: I missed you all
Darn I missed a great RP opportunity ; v ;
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: Please don't let the next Star Guardian event be another fake event
Sad to say this, but im pretty sure we'll never get another "real" event ever again...
: For the love of god please remove promos
Promos are the pure reason I don't want to willingly play ranked SR anymore. I know it's just a game, but promos gives me such bad anxiety and stresses me out. When you lose it hurts and makes you extremely unmotivated to play. When you do win, it doesn't even feel good, more like a "ugh finally" reaction.
: Is it just me or are people slowly not playing league anymore?
I've personally stopped playing league a lot as well. I just don't have fun playing this game anymore. There's definitely ways to fix this, but RIOT continues to ignore their player base it seems. I feel like once KDA came along I lost interest in how league was run. Introduction of lame prestige skins aka glorified expensive chromas, event passes are a joke, skins don't provide a "wow" factor/reaction (from me) anymore, the game is an unbalanced mess (SR), THERE HAVE BEEN NO RETURN GAME MODES like they promised (Nexus Blitz, DoomBots, Hexakill etc.) and I don't wanna say TFT because I actually like the game mode, but it's a distraction from leagues real problems. I try so hard to be positive about this game, but 2019 in my opinion has been the worst year for league. Maybe sales look good, but overall player satisfaction is at an all time low. :/ **Note**: I would say URF was a golden mode, but its clear they don't plan on bringing back the original URF we love dearly; instead they prefer its knock off ARURF which for me just isn't as fun. They limit champs, and we don't get to choose who we want to play.
: Game modes won't come back, here is why:
I really hate it...I wish they would realize that game modes do keep this game alive. I get so burnt out on playing SR that I switched to ARAM just to at least have something different. Now though, I'm burnt out on even ARAM and as of lately have just stopped playing league (nowhere near as much as I used to). I like TT, but right now it just doesn't feel "finished". Idk why rotating game modes was promised and never applied. :/
: 3 Skins that I wish to see in the future
Those are all very nice/cute skins!
: I hope TFT fails
Yeah, it sucks that its a cash grab (for a character that really does nothing lol) but I think the game mode is fun. Once they start adding in more characters and proper balances I think it has potential. Still though, I wish other game modes were allowed to be present. :/
: Please don't delete TT I started playing 3 weeks ago this is cruel LOL
I havent played TT in awhile (If it helps I havent been playing that much league like I used to anyways). But i think its completely unfair for them to delete a game mode that they have neglected for YEARS and then try to pull the "no one is playing it" card. Its extremely unfair to those who are on in constantly. The LEAST they could do is give it an update and see how it works out, the it'd be fair for them to delete it. I just know there is a passionate player base out there for TT and riot is just basically giving them a huge middle finger. How do you expect a game to prosper if you **NEVER** update it? The same thing would happen to SR if you left it in its current shitty state for 4+ years. What did they honestly expect?
: Legacy Cursor Removal
I dont completely hate the new cursor, its just not practical for me...I have a hard time seeing it in teamfights. The old cursor certainly helps me see it better than the new one. The shape of the new cursor also doesn't help. It just doesnt "feel" right. I don't see the issue with having two cursors in game. If its for aesthetics i'd be fine with them giving legacy a small update to fit in better with the game. But having that crappy triangle be my guide in team fights REALLY doesnt help.
: Garena leaked riots plan for the prestige points and upcoming skins
The fact that you said quinoa really cracked me up LOL.
: What's your favorite champion artistically/design-wise?
It's a battle between :{{champion:99}} & {{champion:518}} ! But if I had to choose it would be Neeko; she's just such a fun champ. She's colorful, she fits the "rift" look, she's fun, she's curious, and her skill set is a blast to play with. You can't really say anything negative about Neeko. It's one of the newer champs Riot didn't just fart out and that I actually like.
Hra me lene (EUNE)
: Demacian Vice Skins: Lucian doesn't get a glow, while Garen does... Please @Riot consider adding it!
I would also send a support ticket in about this if you could! Riot doesnt care for the boards (:
: Anyone noticed the 'nErF yAsUo' threads have been non existent lately
I mean we still hate him....I've personally just started perma banning that champ out of my games. If you could read someone's ban rate stats Yasuo for me would be about 99.9% xD
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14B notes
Will Warwick flying from different opponents when he uses his ult be fixed?
zepdrix (NA)
: Legit Question: Does anyone enjoy playing Zyra?
she isnt exactly "fun" but she's alright when youre in the mood to play her I guess? I only play her because ive been playing her for years, but if youre maybe a new player or something I can see how she would seem extremely boring compared to how champs are made these days.
: Imagine you are allowed to delete one champion from the game?
{{champion:157}} the game has been a mess ever since he was created . . .
: pirates giving 0 gold is annoying and useless.
