: Patch 9.14 notes
*seeing singed in patches*: AWWW YA my man singed is getting back in action{{champion:27}} *actually reads patch notes*: GOD DAMN IT YOU M***** F*****S. {{sticker:sg-janna}} at least i don't have to love with tham kench.....as he is now killable. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Patch 9.13 notes
what the heck, no comment on Udyr changes? all skill can be lv'ed up 6 times? doesn't that mean 24 skill points? how does that work!?!?! no matter how it works, it looks like he'll have massive power spikes, like when kha'zix{{champion:121}} gets an evolution.
: Patch 9.12 notes
i am shocked that there is no mention of ryze{{champion:13}} in the comments. this is a big change right? what do you think the balance is going to be like? at least the ulti max range thing seems better for panic casting.
AidanWR (NA)
: I said it like that because Mumu's ult cc doesn't have an actual name
i am disappointed you didn't say "warwick's face humping"
: Something something fix the jungle something something
it still feels like we are forced to gank or starve.
: R.I.P. Akali {{champion:84}} tell azir i said hi
heh, us kha'zix {{champion:121}} mains laugh how petty your problems are. we remember.
: Patch 9.10 notes
i feel that jungle is being left in a bad place. the selection is just tanks and assassins dedicated to killing adc's, and a lot of the purpose made junglers are being left deprived. tho what eats me worst is that i feel forced to be gank heavy with how the jungle monsters are tuned these days.
Keshaun (NA)
: I hate to be the one saying it, but I wish tanks would get some love because bruisers just running down squishies and instakilling them isn't fun imo. If it's not Riven, it's Hecarim, or Jax, etc. Seeing the Rageblade nerf is a good start to reduce Vayne/Kai'Sa deleting tanks.
have to agree. tanks have been so out-meta, i have had to play tank junglers (nearly) all season cause we just lose if there is no tank to body block for carries. ....tho it is stupid how much i can do with nautalis' CC. i wish udyr was more viable as pure tank.
Matchew (NA)
have to agree. tanks have been so out-meta, i have had to play tank junglers (nearly) all season cause we just lose if there is no tank to body block for carries. ....tho it is stupid how much i can do with nautalis' CC. i wish udyr was more viable as pure tank.
: Is anyone else mildly confused about the removal of {{item:2032}} ? I mean, I'm just a filthy Sion jungle main, so what do I know, but I loved it? If I'm starting with a {{item:2031}} anyways and I have the perfect amount of gold on my first back to buy {{item:3706}} and {{item:2032}} why would I not want infinite sustain in the jungle? And even if no other champ in the game wants that (I buy it on other junglers too though tbh) why remove it? The only reason I can think of is rito doesn't want junglers to have good extended sustain in the jungle but the commentary certainly doesn't reflect that... O.o
enough destruction and disownment, lets repair or replace.
Šejuani (NA)
: Why does Riot feel the need to just unnecessarily remove jungle items from the game that are situational? Why remove hunter’s potion like they removed poacher’s dirk last year? Riot, if you don’t think the item is useful, then you don’t have to fucking buy it - but you don’t need to remove it for the people who DO find value in it.
Hunter's Potion=RIP i agree, i used hunter's potion when i wanted to just _**never recall, ever**_ but now i can't. enough destroying and hating, lets repair or replace.
: STILL NO RIVEN NERF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is he like the baby of Riot?
i havn't seen riven at all of late, is she op, or do you just need a "skill" buff (sick burn)?
: It seems like my team never picks a tank, and this isnt helping
ya i nearly always have to go tank jungle. the best i can hope for is bruiser top. i wanna play kha'zix damnitall!
Palaven (NA)
: Sure, the Sylas changes work to encourage an AP build but overall they can be seen as buffs. I find this worrisome as what should be a niche pick (based on opponent's ultimates) is often blind picked in pro.
he is just oppressive overall. with all that tankiness and damage, it's just hard to handle him at all if your mele, while ranged tend to pop.
: Trynd's crit chance dilemma is the fact that he relies on crit chance in the first place.
nah, the fact that it is unreliable is bothersome, tho it is still really strong, and becomes guaranteed later on. the real problem is that he is a mele adc.....that usually does not go well...even tho it is why we love him {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: So sad because junglers already have a hard time keeping up with laners in experience and cs
i can't agree more, a lot of the fools think junglers are MEANT to be beneath laners, and unable to solo them. should that also include when and assassin catches a lone adc? but no, at this point ganking becomes a gamble at best, and a suicide mission at worse.
