Sukishoo (NA)
: 2019 Immortal Journey Splashes, Ryze and Amumu too.
That Nami splash is terrible. Her face looks like a doll, like there's no life behind it. Worse than like a 1000 yard stare, just absolute blankness.
: Swain Skin Leaked?
Ummm.... Have you actually looked at Zoe's eyes in the trailer? I think it's Zoe's eye/nightmare she's falling into.
: Eternals: My Thoughts/Hopes for the Product.
I think the problem is buying it for a certain champion. I'm not willing to pay 860rp to open up 3 Soraka quests, but I would be willing to pay a little bit more money to open up all of The Guide's quests. I'm fine with it costing money, I'm not fine with having to buy it for a specific champion. Honestly I think that buying them for only specific champions can actually affect games. I feel like that's how you get people going, I realize we need an ap/tank/cc on our team but screw that, I'm trying to work on my eternals quests.
: How will I know when TFT is ready to play?
If the PBE is any guide to go on, I wouldn't get excited about being able to play the instant the schedule says it releases. We're 7 days past the PBE launch and it's still taking HOURS just to login to the PBE.
: Teamfight Tactics Trailer
"Join the battle for the Convergence." More like join the battle just to login to the PBE right now, where the login wait time only rises.
: SKT1 Zac being purple in game
Do you have a colorblindness mode turned on?
: The option to be able to toggle autofill or to bring back teambuilder. Autofill doesn't have to be MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE. I'm so very tired of arguing this. IF YOU HAVE THE TIME TO WAIT FOR THE ROLE YOU WANT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO SO, IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO WAIT, TOUGH TOENAILS. It's literally just do you have the time or do you not? If you have it and want to wait cool, if you don't sorry but we got atuofill for faster que times. If you don't wanna toggle autofill why not bring back teambuilder? I feel this isn't THAT hard to understand.
Ladrac (EUNE)
: 750 RP skins
I doubt we'll ever see another 750 rp skin, we also hardly get 975 rp skins anymore(I think they've made 5 of the 975 in the last year). It's so much easier for them to make higher quality skins, so why spend the time making the lower cost skins. As far as I've seen they've only officially retired the 390/520 rp price point, so it might happen but I doubt it. I, too, prefer the 1350 skins, if you don't like the price just wait till they go on sale.
: is it not better to remove people who are unskilled at support though?
There's not a single person out there who couldn't support, look all you have to do is pick a gold generating item that works for the champion you pick and not kill minions. Drop a couple wards, occasionally help a team mate and boom, you're a pro support. Pick any champion, it doesn't matter as long as you get a gold generating item and don't kill creeps.
: that's not true. not everyone has the time to wait the longer que times. i could sit here for 3 hours waiting for my exact role. not everyone else could do that. if not autofill toggle then why not bring back team builder? one of my options has to be viable.
What options? You only give one in the original post, having a toggle feature on auto-fill. That won't work, people are not gonna go, "Oh, I can't wait 3 hours for a queue and toggle auto-fill on." That's stupid and no one would do it, everybody who isn't a support/fill main is gonna turn auto-fill off and leave it that way. Support/Fill will leave it on but that's only because they ALWAYS have auto-fill protection. Team Builder is not gonna fix this, it was never and could never be a ranked queue. Imagine people having the option to boot players from their lobby in a ranked queue without losing lp, it'd be a nightmare. If you're on a losing streak or fed super hard last game, you are NEVER gonna make it to a game. Until all positions are equally desirable, you have 3 options. -First, queue times are stupid long (High level players already have 30+ minutes queues even with auto-fill), this would drive people away from the game, making queue times worse. I remember queuing dps in WOW dungeons, looking at an hour wait time and shutting the game down and playing something else. -Second, removing position selection. If you wanna know how this is gonna go, go play a couple Blind Pick matches, now imagine lp riding on those games. -Third, Auto-Fill exists and is mandatory. Look, if you don't like Auto-Fill just play support/fill every couple games. I've actually never been auto-filled, not once in however many years it's existed.
: > [{quoted}](name=korppi tuoni,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cvHELiXQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-04T15:25:06.909+0000) > > Wordy and nonsensical. I've not heard a lot of complaining since they fix the lp bugs that tossed everyone in Iron IV. If we're gonna have a system that lets us pick position preference, Auto-Fill is mandatory **END OF DISCUSSION**. Believe me, the old system when they just drop you into a lobby and let you duke it out for positions was worse. > > Also, naming and shaming is a gigantic no-no on the boards, so unless you have that players permission to post them on the boards, you're liable to get penalized on the boards as well as the in-game penalty you already have. I would like to inquire, what's your opinion on abusing the system via duo-queuing?
