: League are you serioues
You should have made it to silver 2. But you would need to do it on a new account. It's Riot BS and it's unfair, but that's why people start over, to avoid Bronze elo hell.
Revali (NA)
: just give her a new passive and lower the q mana cost bam. good buff, and not overtuned ( depending on passive.)
Thank you for a useful comment, i hope Riot takes your suggestion. Lissandra should not be about spot choices by the pros every here and there, and she shouldn't be relegated to the bottom of the heap, not making a dent in KDA, nor the outcome of the game. She's a glorified squishy support who costs WAY more than a support to kit out!
: So we should increase her damage, increase her spell ranges across the board, increase her MS, and lower her mana costs. Wow I never thought of that. You should be a game designer.
The point is Riot failed to make Lissandra fair. They made her inferior to all lanes in the game, claiming a little CC and a partial zhonya's was enough to compensate for her inferior EVERYTHING ELSE. Truth is, it isn't. Lissandra lacks the dynamic carry ability of every other character on the rift in top, mid, jg, adc. And she doesnt carry near the same utility as leona, thresh, blitz, zyra, brand, annie, etc etc etc. Lissandra is painful because she is always inferior in making a difference in a game in virtually every game. She's basically a support without tanky.
: The thing is, she is a BATTLE MAGE. Like {{champion:50}} {{champion:30}} and {{champion:8}}. She has low health? Build tanky ap items like {{item:3151}} and {{item:3027}}. A 10 ms buff to put her in range of the other battle mages would be fair, but not more than that. And your gross generalities disgust me. > Top lanes get massive health, armor, and health regen, and even better movement than Lissandra. Swain only has 70 more base health than she does at lvl 18. Vlad? Only 55 more. The reason they usually have more health is that they build it, not through base stats. If Soraka can become a decent ap tank, a battle mage like Lissandra can do it better. Mid lanes get massive movement, speed, and massive damage. Karthus? +10 ms, comparable damage. And no free zhonya's (with damage) that will also heal you for a good chunk. > Bottom lanes have massive range and massive damage and can massive vampiric heal. You are comparing a mage to an adc and complaining that they do not have the same strengths? What made you think that this would be a good idea. At least compare her to other battlemages or burst mages, which is closer to comparing two different apples than comparing an apple to a submachine gun and being disappointed that the apple does not shoot. > Her KDA's are always negative According to champion.gg, she averages 6.1 kills and 6.1 deaths. So she breaks even actually, far from being "always" negative. In fact, the only thing that she is not that good at or even comparable to, is getting kills, while deaths are ever so slightly better(which means less deaths) than the average for most mid champs. And seeing as her win rate is 49.29, which is almost perfect for a champ, just .71% off of being exactly 50% which is the goal, she is far from being the weakest. In mid that goes to Mordekaiser. At top that goes to Nunu, with Mordekaiser being not far behind. And if she is so squishy, try building her off tank in a normal. Try out different builds to make her work for you. If she dissatisfies you _that_ much, try finding a different champ to play.
Thankful for a useful dialogue, i'll go in order. Karthas is not one I worry about. Vlad and Swain are OP with MASSIVE healing ability cheese. Lissandra doesn't. I do build ROA every time, and LIandry's if I'm facing a fat tank. My complaint is that most tops, all bottoms, and most mids can bully Lissandra out of lane. For the ability to group CC in a VERY while super squishy in a small radius, I think its an unfair tradeoff. All other champs get massive damage, massive CC, massive health or armor, massive speed, massive range. Lissandra has none of them. Explain why 90% of all other roots last longer than Lisandra's? Good champs dont' break even on kills. None of the other top, mid, adc, or jungle have kda's that horrible. 6/6 is a massive feed and will lose a game usually. I average less kills but i die a LOT less. Most would say dying less is more important because a feed helps the enemy snowball against the rest of your team. And Liss is too squishy to snowball a lane. Like every other mid, top, jungle, or adc can. I do admit her winrate is vexing. i don't see how it's that equal unless she's lucky enough to be carried by others. Which unfortunately is how Liss is setup. She's basically a support without tankyness. A CC that is inferior to other's CC in duration, range, radius, and damage. It's like they made her worse than all other non support champs. And it's frustrating to play that. I have tried offtank, Liandry, Rylai, ROA, Tabi Boots, some other damage help. The problem? No damage, unable to farm well, unable to make a difference in teamfights. The CC is there, but Lissandra is unable to wear down like a carry can, because she lacks mobility AND range. At least ADC's and most AP's have mobility, massive lifesteal, range, AND damage. I'm upset that Lissandra has no viable alternative to keep up with easily healing top, adc, mid, jg, and supports that are the remaining characters.
