: Hi im Master Yi
master yi is not shit, youre just bad with him
: % damage reduction is the future. That's what new champs should have, because it actually works for tanks.
Kyukyuu (NA)
: Tell me Your Story About Solo Flex Que
when youre jungle you get blamed for every lane that loses because laners arent capable of winning on their own anymore. Its a horrible experience but i keep coming back to it for some reason
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Vis3xuaI (NA)
: @Meddler Can Kindred get a little more love?
Why do you want more buffs for how stupid the mark changes were in the first place? Why do kindred players want to be babied so badly. If you dont want to fight for your stacks, then stop playing jungle. because any smart person will meet you at your marks so that you dont steamroll the game for free. THATS HOW COUNTERPLAY WORKS
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: Because faker can do it, doesn't mean you also can .
losing lane and then blaming jg? nO WWway
CatSith (NA)
: What if lux's E blinds(reduce vision) when it detonates?
remove her snare thing and replace it with idea and i'd say that'd be fair.
: I wanna see some of these BMB items make a return
puppeteer was a pull for every person you auto attack and the string could be broken. IDK why my post was downvoted for wanting it implemented in the game, but yeah that item sounds very useful if its stats were changed to appeal to bruisers/tanks
: Before we keep circlejerking over Lulu
no, she needs to be looked at immediately. this is not normal
Kaioko (NA)
: I'm not sure where you're getting your data from. I've looked at your past 7 days which is around 50-60 games and in that you had 4 matches with Trist on your team 2 of which you won and 2 of which you lost. You did have one where she was in the enemy team and destroyed you.
imma be honest, i can't even find the games where ive won with her on my team, but i'll believe you.
: > [{quoted}](name=l Sion Bot l,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=11roRtwd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-23T20:28:38.864+0000) > > wow you said "they" and not "her". you respect their pronouns, amazing! I'm fairly sure that has nothing to do with gender preference and everything to do with Kindred being two entities as a single champion.
: Seeing kindred in this state makes me sad
wow you said "they" and not "her". you respect their pronouns, amazing!
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: Lulu is corki ALL OVER AGAIN
seriously, fuck lulu and all of her random ass mechanics that ignore the basic rules of the game.
: Whoever thought of the Nunu Buff deserve a slap on the bum.
: Autofill
yeah youre definitely the only one pissed about autofill
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: It truly feels unfair to be an ADC in this game
you forgot the part where late game nobody can effectively kill you through lifesteal/sheilds/frontline
slarias (NA)
: I suffered 2 leaves because the champion select froze
dominusx (EUNE)
: riot be like.
> Fuck your system grind fiesta more like "fuck u mom trash jgler gg"
: Well that's kinda dumb. Rito should probably fix that. Post it in bugs forum?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaAswCTT0UY&feature=youtu.be heres the video, her polymorph knocks me out of my ult and youll notice i stand in place like "wtf" lol
: Yeah but it doesn't apply the slow right? You still just go barreling down lane yes? All it does is visually poly you.
it makes you pop out of your ult form so you can't actually knock up anyone.
137434 (NA)
: Does it stop your ult? Or does it just turn you into a giant squirrel racing down lane?
it seems to make you pop out of your ult form and you just stand in place. I would post a video but this post isnt getting much attention. Maybe next time.
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: so that you would post about it on the forums
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: There's no way around it: Vlad needs a full VGU.
are there still people out there that think he needs buffs when he becomes a late game monster while remaining ungankable during the laning phase
: Just won a very close game
yeah and youd be lying if you said that it doesnt feel great when it happens for you
dominusx (EUNE)
: Mages might aswell be resourcles.
you think theyre out of mana so you try to fight them and then they use 4 rotations of spells, 1 death combo and their ult.
: My suggestion for ranked is one like in challenger
why tho. the system we have now feels good
: Pre-game lobby dodge vote
This is a horrible idea. I'm already spending 20 minutes per queue waiting for a game to start without this feature...
: lol ur getting downvoted by shaco mains making smurfs to downvote you.
SHaco is a disgusting champion, and needs to be gutted and left in the trash tbh. thats how i feel thank you
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: TL;DR I'm too salty somebody dodged and my "precious" time is too important to be wasted on LoL.
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dominusx (EUNE)
: meanwhile i enjoy autolosing lane by default vs tanks unless i play Darius who gets outscaled in terms of teamfighting because after they buy half an item they become unkillable unless the tank player is completely autistic and lets me hit him 10times it's also fun killing the same tank player but him remaining perfectly relevant even 30cs down and 2 lvls down to me when other champs become unplayable if they die like once in lane. Also fun when i'm ahead as an assasin and the 0-3 tank player can fight me or at least stall enough to get back up. Yeh tanks are so useless.... looking at Maokai with sunfire cape and tabi assasinating adc's lmfao. And trust me i dont defend adcs i flame pretty much everysingle ad player in both EU/EUNE servers as soon as they even talk to me.
: Dyrus has been stuck in plat for weeks on his smurf
: Please Preserve Old Galio
new galio is fuckin awesome
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: When did you ever hit level 6 at 3 minutes? Even that hiccup during the preseason only let you hit level 3 by 3 minutes
No, as of right now the standard jungler gets level 3 by around 2:45
Ralanr (NA)
: Because everyone hated getting ganked at level 2 by a level 3 jungler. That and it only made fast clear junglers viable, which made the meta stale.
this was the time that incredibly oppressive bot lanes zyra/cait/brand were booming, so junglers could punish them for shoving early and survive their burst damage. Noboddy was playing defensive supports to survive the ganks, so because people wanted to continue playing dumber and kept getting punished for it, they blame junglers for doing their jobs and then we get nerfed over and over again
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: When bad teammates blame you, what do you do?
you could play jungle for a week to test the extremes of blaming, then everything else around you will feel non-existent
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