: When do i get a paycheck?
Anything you post on their forums is owned by Riot. Don't tell me you didn't read the fine print before joiningXD
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MCU forever (EUNE)
: A lux bug
Same happens to me from time to time. You can literally keep pressing the R for Ult and it never follows through. Apparently Riot doesn't know how to fix this bug. Lately I haven't had the problem, it appears to happen to some people when they download a new patch of league of legends. Wait till next patch next week when they finally re-buff the god awful W shield. Problem should be solved for you. -Lux One Trick
: Something seriously wrong with ARAM matchmaking system on this account
Every patch they update your MMR. Last patch I was wining somewhere between 75-80% of my Normal Draft games. At one point I had a 14 win-streak, reason being before that patch I rarely played that mode. Despite being Plat I was was being matched against mostly silver players with very few gold players. This patch they corrected the MMR for my normal draft games, Now i see most of my opponents are high gold players with a few Plat. *Due to this patch giving actually better rewards if you reach 2,000 or 2,200 event tokens, ***I shifted to playing ARAM so I can start playing against Unranked and Silver players again so I can FARM TOKENS from newbies*** My win rate is 60% in ARAM currently, I expect it to only increase as I familiarize with this game mode. Good Luck BiggieSquirts. Maybe wait until event is over?
: Please Nerf Lux
As a lux sup main with 580,000+ Mastery points, I can say Lux has a large number of counters. The most common champions that i've found are a mess to deal with are Karthus, Lee Sin, Yasuo, Vayne & Pyke. Things to remember: -Lux supports level q first and will often invade with it. Landing a Q can lead to massive damage due to follow up autos and procs with your adc. -Lux has some of the lowest hp (starts at 8th lowest) and armor (starts at 3rd lowest) throughout the game making it a prime target for assassins. -Lux has low base movement speed although her kit doesn't give her temporary movement speed. -Expect Lux to be throwing out Es at the same time an enemy adc is trying to obtain a last hit on a minion. Things you may not know if your new to lux: -Lux's E gives vision much farther than depicted by the orb, allowing you to attack jungle plants and enemy wards from a safe distance. -Invisable enemy champions in Lux's E slow can be noticed because the slow animation still shows. -The maximum (safe) damage combo involves landing a Q, followed up by bringing out E, Using your R and then detonating E. Also, as someone has pointed out. Sorcery- Arcane Comet with Relentless Hunter- Domination is highly recommended. Arcane Comet lets you out damage other primary runes while Relentless Hunter allows you to harass with poke damage from a safe distance. Relentless Hunter may also give you that extra bit of movement speed needed to reach the river first and get a proc on your Manaflow Band if you were to invade as level 1.
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Eckheart (NA)
: When spectrum benches you because all of their technicians are still hungover from labor weekend
You got spectrum internet... nuff said. Over here in southern California they advertise Spectrum's best offering ( 100 mps) at only $29.99 a month. That's because everyone knows Spectrum is garbage where I live. My family used to have Time Warner when I was growing up and it was the worst because the game would not only lag occasionally but the internet often completely crashes and lock you out of the game. Too bad you don't have Fiber Optic Cable where your from ( Ex. FiOs). -You hear that Spectrum is now after AT&T as well now this year? All those companies you run away from as the plague is starting to be owned by one entity!
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petarts (EUW)
: LOL Lag spikes after updating to 6.22
I just want to say, I got my ping problem resolved. 1) First you un-install Adobe Air. 2) install the latest version of Adobe Air. 3) Uninstall League of Legends in your Control Panel. 4) Delete the folder called "Riot Games" and everything in it in your C: Drive 5) Restart your computer 6) Install League of Legends (this may take 2 hours or more) Many people forget to update Adobe Air.


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