Caithresh (EUW)
: I mean, you should define "evil" first. As I recall, Volibear is an avatar of war (kind of?), he's all about war and stuff. Is he cruel? Probably. Does he look like shit? Obviously (From what I gathered he's trying to regain his old form after his fight with Ornn). Does he fuck up people's mind and turn them into monsters? Seems so. Does that make him evil? It certainly doesn't make him a funny, nice guy... But I don't know if I'd qualify him of evil to be honest.
Yes that makes him innately evil, this moral ambiguity crap is out of hand. He's not God with both the ownership, right, and power over life and death, so of course this makes him evil. No debate really
: Renekton yes, Jax and Fiora not so much. They scale much harder with items. Riven has to calculated every bit of CD and HAS to cancel her animations really well to beat them late game. If one of those fails the Riven will be dead for sure. Fiora can also block her CC with her W and Jax can literally block her AA's which takes a big portion out of Rivens damage. Renekton can beat her if he gets ahead far enough. Deaths dance and SoS aren't really cheap items and Riven usually builds cleaver in between (or first) which delays that "power spike" even more.
Riven can crush Darius if she's good because she can easily dodge his Q's, outburst him, and escape. Eventually she gets fed enough to burst him in 3-4 seconds even when he's building tanky
: > [{quoted}](name=feintfiend,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zp5yRAxZ,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-20T16:18:16.637+0000) > > "Riven has 0 reach into backlines other than flash" > Except y'know, 4 dashes on extreemly low cooldowns > Or her just hopping a wall to dive the backline > Also why does it have to be a flashless riven? > Riven with flash just dashes in, flashes, clicks stun and the teamifght is autowon kinda like malph R except she does assasin levels of damage Are you silver? Riven dashes are literally 200 range each, with all combined you get basically a normal gap closer worth of distance, and her Q is on a fixed 12s CD at all ranks, and riven actually loses damage if she has to use all of her Qs to get into a target (then she gets into melee range with nothing left). Meanwhile someone like jax can leap strike every 3~4 seconds (or even less with shojin) and then unload all of his kit damage. Why dont you play riven if shes so broken and strong and has no weakness like that? If you did you'd realise all of her weaknesses.
False, she has more combined dash than most opponents, and just as importantly, she can readjust because of the multiple dashes if she makes one bad dash, unlike most champs. Her e which doubles as a shield is super low cooldowns, and for almost no reason, on top all that she has two stuns.... A champ shouldn't have insane burst, incredibly flexible dashes, solid cc, range, aoe, decent dps, a ranged ability and pseudo tankiness all on the same kit, and have them all be strong features. The only thing supposedly weak on her is her lack of healing and not having ranged autos lol
: "Riven has 0 reach into backlines other than flash" Except y'know, 4 dashes on extreemly low cooldowns Or her just hopping a wall to dive the backline Also why does it have to be a flashless riven? Riven with flash just dashes in, flashes, clicks stun and the teamifght is autowon kinda like malph R except she does assasin levels of damage
Not to mention her air ranged aoe executing ult that easily destroys fleeing opponents at 30% or less. Even those pesky backline adcs and supports that she supposedly can't reach ..
: > [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zp5yRAxZ,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-20T16:08:17.098+0000) > > Her weakness is she loses lane to kennen like every other champion. (Sarcastic voice here) > > No. She doesn’t have any weaknesses. If the riven player is even decent at her, she doesn’t have any. Her weakness is entirely dependent on the person player her. So if the riven player is good enough she can become immune to CC in team fights? Didnt knew that. Riven has 0 reach into back lines without flash, its easy to pin her down with tanks and then kill her with your team before she does anything in team fights, assuming your team isnt 0-30. But yeah, if your team picks a bunch of assassins with no frontline dont be surprised that riven can mop the floor, and that is not riven's fault.