: The XP nerfs aren't big, they are more meant to kill gold funneling than to kill junglers. Sure, powerfarmers like Yi are weaker by a bit now, but as long as a good jungler maintains gank pressure, there will not be much change.
what about when you CAN'T keep up gank pressure? what if your getting invaded repeatedly, gounterganked and your lane is losing? this just means that jungles have to become sub servant to the lane to accomplish anything, because they are useless on there own?
: Patch 8.19 notes
"to help Kha’Zix set up plays in ways that aren’t just… murdering you faster." you heard it from them, they don't want assassins, assassinating. the worst think is that there are few good jungle assassins. even nocturn and akali have turned into laners. i have always felt like kha'zix had PTSD ever since they nerfed him in there dungeon after the 80% damage reduction insanity. ....in case you haven't noticed i am a {{champion:121}} kha'zix fan since season 3..but i have needed to play tank junglers in all my ranked games.
: Hey Autolatrist! First off, seriously, thanks for taking the time to make sure this gets raised to our attention. For real, thank you. I passed your message along to the dev team, and they're looking into it as we speak. We can't promise you'll see any changes to this on 8.15, but they're assuredly discussing it and will hopefully have something to show you soon!
Sir Kiss (NA)
: "NEWMONSTER HUNTER If you have the most individual total gold on your team, lane minions kills will grant 10 less gold. This penalty is removed upon completion of an Enchantment on a Skirmisher's Sabre or Stalker's Blade." This is exactly the kind of bullshit that you need to avoid. This is unnecessary, erroneous, and egregious meddling. Stop trying to control the image of the game; let players innovate! This is such a stupid 'fix.'
HAHAHAH NO. it was much too needed thank you very much.
: This Nerf does not effect Twisted Treeline, only Summoners rift from what I saw. I think that is what you meant? >* What about Twisted Treeline, funneling has been going on there for a long time. It has, and that means changing it's a pretty substantial upheaval, given it's so core to how TT's been played for quite a while. At least in the short term we'll be keeping these changes that nerf gold funneling on SR only. Source: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Ekj5nZEm-quick-gameplay-thoughts-july-13
hold on are you telling me _TWISTED TREELINE_ actually has a _META_???
: DoT based champions are not falling behind burst champions due to lack of damage, giving them more damage is just going to make them more bursty and ridiculously OP. Instead try solving the root of the problem: it is more valuable to immediately erase an enemy than to kill an enemy over 6-8 seconds. That is why champions with DoT based damage are falling behind, giving them more upfront raw damage is just going to exacerbate the damage creep problem... Tanks still need buffs relevant to their ability to soak damage (whether through items or kits), not giving them more damage and nerfin their CC. In a meta based entirely on insane levels of damage, constantly being complained about as one of the worst meta's, you add even more damage on Ghost Poro and Zombie Ward... 2 runes that had nothing to do with damage and were entirely focused on vision, a purely strategic mechanic of the game. There was even a damage-oriented option available if you didn't want either of those 2 runes...
tank meta was the worst metaby far. and really i find a lot of success playing as tank jungler, especially as rammus vs all ad opponets (*savors the memories*). it's more so the palyer's created meta since malz can suppress the "pure dps" types so teams can blow them up. instead we all know singed has been getting attention lately.
: I'm gonna get downvoted to hell but I'll keep saying it. Riot please listen to the Zac mains Reddit like you did with LeBlanc and revert {{champion:154}} , or at least revert his ultimate. Previous Zac mains are still holding onto the hope that you actually listen to what we have to say.
if your sad then just think back to what happened to kha'zix. after the 80% dmg rd got removed he was in DESPERATE need of revert for over a year before they finally balanced him out (but didn't revert).
: Riot, why do you continue to force meta changes and drastic champion changes mid-season? By Patch 8.10, this game is as close to 8.1 as season 3 was to season 5. Why even bother calling it a season? I would far prefer a league for non master/challenger that only gave us the tweaks that were necessary to keep massive balances in check. Even as a person that usually plays multiple games per day, I find it impossible to keep up with the massively changing dynamics in a way that allows me to climb efficiently. I only wonder what the experience is like for people that can only play ont he weekends. You're killing the casual crowd and making new player retention way harder than it has to be.
it's to keep the game fresh, instead of stagnating.
Larriet (NA)
: This seems like as good a time as any: What was the gameplay reason for Rift Scuttler taking honeyfruit in the first place? It's a neat, immersive interaction (I didn't question it at all when it happened, scuttle wants some sugar, cute), but I don't understand the purpose. Not that everything *needs* a purpose, but this is something that causes a second's delay, which could have a big impact if something big breaks out nearby and you juuust don't make it.
if i remember correctly, some one could pop the plant, and leave the fruit there while a new one grows to double the amount on hand. the scuttler effectively stops you from having enough fruit to last you through winter. winter is coming.
