc since her release and I haven't been punished yet (over 600ish games across 2 different accs).
Kazekiba (NA)
: It destroys Kogmaw and im not sure why Riot isnt doing anything for the pup. All of his items are being lightly nerfed but he's not even meta right now so he should get something back (that won't break AP Kog which is healthy right now anyway), yet I've heard nothing about him from other players concerned or Riot themselves.
kogmaw, varus (although i think lethality is a viable build), kaisa possible although less, and more. Either way, if changes go through, all needs compensation buffs on all their builds to keep players happy. I will be extremely frustrated if ap on hit neeko does not get compensation buffs since that is how I play neeko :(.
Naqel (EUW)
: Ghost hit should have never been introduced as an item ability.
I'd be fine if ghost proc changed to a % dmg increase on on hit abilities and items, but either way, rageblade is meant to be a scaling item in the same way IE is meant to be a scaling item with crit.
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: Who do you think is pykes best ADC to pair with and what is his easiest support matchup ?
Neeko is pretty good with pyke. Although she isn't a typical adc (I go ap on hit), it can rack up a lot of kills. Other lanes he's really good with is probably draven/lucian, possibly kaisa. I think he's mainly good with self reliant adc. Zyra might be a hard matchup for pyke but I don't really know since I don't play him. However, she does tons of instant dmg and her pushing power and being able to block his Q makes it hard for him.
: On Hit Neeko
I usually go {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3020}} , into ap items (hextech gunblade is really good but kind of luxury in some cases) on neeko. I usually rush nashors simply because it gives more of a safety net in lane, it also allows me to do more dmg with abilities than rageblade would. Although I think it can work and be good mid, the only issue with doing it mid is the fact that you will be facing a lot of burst champs or high range ones which makes this build a little weaker. It's great at top lane (do rageblade rush top lane in most games, u get to aa more), and as adc. I personally main her as adc right now and it's pretty good. Imo, full ap neeko is probably better at mid lane and support. I think ap on hit neeko tends to be better at adc and top. Full on hit neeko is probably better at top than any other role. I've tried a crit build on her and I felt weaker than ap onhit. Maybe I will try a rageblade/blade/wits end build of some sort later on as adc.
: (GAMEPLAY} Neekos w still doesnt work on towers
I find this funny because it literally worked on my first game in a custom game vs bots, and then I played a ranked game and it didn't work a single time. Then I tried in practice tool and it didn't work either. I will still play her since I'm a 1 trick but I hope it will be fixed 1 day :(.
: Need advice on avoiding jungle ganks as ADC
I'd say just watch at the enemy bot lane's behavior. I can usually tell when a gank is going to happen just by slight signs of how they play. Is their adc pushing when he was not before? Is the support playing "weird" and going aggressive when there is no reason to? It depends on the situation to see if you should let them push or not, If you see their jungle ganking bot a ton bot lane, then trying to see where he is in another lane could help. However, you can't really only play by tower and play super safe because at that point you are basically giving up the lane for not dying. Also, warding does help, I just tend to look at behaviors of player more than the actual map (I do die to ganks sometimes cause of it, but i'm usually able to figure out when one is going to happen). Then again, I play neeko adc so that could help me.
scottca (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=kaironen,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8s6Nag0K,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2019-02-18T19:41:47.677+0000) > > The problem with communicating with your team in pre-game as an off meta pick is that no one will truly accept it, and it will usually end up in either a dodge or intentional ban of your champion if you hovered it. I currently 1 trick Neeko adc, with a good amount of success on it, and the amount of times people who tilt just because of my pick, even though it works is insane. This is why I usually play with duo anyway, other than knowing how to play with it. To avoid being called out for trolling, griefing, inting, I usually say nothing in pre-game about the pick. If I did say something, they would most likely more often regard me as trolling. > > LIke every game, I got fleet footwork, and this gets pinged about 50% of the time (surprisingly I haven't had it happen in last few games). then I go my nashors/rageblade build on neeko, those 2 gets pinged usually and they flame me saying "i'm trolling". Until of course I destroy the enemy team, then they say i'm op lol. But if I said about the build i'm going this game, my pick would be banned or picked away, or it would end in a dodge. This means I would basically never be able to play her as an adc with my build. would you be willing to let them tell us how many reports youve gotten in the last 90 days? that information would be super interesting
Where do you even see the information of how much report you've gotten? Honestly I've never seen it so I don't know if they added it in, or I just don't know where to look.
