: Let me ask you this then, if I belong there, but can not find a significant way to improve even though I'm just as capable in gold games then where is the disconnect? I hear alot about consistency in lower elo, but how to you keep a good kda on someone immobile like my most of my mains (jhin, miss fortune, Sona) when they feed a rengar 5 kills and silver people don't properly peel? This is my most common problem. Is it because I don't play mobile champs or one work CC so that's my fault? If you split with that lead on champs like that you're easy pickings, but if you stay with your team and they don't peel you'll disappear as fast. You may say " if you're in the proper position then at least after you're blown apart, they will be too for the dive into the back" except lots of champs are made for that in and out, and that's also assuming your team doesn't fall apart as soon as someone dies. So even if I play "consistently" some games will always look better than others because when feeding happens in low elos no one knows how to stop fighting, creating the snowball. This is why you must be better than gold 4 to get there; because you're gonna have a bad team more often than 30 percent of the time. The skill gap between gold 4 and silver 2 isn't much, but that climb is still a long ways for not that big of a gap. This is why gold 4 in silver 2 doesn't get you to gold 4; it's simple logic that to make a large enough impact on a team game with team variables by yourself that you'd have to be much better than the players your against, and as I just said s2 and g4 aren't far enough apart in skill for a g4 player to breeze through silver. If you have a football team that's constantly terrible and you add someone who is slightly better than them to the team, do you expect a change? Of course not. If you want a single player to carry that terrible team you're gonna need an MVP. Low gold players don't have the skill to consistently be MVPs in high silver, and it wouldn't make sense for them to either that close to their skill ceiling. So, better git gud and become gold 2 quality so you can reach that gold 4.
no man you are only counting the times that you have bad teammates, players on the other team are just as likely to feed their asses off as your team. It's a two-way street, not one. you lose some and you win some that's the nature of the game, you get good teammates, you get bad ones. The point is if you consistently play well you will increase that 50% winrate to 55 or to even 60%. You can only control so much in the game and if you can't consistently play well then yes u are silver 2, not gold. Stop justifying your poor play and stop this nonsense mental masturbation.
: I agree skill is not one single definable thing, that it's multiple things combined. However, like you said some are more important than others and when you are good at the important things, it doesn't feel aptly rewarded. I stand by my statement that if you a gold 4 quality player, you will not carry yourself all the way to gold 4. You will be stuck at silver 1 or 2, because the amount of time and skill required is more than that of a gold 4 player. Maybe I'm exaggerating a whole tier if difference, but you at the very least must be better than the position you are at to of climbed to it.
Id say that's more complicated thing to measure but let's say that is the case, if you are truly a gold 4 quality player(w/e that is) with normal to good mmr in silver1 in your games, there will be upper tier gold4s (who will climb easily) and lower tier bottom of the barrels gold4 (veteran hard stuck) (mind that gold bracket is huge like other lower tier brackets) with mix of gold2-3 and silvers occasionally. If you are not capable of winning at the very least 50% of your games in that standing (at good mmr you're looking at 23-25 lp gain per win, 14-16 per loss) then you belong in that division. You can choose to improve and be better than average gold4s, or just be hard stuck, it is that simple. This I'm gold4 level but I can't climb to gold4 notion is ridiculous, of course, better quality players will climb with ease and its easy to see that but people are not static, they grind, they evolve and get better as they play and if you can't keep up then you are where you belong. Meta changes, game changes you can see people from seasons 4,5,6,7 struggling, people can get better or worse depending on the circumstances, it's all about being consistent with your play and improving your craft.
: I find this to be false, as with is the case for plat to diamond as well ( based on experiences of a friend who is plat). My evidence for this is that I have another friend who is gold 2 that when I play ranked games with them as a silver 2 player I frequently perform on par or even better in CS, lane control, vision, and kda. If I can consistently play with gold players and win, slightly more often even, then in my opinion I am a gold quality player. This same situation is the one my Platinum friend faces, only with diamond players. It's not just the 50/50 chance of feeders or general liabilities on your team either; how often has a team surrendered a game at 20 because it's 15 to 2 even though they only have one turret and a wind Drake? How often does someone die literally one time before the burners come on and one or both quit trying, feeding, or arguing the whole game? Gold 3 isn't that much better than silver, no matter how much you gold players think your all Jesus compared to the lower ranks. You're really not that much better than a bronze 1 player honestly. Which brings me full circle to why you need to be way better than your actual rank to climb to said rank; because for such a LONG grind to cover such a small skill gap with alot of luck involved requires a level of skill that negates the luck. This means being way way better to negate all of the elements you aren't in control of, and generally one rank above your current level isn't enough skill because while gap feels huge because of the amount of climbing involved, I promise gold isn't much better than silver or bronze.
as an avid smurfer and I've coached my friends to gold and plat, I disagree with the fact that gold isn't much better than silver or bronze(yes it doesn't take much to get to gold but imo there is a glaring gap between the tiers in most cases) You are looking at Skill* as a one-dimensional attribute but in reality, it's multi-dimensional (laning(csing,duels,wave management, positioning, setting up ganks,setting vision), macro(rotation, setting up vision for team fights, TP points, wave management,objectives), micro(mechanical skills, understanding CDs), teamfighting (aggro management, positioning, target prioritization, prediction) and consistency). You can be gold or plat level in some aspect but be bronze in other areas that is why people are in their respective elo and most times the person knows what they are good at and they ride that train until they can't win anymore. The difference is lazy players will just play it out and get furious when they can't win and the diligent ones will look at replays and practice those skills they are lacking in. Important thing to keep in mind is that all the skills I mentioned prior are not equal, some are more helpful for climbing than others. With all that said, Often the biggest skill gaps I see between the silver, bronze, and gold or plat is consistency, they just don't play consistently at an optimal level enough to win the game and the ability to get carried, id say this is the most important skill to have if you are trying to climb, it goes in hand in hand with consistency but its the mindset, the ego, stubbornness to accept that you aren't the one carrying the game holds a lot of people back. If you accept the fact that you are no different than other players in the game and play the game as what it is, you'll climb. And no you are not a gold/plat level player in silver held back by your terrible teammates, you are silver because you play like silver, sure teammates might hold you back but that applies to everyone. that logic is laughable, you're telling me that every gold 4 players every plat 4 players are there because they are significantly better than other plats or golds? nah man it simply doesn't work that way.
: Why is vayne the way she is?
You should give her a try and see whats up
: Now is the time to unleash my ADC soraka build into ranked!
Soraka is a top laner!!
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: if you are Adc main, You want early game? you will be overpowered rest of the game cause you are a DPS ranged carry. if you want late game? there you get overpowered late game, instead of Assassin that can't kill tank very fast or cant 1v2, you can 1v2 and 1v3 late game. pls stop with these threads nobody gives a fuck about Adc being weak early, You pick a champ that overpowered late game, if you didn't reach late game its your choice picking it in the first place. if you want to be balanced, not overpowered early or late? you probably wont be able to 1v2 and you will get a Huge nerf on Cooldowns or even DMG. And then will start to complain about Adc being *BORING*.
There is no late game


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