Godhri (NA)
: Lissandra is incredibly strong. She has a load of CC. Like her entire kit is CC. Her poke potential is huge with her Q range which goes up if you hit something with it. Her R heals her which is great for situations where you get dove under turret. I recently (a day or two ago) carried a game as Lissandra with 20+ kills and less than 10 deaths. She is incredibly strong in the right hands. You don't even have to rush HP items on her for her to kick ass. I like rushing Needlessly Large Rod on her because it gives her a huge power spike if I'm at least caught up in gold and not behind. Due to her slow move speed and general kit though, she does have major weaknesses which are exploited by other champions, but she is a pretty strong champ as it is. In that game that I carried as Lissandra, I literally 1 v 3 their team and won. Two shotted their adc and support at the same time with E (for engage) WQ. Then R their jungler and killed her too.
True, but the CC doesn't last long enough, and Liss has to do it at close range with zero hp. Poke potential is actually less than all other mages, assasins, and adc's, and her mana costs are so massive that she can't poke someone out of lane. I am glad you pulled off a 20-10, I would want to know what level you play at and what your build style was like. i normally ROA, Abyssal, CDR Boots, maybe a Zhonya, Rabadon, void staff. I feel like Lissandra works if massively carrying, but doesn't when at parity or anywhere near behind. Quoting Bjergsen in April of 2016, Lissandra's really fun when you're doing well, but if you're not, she really sucks. Was your game ranked?
: she gets pro play so she wont get buffed, simple, and she doesnt need it but thats beside your point
Thank you for a useful comment. The pro play probably kills her because the pros find a way to make her useful, with the TP nerf, I see them going away from her. i wish they would make Lissandra a toon that could actually have fun carrying and being useful, instead of as a spot counter to a very small amount of champions. They need to have fairly made all characters carryable if they are not support mains.
: She's difficult to buff tbh. Liss is relatively meta independent (at least significantly more resistant to changes in meta than most other mages/champs). This is for two reasons. Firstly, CC is always good and she is very good at kiting, disengage, shutting down melee and a god at initiation. Second, Liss is relatively gold independent. None of the first things rely on gold. Her only CC that scales is W. The TL:DR is that she's a very consistent champ. As much as I like her, I don't think she needs a buff atm and I wouldn't support one that didn't add more variance to her kit. Also, >SHORT RANGE SQUISHY MAGE WITH NO SUSTAIN OR SPEED. NO OTHER MAGE HAS THIS PROBLEM. LIss has E, which gives her very good engage and escape. {{champion:1}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:45}} There are mid-short range mages with no dash (like Liss E )., no sustain and often build squishy.
Thank you for a useful comment. i find disengage is impossible in a team fight. she can't blink away like an Ez or any other champion that gets massive movement like ahri etc whatever. The Liss E is kind of a not great engage. It's not an instant blink, its not a dash, its not a knockup dash, it broadcasts where it's going to go. I've gotten blown up so many times E'ing into a group with myself getting hard cc'd to all hell. E is a good disengage if you're faster and have separation to use the E. But Lissandra is the slowest character. i've measured, full boots against all characters with non boots, Liss moves slower than everyone. Annie is overpowered, stun, truly free mana, an op tibbers, and massive 100-0 delete. Malz broken, everyone knows it. R anyone? Kassadin broken and owns Lissandra's face. Does massive damage up front and keeps at it. Anivia, MASSIVE range with her spells and crowd control. Cheapass egg. Never has to put herself in harms way to throw an ult. Brand. overpowered and broken, another 100-0 champ, more range than Liss on nukes. Orianna, more range than Lissandra on nukes and AOE. Veigar MASSIVE damage, more range, larger disable, WAY better scaling. My feeling is at gold and below, I'm silver 2 working toward silver 1, Lissandra's are too weak to compete in the lower elo's. It's unfair that virtually every other lane can play a hypercarry without snowballing, but Lissandra doesn't get to hypercarry even WHEN snowballing. Looking at stats, Lissandra almost never snowballs, she usuallys dies a lot, and kills others a little less. Her contribution is so limited when compared to.... everyone else.
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Taliyah has been ruined in 6.14
Taliyah should have never happened. She was an unnecessary champ made so chumps could buy her. She's a stupid gimmick, and she's OP both before and after the patch. You can't main Taliyah, she's been alive like 2 months. Ridiculous complain by the way. Taliyah is way OP compared to 70% of champs.
kebslol (NA)
: Time To Buff Lissandra
Only cowards downvote without comments. Unless you're a diamond Lissandra main, your voice doesn't count.
Rioter Comments
: Ryze's Ult should be like TK ult and Thresh lantern
That seems like an awesome troll. Ryze ults you into their supers. HAHAHAHAH
: I had a game where Ryze was almost useless, twice. His damage isn't insane and he can't root you in place for his full combo three times. He's really just good for helping your team escape or make an engage.