I mean, it happens even without the system we have now, it's basically the same as bringing a low-level new-to-ranked person in a game with you. I've seen that and it sucks to have a clueless person running around but it doesn't happen that often. If you're saying that people are duo-queuing and then switching positions to play against a lower ranked opponent, I've never seen it and the coordination required to have that happen is like the stars aligning. First for you to have that big a rank gap between positions. Second to have somebody who is better on the opposite positions as you and then to get put into those positions, factoring in that duo's can't pick the same positions (you can't pick bot/sup and then duo with someone having sup/bot). Yeah, it might happen but like you might also get bit by a shark, what are the chances? Put on your big boy pants and stop making excuses about why you're losing.
: toggle option for autofill
If you have a toggle function on Auto-Fill you might as well just not have Auto-Fill, everybody would toggle it off to guarantee the role they want. Unless you want to go back to not having position preference at all and the arguments that starts, **AUTO-FILL IS MANDATORY.**
: Placement Ranks. My personal thoughts.
Wordy and nonsensical. I've not heard a lot of complaining since they fix the lp bugs that tossed everyone in Iron IV. If we're gonna have a system that lets us pick position preference, Auto-Fill is mandatory **END OF DISCUSSION**. Believe me, the old system when they just drop you into a lobby and let you duke it out for positions was worse. Also, naming and shaming is a gigantic no-no on the boards, so unless you have that players permission to post them on the boards, you're liable to get penalized on the boards as well as the in-game penalty you already have.
: Prestige Skin
To my understanding there are 2 different types of Prestige skins. There are the event skins (like Firecracker Vayne, KDA Akali and KDA Kai'Sa) which are only available with the event points. Then there are the yearly Prestige skins like Blood Moon Aatrox which are buy able with the Prestige points that come with the Masterwork Chest bundles. Here's the info they released with the Aatrox skin.
: 1v1 Ranked Map
They've done a 1v1 mode before when they started trying new Game Modes. Everyone hated it so it only made one appearance. Basically, don't get your hopes up, it's never gonna show up outside of the All-Stars event again.
: When will Urfwick be buyable again?
Next blue essence emporium most likely. They said that we're going to have at least 2 this year and they usually run midseason and preseason. Last years midseason was April 19th- April 30th but they don't always run the exact same dates.
TheFortex (EUNE)
: I understand people's view point on blind pick URF but what about draft pick?
Here's the Ask Riot explanation about why we have ARURF and not URF anymore.
Ðæs (NA)
: So if they made it just a casual game mode you think people would be interested?
I already answered this, THEY DID IT ALREADY. NOBODY LIKED IT!
Ðæs (NA)
: What do you guys think about a ranked 1v1 gamemode?
They did this several years back, when they had just started creating the different game modes. Almost nobody played it after the first couple days, so it wasn't worth the time to upkeep it. It was so unpopular that they didn't even bring it back for the RGM's.
Lo4ding (EUNE)
: (Character Concept) Sanya, the Crypt Lord Vessel
So like a Darkin cross between Azir and Orianna. I can dig it except 2 things. 1. It's too close to a Darkin, right now its just a mana Darkin. You either need to commit to being a Darkin or create a more unique theme. How many evil possessed items exist in this world? 2. The crypt lord is honestly a pet, so you need to treat it as one. Look at the pets we do have and make sure that you adhere to the rules they follow. Lulu, Azir, Orianna, Zyra, Mordekaiser, Annie, and Yorick are probably the most classic pet champions. -The pets are mostly smaller than the champions (except Tibbers and Annie but because Annie is so small you don't have a huge combined size). -They're always visible when they are there and can cause damage (try fighting an Orianna, keeping track of her and her ball, now imagine that you can only see the ball WHEN it's causing damage), it's either got to be always visible like Orianna's ball or summoned like Azir's sand soldiers. -Their movement needs to be carefully considered. Are they like Lulu's Pix, who's basically part of Lulu's figure, are they like Azir's sand soldiers who disappear when he moves too far away, is it like Yoricks pets who have a basic form of AI that just sends them down the closest lane, is it like Tibbers who moves on his own but if moved too far away snaps back to Annie, are they controllable like Orianna's ball, are they stationary and time out like Zyra's plants. Thinking about it, I'd connect her to the other Mana based champion, Ryze and give her a world rune instead of possessed armor. She could maybe have gotten a hold of a world rune just like the armor. The flavor would change and it would eliminate the pet issues, she'd carry a world rune as a spectral weapon instead. The world rune would create the rifts and instead of the Crypt lord ult, you'd go all glowy and covered in runes like Ryze.
