: Klepto Garen. Funny how they just increased his Damage and nerfing the Tank.
It's not as though he's struggled with tanking though, let's be honest. As far as i understand, as long as he doesn't get chunked below the threshold, his healing is stronger all around and he doesn't get as many free stats. I'll take it though 100%
Rebonack (NA)
: Haha, they made his E apply on-attack effects? That's hilarious. Too bad he doesn't have a manapool. Mura would probably insta-gib someone.
: Old games and old runes were funnier and less problematic...
The keystone system is just too much power added into the game. Old runes and masteries weren't the end-all-be-all that keystones are.
: finally got all the Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes on dvd
MeowGath (NA)
: Turrets in 8.11
Don't forget the AP changes on tower damage a while ago. Buffed AP damage a decent bit.
Cloud273 (NA)
: What's the point of using rock types in Pokemon?
Usually for stealth rock and stone edge. They have a few notable strengths against ice, fire, flying, bug, two of those being some premier offensive types gives them a strong offensive presence. Also they aren't resisted by anything other than steel, fighting and ground, so they have neutral coverage across most types. Most aren't that impressive on their own besides Aerodactyl, Tyranitar, and Nihilego, so more often people use their moves vs their types. There was a period of time where Rhyperior was a solid wall with assault vest and M. Aerodactyl was a vicious sweeper though.
: > [{quoted}](name=l Helios l,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hqigvpHV,comment-id=001c,timestamp=2018-05-30T03:42:44.828+0000) > > I mean, getting rid of the trading was a good idea. Random just makes it spicer imo I disagree. I love the randomness, yet it felt so "GOD, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!" when my team8 got my little n i gga {{champion:245}} and i couldn't play him. FOR FUCKS SAKE WHY CANT I USE THE WORD N IGGA?!
> [{quoted}](name=HungryAngry2SPP,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hqigvpHV,comment-id=001c0000,timestamp=2018-05-30T22:58:42.012+0000) > > I disagree. I love the randomness, yet it felt so "GOD, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!" when my team8 got my little n i gga {{champion:245}} and i couldn't play him. > FOR FUCKS SAKE WHY CANT I USE THE WORD N IGGA?! Perhaps I should explain. It prevents people from trading and using rerolls to get rid of champs who are bad/less desirable than others when the person with the champ lacks rerolls. The way it works in my head, by preventing the reroll in this manner, you increase champ diversity because if they were traded and rerolled, that's one less possible champ that could be picked, increasing the odds of a better option being picked since you can't get the same champ you rerolled. Example: Odds of getting, let's say Nidalee, are 1/51, assuming everyone has the same chance of getting her. I have Aatrox for instance and let's just assume Aatrox is bad and I don't want him. I can't reroll because I'm out of rerolls, so I trade to X who can reroll twice for me. X rerolls and has a 1/50 chance of getting Nidalee, since Aatrox is removed from the equation and can't be picked since he's already been picked. They get let's say Zac, who also, let's assume, sucks. They reroll again, and now the odds are 1/49 for Nidalee, which is obviously a better chance than 1/51. It may not be a lot, barely 0.1% difference, but it still matters under the idea this can be done consecutively across several players and we aren't aiming for just one champ. Of course there's also an issue of the bad champ pool, but I assume the idea translates well enough in that there's still one less bad champ in the pool to choose from. That's just my idea on why it's better.
Terozu (NA)
: PSA Some people do like Arurf.
I mean, getting rid of the trading was a good idea. Random just makes it spicer imo
: ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ I was just looking for the quote.
{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Why you do this
: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/kancolle/images/2/24/Just-to-suffer-why-are-we-still-here-4088483.png/revision/latest?cb=20170903025324
What manga is that?
ZeeWolfZ (NA)
: Vi's Ultimate should be changed
Honestly, in an age where we're losing point and click abilities (Taric, WW for example), having an ability like that that isn't countered by a dash isn't a bad thing. There's an inherent level of reliability in point and click that is invaluable, ex the whole issue of Ryze W. But it's not like the Vi gets away with burst damage and can walk away like Ryze can. She's, more likely than not, in the middle of 4 - 5 people, and if your ADC has GA, then odds are high Vi is dead. Even ignoring the latter, she's still probably dead.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=dmIzTEKQ,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-02-20T19:53:50.376+0000) > > I do feel that the design just kind of ignores the danger of void exposure. > That's my problem. Everyone else gets changed by The Void, why does she get a free pass? And I don't buy that "symbiote suit protects her" bullshit, _because a Voidborn is a creature naturally born of The Void._ Might as well rub yourself in Void juice and hope for the best.
