: If you mean the one that happened earlier this week, that was after his ID ban was lifted. During the ID ban anytime they caught him his account was banned. He could still Stream other games just not LoL.
League.......you can check the dates on you tube and twitch when he was on there . .......
Rester (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=khorney,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=zoLzcLXr,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-08T01:25:07.808+0000) > > Umm unbanned meaning his main account was unbanned . They unbanned him after that riot worker harassed the hell out of him and such NONE of his accounts were unbanned. NONE. He's just not gonna be banned on sight. The Permaban was basically if he was caught playing league on any account he would be banned no questions. What this basically means is he can play league on a new account and not get banned on sight. Only way he's gonna get banned now is for being toxic or harrassing other people like any other player.
Seeing he was streaming after his main account was banned hmmm idol threats
: > They all look deserved ? You're gonna sit here and tell me that it looks deserved ? I strongly disagree, yea maybe everyone here is upvoting you because you will "always be right" and I will "always be wrong " but Im sorry I don't see how that is deserved . Go ahead and post your chat logs here. > I'm sorry if you view it differently but tyler1 was still UNBANNED! because riot believed he changed, it's not wrong to believe that he gets special treatment ... Other players don't get a chance to prove they reformed . We had no ID ban policy, and enacted one sometime last year. When we did that, all ID banned players were then subjected to the same rules. There would be a review period for these players. ID banned players do not get their accounts back. You are welcome to make a new account, just like they have to do when they are no longer ID banned.
Here is the thing everyone in league is toxic and yes you as a company promote it hence why you have the emotes and mastery taunts that is also extremely toxic but yet your game has them but God forbid you say anything cause you get reported .
Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wesker997,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=bVTNtNwY,comment-id=00050002000000010000,timestamp=2018-01-05T00:06:03.431+0000) > > Useless . You're not fixing anything and a player can always come back from a permanent ban, and if that player isn't reformed you haven't gotten rid of a toxic player .. Riot is well aware that they can't stop people from making new accounts and that some people will always be toxic no matter what. All they can do is continue to punish them on their new account if they continue to act up, or worse case scenario ID ban them.
Dude everyone in league is toxic end of story
Barkley (NA)
: Holy hell... I thought Gold was toxic...
Everyone in league is toxic that is no lie
: u are so dumb.riot banned tyler as a player not as an account,they didnt let him stream himself playing LoL cuz they'd ban the account and now they let him stream it but none of his older accounts are unbanned he has a new account now.btw u didnt quit riot kicked you out and from your attitude seems like u totally deserve it,pls dont come back we already have too many toxic ppl
Umm yah seeing he still streamed after he was banned so yah
: Tyler1 had an ID ban on him, something Riot was still determining a policy for. The ID ban meant anytime an account was confirmed to be his, it would be permanently banned. That is being lifted, the ID ban. All accounts that were banned during it will stay banned as well as all accounts banned before it.
To bad they never followed through with that . Seeing he streamed ......so yah
Rester (NA)
: Tyler1 didnt get ANY of his accounts unbanned. He's just not gonna get banned on sight anymore, get your information right. He essentially has to play on a new account just like anyone else that gets banned. The way I see it you're just lying to yourself to try and get an account unbanned with an excuse.
Umm unbanned meaning his main account was unbanned . They unbanned him after that riot worker harassed the hell out of him and such
SrbLud (NA)
: Everyone has a right for free speech but we don't have to listen to it or read it if it's infringing on our rights. You can trash talk but when people report you they are saying "we don't want you in this community". That too happens in real life. Simple as that.
Why is it you care what someone says about you I can give 2shyts what someone says to me in game . I don't report them why would I ? Because everyone in this game is toxic in some fashion
Auticorn (NA)
: Do not ban players for being toxic? Here is the thing about being toxic: it can impact the way the toxic person and how your teammates perform. By banning toxic players, it encourages positive behavior and allows players to enjoy the game instead of arguing and having a bad experience. Think of it this way, when you are at work or have a group project, if one person gets upset at you for not performing well and takes it out on you, how would you feel? Would you not feel an emotion that conveys you being angry/sad/disappointed; or are you emotionless. Would it affect your work in the future with the person? Similarly, wouldn't toxicity affect your game play, whether you are at the receiving or contributing side? Think about it carefully and reconsider.