: if you mean literally there's a lot of games where I bought nothing but tear, then those were matches that were total losses anyhow and by that point i sell my shit and buy tears because losses make me cry get it
I get it, I'm not amused by it and I doubt your team mates are either.
: When can we have URF?????????????????????
Go play ARURF on the PBE. It's horrible, you'll hate it and never want to see it again.
: LeaverBuster is fucked. Please fix?
Did your game crash for that Nunu game last month too? You should probably check your connection and run the Hextech Repair Tool. Although, looking at your match history you may want to take a break from league anyway. You seem to have a lot of, ummm, toxic games. That seems, to me, to be an excessive amount of games with nothing but {{item:3070}} built.
Aerdrift (NA)
: Possible Upcoming Rakan Nerf / A Proposed Solution
It's all for pro-play. Rakan is much more powerful in a coordinated environment, when he is viable for regular play he's very overpowered in pro play. Riot would rather champions be balanced in pro and unplayable in regular. This is why a lot of the low win-rate champions are where they are (Kalista, Ornn, Shen, Sejuani, Gragas). Hopefully if the Kalista, Sejuani and Ornn balance changes work they'll start fixing some of the other big pro/regular problem champions.
: @Riot: Can We Get Some Stats On The Amount of People Leaving After URF?
Dude, you think they destroyed it by changing it to ARURF. Play the ARURF on the PBE right now, they just massacred it. Nothings balanced, games are decided around the 2 minute mark with an average play time of 12 minutes. Imagine playing ARAM on the Summoners Rift map, starting at champion level 1, with an unlimited cannon to anywhere on the map from the start of the game but recall/casting times is normal speed. All the monsters/minions spawn super slow (aka normal speed) but action is so fast you can't respond either with your team or against the enemies because by the time you get there the fight is over. Things automatically snowball so everyone is super salty from second 1, rage pinging nonstop. 0/10 Played twice, will never play again.
aaaad (EUNE)
: When will start the PoroKing event ?
The poroking event has always been Snowdown, this year instead of bringing back the Poroking mode they put out the Nexus Blitz Beta.
Squidcub (NA)
: What can I do about more snowdown tokens?
: Does the word "pathetic" really warrant a 25 chat ban?
You know what I want to see? I want to see the other games on that card, they usually put 3. Also what about the games on the report that netted you the 10 game chat restriction? Can we see them? You are right, this is only mildly toxic. I, too, would be uncomfortable in how you berate your gf in chat (Why do you have to tell a lvl 61 player to scroll all the way out? Shouldn't you have covered that when playing early level bot games?). Also that temper tantrum you threw at the end and refusing to surrender when you have a 1/11/2 Udyr and a 4/10/0 Darius on your team. Be as optimistic as you want, but know that sometimes you just gotta cut your loses and shave a bit of wasted time off these games. But back to the point, it doesn't matter how mildly toxic it is, it is still toxic and report worthy. Your issue is that this little tiny bit of a report stacked on top of all your other reports pushed you over the line to earn a punishment. So take your 25 game chat restriction and actually learn what clearly didn't sink in when you got your 10 game chat restriction. It doesn't matter how mildly toxic you are, enough mildly toxic games and you're gonna get punished, and next time you're gonna get a 14 day timeout instead. [The game for anyone interested.](
: > [{quoted}](name=korppi tuoni,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=ojW3Eh7t,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-31T16:22:05.446+0000) > > How do you know you didn't get the skin border? Does it show up on the Skin Collections tab picture? when you load into the game lol
Okay, do something for me, go to your collections tab, click on the skins tab and find the skin. They added a feature where any skins you own that have borders will show up with the border. If the skin doesn't have a border in that picture, you need to check and make sure you have the icon. Also, go to the Store, in the top right corner click on account then on the left click on Purchase History. Everything you buy or get through hextech crafting will show up on this list. The icon/border set purchased with Snow down tokens shows up as an Icon purchase, with the description saying Ice King Twitch Icon + Border, Amount- 0, Currency- RP and non-refundable. If you have that listed in your purchase history and you don't have the Border on the skin tab picture. Then you need to go to support to have them fix it, there's nothing we can do here.