She can certainly dodge almost all cc in the game...and it's not that hard with all her mobility steroids, and that's why people say it depends on who's playing her. And that's a hilarious claim you make about zero reach in backlines. You want zero reach? Try Darius then talk
: > [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zp5yRAxZ,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-20T16:08:17.098+0000) > > Her weakness is she loses lane to kennen like every other champion. (Sarcastic voice here) > > No. She doesn’t have any weaknesses. If the riven player is even decent at her, she doesn’t have any. Her weakness is entirely dependent on the person player her. So if the riven player is good enough she can become immune to CC in team fights? Didnt knew that. Riven has 0 reach into back lines without flash, its easy to pin her down with tanks and then kill her with your team before she does anything in team fights, assuming your team isnt 0-30. But yeah, if your team picks a bunch of assassins with no frontline dont be surprised that riven can mop the floor, and that is not riven's fault.
{{summoner:21}} begone riven apologists
: > [{quoted}](name=feintfiend,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zp5yRAxZ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-20T15:23:59.090+0000) > > High skillcap isn't an excuse for having no weaknesses. There are very clear weaknesses. You'll notice them if you play Riven.
Except that she covers them with ease. Made a bad decision? Well E is back up so just dash away and shield, then Q is back up and it's endless dashing. When her opponents screw up though? They're toast and no redemption for them. They can't weasel out like riven, they have to face their bad decisions. Riven with 40% cdr and/or essence flare is absolute bs
: High skillcap isn't an excuse for having no weaknesses.
Exactly, champs shouldn't be literally better when optimally played (other than legitimate counters and the fact that it is likely impossible with so many champs that ALL champs will be entirely equal) just because they are mechanically intensive. Aka, the reward for mechanically intensive champs is the satisfaction of playing them. That mindset is a big F U to people who play champs because they like the character or play style. Aka, even beginner champs with low skill floors should have enough skill expression in their kits that when played optimally, they can legitimately competeneoth most non counter opponents who are also played optimally
: My biggest problem is how she kills you instantly WHILE YOU'RE STILL CC'd and she can do this with bruiser items no lethality at all. She just flashes and its a garuanteed kill. Also her shield is waaaay too big for a supposedly "squishy" champ.
People say Darius is a counter, but in my experience, if the riven k ows how to play her well, she destroys Darius or at least can play very safe then destroy team. The opposite isn't true, Darius can't play safe if riven gets ahead because he has no mobility or Shields, can't dodge anything (other than pulling riven on q 3 to cancel, but her CDs are lower over so she can easily dash away and shield if it turns unfavorable), not to mention, if Darius gets ahead he doesn't have the tools to chase or dive her and can't snowball a lead near as well as her because he can't roam as easily or gap close without blowing flash or ghost in order to chase down weaker opponents
: she already has resistance shred on her q. they could also have just kept her current passive and make her shred or pierce stacking 3% armor/mr per attack at lvl 16. not to mention shes going to build {{item:3124}} anyways, which additionally pierces armor/mr. the true damage is entirely uneccessary. all it does is further devalue champions with % damage reduction in their kits, aswell as the champions with inbuilt true damage. the more true damage you add into champion kits the less reason there is to pick the champions who have it inbuilt. what is the point of giving fighters and tanks short lived % damage reduction steroids that are supposed to be powerful defensive tools, if you add easily available true damage to more and more champions who then proceed to ignore this mechanic?
Honestly though, I don't mind this much at all compared to fiora and vayne who have self peel/ability blockers on top of insane mobility, and insane levels if % HP true damage
Ralanr (NA)
: The prequels just showed how Anakin was easily corruptible and it showed how the Jedi basically had to indoctrinate people at a young age to keep loyalty. It showed flaws of both “good people” and it all came tumbling down on a lack of trust and who believed who was truly evil. Perspective matters.
It's not "indoctrinating" in an evil sense if you are teaching good things to prevent the corruption of evil. That's actually a good thing. It's like setting a good example versus a scandalous example.
: Evil. The fact he had sympathetic backstory and he eventually redeemed himself does nothing to change the fact he helped prop up the Emperor's reign of terror and killed many resistance members. Like, he killed a bunch of 'younglings', dude. Please tell me you're not trying to 'moral ambiguity' someone who killed kids.
