: this wouldn't remove autofill
Autofill is something completely different, and honestly I don't think that many people despise support, when I fill support is probably picked for me ~25% of the time, jungle is more hated at least in Gold.
Jamaree (NA)
: We are back to the problem of long queue times again because no one picking support good idea on paper though.
B-b-b-b-ut support is my favorite role. Also with Senna releasing I'm sure many more players will pick support haha
: That'd be a good idea, as long as it was, you know...just for choice. Falls apart if you let it exclude autofill, but if it's kept for just manually choosing fill, that's probably fine.
Haha not excluding autofill of course, though that already is an option I believe because Riot makes it so if you play specific positions enough you may be filled automatically in game to a position which you don't normally play if you have locked in something such as top/mid.
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