Magnjus (EUW)
: Team banning my champ
On jungle yasuo, that's just the issue with off meta picks. People see something very uncommon, they declare it as griefing. I personally wouldn't want a yasuo jg, but then again I wouldn't intentionally ban it. Also yasuo is OP right now so that could also be a reason people ban it. I know some accidentally ban champions. However, if you jungle , then most of the time it will just be people who intentionally ban off meta picks just to upper their chance of winning (at least that's what they think). That's why I never hover when I play neeko adc.
: I'm gonna discuss the points present as-listed, since I can't fathom any particular order would really be beneficial. --- In regards to Pre-Game stuff (Pick intent, bans, and lock-ins), the more that I think about it in regards to cases of trolling (or even unfortunate coincidences), the more I realize that it comes close to the argument we use warning players against playing Blind pick if at all possible. Which is to say, Blind pick has no real system set up for Champ Select, and everything - from the team comp to what lane/role you get - is up to player courtesy, and nothing is regarded as a given right. To the same end, Draft Pick narrows down those problems into something with a bit more specificity - you may now be able to get roles more reliably, as the matchmaking system tracks the position it queues you into and, consequently, role theft can be punished since it is now more of a right than a courtesy, but the problems pertaining to Champion picks and composition are still present, if not exacerbated by the systems surrounding it. Being able to play a certain specific Champion is still a courtesy - one more readily offered by the community, for various reasons - but with ten bans distributed amongst all players, it is wholly possible that you still won't get to play your pick intent - the enemy could ban them, your allies could ban them, etc. And while pick order provides a layer of strategy to pre-game, it also presents another problem reinforcing the "pick as courtesy" problem. As you said - if you and your top laner both want to play Sion, but you're first pick, who gets to play Sion is up to the courtesy - do you reserve it for yourself, or allow the top laner to claim it? In my opinion, though, it may ultimately be a necessary evil. Fixing one problem could just lead to a few more cropping up, and some problems, no matter how they're addressed, may not be able to be fixed. ~~I mean, we've all seen the argument against intent > bans - a troll could hover the FoTM OP new Champ and let the enemy first pick it, for example.~~ --- Summoner Spells are something that, IMO, should be looked at on a case-by-case basis, since, as stated, there's no inherent rule preventing specific Summoner Spell combinations from being used, but there will always be a layer of skepticism surrounding them as well, primarily due to the "Disco" combination. Likewise, while _Flash_ is a ubiquitous Summoner Spell choice, there will always be room for some Summoner Spells to take its place in builds. I've seen Darius players running _Ghost+Teleport_, _Ghost_ itself tends to be a staple for Singed players, and Supports and Bottom Laners can flex out their spell choice pretty wildly, even beyond the typical fare of _Flash+Heal_ and _Flash+Exhaust/Ignite_. --- Communication, particularly for off-meta stuff, should definitely be closer to standard. I'm totally for new and unique strategies (Ezreal Support, for example), and I'll even begrudge those that I don't understand and wouldn't actually want to see (Deathsiege Sion), but the biggest thing that needs to become standard for breaking the meta is letting your team know that you're going to do something unusual. And, to that end, communication is a two-way deal. Personally, I think there's room for forgiveness for just saying what you're doing if your unusual strategy is limited to how you play your given Champion (Like taking _Hail of Blades_ on Darius, or _Predator_ on Kai'Sa, or anything else like that), but if you're _really_ gonna go out there with an off-meta pick, especially one that demands a special strategy built around it, you _need_ to communicate with your team, and either see if they're good to work with it, or play something more meta if they aren't. 