Hard agree man. I think we have too many people in society confused about right and wrong who are trying to push their confusion and uncertainty on others to make themselves feel less alone.
: Hard disagree. He was the original villain. He was the ultimate evil guy. Then his story developed over two sequel movies, where he ultimately tried to atone for what he had done. Then loads more stories built out the depth. Then the prequels, etc etc. So. Was Darth Vader good or evil? Discuss.
A devil can't atone. It's past the point of redemption. They are pure evil. Vader was not past that point
: Was Darth Vader good or evil? Discuss.
Simple, he was good (Anakin), then evil, then had a conversion and change of heart in the end. While good people can do bad things, and evil people can do good things, that isn't the same as the message you guys are trying to portray. You're taking an entity as fundamentally good and sure as an angel, and causing it to look bad, self righteous, condescending, etc. Then you take something as fundamentally evil, such as a fallen angel, a devil, and trying to make it appear wise and compassionate. It's a twisting and perversion of Truth for the mere short term gain of supposedly adding depth. Instead it's actually an insult. There is nothing evil, hateful, condescending, or inherently wrong with justice, but you make it appear so.
: As we've said many times - "good" and "evil" are relative, and we're not aiming for such 2-dimensional tropes anymore.
That's weak and actually untrue. Is rape good just because you are the rapist? Is it good because in relation to the rapist, that person sees it as ok and beneficial to him or her? There are so many arguments as to why you are wrong to assert that, and my example is only one right off the top of my head. What's more, dissing on "tropes" just for the sake of it and diversity, is an awful technique for storytelling. Riot doesn't exactly have a great track record in story telling. What's more, the method riot is using, inverting good and evil, is actually an overused trope in and of itself, usually pushed by people with an agenda.
: Riot writers, what do you have against the "usual" good guys?
I agree, I think riot, like many game and movie developers, is trying to destroy the image of good. What's good is bad and what's bad is good. I'll play the game, but im sure not going to spend money while this scandal persists.
: The only downside is that they won't be able to resell it.......which really fricken sucks. Apparently, this and Human Ryze were special offers for the physical purchase way back when the game actually came out, thus, those skins can not be sold regularly. So, the people who got this just got one hell of an upgrade.
And most of them probably don't even play anymore so...
Done25 (NA)
: She'll probably be way too farm hungry to survive as a support. She'll need both solo lane gold and exp. The sooner she hits 16 the better.
On the contrary, I think she would make a good carry in her own right. Imagine zilean supporting her? Unkillable and quicker level ups
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NLWuEWFN,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-02-19T19:11:43.710+0000) > > Kayle used to shred resistances so I guess this is them making it stronger. > > At least it’s at level 16. Though it feels like Kayle is a late game champions more reliant on levels than items. She still has armor and MR shred on her Q (and her Q is now aoe), this is on top of it.
She has shred, but only targeted on single target now I think
Tokeo (NA)
: Silver Kayle and Judgment Kayle
And by the by, her new kit seems awesome
Tokeo (NA)
: Silver Kayle and Judgment Kayle
Yes those skins look awesome, why keep them kept hidden away.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Yasuo still remains easy to beat, even with the crit changes. People who complain about him being Overpowered and having no counterplay are just bad at the game. And that's a fact.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: because riot added so much fuking damage to this game so when you are playing champions with a lot of damage you like them but when they are your enemys then you will feel how unfair the balance is dueling stupid designed champions well yeah fiora need skills but shes more anoying than the old one and you know why? because old one can be shited by armor range atacks burst damage stuns new one cant be beated by those things honestly :) and shes able to one shot people late game building off tank and survive fights with success
I do agree fiora has too much percent hp true damage in conjunction with the rest of her kit
Saezio (EUNE)
: Yeah, it doesn't look like you want to discuss so I'm gonna let you throw your aggressiveness on someone else. I like that champs that were niche and useless are now relevant {{champion:50}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:14}}
Agreed. They may need or have needed tweaks or changes still, but far better than old designs. Although old galio's could have been a separate champ from new one, and maybe the same for Swain.