THANKYOU!! I was just talking to my discord about this. What's the point of a gold buff if it never happens?? Every other buff has a decent chance, but pirates almost NEVER happens. edit: I was told this is supposed to be an early game buff, which is understandable, but even early game I personally haven't gotten a mass amount of coins ( I think it's like 5 at most) the most average result i've received that seems to be the most consistent is just one singular gold (and of course nothing as said above). Which again I state is *USELESS*
: Regarding Qiyana and Sivir...
I think thats being said because a lot of people thought it was a legendary sivir skin.
: [GAMEPLAY] Yasuo - Windwall is not blocking abilities when cast
5050BS (NA)
: Playing High/Drunk in Ranked should be bannable
They can't possibly regulate that... and it's unrealistic to think they would ban someone over it
Hanple (NA)
: The Battle Academia Orb from silver trials mission?
That's what I want to know. I've already finished all my missions...I just want my orb :(
: **UPDATE: ** Disregard the original message below. Because we take photosensitive epilepsy issues extremely seriously, Trials finisher animations have been disabled. When we bring finishers back, we’ll make sure players have the option to turn them off themselves. Turning off finishers does mean that we'll have to adjust rewards for players participating in the Trials event. We're figuring out those details now and will post an update once we have one. We’re also going to investigate more deeply in the meantime to determine what problems (if any) finishers have. _____________________________________________________________ Hey folks! First, let me apologize for these effects causing issues, and for not having a toggle for them in this event. The tl;dr is: the way we are rewarding and utilizing the finishers is new for Summoner's Rift/ARAM, and as such, we didn't have the time or bandwidth to have engineers rework this so that a toggle could ship with the finishers. We chatted about it at-length and ultimately decided we would rather ship them with no toggle than not ship them because we couldn't do a toggle, but we knew there would be some level of frustration and risk with that. So again, my apologies for making League less enjoyable for you in the meantime. When and if we release them again for ARAM/SR, we should have had the time by then to build a toggle for the content type so anyone that doesn't want them on can disable them.
So what happens to the players who have already finished the missions...do we still get battle academia orbs?
: Quinn Discussion and Annie Splash Updates
The annie splash update wont happen...She wouldnt match her in-game model. If anything, it wont happen til she at least recieves a small VGU. I like the quinn & valor idea though. A small name adjust.
Ayanleh (EUW)
: Create a rune that makes manaless champions build mana items
As cool as it seems. It would become an overpowered rune...aka a nightmare to deal with. Too many mana items would work well with certain champs and would curve stomp alotta champs.
: Watching Annie bot getting decimated from every champion sure is sad to watch...
I feel real dumb because I thought you were actually talking about to co-op vs. Ai annie bot lmao.
: Lol, I feel bad for nidalee mains. Imagine maining a mid laner, that riot buffs into an overbearing jungler. And instead of doing a full/partial revert of the original changes that made nidalee jungle broken; they start nerfing other aspects of a kit so that lane nidalee is no longer viable and only jungle nidalee is viable. Then they FINNALY go ahead and nerf the changes they made to make jungle nidalee too strong and now shes a champion that is gutted in both jungle and lane. I have no idea how a professional game company can get away with this kind of conduct, but maybe it's time people banded together and stopped buying skins untill riot is willing to be more transperent with its playerbase...
I used to play nidalee faithfully back in the good olden days of league when she was a mid laner. I really miss her being just that. I was sorta fine with her becoming jungle as well. But now she's just in this really shitty state of almost nothing (i say that lightly) with the rest of riots "old" champs. Idk what it is about riot giving mid champs complete role changes, then buffs where they're over powered, and then lastly gutting them to death (zyra, brand, etc.).
: Idea for a Sona VO Update without any actual voicework
I actually would really like that interaction! It would be very immersive and showing that even though shes mute she still knows who people are and and communicate.
: Minion block is the most OP form of CC
: i hate riot NEW logo
I hate when companies try to fit into this new era of minimalism when it comes to design there is such a thing as too simple to where the design is extremely lack luster and has no substance....To each their own i suppose _This design honestly looks like it belongs in "Total Drama Island"._
: would you play a vintage league ? one of the first versions of the game.
Nefas (NA)
: Client Bug - Unable to join queues
: I can't accept a queue
It is fixed now~
Hanza (EUNE)
: Urgent changes for disabled players.
Not disabled, but i would love to have the option of a stronger mouse color. I do agree that it blends in too much with the background...ESPECIALLY during team fights.
mfknlwig (NA)
: I don't wanna do that :l how long that dl is omg
With the hextech tool it didnt take that long. At least for me...It fixed the issue though. if nothing else works, this is the solution (:
: "We're unable to log you in because you may be offline" - Not Letting Me Log In
Solution so far: The only thing that works for me is reinstalling client with hextechtool repair...I did everything else. Hope it works for u!
GigglesO (NA)
: I had to disconnect and reconnect my computers internet.