'Cause, remember, Singed Support wasn't banned due to their strategy, but due to their adamant insistence that they play it and the team adapts to their needs, and not the other way around. Communication and teamwork is a two-way street. Work _with_ your team, not against them. --- And, lastly, in regards to split-pushing, it's something that I would say that, like Summoner Spells, should be looked at on a case-by-case basis. There are some Champions that are fit (and even purpose-built) to split-push, but, while the point can be made that their win condition _is_ the split-pushing, it should also be noted that that win condition may not align with the rest of the team's, or even with the current gamestate. If the entire team is pushing the middle Inhibitor Turret, for example, it's not even remotely close to sound reasoning to prioritize the top lane inner turret over protecting base. In the case of teammates opening lanes, I think that the remaining players should at least try to flex into the open lanes and defend as normal, though far be it from me to dictate the standard for niche cases like that. --- For the most part, those are my thoughts & opinions on the presented matters. One other thing worth mentioning (since my talking about the pre-game lobby was primarily systems-related), is that I feel that pre-game lobby behavior should definitely remain a subject for manual review, though I'm unsure to what extent I would consider acceptable. I suppose I can put it like this; I would definitely love to see troll behavior in pre-game lobby (malicious bans, pick-stealing, etc.) consistently punished, though in the same turn, I definitely wouldn't want to see my brother punished for his decision to always ban Yasuo - he doesn't do it to spite teammates, of course, but I wouldn't want his match security to be misconstrued for trolling. ~~And, of course, curse you Pandaa for getting to this topic before I did.~~
The problem with communicating with your team in pre-game as an off meta pick is that no one will truly accept it, and it will usually end up in either a dodge or intentional ban of your champion if you hovered it. I currently 1 trick Neeko adc, with a good amount of success on it, and the amount of times people who tilt just because of my pick, even though it works is insane. This is why I usually play with duo anyway, other than knowing how to play with it. To avoid being called out for trolling, griefing, inting, I usually say nothing in pre-game about the pick. If I did say something, they would most likely more often regard me as trolling. LIke every game, I got fleet footwork, and this gets pinged about 50% of the time (surprisingly I haven't had it happen in last few games). then I go my nashors/rageblade build on neeko, those 2 gets pinged usually and they flame me saying "i'm trolling". Until of course I destroy the enemy team, then they say i'm op lol. But if I said about the build i'm going this game, my pick would be banned or picked away, or it would end in a dodge. This means I would basically never be able to play her as an adc with my build.
: If it is a Nerf they should warn it correctly in the notes of the patch, and if it is a bug they should hotfix it fast, the damage of the W to the towers is vital in Neeko, I use {{item:3006}} for that. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
It's even more vital if u play neeko as an adc with a more on hit like build tbh. That tower pushing is insane and gives her a pretty good tower pushing strength.
: If you ask me, I only have one complaint about Neeko
If you remove her w passive and lower her attack range, that would gut adc neeko which Imo is a pretty fun playstyle. I've never played her or vs her at mid lane, but i think her q base dmg is probably the biggest lane bully tool in lane. Nerfing that would be be a much better nerf than nerfing her w or attack range. Imo, the 2 issues with neeko is her q base dmg and her ultimate damage. Her ultimate should have a lower ap ratio, by .2 or .3, and her q base dmg should be lowered a bit with a compensation buff to her ap ratio and 2nd and 3rd proc. Her root might be too long early but with the way her 2nd and 3rd proc of q works, I'm not sure how strong that root is yet.
: Working for me just fine. The way you worded it, it sounded like it should only take one AA to proc her W.
Yeah, sorry, didn't mean it that way. Tried to change the wording up a bit, hopefully it's slightly more clear now. I tried press the attack in the practice tool, and it seemed to work 100% of the time. The w was procing like I think it should. I still see lethal tempo not working. When you tried it, did you try lethal tempo?
: Rageblade only procs every other hit. Meaning it will take two auto attacks to proc 3 hit passives, not one.
That's what I meant. Like on vayne, 1 auto attack will be normal, the other one will be with the phantom hit. So it generally takes only 2 autos to gets your w off. Currently, on neeko, this doesn't work that way all the time.
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: An Attempt At: Making Stormrazor less toxic and giving it some of Infinity Edge's old feel.