Shiwah (EUW)
: Take a breath and some punctuation please, I can't read your thread if I don't understand what point you're trying to make because you mix up sentences and core points.
Yeah I gave up after the first two lines...poorly thought out post. Awful punctuation. People who don't use punctuation are worse than murderers, they deserve the longest sentence.
Saianna (EUNE)
: I thought that's the obvious reason. How in the hell did OP connected champion looks with playrate.. If that was an actual reason, then champs like reksai, kha, skarner and soraka wouldn't be ever played :D
Skarner and rek said are barely played, and even when strong or in meta, don't get played as much as other strong champs
: Everyone suddenly "loves" the old Kayle, meanwhile she is one of the top 4 least played champions.
Good post, addresses most much of the b.s. on the boards right now. I've played Kaylee many times hoping it would click, hoping she'd be fun. She wasnt though. Hardly viable and insanely boring with horrible animations, a meh Q, and a trash heal/speed boost. Her E is just visually and intellectually stale. The only question you ask when playing her: is her E on CD? If so do I have enough Mana to spam in farming? The only true skill expression in her kit is Mana management, and ult timing/who to place it on
: Darius vs Jax
It does block Darius auto attack bleed stacking, Darius still gets stacks off q and ult, of course.
Terozu (NA)
: That ending quote with Kayle and Morg.
Why do the good characters almost always get turned evil in someway in league? Kayke and garen come to mind. I think it's not a healthy concept to keep enforcing. Kaylee shouldn't be representing a superiority complex, she should be representing the good form of Justice, and Morgan should be made out as evil, as she is an actual devil (fallen angel) and rebelled against good
Saezio (EUNE)
: They introduced the same mechanic to darius where he can ult and get the reset even if the target dies shortly after.
Yeah but pyke's is ranged aoe, allowing him to get the reset off ANY enemy champ who dies in his ult
Dynikus (NA)
: Update on the all female team, Vaevictis eSports.
Baval (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Camulos,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Z7EUuewd,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-18T19:26:00.690+0000) > > I agree that it's more of a typical fantasy design. > However, it accurately conveys Kayle's traits as a character. Light (both in weight and in brightness) but strong, feminine and knightly. > In that sense, it does its job and does it well. Feminine was never one of Kayles traits. The fact she was female was irrelevant. Her design was made intentionally ambiguous and then skins were made to take off her helmet for a female look. Her helmet is specifically meant to hide her femininity.
She is feminine, and as with anyone and everyone, your sex/ binary gender IS part of your character and one defining trait out of many
: Since she's not a tank or bruiser, should she have any armor at all?
That's like asking why have have an armored airplane or helicopter since it's not involved in ground warfare .. like what about arrows and adcs, etc
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenKnight,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OnjLyb9o,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-18T17:54:22.817+0000) > > She's nothing like her old self, thus, it's a removal. NOT an update. This is where you're wrong, because as I saw it, she was doing pretty much exactly what she does currently. She was slowing someone she was beating to death, and evolved into a ranged monster as the game went on. I don't see how it's not exactly like Kayle currently is. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, Kayle''s current kit is nothing but mediocre, generic spells (aside from her E and R). Her Q and W are bland, forgettable, and there are numerous champions who have more interesting variants of her. So in essence, she's got nothing really notable outside of her E and R, because everything else is the most basic shit ever. Her R we see is preserved to a large extent, and her E's range mechanic is now tied to probably ranks in R, allowing her to evolve into a permanent ranged character as she ranks it up. So right there, she's already preserved her most iconic parts of her old kit. So she's now getting a new Q, W, and E to make her more interesting, and clearly one of them is a slow, so they are keeping that in her kit. So explain to me HOW exactly she is unlike her old self? You make all these claims, but you don't have a lot of support for them, and you're also defending one of the weakest kits in the game like it was something unique and stellar.