Solution so far: The only thing that works for me is reinstalling client with hextechtool repair...I did that as well. Hope it works for u!
Fr34ky (NA)
: I'm having the same issue but I cannot find a fix. How do you force it to update?
Solution so far: The only thing that works for me is reinstalling client with hextechtool repair...I did everything else. Hope it works for u!
: Yes, I cant login to NA servers because it says I'm offline, which i'm not. I came here to post about this.
Solution so far: The only thing that works for me is reinstalling client with hextechtool repair
21 Way (NA)
: I am having this same problem as well
The only thing that works for me is reinstalling client with hextechtool repair. I hope they fix this soon, as I dont want to have to do this everytime i play league lol.
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: Story behind your league names?
Played an old phone mmo...had a japanese server and I was friends with alot of japanese. I wanted a name that was cute, easy and resembled my cleric character (they were small girls with big hammers lol) Also wanted "japanese-esque" so Kayo-chan was born.
darkdill (NA)
: Things you hope to see in the upcoming Lux comic
I think a lux and ezreal interaction is uneeded...That "couple" is just too cringe. Plus we all know lux has no interest in him (or shes not supposed to, hope it stays that way)
: > [{quoted}](name=kayochan,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sfffpBsv,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2019-02-28T15:39:33.861+0000) > > Honestly all the old Champs need VU's(ofc excluding the ones who are already updated lol)...They just look outdated as hell. Ok, well by what extent are you using to define a champion as "old"? As in their model is still the same from the game's initial release/beta? That their kit isn't up to standards to today's League? >Even the more popular champs (lux and ahri) need VU's its not that their current model is bad but its just outdated with the new champs and what not. Isn't saying it's outdated still saying it's bad? Also, Riot doesn't do pure VUs anymore. The only way that can happen is with a full VGU, either on a Sion or Ezreal scale. What about all the other champs that desparately need updates like Fiddle? Riot should just keep them under the tire to update the already popular champs with their constant new skins? >Just polishing the game would be nice as a goal for 2019. I was hoping 2019 would be the focus for that, but alas we still have pizza feet champs, and mordekaiser still looks like a trash can. VGU one could argue are a way of polishing the game, and Riot still is working on updating champs, such as Mord currently. Outside of that, with how the community has been reacting to Riot's balance decisions for quite some time now, do you really think that was going to be a goal that everyone could agree was going to happen?
Old as in old champs, not much to it. They're outdated and need to be upgraded with the current aesthetic of the game..Im ignoring their kits for now, that can be changed with time, but im saying plain model updates. (which they somewhat did with the slightest of changes, and colors, and getting rid of the bulkiness in champs) I know Rito wouldn't bother unless its a huge overhaul. I was just answering the question. No saying outdated doesn't mean bad. A lot of things are outdated but its not bad...hence why they're still there. Im just saying Ahri and Lux as examples, not "go work on the right away" I was saying in terms of even popular champs need a little love. Just to overall fit in with leagues new style, you can easily tell the new from the old. it would be nice to see all champs polished simply put. I know Rito is working on champs, i know theyre **trying** their best. Im just saying its 2019 and instead of releasing all these new champs they should focus on cleaning up this mess of a game in all aspects. But like I said, I was just answering the question. Don't really wanna bag on Riot more than I already do lol.
: Who do you think needs VGU or VU’s?
Honestly all the old Champs need VU's(ofc excluding the ones who are already updated lol)...They just look outdated as hell. Even the more popular champs (lux and ahri) need VU's its not that their current model is bad but its just outdated with the new champs and what not. Just polishing the game would be nice as a goal for 2019. I was hoping 2019 would be the focus for that, but alas we still have pizza feet champs, and mordekaiser still looks like a trash can.
: I really miss League of Legends
See, I really thought I was the only one who felt this way! I have no motivation to play this game anymore! Anything rewarding or fun about the game is completely gone. Trust me I want to stay, I really do, but playing this game does nothing, but make me regret playing. The build paths are static and it just feels like the same shit each game. I can enjoy Skyrim more than league and that game hasn't been touched in years!! I love league of legends, but i can't stand (especially this season) how hard they are ignoring they're true fan base and catering to annoying e-sports. This game just isn't as fun as it used to be. I wish riot would listen to us. Until they do, league will continue to decline...doesnt matter how slow. it will 100% eventually crash.
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Riot please give us this Kayle
small change....huge improvement!!
: Riot locked me out of my own account due to "suspicious activity"
This is nothing new. For Riot to be so large, Riot's support system is probably the worst i've ever encountered. Im 99% sure its just bots and we don't actually speak to a human/rioter, until it gets "serious". After going through all that mess, you finally speak to a human/rioter and they basically end up saying "too bad, it's your fault" and you end up having to wait out the ban/lock. Sucks real hard... i've been in a similar situation. Help received = **0**
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