DracuIe (NA)
: The daily missions, So wait, If i don't complete the bottom part of the missions/nexus blitz.and instead do the top part. I don't receive the tokens for Nexus? I'm looking at my completed daily missions, and it says, do either and get 10 Snow down token +1 Nexus. or are we suppose to just get one or the other?
Look at the text colors. If you finish the white mission you just get the white prize (the Snowdown tokens). If you finish the yellow mission you also get the yellow prize (the Nexus token). They really could have made this clearer, they didn't post an obvious Snow Down FAQs like they have with the last couple events.
: After a Lost Match
There's not a really good solution to this, I've had on multiple occasions, a person I reported for being a toxic waste of oxygen, immediately put back on my team. It is extremely frustrating but there's no way to fix it without that fix being abused by people. Let's say the system automatically prevents you from being put into a game with someone you reported, well now all I have to do is report people that I think are bad and now I don't have to play with them again... Oh and now the reports system has been inundated with baseless reports by people who decided their support is terrible because they went 1/6 (because who cares about the 24 assists they got). Your best bet in the future is to not immediately start another game, just wait a couple minutes. It'll make it less likely for you to have any repeats in your game and will also give you a chance to stretch, grab a drink and unwind a little bit from the toxicity.
: Wanna Get to Esports? I can help.
This post is just screaming for a small text disclaimer saying "Just sign up with a low down payment of $99.99 and a small monthly fee of $14.99 for all these awesome benefits." and then an even smaller disclaimer stating "Fee is not a promise of any tournament or esports position, any fees or payments are non-refundable."
Tedo58 (EUNE)
: Can someone explain how are people supposed to climb now?
And this is why you don't play ranked immediately after a ranking system update. This happened with the flex rank queue addition too, you'd just get random plats in the bronze games for no reason. I waited several weeks this time and got promptly dumped right back in silver 4 where I started.
: Server Transfer Down?
Just watch the blue exclamation point next to the Play button in the client. It tells you all the issues that Riot knows about/ is working on if you click on it. It can also turn yellow or red depending on the level of issue, such as upcoming downtime, champions/items being disabled, store issues, etc.
DracuIe (NA)
: Not recieving any Nexus Blitz Tokens From Missions
Which missions are you completing? The Nexus Blitz missions give out nexus tokens, the daily snowdown missions have 2 options ONLY the Yellow option (the bottom nexus blitz specific missions) gives nexus tokens.
: didnt get my skin border
How do you know you didn't get the skin border? Does it show up on the Skin Collections tab picture?
Nevixal (NA)
: Riot's Punishment System <Suggestions>
I agree with what everyone else has said, a visible demerit system would just make it easier for people to toe the line. People who get punished are in a vast minority and the numbers of people who get multiple punishments are minuscule, so it's not even needed for the majority of players. So much work for people they don't even want to have playing the game. Why on earth would anyone want a mute me option? Isn't that just the chat ban system aka a PUNISHMENT? If you have so little self control that not even mute all can help you, just stop playing multiplayer games. Go play single player where you can flame the npc's to your hearts content "What the fuck are you doing Garrus, let's just run right into melee range of that Brute, that's exactly where I want my fucking sniper." As for your recent 2 day later 14 day ban, that game probably got kicked into a manual review queue. When someone got to it, they likely decided that due to the severity of the toxicity it justified a 14 day rather than just a chat ban. If you really want to know, you can put in a support ticket to request an explanation or you can post your logs here and we can pick them apart (don't do this, we're not gonna tell you anything you don't already know, I'm just trying to bait out Riot Tantrum).
RezaO (EUNE)
: How to Equip the Ranked Armor as a Summoner Icon - help
If you click on the icon (either on your profile or on the chat bar NOT in the icon collection tab) now it gives you 2 options, which frame (armor or level) and which icon. Without seeing the dudes stuff in person I would assume he is using his ranked armor and a past seasons ranked icon.
