: Question, I am a silver player, but am very interested in coaching, whats with the plat and above only rule, i assume this is to pass on knowledge of proven higher elo but I feel i am researched enough to fill the role also as a general sports coach wanting to broaden my horizons on coaching, this is something i want to dabble in and try to improve on. also is this NA or EUW?
Bronze 3 Captain here, The Platinum and above rule exists so that the teams could actually improve in between matches, instead of having another silver/bronze just spewing common knowledge at them, not saying you would. If you want to learn more about how to coach better, a great idea is to find other Esport/LoL coaches and ask for advice on what and how they do their job. Finally, this is all being performed in NA, so sorry! *flies away*
If my team won't join together, I hope to put myself in solo. I would love to do this!
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: I had the same problem, it is an issue with how the launch client jumps to the in-game client. The only solution that worked for me was a complete reinstall. IF YOU WANT A BIT MORE DEATAIL: What I did when launching, before hitting play, was open up task manager. Inside task manager I went into processes and located the League Client processes. When I clicked Launch, the game client Processes appeared, only to disappear with no trace. This showed me that something was wrong and prompted me to reinstall. TL;DR The action for the Client to open never went through. All you gotta do is reinstall.
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: League Won't open after clicking "Launch". May have found a partial solution/clue.
Ugh, i've literally tried everything on this post, comments and all, including other posts, and no one has my problem, and none of these things, work, thanks for documenting though. Might help later.


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