Everyone in league is toxic
: So salty about a game having standards. If you want a game that condones toxicity, go play smite, or cod.
League does condone it hence the emotes
: PSA: The mute button is not an excuse to be a toxic piece of garbage. Further more, resources put into bans take away no resources being invested into fixing que times or servers as these are different departments.
People will just spam dancing emotes that's also toxic
: Well, first let's look at the things you listed off that other players do, and see what's okay and what's not. - Play Ranked matches as Champions they've yet to play prior. Is this a bad practice? Yes - since it can lead to a loss fairly quickly if the player isn't adaptable, but it isn't forbidden. Players can play who they want when they want. Sometimes they might even find someone they're good with. - Pick something off-meta (sic; "a champion in a a lane that is not supposed to be played there"). This has something of a middle-grounds, because there are no explicit rules saying you can't play whatever you want wherever you want. _But_, you do have to communicate your intent with your teammates, and be ready to change tactics and do something a little more normal every now and again - elsewise you end up with stuff like "Support Nunu" and "Support Singed" that's earned many a player's ire, and the off-meta player's punishments. - Flame from game start to game finish. This is very much against the rules. If you see someone doing this, report them post-game. They _will_ get punished. - Intentionally feed. Regardless of situation, this is also very much against the rules. Again, report whoever you see doing this - there's a little less possibility that they will get punished, since gameplay-related offences are a bit harder to catch than chat-related offences, but don't be dissuaded from reporting them. Repeat-offenders will get punished, _heavily_. --- Now, let's look at what you did that netted you a punishment. - Told someone to _kill themselves_. This isn't right, at all. Ever. There is no reason for you to tell someone to hurt themselves, let alone _kill_ themselves. You are playing a game. It's not any bit greater than a human life, but for some reason you place higher value on a 25-30-minute affair than human life, and for that, you get a fittingly harsh punishment. Riot punishes _anyone_ who encourages self-harm with an immediate 14-day suspension. You should honestly know better than to say something like that to strangers. You wouldn't walk up to some random person on the street, only to continually deride and belittle them over nothing, telling them they should end their life, would you? 'Cause, in the most basic sense, that's exactly what you did to get your ban. --- And, I'm a fairly active member of the community myself - I don't build teams, for sure, I'm a solo player, but I'm still fairly active. But, how active you are in the community, your presence in Reddit or ESL, or whatever other site that "contributes to keeping the game alive", is completely beside the point. In fact, I'm pretty sure that all the sites "keeping the game alive" would probably _abhor_ someone encouraging another to kill themselves, so I wouldn't try to leverage any part of the community in your defence, when they just might agree with Riot on your ban. And, no - telling someone to kill themselves doesn't make you a flamer - it makes you an awful person who really shouldn't be allowed to play the game. If this is your first offence, you had best learn from it and _fast_, because your account is one step away from a permanent ban. There are a ton of options you can use to help prevent this, though; 1. Learn restraint. If you can't chat with either positive speech or gameplay-oriented chatter, you should keep your hands on the mouse and the buttons for your abilities/pings - sometimes just your abilities if you're the kind of jerk who likes spam-pinging "?" pings whenever your teammates screw up. 2. Learn the function of /mute chat, /mute pings, and /muteall. These things exist for a reason, and - before you say it, no, they do not exempt you from punishment if you decide to tell a muted teammate something awful. They're there so that you don't have to tune in to your flaming teammates so you can focus on the game. Use them freely. 3. Just don't use the chatbox, period. If you can't show restraint, don't press Enter. Just keep your hands on the gameplay keys, and play the game. All in all, you - if you're organizing teams for tournaments - should know WAY better than to tell someone to kill themselves. That is abhorrent, horribly unprofessional, and you probably should be removed as the organizer for your tournament team(s) for such a horrible thing. Seriously, it's a friggin' game, there's no reason anyone should have to be told to kill themselves. The only other thing I can really leave on with this is the famed Golden Rule of Christianity; "Do unto others only as you would have done unto yourself." Think on it, and serve out your sentence. The fortnight off League should do you good.