Tesladin (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Quality Content,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Ftef5j0O,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-12-03T20:12:11.220+0000) > > Not as many players were buying the 750 skins. Most people prefer to get the full package of visuals and effects when they buy a skin for their champion. I prefer the opposite, a simple yet decisive visual makeover and thats it
> [{quoted}](name=Tesladin,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Ftef5j0O,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-12-03T20:23:25.488+0000) > > I prefer the opposite, a simple yet decisive visual makeover and thats it Yeah well, you're in the minority.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Blood moon Evelynn? Birdio and Pizza delivery Sivir? Chemtech Tryndamere? Aren't those 975 skins?
> [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Ftef5j0O,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-12-03T20:05:34.921+0000) > > Blood moon Evelynn? > Birdio and Pizza delivery Sivir? > Chemtech Tryndamere? > > Aren&#x27;t those 975 skins? Yeah, but he's looking for 750 skins. Like, oh no, Riot is putting out quality skins now instead of just changing the outfit color and demanding $5 for it. Dude, the technology for updating skins is so much better now, especially since the content efficiency update 9 months ago, it's easier for them to make the higher tier skins. There's actually a skin tier list that shows what's required for each price point if you're interested. I should also point out that they've officially stopped making skins for the 390/520 tiers and are totally revamping those skins during champion vgu's, which although not increasing the prices are bringing them up to the higher skin tier levels.
: Where's the rotating game modes?
They decided it takes too much time to rebalance the rotating game modes once a month, time that could be better spent on balancing the regular game modes. So they switched to just having them for certain events. The play drop-off on the rotating game modes is steep. Most people play the rotating mode like 2-3 times on the day it comes out and then quickly abandon it for the normal modes. When the modes are rotating once a month or so, it's even worse, especially because you get a lot of "rotating modes don't matter" trolls, so some people don't even play them at all. I do agree with you though, they were far too sporadic this year. They need to find a happy medium between once a week and this years 3 rotating game modes (probably 4 when snowdown hits), I think.
xasfnz (NA)
: It is hard to get a picture of what this actual situation was like since Riot doesn't release any chat logs but your own. I think it is worth noting, this permanent ban didn't come right after a two week ban.. I have played hundreds of games since then and I have dealt with many trolls. Riot's system clearly is not working, based on these forums and everyones in game experiences. So, why are they expecting people to just mute and report? So they do nothing about it and that person has no punishment whatsoever? At some point, it gets old, and people have emotions. I would argue I was quite fair in saying "bad" and "awful" in the situation I was put in. There was no hate speech, or self-harm suggestions (which I totally and completely agree would warrant a permanent ban).
You've been told multiple times by multiple people. NOTHING the other people say excuses your behavior. It doesn't matter what they say, they could say the most vile, hostile, inconsiderate things about the person you love most in the world. It still doesn't mean you can even call them bad, all you can do is mute them and report after. It's a hard line to take, it's totally backwards to the way most people think, but it's the best way to prevent escalating toxicity. Even with this hard line approach, most players don't ever get a punishment and the small percentage that does only gets 1 punishment. Unfortunately the people you see on the boards are a vocal minority, feeding each other the line that they were wronged and didn't deserve punishment because their behavior wasn't as bad as the "other" people. You seem to me to be one of those vocal minority, coming in here and showing us a small bit of one of what is certainly a large number of toxic games and saying "look, this game wasn't that toxic, why should I have been perma-banned?" How about the other games on that report? How about the games on your 14-day ban? The 25 game chat ban? The hundreds of games that didn't make it on the ban cards but nonetheless added to what is almost certainly an astounding number of players whose games you made unnecessarily toxic? But please, continue lying to us, showing us your curated chat logs, asking for sympathy. If we're lucky Riot Tantrum will wade in.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wolfcub2000,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=k4EYBUMu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-14T20:50:34.941+0000) > > To get enough tokens i saw somewhere that it would take a few hundred dollars buying it that way (through buying the pack stuff to get the tokens to get to 2500). Buying the world pass is the best option. But it very likely will be part of the gemstone skins eventually. The world pass ends on the 19th though right? I wouldn't be able to finish it would I or does it last until you're done?
> [{quoted}](name=Lex Domino,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=k4EYBUMu,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-11-14T21:00:04.239+0000) > > The world pass ends on the 19th though right? I wouldn&#x27;t be able to finish it would I or does it last until you&#x27;re done? The world pass did say that it would save up all the tokens you WOULD have gotten if you bought it when it released. Depending on how much you played you might have enough if you bought the pass now.