You must have played with idiots. All my Ryze games were imbalanced steamroller fests. I always held my Ryze to parity. He just owns everybody else.
Rioter Comments
Grunt666 (NA)
: Good work riot, that makes it 4 for 4 on you remaking ryze into a broken monstrosity.
I absolutely concur. There should be a way to punish the Riot team who remade Ryze into a 100% pick chance 60% win rate champ. When they make us mad, they should be punished. It's only just!
: Champion Update: Ryze, the Rune Mage
Rioter Comments
: Riot i am fucking sick of Blue Ezreal abusing the Iceborn.
They should remove all on-hits from all characters. Period. If I don't get mine on my champs, nobody should get it either. It's clinically UNFAIR.
Gizeemoe (NA)
: Looking at your stats, it seems you have decent winrate with certain champions. Maybe you're more comfortable playing them and you don't realize it yourself. Lucian has 22games but 27% win rate. I would suggest to not play him in ranked until you learn to utilize his kit better. If anything, this champion is dragging you down or your decision making doesn't work with said champion. You also have a good amount of other champions in sub 33% win rate, like, a good amount of your games with less than 33% win rate with these champions might be a good reason of why you're in the rank you are now. There are plenty of players who can hit Master tier being a one trick pony. I am not suggest you to be a one trick pony but I just don't recommend any player to play such a big list of champions across so many roles. It's just not proficient or efficient if 'winning' is your priority. So far, I counted 118 games from you with less than 33% win rate. A lot of these are actually in the 20-27% win rate range, and there are a handful of 0% win rate. Imagine what rank you will be if you didn't have to lose at least 2/3 of these games? I am sure you can do the math yourself on winrate > LP gain > rank. Practice on basics, improve yourself, try to play what you are comfy with and watch streams/read guides to help yourself improve. So you know, silver and gold have trolls and afks as well. Maybe at a lower rate (which we might never know) but it exist. Another thing I would like to mention is that you cs count per game on top/mid/adc are way too low. Looking at Fizz and Lux, you acquired over 100 games with these 2 champions you play the most, and the avg cs is around 110 or less per game. A game can't be surrendered till 20min, most games takes more than 20min to win. So your cs count is less than 5/min which is not optimal. There are a couple of Bronze 1-2 players I know who can get 7-8cs/min on average. Until you at least solve this problem, I can see why you stress AFK so much when you play so much Fizz. Fizz can 1v9 if ahead. CS = gold, gold = item, item = ability to 1-2shot any carries you see as Fizz. If Lux is ahead, lands a binding (I assume most Bronze players are too stingy to buy MR by mid game due to bad farming ability), can delete people from the game in 1combo. With a low CD ult, she can do this repeatedly and secure more objectives for team. Take my opinions with a grain of salt. But I would recommend you to not type to anyone in the game for 5-10games in a row. You can ping, but don't type no matter how frustrated you get. If people are feeding, just ignore them, and play. If you can do this, it's the first step of 'you', 'yourself', are trying to improve. Don't worry about others, let them worry about themselves. Good luck with your climb. Hope my opinions help.
Dude. This. This is gold level wisdom. Thank you. > [{quoted}](name=Gizeemoe,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=uPzENerA,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-06-08T10:01:07.539+0000) > > But I would recommend you to not type to anyone in the game for 5-10games in a row. You can ping, but don't type no matter how frustrated you get. If people are feeding, just ignore them, and play. If you can do this, it's the first step of 'you', 'yourself', are trying to improve. Don't worry about others, let them worry about themselves. Good luck with your climb. Hope my opinions help.
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darkdill (NA)
: [POLL] Should Thornmail be reworked to deal true damage?
: Can you guys help me find an answer 😃
It resets after you make your next game.
Ralanr (NA)
: You need to take resistances into account.
Oh that sucks! How do you play it, deciding whether you will chase someone down or not?
: The darker hash is a thousand the smaller hash is one hundred.
Rioter Comments
: yasuo's annoying dash
Yasuo doesn't need more love. Three free dashes constantly is already broken.
: Oh really? Well I'm a level 5 Annie, and can say I'm pretty good at her. I played her for the first time since the rework the other day, and I couldn't kill Kat for the life of me when I usually beat the shit out of her. She watched my charge bar and if I used my stun to farm she bam went in on me, and even when I had my stun up she would dive me under turret and it was as if my stun didn't even go off. Frustrated me to no end. I'm not sure she was that buffed much during this update, as I surely don't like it.
You don't have the right to own Kat. That's why you need a nerf. You own too many people. How many people can Lissandra own in lane? ZERO.
Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arakadia,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6nHasJPp,comment-id=000400000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-30T18:00:54.086+0000) > > Well if thats true that is a problem. Maybe theirs a real passive she could get that lets her go top still? But I dont understand why giving her normal mana, regen, and costs would make her any different in top lane. Because mana conservation is more important in top lane as a trip back to base costs much more time and Lissandra's passive scales up in usefulness as you cast spells less. It allows Lissandra to cast much more than most mages would be able to in top lane.
This is a lie. Liss is too short ranged to cs without expending spells. She can not counter poke and still farm. If you played Lissandra at all you would know this.
Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arakadia,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6nHasJPp,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-30T17:08:05.820+0000) > > I'm not sure it would break her, atleast make it something interesting. Her current passive is an excuse for her mana problems, very similarly to Veigar. It's pretty much the reason she can flex pick to top lane.
You are wrong. Top lane with everyone tanks is better than Lissandra because their spells have more range and she has zero sustain. You are wrong.
: Lissandra is totally fine. She's in a great spot right now. Of course she has low burst, she has utility for days high burst would break her.
Lissandras lack of burst makes her easily kill able, and for her to get burst herself she sacrifices survivability, which is totally unfair because NO OTHER CLASS OF CHAMPIONS has this problem. She can not simply self heal through damage, nor by cc
: No one wants Lissandra to be buffed because she is still amazingly broken apparently, IMO i think Lissandra should have been changed into an all-in burst mage/ anti assassin mage and be given a new passive, instead of a poke mage.
Lissandra can't poke. Her range is too short and she does not have true ranged stuns, slows, or roots, like EVERY other character out there. Liss is not broken, and you would know by trying to solo queue her. All balance decisions should be based off of solo queue, not platinum and above play. This game is for the 80 percent of people not that good. So leave the playing field for once, and buff Lissandra in silver and below, and leave her be in platinum. Her poor play rate and win rate are more than enough evidence she needs a buff.
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: Third Night In A Row Now Where I've Had These Dumbass AFK's
Woook3r (NA)
: i cant play ap ekko because everyone wants to ban tank ekko.
There is no problem. Ekko is cheap, riot is dumb for making it cheap, and you are dumb for picking it.
: > [{quoted}](name=YumaS2Astral,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vifUTr1f,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-04-19T16:59:55.799+0000) > > The secret to climb is to pick champions the least likely to rely on teamwork to carry. > > Generally, teamwork is the key to victory, but not on bronze and silver. No,the secret to climb is getting better,you're confusing "what's the fastest way to get through silver when you're smurfing" with "how to get out of silver when you suck",these are two very VERY different things,and the vast majority of people who complain about silver belong to the latter.
Um. Wrong. Getting better doesn't fix carrying not unfair team comps or idiot teammates.
Fovere (NA)
: Climbing out of bronze/low silver is really all about psychology. You have to accept the caliber and limitations of players surrounding you, and understand the enemy team is just as likely to have them. All you have to do is be persistent and be capable of accepting the situation, whatever it is, and looking for ways to make it work. If your persistence in each game gets you even 1 extra win for every 20 games you play, it'll be a steady climb out.
This is stupid. Carry every game until platinum is stupid. Stop talking.
: QoL Buff For Shaco
Shaco doesn't need buff because bs cheap
: With QSS ZED gone what is Zed ult counterplay?
: That's a good idea. The area that I would be pretty keen on hitting if we had to go back to address it would be its gold generation. The amount you can make off of it is surprisingly high.
How about Deere the item. It has unfair lane pressure and no one has time to farm it.
: Riot just remember that if you ever need to nerf ZZ'rot again
Screw needing, delete this cheap free lane pressure bull crap.
Alüe (NA)
: Artillery Mages Specifically Xerath
Zeroth is imba unfair for short distance squishy slow mages aka Lissandra. Delete
: The mid year mage update fixed many issues, but missed the biggest outlier.
Forget Karthus. Lissandra hasn't had a buff in years.
Salron (NA)
: Why not make QSS remove only CC and have Mercurial remove all debuffs?
No. Mercurial buyers don't need more advantages. Mages have it toughest. Selfish.
: If he's so freelo why don't YOU go and play him every game? Freelo means, pick him top or mid you win, no matter how good or bad. But somehow most of you anti-zed crybabies played 5 games, lost every game and go to the boards cry about Zed being freelo. Oh yeah, bronze 3 and never played Zed. Congratz.
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Gotted (NA)
: Stop playing Aurelion Sol in ranked
Nobody is good with Aurelion Sol. And Sol should be banned from ranked
Rioter Comments
: is it possible to get out of bronze?
Okay first of all Donald Trump is awesome. You should be mad at the establishment and the liberals.
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