hey there cowboy 100% of the community is toxic and are hypocrites that is fact. one day my adc was talking down to me nonstop i found it funny i didnt say anything then he was feedign and misplaying not buying the right items then other teammates were talking down to him so i wrote hey good job for beign a hypocrite and what its okay for yuo to talk down to someone but when someone says it to you its wron g... he replied screw you you deserved ti becuase its true. geee fact proven. peopel also spam emojis taunts, mastery so on and so forth
SGE Acehead (EUNE)
: For my 14 day ban about flaming
look at my other chats . but here it goes kys doesnt mean anything and there fore cant be reported because its 3 letters and if you decided to sue riot they would lose becuase they are going off assumptions which cant be used in court and no where does it say anything about typing 3 letters. you could me keep your savings or any words that mean that and you are not directly sayign anything to anyone. same goes for the word F.a.g. look it up. means cigerette, low meaninless task. you get my point
: Even if that was true, doesn't make it right...
there is no was true it is true that us fact. but since you said doesnt make it right...its called every one is hypocritical. one day my adc raged at me nonstop i didnt say anything . then other teammates were talkign down to him and he reported them lol i said wow beign hypocritical and what its okay for you to talk down to someone but when someone does it to you its wrong? he said yah and i deserved it. thats my point. people spam emojis that is toxic, they say gg ez that is toxic they say ez that is toxic.
12883 (NA)
: My experience with League of Legends, addiction, and mental health
so riot banned my main account for raging which sure maybe i was, not my fault because i have sever ptsd and frontal injuries(look up frontal) do they care nope instead they made a biased decision
: To go from No Prior Punishment (Chat Restrictions, 14 day ban) to Perma, the most likely results are the following: * **Shield "ban":** Suspicious activity/log-ins were detected on the account, and a "ban" has been put in place as a temporary lock on your account for security and prevent its misuse. You'll need to contact Riot Support to sort it out, reset password, etc * **Cheating/Boosting Ban:** You were detected to have been playing with a modded version of the game with unauthorized and disapproved of third party software (skin mods, auto-scripts, use of macros which perform combination actions with 1 button press, etc), or it was detected someone other than you is playing on your account for the purpose of boosting your rank. * **Chargeback Hold Ban:** If a chargeback was issued on any item purchased in the game store, a ban is placed on your account until the money is paid back. Contact Riot Support. * **Extreme cases of trolling/intentionally losing games. **Self explanatory.
hell its really hard to prove feeding and i mean really hard to prove they would have to watch the match and talk to the player. boosting is another one hell you should report all plat players for being boosted then since hey alot of people boost and its obvious with the misplays and the feed.
: And classic factual post.
not salty just stating facts
Chermorg (NA)
: OP quite literally and beyond doubt admits to it in the original post. >The Reason behind my constant running down mid lane
not what i was asking. people feed and have bad games doesnt mean they were . as riot stated as such. watched a stremaer stay top die more times got reproted then they unbanned him . he stayed top and pushed. was he intent feedign people would agree since he died so much and stayed top the whole time. if he didnt say he was you cant prove or say anything
: > [{quoted}](name=khorney,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AJE34vwR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-21T21:22:28.746+0000) > > A. what kayne was it and B you take no damage till after his ult and c no one stopped you from gettign banshees veil or hourglass did they ? both are horrible options for an adc, rather just get ga or steraks or frozen mallet or something that makes you beefy but still provides damage. getting zhonya for the active only is a complete waste of 3k gold lol.
depends on the adc. geee lets think on this varus, corki, mf, ashe all have ap scaling so no not horrible. besides with ga ur out of the figth for 10secs so truly not being able to get ulted unless ur shield gets burned or using hourglass which is 2.5 secs and on top of that ur still in the fight so ur wrong there champ
: If you really get offended at someone saying "ez", i suggest you stop playing and crawl back under a rock you call a safe space LOL this is a video game and video games include banter. GGEZ
sorry dude cant say that because thats beign toxic as well as thats like you sayign the word noob or useless even though you knwo your not reporting them for saying it. why do people get butt hurt again. i can careless what someone says about me because it doesn't effect me. i only report for spamming emojis and sayign gg ez or ez regardless of what team it is
: The higher your ego soar, the more toxic you will be when you fall. While saying those EXACT lines would not be toxic and I highly doubt would even get you reported (e.g. no IFS, no punishment), I would advise you to check your ego a bit and don't get overly cocky because the moment you start on a losing streak, you will become bitter and toxic more so than someone with less than 60% winrate. Btw, I report all "ggez" regardless of which person and which team say it. I believe it will add a very small amount to his toxic history (and add to his reported game count) and every bit helps to get rid of THIS particular kind of people.
me to as well as anyone who spams taunts of anykind
: Dude you're so toxic it's not even funny. Like, most of these logs are just you raging. If it were up to me this would be a perma ban.
dude everyone in league is toxic. i can 100% guarantee on that fact
: Has Tyler1 proven to be a reformed player?
he stil plays league and has other accounts..... and yes he needs to be unbanned. other streamers say and do worse shyt then him
Smooth Nol (EUNE)
yep classic riot
: Kayn ulti on ADC in teamfight...