> [{quoted}](name=deaththekid88,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=gEThMweA,comment-id=0002000300040003,timestamp=2018-10-02T13:38:40.531+0000) > > bro THERE IS NO FIRST WIN OF THE DAY TOKENS WTF ARE U TALKING ABOUT MAX TOKENS IS 360 There is if you buy the Worlds Pass.
: Learn more: Worlds Season 2018 Event
I hesitate to ask this here since this has become a "everyone hate on the event pass." and as just the event pass itself basically gave me Odyssey Ziggs, Lunar Wraith Caitlyn and a cool "cursed" ward skin, so I'm perfectly happy with it. I was just wondering if My Shop was gonna make a visit during this event?
: Ran the math on the current store. Subtracting the new Kha'Zix skin from this since I got it from Hextech crafting. It would still cost: 640RP-Champion shipward 1,650RP-World Pass 1,045RP-Championship Kha'Zix 62,160RP-All Esport team Chroma Bundles.(9,360RP just for all the chromas.) 81,250RP-All World's Token collectables(Gold chromas, Borders, ward, emote, etc.) -------------- Total=146,745RP rounding up 150,000RP approximately for everything or 1,000$USD. Even if you were to do ALL of the missions you'd barely even be able to get any of the good rewards(Provided you have the corresponding championship skin to begin with.) Riot I like the game, I like the content your company brings...But Jesus tap-dancing Christ...Even as a collector I have to draw the line in the sand somewhere at some point and this is definitely one of those times, these prices are just insane for a limited time only event. GG no RE, Riot Games.
"Since Championship Kha'Zix and the 2018 Championship Ward are revenue-shared with the teams attending Worlds, they won't be obtainable through Hextech crafting until the Worlds event is over on November 19, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT. After that time, these items will be eligible through Hextech crafting."
: Your Shop is open for business!
Maybe don't repeat skins that I haven't bought in previous my shops. I know for a fact that I've seen 2 of them in previous shops (at a better discount too) and not purchased them, so clearly I'm not interested.
: Been gone from League for ~6 months. Here’s what I’ve learned.
You need to just leave this community altogether. If you're not playing then you know nothing about balance, it doesn't matter how many posts you read or videos you watch. While I will admit there are still issues (there's always gonna be issues, get over it), it doesn't mean things are worse. Also you're contradicting yourself, you say runes reforged ruined champ/build diversity and then say that it caused instability of the meta. The instability of the meta right now basically means anything goes, so champion and build diversity is through the roof right now. Funnel strategy in Silver, sure. All tanks, let's go. Yasuo adc, bring it. All attack damage champs, who needs ability power. No tanks, cool. No adc's, who needs them. Considering the changes to the tutorial, leveling system and the ad campaigns they've been working on in youtube, they clearly are trying to bring new players in. Yes they're pushing esports but without the pro scene I really think this game wouldn't amount to much or have the staying power it does. I think you're just mad because the game is changing period. The crotchety old men want everything to be the same, we should go back to the old SR map and never get another new champion/champion update because clearly they're making everything worse. Hey you know what, we should go back to the old style of supports where they're just ward bots who buy nothing but wards, cast no spells that aren't heals/shields and just run around dropping wards and dying because they've got no real items. You know what, this position select thing getting rid of arguments in ranked champ select is terrible, we should go back the toxicity created by a random chance placing you in last position means you get stuck on ward duty. Rift Herald, horrible, trash it. Loot system, who wants free stuff. Runes reforged, why would I not want to have to spend all your IP/BE on good runes to actually compete. You know what we should do, get rid of all these cool champion skins and go back to the old style recolor skins (Nightmare Cho'Gath, Toxic Dr. Mundo, Deadly/ Swamp Master Kennen, Sonoran Kog'Maw). These updated splash arts are horrible we should have more of the old ones like Nautilus, Kassadin, Malphite, Xerath and Mordekaiser.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Didn't they release the opposing icon for who lost in last year's event afterwards?
: LP Loss/Gains
Your LP gains and loses are based partially on MMR, in that if you win against enemies with lower MMR than you, you get less LP from it and if you loss against enemies with a lower MMR than you, you lose more LP. So if Madsin is correct in that you're being matched with people with a lower MMR than you then you're gonna come up against this more often. Basically the matchmaking system has decided that Silver 4/5 is the correct Elo for your skill level.
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