eMuffin (NA)
: Off meta is "trolling"
He's just salty and doesn't know how to adapt to situations.
: To The Zed who called my Anivia "No-skill"
This feels like a game where I played Veigar, and the Annie I was laning against rushed {{item:3089}} , and wondered why I was blowing her up. She kept calling me broken... all I could do was facepalm.
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: Her rework made her initially weaker, but it made her kit easier to balance for future changes, even if it was frustrating to long time Sona players. Auras are just hard to balance.
I don't think you deserve the down votes. You are right she is easier to balance now. But I'm pretty sure Riot isn't gonna touch her till the bot lane get's stale or if she really get's into a bad spot.
Uiraya (NA)
: She's not even sort of decent at the majority of them. She's a Q+ult bot, with what must be two of the worst abilities in the game to go with them.
Pretty much the only thing going for her right now.
: Because she was still good after the nerfs. She offers everything you want in a support. Heals, shields, movement speed, poke, bonus damage, and then her power chord offers either a slow, damage mitigation, or just more damage. Not to mention her AoE stun for an ult. Her numbers have to be hit to keep her many options less powerful than champions who only get to pick a handful of those options.
Yeah she did deserve to get a couple nerfs but I don't think they needed to constantly keep going. I mean right now she's just the jack of all trades, but master at none for the support role.
: {{champion:37}} 24 nerfs in a single patch. Around a dozen or more additional direct and indirect nerfs in the same season.
God I swear Sona is the support version of "nerf Irelia". Season 3-4 all I saw were nerfs, just due to the fact she was constantly used in the LCS.
: i pref {{champion:55}} X {{champion:91}} X {{champion:69}} or {{champion:99}} X {{champion:91}}
that just sounds kinky...I like it
: So you queued up for a match and you don't want to learn/improve, don't want to win, don't want the IP and don't want to communicate with your teammates? This isn't Starcraft or Sim City, if you queue up your teammates expect you to at least put some effort in the game. This adc guy is trying to communicate with you and play his best and you kept the team down because you wanted to troll lol. Imagine if the adc guy posted this thread instead of you: "So I queued up for a normal match to improve my game, I'm a bit rusty to go into ranked so I'm gonna play a normal game where I don't lose LP" "Ok I don't know what this guy is doing, I'll try to ping him so he knows what's up" "Ok this guy is not even trying to win, what's he doing??" "Ok I'm getting annoyed now, he doesn't want to win he's basically just wasting my time" "Ok now he tells me I should chill out and stop tryharding because 'it's a normal game' - whatever dude /clicks Play again"
There is a lot of assumption you're are making here. 1. I didn't say I didn't want to win, in fact we steam rolled the enemy team. 2. The ADC wasn't rusty, and he/she had been playing consistently (my friend lolnexsus/king the match...idk why he did it in a normals match) 3. He/she would literally just ping 10+ times in a 5 sec span just to tell me go on the enemy ADC. Didn't type in chat or anything. On top of the fact that he/she would go ham with no warning at all. So yeah communication wasn't really there.
: Yesterday in ranked, I made the comment " the ward placement by you guys is very underwhelming. Please at least ward around you if you're going to roam. and please upgrade your trinket." first reply: "you're the support."
> [{quoted}](name=kureransu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qv8GMd92,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-09-23T17:58:09.420+0000) > > Yesterday in ranked, I made the comment " the ward placement by you guys is very underwhelming. Please at least ward around you if you're going to roam. and please upgrade your trinket." > > first reply: > > "you're the support." What is this? Season 3?
ZER0 2 (NA)
: Thank you Riot. [A Good Death]
YES! The lore that we've been promised is finally being given. Now ummmmmm bout Garen and Katarina?
: As a long term Nasus main since s2, I think it's time to rework Nasus
Nasus does need a kit rework. His kit doesn't promote much healthy game play (though there definitely worse). The biggest issue that his kit is that his kit is solely focused on his Q. His passive helps hims stay in lane to farm, his E is usually used to damage up the minion wave help farm (unless he builds ap), Wither is to catch people to drop his swag stick on, and the ult is just to give extra beef in team fights. Honestly take away the Q he looks like a medium range mage. I think what Riot needs to do is figure out what they need to focus on. If they want keep his Q as the focus in his kit then they should probably put him in the place a carry position. If they don't want his Q to be the main focus and have him be the tanky swag stick swatting dog he is, then revamp his kit to provide more cc that will disrupt the enemy team, and find a different resource for his Q to stack off of.
Archon X (NA)
: I don't understand what "tryhard" even means. If you're not playing to win, you're trolling. Get a group of 5 then play however you want, but if you're not playing to win please don't subject random teammates to your lack of effort.
I didn't say I wasn't playing to win. Being a tryhard just means being to overly competitive to the point where it annoys everyone else, or just strait up ruins the game for everyone. Also if I lose (in a normals match where there are no penalties other than a lack of IP), I'm not gonna be effected by it. Keep in mind that most cases the people in norms aren't even playing their mains, so I'm not gonna expect them to be at their 100% best, so there is no point in being a "tryhard". And those people are just as welcome to get a group of 5 and not ruin everyone else's fun by being overly competitive.
Archon X (NA)
: most people play normals to practice for ranked. if you want to just have fun and not have to try to win play vs bots.
Yea- no. Bots aren't fun. The only useful part for bots at this point is the first win of the day bonus. And I get that people do norms to practice rank, but people can practice without shoving their competitive spirit on others. Also there is the option of queing up with four other people that are willing to tryhard together.
: Tis people like that who made the term 'tryhard' an insult.