A. what kayne was it and B you take no damage till after his ult and c no one stopped you from gettign banshees veil or hourglass did they ?
: OJ's case was thrown out because evidence was obtained illegally and the lawyers screwed up the trial. Trust me, things like "KYS" are well understood by the courts, which while imperfect, aren't total idiots. Regrettably, I don't have more time to argue, so I'll let you to your poor attempts at feigning innocence.
there is no screwing up a trial, you literallty just contradicted yourself so good job;). again you keep saying that and yet you cannot use the words assume and well understood by the courts. no regrettably you know im right and that you are wrong because i have proved it nonstop and your basing yourself off assumptions which cannot be used in courts as well as are trying to use assumptions with riots articles because it does not say anything specifically does it?
: I'm a little confused about the part where you claim not surrendering got you banned. All that does is allow the game to continue. Could you elaborate?
so my team reported me for playign alistair as a ap supp and was some how"ks" .....how can one ks when you 1v1 people, dive turret with ult to killsecure and kill people after they died. I never once flashed qw to kill anyone. Or it may have been the fact i said kindred the champ is a useless jungler which kindred is and why choose her over ez or graves jungle she has less damage and is less mobile. before her first gank i said go away do not come bot, doesnt listen dies, i once again told her to not come bot i try to helpp i die she dies and the adc dies. they have lulu supp and she is way out of range of me and im not wasting flash on the huge off chance ill get nothing out of it. they then chase ahri through the enemy jungle i ping to stop because its playing team death match dont listen they all run right into a mf ult and she gets a triple kill. mind you i just got back to lane and couldnt of helped but nope they were mad about that, they then were at drag in a team fight i was fighting mf the enemy adc i kill her and lulu ran under turret i ult and kill her to but nope they said i was ks and said i was a noob asss supp for building alistar the way i was. they then muted me then really started to rage at me nonstop so yes i said moron i can still ream what your saying...could they see that no they could not. so yes i was reported for playign ali ap brusier and was gettign kills as him
Chermorg (NA)
: Intentional feeding, **no matter** why you do it, is never tolerated in League of Legends, and when confirmed results in an instant 14 day suspension on first offense, and a permanent suspension for any other offense. Further, if this suspension was issued on or after August 22 this year, you will be ineligible for ranked rewards this season.
how was it proved that he was intent feeding...ive seen worse on people who werent sooo good luck with that. i know he said it but just from the numbers stand point bad game or feeding there is not a difference because simple fact is both players died
: Courts understand nuance. A court would agree that something like "I hope you KYS" (Note: this is an example, not an idea being expressed. Don't kill yourselves, kids) would be offensive. As mentioned before, Riot reserves the right to ban you for any or no reason. Even if you brought it to court, they would just have to point this out to the court and your case would be immediately thrown out, because even **if** it wasn't a valid reason, Riot don't need a reason to ban you. Courts are smart enough to understand acronyms, so yes, you did "say something to someone directly".
righttttt so whats your excuse abotu OJ simpson and casey anthony again? ohh wait nothing gj trying to say court understands nuances pfff. again what did i say ? i typed 3 letters not anywords so good luck with that
: Riot reserves the right to ban your account for any reason. Now they don't do it for just any reason, only when you break the rules. In this instance, this particular one: [Section 5, Subsection 1, Article v of Riot Games Terms of Use](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse#code-conduct): > v. Transmitting or communicating any content which, in the sole and exclusive discretion of Riot Games, is deemed offensive, including language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, or racially, ethically, or otherwise objectionable;
that does not say anything specifically its going on assumptions there champ. and yet riot banned my main accoutn for me havign severe ptsd and have what they call frontal injury due to hitting ieds hmmmmmmm.