Add92 (NA)
: Dr.Mundo needs to be addressed better than that . Old boy builds full tank and will deal more damage than any ADC . This is the tank issue we complain about all the time . Soaking damage is fine and should be their job , but if they do that WHILE dealing insane amount of damage , now we have a problem
ya i have to agree, all his defensive AND offensive abilities scale with health, enough to tank 5 people and out pace adc's damage. add the slow from q, speed from r you cna't really kite him or run him down. w and e also decrease cc and magic damage so there is no weakness besides his semi-weak early game. this is not interactive balance, it is just bipolar death. pls balance.
Invictu5 (NA)
: ***
jungle assassins are hit the hardest by this, kha'zix {{champion:121}} can be rather hit or miss if he gets too far ahead or behind.
: Patch 8.6 notes
ffs rito haven't we already seen what "less base damage and more scaling" does to kha'zix {{champion:121}} it's bad, makes me {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} EVERY time, learn your lesson. at least debuffs stack in all for one so singed {{champion:27}} can function, tho that should have been obvious.
: I think Riot just forgets about Kayle. Two years ago they stripped Kayle of 5 AD because she was performing too strong in the jungle with sated devourer, but then they nerfed devourer for ranged champions and never gave Kayle her AD back. I don't understand why they refuse to acknowledge her existence.
well don't forget about the disaster they did to kha'zix!!! after taking away the 80%dr (including the original 30%dr) they forgot to make his passive functional again (it was nerfed crazy to try to balance the unkillable assassin).
Kokua (NA)
: You can only get 1 box per champion that you've received an S per reset, up to the limit. If you get S with the same champion 10 times in a row within one reset period, you'd only get the box the first time. Honor capsules are randomly given like key fragments. Whenever you get an honor reward, there is a small chance of it being an honor capsule. It is not guaranteed whatsoever.
thanks for the feedback, it explains a bit....tho i still don't' see why i havent' gotten a single honor capsule. ohh well, i have faith and am tilt proof so all good (ahri{{champion:103}} announcer washes the rage away {{item:3681}} )
Rioter Comments
: Patch 7.9 notes
"the big tank rework" only effects 3 tanks that are already used commonly and does not EVEN OUCH on the mass of Warwick bugs{{champion:19}} , the dead singed{{champion:27}} in the corner, and i feel the sunfire radius reduction is gonna be bad for all tank laners that suffer from bad farming or ranged harass (cause now the passive is even HARDER to use). also ahri best waifu{{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}}
LOL that is the funniest bug yet. sorry to hear that man
: o thats interesting
wow, both a fail on that guies part for not even mentioning a bog, but he ALSO clearly admits to being a bastard as well.
Rioter Comments
: Patch 4.18 notes
OMG WHAT DON'T U GUISE GET ABOUT KHA'ZIX?!?!?!?! People have clearly claimed that they don't get the evolved q because the bonus damage they get is far too inconsistent, having to have a target **500** units from minions towers and allies is to far, I get the red buff thing but you can't have a *conditional* assassin. In total I feel it would solve the matter if you were to change the isolation range for champions (tho not monsters), or reinstate the "evolved q gets execute bonus" concept of the balanced 3.8 kha'zix at the cost of some evolved w slow speed and evolved q bonus damage. I still don't get why there wasn't a total revert back to post 3.8 kha'zix. really could some one explain that for me? he was untouched for so long and getting attention just when they gave him more team fight potential with stupid damage reduction, before reworking him to hell in effort of returning him to the isolated assassin again.
: Patch 4.9 notes
OMG THIS MAKES ME WANT TO CRY. raelly riot? you take away kha'zix's damage and moove utility to his R so he can be par of teamfights, then u KILL the ulti and make the basic abilities inconsistent? I WANT MY POST 3.8 KHAZIX BACK! i love kha'zix, and found him fine when he couldn't be in teamfights, but now you mess him all up and still don't give him teamfighting power? Q: without the execute damage, his clear speed is bull, and the isolation wont be there for ganks where there is minions, he'll just be food! W: with this being "the jungle ability" u force him to be a poke champ that can't hurt champions!!! E: what is the point of jumping in if there is NOTHING ELSE U CAN DO? there is no evolution competition here, if u evolve E then you won't be able to do anything else. R: YES you can take away the damage reduction, HE IS AN ASSASSIN NOT A TANK. but with the 2sec delay is this even half as good as, say, akali's invisibility? NO! really just revert back to 3.8 khaz, it was balanced, we saw it in competitive, it was fun, and worked.


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