Current Kaylee is stale and boring as can be. The new one actually looks enjoyable. I've played the old one enough to know she doesn't belong in the game anymore with an improvement like this one. Her core theme of ranged AP AA carry with slow and invulnerability uot are left intact. What's there to complain about except for people who are just looking for reasons to complain?
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OnjLyb9o,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-18T17:48:17.348+0000) > > I suppose you also listen only to music on vinyls, watch VHS exclusively, and claim the NES is on the worthwhile videogame console. Because your entire approach to this has been "CHANGE IS BAD! ANCIENT THINGS FROM 10 YEARS AGO NEED TO LIVE ON FOREVER!" CHANGE is fucking good. Removing things that work, and people still enjoy, is just simply dickish and it's a result of bad decisions. And please, you are like 15th person who said that to me. It's getting old.
Kaylee doesn't even appear fundamentally changed. It's not like they erased her like they did old aatrox, or Yorick, she's improved. Maybe now more than .01% of players will actually enjoy her
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: She's fucking dead. And here come people who will try to convince you with "arguments" that she's much better now. Edit: Told ya.
Kaylee was already dead. She's supposed to counter champs like my main, Darius, but I'll tell ya right now, in her current state I dump in her most games. I'd even say her current version is so outdated and boring that she's basically hot trash. When's the last time you saw a Kaylee main? I can't think of even one. Out of a hundred games, I might see her once or twice. Maybe more in normals when she's on free rotation. You just automatically hate reworks. You were dead set against it before it was even revealed. It's kind of like Democrats automatically hate Trump, no matter what he says or does. Even if it's something both parties would agree is good if it were any other president.
: Petition to fix Kayle.
Her previous kit really isn't amazing though :/. Sure she can carry, bit most games she just gets trashed or is some side factor, an afterthought. Besides, it's possible, maybe even likely, that we didn't see her entire kit or all the applications of her abilities
Jaspers (EUW)
: Kayle is left handed, did you forget Riot?
Honestly, do people have to whine and complain about EVERYTHING? DANG. Like we all have things to gripe about, but if you're going to post it, make sure that it's something that actually matters. No wonder riot ignores us half the time. Complain about balance, complain about serious deviations from lore, ore matchmaking, or serious splash art issues. This though? Right vs left handed? What a joke.
: His play rate has nothing to do with the point I made. Maybe read my post again. Just because people WHO WERE ALREADY PLAYING THE GAME AND ENJOYING IT switched over to new Aatrox doesn't mean anything. They didn't benefit--they were perfectly happy maining other champions. You literally made no point.
Man you really are a dickk to just about anything who disagrees with you,but I'm just sitting here eating popcorn reading your posts lol
: STILL HAS A BETTER PLAY RATE then the old one by around 40% more at worst depending on elo and was just nerfed to the ground and usually play rate spikes down after a nerf then goes back up after a couple patches so it definitely increased the number of players that actually play the champion. But you know just ignore the facts and keep acting like more then a very very small minority of players actually liked old one.
: I never said you had to pay attention to it. If you REALLY didn't want to pay attention to it you could have not read it or glossed over it and not commented. I don't need your perspective on how to live my life. I never asked you nor anyone else. I also never claimed that insulting someone is part of an argument. You are here inventing things to attack me with. The level of ego, and the lack of understanding, that you must have to come on here and think you can A) accurately assess me and whether or not I need perspective and B) think you words would change anything even if that was the case, is absolutely astounding. YOU should be embarrassed of yourself.
Yep you are definitely angsty and Greenknight is right. You seem to have the attitude of a highschool freshman
: My emotions have nothing to do with my argument. I mean what I said. Its not an emotional out burst. Furthermore, I didn't ask for your opinion on what you think are my emotions, nor your high roading platitudes about what I should or shouldn't include in my post or arguments. Maybe focus on the content of the post, not your opinion of your inferred subjective opinion of my emotions. Also, you need to learn to READ. I didn't say every Rioter should go to hell, just the ones that had a hand in the shit decision and final outcome of the rework.