: > [{quoted}](name=khorney,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a93Edxpe,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-21T20:56:59.276+0000) > > where has it specifically said or stated to anyone that 3 letters in this sequence can not be used for riot sees it as such. ohh wait nowhere. SO if say someone wanted to sue riot over getting banned for sayign 3 letters good luck riot tryign to win that since it says that no where exactly....
ikr im helping you out and its funny how people are trying to argue with me when they already lost. its funny because im 100% right
: Words can mean multiple things, yes. In that case context is used to determine what meaning you applied to it. If Riot believes that you used it in an offensive manner, they'll ban you for it. Alternately, they may have decided to "play it safe" and ban all use of the word, requiring that if you mean something else like "keep your savings", you'd have to type it out.
it doesnt matter what riot believes it would mean what court believes and trust me on this they prolly wouldnt win. Never said anything to anyone directly did they? they wouldnt win becuase no where does it says these letters words of anykind will not be tolerated does it? i do not see any list nor did i understand like they do at the start of the game if you saw your chat log.
: can someone be be punished for bragging in all chat?
yep because riot does not care. If they did they would remove taunts and mastery emojis and dancign and laughing and taunting because that is toxic as well as make ranked permachat restriction. people will argue over the emojis but hey they cant do it in lcs and the nfl players get fined and penalized for unsportsmanliek conduct and excessive celebration
: They do. Also I would think getting an instant 14 day ban would show pretty well that they don't want it in the game
where has it specifically said or stated to anyone that 3 letters in this sequence can not be used for riot sees it as such. ohh wait nowhere. SO if say someone wanted to sue riot over getting banned for sayign 3 letters good luck riot tryign to win that since it says that no where
: No, you wouldn't. Riot reserves the right to ban anyone for any reason or no reason, so you have no legal standing to sue anyone at all. In any case, regardless of what those letters mean to you, to Riot and basically everyone else they mean something they don't tolerate, so Riot bans people for it.
where pray tell does it state that 3 letters can and cannot be used? hey look at the word F. A. G. in the dictionary 1.a tiring or unwelcome task. "it's too much of a f.a..g.... to drive all the way there and back again" BRITISH 2.a junior pupil at a private school who works and runs errands for a senior pupil. 3.a cigarette. you get the picture
BugZappa (NA)
: Account perma banned
classic riot and classic butt hurt hypocritical people reporting you. see 1 side of the coin never the other
: That's nonsense. It has a meaning that's colloquially accepted, and when you tell someone "KYS", they're going to get that meaning out of it. That's like saying the N word is just a collection of 6 letters, why should anyone be so offended about it? Words have meanings, and that extends to acronyms.
dont have commone sense as well as its 3 letters that can and could be used differently. If say i wanted to sue riot over their banning of someone for using those 3 letters i would win fyi since your not telling anyone anything directly or specifically. SO good luck with that in court.
: What does "botrk", "IE", "TF", or other abbreviations mean in League? Using context clues you know full well what they mean.
i dont know and again its 3 letters that can and could be used differently. If say i wanted to sue riot over their banning of someone for using those 3 letters i would win fyi since your not telling anyone anything directly or specifically. SO good luck with that in court
: > [{quoted}](name=khorney,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a93Edxpe,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-21T20:33:35.581+0000) > > why what does kys mean keep your savings? starts with kill ends with self.
not what it means to me/ its 3 letters and can mean lots of things could be a mistype you dont know know i dont know. if riot wanted peopel to stop using those 3 letters then they should specficially say so.
: > [{quoted}](name=Insanely Stiff,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dNQVLRtj,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-21T20:24:18.271+0000) > > How is that too far when its a common insult, hell me and my friends say it to each other joking around. They need to set this as a precedence if its too far, what is too far? They need a distinct line, they keep it vague then you get people who are banned or suspended seemingly out of nowhere. Say you were in a store with cameras everywhere. 85% of the people are shoplifting something from the store on camera. there a few people who tell security of these people shoplifting, maybe a few get missed but almost all of them get told on eventually. Now imagine a few of them, seemingly randomly get punished for the shoplifting. sure all shoplifting is wrong and the store doesnt want to admit it but if instead of saying dont shoplift, they instead said if you shoplift anything that costs more than $50 we will punish you for sure. In the game currently it seems as if in our metaphor you can get punished for shoplifting something that cost $20 while you personally can watch and report someone shoplift something for $200 and not get punished. It is distinct; racial slurs, kys, kill your self, mental handicaps are all off limits and go directly to 14. It is irrelevant what you and your friends do. If you would like a game where the language is catered around you and your friends then code a game and play it yourself.