We do only have a paragraph of text to explain her. I'm gonna reserve my judgment at least until we have the full bio.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tyvan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vuzr4oLY,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-02-17T23:52:14.321+0000) > > wtf It makes ZERO sense. Plants hate the Cold so Zyra would despise Lissandra and Lissandra is narcissistic and isn't capable of caring about anyone but herself. It doesn't work thematically or logically. If I was going to ship Zyra with anyone, it would be with {{champion:427}}
> If I was going to ship Zyra with anyone, it would be with {{champion:427}} {{champion:57}} {{item:3070}}
: It's Fiddlesticks. He used to have a key hanging around his neck, but on his updated splash it was removed Old splash: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-5pWYlKqy3g0/Vw7RNs1wzkI/AAAAAAAANfI/TvVerxyu008DXFOAcRHcoAT92TRRSnZ6wCLcB/s1600/FiddleSticks_0.jpg New splash: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-vrJ6458xt0Y/Vwg7RR_mT4I/AAAAAAAA5tM/ZZRQvKGqrU8VQgF8QiZFyzHp_Mw4lpLFQ/s1600/Fiddlesticks_Splash_0.jpg
Oh well. Wasn't thinking that far back. She still fucked up tho
Rioter Comments
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Sujiren (EUW)
: Fiora's greatest rival yet.
{{champion:6}} "Kite around me. I dare you."
: On one hand, i don't want Darius to be played more because despite being weak he is still really unfun to play against. On the other, i recognize just how unbelievably useless he has been this season. Even Garen is better.
I just want to play my main without feeling useless after 10 minutes.
: He wants to *ram* it. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
https://giphy.com/gifs/boo-thumbs-down-dislike-WrxoaVPiq0cG4?utm_source=media-link&utm_medium=landing&utm_campaign=Media%20Links&utm_term=http://m.facebook.com/ Take my +1
MagÊ (EUW)
: How is Darius even a good champ?
It's enough to bring a tear to your eye...
: The most hideous question since "Flash on D or F?"
The real question: Are they minions or creeps?
Odenmaru (NA)
: Why'd they turn Volibear from a noble chieftain into a despicable deity?
There's more than just Orrns view. Wait to see what Volis updated lore says before we get crazy. Feels similar to what happened with the Jayce short story and Viktor.
Sno1ock (NA)
: I think riot could fix it pretty easily by setting a cutoff where whoever has the most points at say 40 minutes wins automatically. It's an easy solution to the problem.
20 minutes. I've never played an ascension that was that long. Half the time it's a bloodbath.
: Imagine Trundle's Q slowing for 0.6 second instead of 0.1.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fondling Gems,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uUbIoEB2,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-08-07T17:54:17.195+0000) > > {{champion:25}} Did someone say extended CC duration? > > If that is a % increase I am gonna be scared though. Well 2 times infinity is still infinity, nothing to be worried about
At least she gives the ability to do my homework during league. Although I always get reported for afk.
: > [{quoted}](name=Placentas,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=IrEXEFMd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-06T14:21:56.051+0000) > > My theory is that he created the True Ice weapons for the sisters. One of the background pages of the lyric sheets states something about gifting the sisters because their tribes were being attacked. > > So to me, that says he probably created their weapons or even was the one who turned them into Iceborn. > > I'm not sure if I think he is an actual Watcher or not. This I heavily doubt, but I think he was one of the original Iceborn. Ornn and True Ice. You're on to something.
: https://i.giphy.com/media/xT9DPJVjlYHwWsZRxm/giphy.gif
Someone had to do it senpai
: what if surfer singed could ride nami's tidal wave?
Rioter Comments
: Stop Confusing "Playing Badly" with "Trolling"
I draw the line when one refuses to communicate or change strategy. You tell them to hug tower, they die at the enemy tower. You tell them to ward up, no wards used ever. You tell them to group, they split relentlessly. It's a mix of feeding and refusing to change playstyles that I have a problem with.
: Is Urgot incredibly hard to kill or just a problem for me?
A lot of it is the W shield, which is actually huge if he has any bonus HP
: >in terms of fairness for Thresh, if I had to throw stones at him this is probably where I'd do it. He does a lot. He has a lot of strengths and he kind of has an answer for every situation...counterplay is sometimes an issue with him. **You don't always know what to do as an enemy...** {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Whut ? speak for yourself Anyway, from ur exemple with threst : in my eyes the main issue is the poorness of other champs cause they're most too old.
I don't have a personal issue with Thresh. I was simply explaining how I can see what GC was talking about, not to mention how he tends to be thrown around a lot on the boards. Plus, when he is one that has maintained consistent statistics as long as he has (similar to Lee), it may warrant attention. Again, I'm not saying "nerf plz," just that it's an interesting situation. Also the oldness of other champions isn't really valid, considering how old Thresh himself is compared to people like Braum and Tahm. Plus several older champions are also solid picks ({{champion:40}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:117}} )
ThePikol (EUNE)
: "Thresh is like Grim Reaper of Runeterra" {{champion:203}} {{item:3070}}
Not gonna lie, that crossed my mind when he said that, but I understood what he meant so I wasn't upset.