You are a troubled person, and have seem a little unstable if I'm being honest. Not everything is about whether you "asked" someone for their opinion or not. That's just a weak deflection when you can't make a true counterpoint, an admission that you were in the wrong about something, but that you just don't care because it doesn't play along with your narrative.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: I wanted to agree with you, because all reworks suck, but since you want ALL Rioters to "go to hell", i'm not going to. Reworks should not exist, but you need to control your emotions about them. Hate, but don't insult. At least not directly.
I disagree about the comment "all reworks suck". That's incredibly subjective. I for one think that nunu, we, taric, galio, akali, aatrox were all good reworks (some of which were out of whack but still malleable enough to be worked into something good), but if you see my response abive, I think the healthy solution for everyone is to introduce shadow warriors. After all, no one likes losing their main to a rework
: Irrelevant argument--most champs stat check when ahead. Also, what I do with my life, and what I choose to value with my time is none of your business. keep your unsolicited opinion to yourself. He was kept weak because Riot couldn't figure out a way to balance him and keep the essence of his kit. Hence the part about them lacking competence. Did you read the post? And if the last tangent was worthless, tell me what about it was worthless? My argument about the nature of games? Or peoples time? What specifically? I will wait.
Your whole post is an unsolicited opinion. Double standard maybe? And it's true, old aatrox was too binary. Not saying that he couldn't have been fixed, but as he was, he was terrible design. New aatrox is a cool design to play against (just was balanced). You're just salty your old main essentially got removed from the game. I would be too though, tbh. Riot should just keep shadow version of champs when they do total or near total reworks, much like smash Bros (young link, botw link, toon link, Samus, dark Samus, zero suit Samus, pretty much all of the fire emblem sword fighters, Mario, doctor Mario, etc) and keep the original champ design in a slight perpetually nerfed condition so that they can be easy to balance, but viable in the right hands or in or against the right team comps, etc
: his winrate in plat has, for the last 6 months, been between 47% and 49%, until this last patch where he was indirectly buffed by crit item changes but hey you lost to a champ with average winrate and it was frustrating, so he must be OP. Maybe this is too much to hope for but, you know, since the facts are squarely against you, why don't you just admit you're wrong and suck it up?
Far less toxic champs have been nerfed or reworked for having toxic gameplay, even with bad winrates. Yasuo seems to be the exception. He should be gutted and reworked into something healthier that doesn't piss everyone off besides the Yas player.
: This is true of most champions, except you know, you can gank him and in fact yasuo is one of the most susceptible to gank champs there is. you can also deal with him away from minions where he has a big advantage, like in the river. But sure lets all upvote asinine comments like this with 0 critical thinking behind them
Lol Yas is far from the most susceptible champs to gank. His E allows him to make escape through minions in multiple directions. His q nado provides self peel, his w allows him to shield while running away, not to mention his passive shield blocking damage. You want susceptible? Try Darius, nasus, malphite, garen, or morde. Those champs are vulnerable to ganks. Yas only is if he is an idiot and ignores common sense game safety to overextend heavily, which ANY champ can do.
: Yeah because we totally need more shields. Courga of the colossus was an awful rune to be vs but on the other hand, it gave supports and tanks just enough help for them to be useful. Ah good old times, not "who gona 1 shot faster" game but a "how should we fight?" game
I miss CoC. It was great on datius, and combined with steraks, would be amazing
WET Psyco (EUW)
: If you want a champion with a low skill gap go for garen nasus yorick, sion, you will climb sooner but is not so fun and later on you will struggle climbing for more challenging champion (and more fun to play) who are currently decent: yasuo irelia fiora aatrox(just got nerfed tho) jayce (OP) or kennen
I don't consider Yas or irelia to be challenging. They're just overloaded.
: Darius buffs
Darius hasn't gotten a buff or change though. Maybe it's a bug
: What happens when you don't focus Darius?
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