The problem with stormrazor Imo is that it is supposed to promote better early game on marksmans with a weaker mid-late game. The way to do this is to generally overload it with stats without crit chance while also giving it that first aa crit which generally promotes burst. If you increase the aa crit, it becomes more abusive on assassins while also doing the opposite of what traditional crit marksmans are supposed to do. If you increase the stats then it becomes a rather bland item which will give you nothing but stats. There are way to rework the item to be more interesting, like increase the ms on first aa of it (although you would need to nerf jhin if you do that), but overall, with the current item, there is no way to really buff or nerf it without making it either op or only picked on certain adcs while weaker on the rest. It feels too much like it's trying to mimick IE but also have the burst part which is generally unhealthy on marksmans to begin with. Also, to the OP, the idea isn't bad but it looks pretty op. It could be pretty hard to balance because it would be like having 2 multipliers on marksmans while also giving it a stronger early game than going IE. It would be cool if stormrazor was a good situational item on adcs that would be like "here is a damage orianted item, build this if you don't think you need any type of survivability (life steal and defensive item").
: there is it's called rare summ icons from events
Although that is true, It doesn't show to others, or specifically your friend list that they played the game for a while. Also, I believe getting more icons is what people who like collecting would like more than completionist. I'm not trying to create groups of people or anything as I feel anyone could feel a need to get something, but icons probably isn't enough. Also, I forgot to mention that mastery level is similar. I still think there's something missing for people who played the game a while. It kind of makes me think I waste some time playing this game over others (when I'm not trying to rank up, also I'm playing on other accounts sometimes right now, this 1 my highest elo though).
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Riot stated years ago that it would create a atmosphere where people try to do other things instead of trying to win the game or something.
Didn't even know they stated it, but isn't that kind of what missions do to the game? Some missions are like "do 100,000 damage", and it makes some supports play other roles. I think the 2 things are kind of similar tbh.
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: I actually think Riot did a good job with Ashe, because she's a relatively stable, albeit slightly weak, champion. This suits her role as a beginner-friendly champ, and potential go-to ADC if you're out of options. I know there's some champions at the other end of the spectrum, but let's not go into that for now.
I find this kind of funny because she's not even 1 of the free 13 or so champs you get at the start of the game :P. Ashe imo also scales well with rank, although the downside is she isn't very good at the lower ranks due to being team reliant.
: Which Keystone For Poppy?
Aftershock and Grasp Imo are the best ones. Aftershock is better vs most ranged matchups, and grasp is better vs most melees. I haven't really tried aery/conqueror much, but poppy's split pushing is overall weaker than most other skirmisher/fighter champs. Imo, grasp is a better aery when built tank/bruiser.
Glîtchy (NA)
: your thoughts on ranks for each role?
From what I saw, it's closer to platinum at mid but gold at adc, but Idk. I have only watched some youtube videos about this so i'm not entirely sure of the details.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: If you're reverting crit, Revert Yasuo and ADC buffs
Just saying, the change will nerf the 2 item power spike by a small amount, although it's hard to tell since 600 gold vs 10 ad + 5% true dmg conversion and 10% crit (cause IE) is hard to say what is better in a vacuum. I will say, the buffs/changes in general feel good. I will be fine if they revert some of the buffs to adcs if the change goes lives, but I just want to say that it currently feels really terrible to be behind as adc. Prenerf, I would be able to still farm up, get to 2 items, and still be somewhat relevant. Now, i just can't do anything. You get behind as a crit adc, and it feels like the game is now a 4v5 because you aren't allowed to play. Being ahead feels fine, but the items cost too much with the current power spike being mainly at 3 items, that you just aren't allowed to play. Buffing/nerfing what is strong or weak is fine, but making adcs feel good about being ahead, or not feeling too bad when behind should be extremely important. I understand that other roles can suffer if adcs are too strong, but adc is still supposed to be a carry like role and should feel like they have a place in the game.
Rexxiee (NA)
: "players are complaining about akali shroud not having counterplay to most champs, specially melee"
For some reason, the way you phrased it sounded like Certainly T was in a shonen Anime :P. In all seriousness, i'm not entirely sure what all of akali's abilities are but let's not Exaggerate her abilities as being mega mobile or 0 counterplay or w/e. And also, akali is already currently very toxic and annoying to deal with so it isn't like akali will turn from ok but needs work on to insanely toxic in a single rework.