Ralanr (NA)
: Imo the problem lies in how bonetooth necklace functions. He's not encouraged to go after the strong. He's encouraged to either hunt the weak or everyone equally and gets rewarded off it.
To me, there was a missed opportunity. The Zed R change belonged on Rengar because he benefited from killing bot just a primary target in general (an ADC or an enemy assassin), but one that had damage to fight back. It felt misplaced on Zed
: Regarding how skill expression interacts with fairness, it's clear that the better you play a champion, the less likely you are to fail in general, and so the less likely your opponents are to succeed against you, which runs the risk of feeling unfair. On the other hand, I think it's important to consider that play against a champion can be mastered as well, and both sides are generally at equal levels of skill and mastery. In the extreme case of a player pulling out their 1000+ hour champion against an opponent first-timing theirs, I think it's completely fair for the former to steamroll the latter, as there would be a clear difference in mastery. _However_, I also think that the largest part of a champion's counterplay needs to be immutable, and so while an experienced player might be better at compensating for their weaknesses, downtimes, etc., they should never be able to cover them up completely. As mentioned in the OP, the fixed delay to Gragas's ult meant that, at all levels of play, his opponents would be given equal time to react to it, even if a good player could still lead up to it with a Flash + E. By contrast, champions like Orianna and Azir present problems at higher levels of play because, when mastered, their weaknesses can be covered almost completely, even subverted (both are meant to be late-game champions, but can also turn into poke-heavy lane bullies). Effectively, when designing champions, Riot needs to take their kit to the logical extreme where they get played absolutely perfectly (and, in the case of Bjergsen and Faker's Azir, among many other pro player/champion combinations, that actually does happen at times), and make sure that even then there is ample opportunity for players to counter them, even if some of those counters need to themselves be honed through skill and experience. This is also why, personally, I'm not a fan of difficulty on champion kits that is not dependent on interaction with others. The chief example of this is Riven: it does take a lot of practice to master her animation cancels and wall hops, which are essential to succeeding with her, but all of it can be achieved in Practice Mode, without having to interact with enemy players. As a result, Riven has reasonable-looking win rates for her play rate, and isn't seen too often in pro play (taking the time to master her isn't worth the effort for most pros), but when she is played with very high experience, she loses practically all of her counterplay. By contrast, even the simplest skillshot can only be truly mastered when used against a real opponent. On a similar note, competitive darlings like Lee Sin and Thresh, and previously competitive champions like Kalista and Yasuo, are all hard to succeed with initially due to their sheer level of mechanical complexity, but once mastered they do more than everyone else, have an answer to pretty much anything thrown against them, and generally behave like some sort of anime protagonist, doing lots of staggeringly awesome stuff while everyone else can only either watch or fall in line. It's impressive to look at, but not at all fun to play against, as their tremendous agency comes at the cost of their opponents'. This is also why I feel GC's argument that Thresh is okay, simply because he got nerfed over time, isn't all that convincing, as his kit is still fundamentally unfair to deal with, even if he's statistically more likely to fail.
I totally agree with you, but I think GC's mention of Thresh at all indicates some level of awareness towards him. Statistics are undeniable that he has consistently been a reliable pick since release, only falling out of favor competitively for very brief periods like Lee has. Champions like these are in need of innate counterplay, and I get that it can be frustrating when your main gets hit for something like that, but it's for the better health of the game as a whole. It's really hard to satisfy everyone, and it sucks to have to be the people to try and fix stuff. I kinda get why they avoid it if possible.
: {{champion:107}} 's Rework.. 1. Satisfying to play -> #**Fail** 2. Satisfying thematic (Resonant theme) -> #**Fail** 3. Skill-expression -> # **Fail** 4. Fair -> #**Debatable** 5. Uniqueness -> #**Debatable**
I can agree to all of these, although I can't say Rengar's thematic was satisfying prior to his rework. He was more satisfying though.
Rioter Comments
: The current Matckmaking hurts the competitive aspect and the quality of ranked games .
I swear half my struggle is teams thay don't understand the timing of the game. Example: ADC farming bot while baron is alive and their carries are both mid/top, or the jungler decides to go for an invade/deep wards when mid is mia and top is shoved in. I'll watch these guys teamfight, and it's not a mechanics thing; half the time I have a pretty good ADC, mechanics-wise, but their map awareness and stuff is just terrible. This hurts me because it's so much to try and explain to someome through chat. The other half of my struggle is I feel like if I don't utterly smash lane then we will probably lose because bot fed. I'm just not a good enough player to carry games unless I'm pretty fed, and that really sucks. Could also be who I play most times (top/jg juggernaut/vanguard main).