: > he just becomes a walking wall of destruction you can't deal with. Riot has gone away from that concept and has for awhile. They have? {{champion:82}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:72}} seem to indicate otherwise. In fact, they seem more open to the "giant tanky ball of destruction you can't deal with" than ever. Two days ago I watched a slightly-ahead Skarner run into a 1v3 and come out with a triple kill against Lucian, Olaf, and Shen. Nasus is in fact a perfect Juggernaut candidate. Hopefully if they do that, they'll have figured out how to balance these things by then.
I think Riot stated that Nasus was one of the top candidates for the Juggernaut patch, but they admitted they would need to do a lot more work for his kit to make it work.
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: if this does not prove Darius is broken, no other video in League will..
Dr Poro (EUW)
: There are no good players in League of Legends
A couple days ago, I had to verse a Yasuo as Veigar. My jungler Shaco decided to gank my lane often since I would obviously get shit on. We would always kill the Yas. His response to the whole thing "Omg Veig you're so bad". Took him 3 deaths to finally buy a fricken pink ward, and by I was to big to give a fuck. I say it was a combination of successful teamwork and the Yasuo's ego that got me ahead.
: Who is that one champion you hate to play against but everyone else don't seem to mind.
: Not bad.
Yeah for once this lore wasn't some dead end. There for once some legitimate story advancement and character growth.
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GIJose65 (NA)
: How come whenever a vayne is on my team, they tend to struggle in lane,
Honest truth is people have a really bad habit of remembering the bad and not the good. Usually it just feels that we get a lot of bad players, when in truth it's like once in every 5 games or so we run in to those type of situations.
: Shen was disabled in LCS because of a 1/1000th chance of ult fail..
I feel so luck not to have experienced those...
: Can we buff Elise?
A lot points taken, Elise does seem really weak in this current meta right now, but let's wait and see. She has been a top tier jungler for a while now, and always seems to comeback towards the end of every season. I've always enjoyed playing with and against Elise seeing that she brings an interesting type of pressure from the jungle.
: Movespeed sion, is that what I'm hearing?
No...please no. Lets leave that kind of stuff to Voyboy, and Keyori to test out.
: >Nothing scarier than a rampaging zombie rushing out of the river. This.
Yea I'm still not accustomed to his ult noise just yet. So when he starts his ult I'm alway wondering what is that noise. Then BOOM! BIG! MEAN! KNOCK UP MACHINE! In my face.
: That being said, I think that while he's strong, he does have counterplay, so it's OK that he's strong.
Can you think of any changes in the meta that would make him op?
: To me he just seems like he needs a few QoL buffs. His passive is junk when compared to Kog'Maw as they have the most similar passives. Kog'maw does not want to be in melee range at all, his passive makes him run into melee range and attack. Therefore countplay. Sion takes roughly .5 seconds to transform and begin attacking. One slow from anything, and your passive is useless. imo, if they changed his passive to being cc immune for the first 2 or 3 seconds, that'd solve a lot and give him a noticeable boost in power. Other than that, he's fairly balanced and his kit synergy is top notch. His ult is highly mobile, while its easy to avoid the damage if you're quick, it also puts sion into a fight he was half the map away from initially. Its also a great initiate. Think like {{champion:120}} ult interruption.
I think making him immune to cc for his passive would make him to strong, considering he has that for his ult. Gotta remember his free stats from his passive are pretty big. 100% life steal + the percentage health damage are very strong stats. The only was to justify to make his passive immune to cc would be to take immunity off his ult...or to actually get rid of it and think of something new. Aside from that glad to know that he has synergy. This promotes teamwork unlike his pre-rework style.
: I haven't played a lot of him, but I think hes perfectly balanced (only done jungle with him so far, planning on trying some top today). his early game is a little weak, clear not too good, ganks aren't great but aren't bad either, and Im sure with a little practice you could make them great. after lvl 6 he has incredible ganks, especially post-b-out ganks, and his clear is incredible once you get a {{item:3077}}. Hes meant to be built as a bruiser, a little more on the tank side tho. his passive is getting a lot of complaining but it really is perfectly balanced, easy to deal with most of the time. one of my favorite things about it is how his w gives him a huge shield, and its his main source of dmg despite being magic dmg.
AP Sion stil viable? hahaha jk. Last thing I want is for him to have a identity crisis again. After seeing him played a couple of times I like him better in the jungle. Nothing scarier than a rampaging zombie rushing out of the river.
Reimυ (EUNE)
: His passive AA dmg and AS is fixed, which sucks.
well at least it has 100% life steal and percentage health damage which is nice...
Reimυ (EUNE)
: His ult is pretty strong when used while on top of enemy team. Still his passive could have been better, but maybe it's really strong and we have no idea how to take advantage of it..
I think his passive works well for heavy dive comps like Aatrox and Zac. I also want to label it a snow ball passive cause if he's ahead the free stats from his passive may guarantee a few retribution kills.
: >What's the scanner say about his power level? ^that
: Sion is strong. The people playing him are just retarded. He has everything in his kit he really needs to succeed, but he does have issues being kited in his passive. That being said though, I haven't seen a good Sion yet and he's typically banned half the time in ranked because he's new and people will play him for the first time in ranked.
I can live with him having kiting issues. There always has to be at least one exploitable weakness. Well guess he's on the wait and see till people figure him out.
Reimυ (EUNE)
: UP, his ult is really easy to dodge and everybody can hear him, and his passive is just useless.
That's true his does feel a little underwhelming. Then again I've seen secure a decent amount of kills. Maybe if people use it a Jarvan Ult it'll be better
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: 1 hit nexus - super super close plays
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: Graves dash deserves an auto attack reset
Hmmmmm this would make his dueling a little better.


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