Crett (NA)
: i feel like it's not a poppy problem, it's a problem with the game's climate
I can second that. From someone who plays a lot of poppy, she's fine and Imo balanced. I don't go full tank and I play her more like a bruiser, but the issue mainly comes from the whole tanks are weaker and the loads of true damage that exists.
Håppy (NA)
: Point-and-click abilities are weird
After a billion years, someone finally pointed it out. I've been noticing it for like a year, specifically on poppy since her e is a point and click gap closer. It is so unbelievably frustrating when I technically e to the target, even though I am 100% sure I canceled it. It isn't very responsive at times. I have lost a few games and I died for no reason only due to this. It's not just a question of cast times or not. I remember there was a time when darius ult was similar to garen ult in that way, unless it is still like this. Point and click abilities always feel like an unresponsive version of auto attacks tbh. Autos usually cancel and follow through evenly, but point and click abilities cancel way slower for some reason.
: Mundo isn't a tank
He is as close as you can get to a tank as a juggernaut like champion though. But tbh, Mundo is overtuned right now. Tanks are pretty weak overall in the top lane and jungle (conqueror, IE, scuttle). I can't really speak for bot lane, specifically adc.
pelicaz (EUNE)
: I was just flamed for building Titanic Hydra on Warwick jungle, is that a bad idea?
Warwick building titanic is generally seen a lot. Now, every time you do bad on poppy with titanic, though, people will flame you all game in almost every single game. Either way, flamers will be flamers. They only look for reasons to flame others, so if they see they do badly or are losing the game, they blame someone else.
: > Your randuin changes seem to go overboard on the armor department It takes it more in line with old randuins (550 health, 90 armor). The crit reduction is practically irrelevant currently, even if crit adc's get stronger as most of the dmg will be true dmg. Also given the ineffectiveness of armor compared to magic resist, you need like triple the armor to have the same effect In regards to {{item:3110}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3742}}. You looking for increases or decreases in cost? An alternative to nerfing conqueror would be to re introduce courage of the colossus (nice beefy shield upon hitting hard CC). As for scuttle, definitely. The regular camps don't do enough. Scuttle does too much
They would need a cost increase and a stats increase. This would make tanks scale better into late game instead of being stronger at 1-2 items then weaker at end game builds. The issue with conqueror is that you can't build anything against true damage. Fervor felt better since it was sustain dps but you could still build against it. Conqueror is probably too good right now, but if I had the choice, I would probably change it to be more about %pen since you can at least build something against it. Courage of colossus was fine but aftershock is extremely similar to it. The only difference is that aftershock benefits squishies more than tanks on itself.
: > [{quoted}](name=kaironen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=q1gnb0Vx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-21T01:39:56.787+0000) > > Adcs feel bad to play right now. When everyone can 1 shot you while it takes you a longer time to scale up, it makes it very hard to play that role. Also, with all the base stat nerfs, adcs are even weaker early game. Why play an adc when you can simply just play a bruiser or a cheesy type of mage lane and completely demolish the lane at a point of no return? Although you have a point, i mean ADCs shouldnt get buffed or anything (until another broken assassin comes out) ADCs can build specific items to survive and not get one shot. Like building a Tabi or Mercury for boots to help you out for surviving. In addition you have Stopwatch which can make you get GA or Zhonya. And some ADCs have been getting black clever for shred and tankyness. thats what i think :^)
Imo, adcs should either get a slight buff on their armor or indirectly with gold cost/components on items. However, the issue with adcs also comes from indirect sources. Game time, bruisers with conqueror, poke being too strong at bot lane are all things that make adcs feel weaker. However, I don't agree with the way riot as trying to buff adcs in. On pbe, there were buffs to the adcs' damage (I believe they all got reverted). You can build survivability items like Tabi and GA, but it generally won't be enough. You also can't really rush those items (at least GA) since you need crit as a hypercarry, or other items depending on what adc you play. Draven is like one of the only ones who can somewhat rush GA as a first item. If you go black cleaver as a traditional carry (onhit/crit), you lose out on the cdr. The item is also geared more towards bruisers than damage dealers. However I might try it as a substitute for LW and it could work. Zhonya only works on on hit users and ezreal. Either way, I don't want adcs to be overbuffed or anything. I just want to be able to play my adcs on even footing. Right now, I'm just playing mid lane since it feels dumb to play crit adcs right now. Then again, I have mainly played tristana adc and she's pretty bad right now (I just saw her win ratio at literally 42.8%, 0.88% pick ratio on I mean maybe not best site (lolgraph shows it at 45.2% win ratio), but it still shows she's weak and it could make my opinion slightly biased.