: Darius has a slow on E? That's new to me. I never knew he had one. Seems a bit overkill since the W slow is already 99%(or something), and the E pull itself is dangerous enough.
Yeah the slow on it doesn't really matter since you're not going to get out of range of the W (225 range) before the 90% slow hits you. The only reason it's there is for pulling multiple targets.
Riot JxE (NA)
: FPS/Performance Updates
Thanks for this; the steady decline in FPS has been super frustrating. Have to keep stuff on very low just to play now
Meep Man (NA)
: > Boom, problem solved without actually nerfing anybody unnecessarily. This is actually a nerf to: {{champion:14}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:154}} Because they all defensive mechanics (not just offensive) that scale off of their maximum/bonus health that are increased by Stoneplate. Some might need a nerf, but others do not.
We would hope if Riot does nerf stoneplate that they'd compensate champions like Voli who aren't doing to hot or that the nerf would hurt a lot. We've seen Riot balancing before though, and I doubt we'd get something so nice.
Yago (NA)
: This is an interesting change. There's more to this than just Cho'gath and the Locket of the Iron Solari combo though. Other champions, such as Zac or Sejuani, that have health scaling will do less damage during Stoneplate's active as a result of this, and furthermore the damage you dealt to the user during Stoneplate would not splash over onto their health.
I don't think champions should be able to build an item that gives tankiness and damage at the same time, at least to the extent that stoneplate offers. Stoneplate represents a damage spike for Cho and to a lesser, but still significant degree, Zac and Sejuani, and I don't think that interaction is healthy for the game.
Dukues (NA)
: Once you accept the things you listed and try to improve a bit along with chilling out ranking up becomes easier. At least it was for me. I am still some low ranking noob but changing my mindset and focusing on a few things allowed to stop being stuck in silver. Granted never been higher than mid gold but I know to get a higher rank I need to improve. But like you said... I am lazy and don't care enough to lol.
My mindset and laziness were always what held me back. As I've chilled out and gotten more dedicated, I'm climbed through over half of silver in 2 weeks. It's all about the mind part of the game. Beat that, and you'll climb.
3 Tears (NA)
: Garen vs Darius top lane
Save your Q cleanse effect for his W; he's going to most likely W you so you're slowed when he tries to land Q. Your safest when playing around the Q blade area, but you don't want to stay in for long fights. Keep count of his stacks on you, he will be doing the same. If he gets to 3 and has either Q or W off cooldown, you'll probably want to leave the trade. If you use your W's high block at the start of it (it's like 60% right?) on his Q, you can block the majority of his damage, since he will most likely be maxing Q. Darius is the kind of champion who can dictate when and where fights happen, but you with the Q slow cleanse can get around that, which is honestly a huge part of his damage potential. Stack health and armor, but health tends to be more important imo, since he has passive ignore armor and will probably buy cleaver for shred, so he reduces the efficiency in flat armor or armor-heavy purchases. Tabi also helps.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=l Helios l,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=3PdIM8BR,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2017-07-27T13:43:58.062+0000) > > {{champion:240}} > > The face of understanding, sympathy, and unconditional love... > Oh wait, that's not Skaarl. Skaarl should give rides to all the noxian children and draven.
Better hit up MS paint while I still can
: A tender Noxian
{{champion:240}} The face of understanding, sympathy, and unconditional love... Oh wait, that's not Skaarl.
: @Sharjo Question about Urgot
odds are very high Urgot will return to Noxus to settle the score, as there isn't any real reason for him not to. I'd wager if Riot intended for him to return in lore, it would be during Swain update and Noxus relaunch.
: Oh by all means, defend your opinion and provide a counter-argument. But it is just important that it an actual counter-argument *not* harassment. Like for example, let's say someone says "X champion has no counter-play", but you know that the poster is very wrong about that. You can provide a reason why they have counter-play, give examples or statistics, etc., but you can't just say "You're bronze you know nothing". If you truly do know more on a subject, let your knowledge speak for itself.
See, the only thing that kills me with that is the circle jerk mentality that gameplay has. I get why people get upset over something, but I swear half of it is hype and people not choosing to acknowledge mistakes. Example: I hate the current "{{champion:119}} needs nerfs" garbage because half of the arguments are "I can't damage him through his healing" or "how do I counter auto attacks??" I just sit over there thinking, "How do you bear {{champion:51}} ? Same thing." But any time I try to argue a point, it's usually brought to "Oh you're just a Draven main," or "how am I suppose to damage through his heals with {{item:3812}} {{item:3046}} ?"
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