riot doesnt give a rats ass I have severe ptsd mental disorders did riot care about that nope they did not whcih means they themselves or basically making fun of people with mental disorders. yah screw me for goign to iraq and afghanistan in combat serving my country glad riot slaps me the face
: then why do 90% of the players who say it remain unpunished, I report people for stuff like this all the time and nothing happens. If its a computer program that makes no sense and if its real people that cant check every one it is unfair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRXt2doJ1M4 This man is a popular streamer and former proplayer who says it all the time, on stream, with video evidence, Ive never seen him with a 14 day suspension
becuase riot caters to streamers.
: When "kys" first started popping up it wasn't punished, but it was pretty quickly realized that it's not acceptable in any situation. The system was changed to include it as part of the unacceptable phrases.
but kys doesnt mean anything its 3 letters. could mean keep your savings, kept yourself, so on and so forth so there is no meaning to it
: > Insanely Stiff: kys No, chat restrictions aren't a thing when you use phrases like that. You skipped them.
but was is kys mean? keep your savings ?
iPlay (EUNE)
: Perma banned by rito
nope riot stole from you
: Because OP is in full control of his behavior, and broke the rules. This isn't a "he started it" kind of thing. Two wrongs don't make a right, if you break the rules, you also have to face the consequences
he didnt start anything he was quoting what some one else had said......
: > [{quoted}](name=TouchFluffyTaiI,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a93Edxpe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-21T20:23:57.430+0000) > > Instances of hate speech will escalate your punishment to a 14 day ban, even if you have no prior offences. Those and calls to self harm are not tollerated in any way, shape, or form, including quoting others. You don't need everyone to report someone, all it takes is one report to trigger the review. can confirm this, posted "kys" to some guy who posted his intentional feeding on boards, got banned from here for like 2 weeks.
why what does kys mean keep your savings?
Inertià (EUW)
: To be fair the LoL comunity is no offense pussified reporting someone for wishing you cancer is all fine and deserved but gettin reported when you make a great escape with lucian and be like "I am faster than you because i am black" which is just a joke , you know something is wrong with the comunity. LoL players cant take the slightest of legit criticisim you will get reported because hey muh internet feeling. The term "toxic" in LoL is so widely used for every single crap that its lost its actual meaning.
yep 100% right. they only look at one side of the coin not both. Hell i was permabanned because my own team mate was calling em a %%% then i wrote in all chat what he said then i started talking about myself nonstop calling my self noob and so on and so forth. they lifted gave me a 25 chat for literally not calling anyone a name or anything.....then i was again banned because of saying kindred jungle is a crap jungler and why use her over ez or graves. Told him not to gank doesnt listen dies, told him not to gank again doesnt listen dies again cept me and vayen tried to go in but we both die. They had lulu supp and no way in hell im going to burn flash on pretty much getting nothing. Then i said i knew that was going to happen, they then chased ahri in the enemies own jungle mind you i ping to back off doesnt listen they run right into mf ult as i predicted was happening and said yep playing team deathmatch. of course they raged at me the supp for not helping because i literally just got to lane and was csing and they were already in the enemy jungle and nothing i could do. Then they were at drag and i didnt help this time becuase i basically peeled mf away and 1v1d her killed her then lulu was getting away killed her, as the usual i was "ks". The vast majority of my kills came from me turret diving and 1v1, and killing people after other people died as in the lulu case. They then reported me for playing alistar ap saying i was "ks" callign me noob but they muted me so what ever and people dont understand that you can still read even though i was muted and called them morons but does it matter since they called me worse and they didnt know what i had said. then i wrote riot again stating i never tech served any punishment for anything i did which is true because the %%% part was not me, sure i said it because i wrote people what he had said. so yah good work riot
: What 90% of the "player behavior" boards is
to bad they only see what you said and not the whole conversation. DO not give em that crap well you wrote it speech when someone calls you and says worse thigns to you, because as the usual riot will not do anything to them just to you. Ever only 1 side of the coin not both.
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