: On buffing adcs: DON'T DO IT
Adcs feel bad to play right now. When everyone can 1 shot you while it takes you a longer time to scale up, it makes it very hard to play that role. Also, with all the base stat nerfs, adcs are even weaker early game. Why play an adc when you can simply just play a bruiser or a cheesy type of mage lane and completely demolish the lane at a point of no return? Also, you are over rating adcs before the huge nerf. They were slightly op, but they were no where near completely broken. Adcs being mandator doesn't = adcs being broken.
: So the 2-0 assassin can kill 2 people who had more gold and had twice the sums, dont defend assassins like they havent been ruling mid lane, the jungle, top lane, and bot lane since the support nerf after the adc nerf.
Assassins don't ruin the mid lane if you pick a tank/bruiser mid laner though like poppy :). In all seriousness, assassins are overtuned and adcs are too weak. Currently, the meta is more about bruisers being op and not having competition more than assassins being op. I believe marksmans or other types of sustain damage was the general counter to tankier opponents which includes bruisers. Bruisers aren't tanks, but they are somewhat durable, at least to burst damage. Since there are less adcs or other sustain damage sources in the game right now, bruisers are taking control of solo que.
: Tank item update: Buffing stats and increasing costs.
Frozen heart, sunfire cape, and deadman would probably all need a cost and stats adjustment. Your randuin changes seem to go overboard on the armor department but either way, tank items should feel tankier but cost more. Tanks are way too much into this "strong mid game" department right now and it doesn't feel good to get deleted late game. I don't want tanks to be the main late game top laner but they should be the main teamfighters. If you want to make tanks stronger in this current meta, you most likely need to nerf conqueror and nerf the effectiveness that scuttle brings. These are the 2 things that makes tanks weaker than other classes in those roles.
Jamaree (NA)
: The irony of a Draven complaining about being bullied out of lane is funny.
It also just shows how the meta drastically changed. Adcs are weak right now in their base items and their item costs. Some adcs like draven don't see the effect as much but draven was mainly a lane bully vs crit adcs. He didn't bully other types of champions as well. I might be wrong on this, I'm no draven main. Theoretically, it would make sense though.
: Every time you get S+ you get key fragment
So, I play poppy mid, I make assassins sad. Then I get key fragments because I dumpster them = profit. Seriously, this could be very abusable. People could pick champs in lanes that aren't seen very often, and demolish in that lane/role.
: yes so bad that they even get played bot now
Bot lane is in complete preseason mode. I wouldn't use that as evidence for tanks being good right now. However, tanks are playable, it's just that true damage at top lane, and scuttle being so important in the jungle, pushes them out of jungle and top lane.
: Tanks irrelivant now?
Tanks are fine, if conqueror and other true dmg sources didn't exist. Conqueror, Infinity edge, and true damage sources from champions makes a tank's life hard. I think tank items might need a small shift in how good they are. Higher cost on the items and more stats could help them out.
: I feel it's strange that their stated intention was to make ADC's have less burst damage and more dps champions, and yet they feel the need to lower their base defensive stats to such abysmal levels that actually going dps is extremely more difficult than burst. Simply speaking I think they need to revert the changes to armor and compensate by lowering on-hit items (as those items are pretty much not being used to dps, but to burst).
The issue with adcs is how they nerfed their armor, hp regen, and how late they powerspike with how quick games end. For how late they powerspike, it feels like whenever someone looks at you, specifically an assassin, you die. But either way, I don't know how big the armor nerf really was so it might not fix as much as we think. However, there are so many nerfs to crit adcs in 1 patch that it's very hard to pinpoint exactly what hit them the most.
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