Calabok (NA)
: wow you really type too much in game.
yeah I type even more when I recording timers. As a jungler I have to feed a lot of info and what I'm doing. So lots of time to type and scan lanes and record timers of flashes and read flash timers. If you want to get anywhere in solo queue past plat you have to actually put forth effort. Ironically the account thats perm banned was only like plat 1? I didn't even get back to diamond on NA ever past season 2 i think. Was too toxic here for me and I was too toxic as well when I played here to make a dent in my progress towards d1. Just kind of gave up and went back to playing with friends when they asked me to play. Or playing 1-2 games before/after work and not caring if I won or lost and just wanted to have a good game where everyone did their best. Then I realized that NA solo queue is hyper casual and everytime I played I logged on NA server feeling worse than when I logged on wondering why should I even try to play/ I mean 26 ping is great but if I feel like shit why try right? I had actually at one point transfered that account to LAN before I made a seperate LAN account called jungle. And then transfered this one(tenslashten) back to NA and kept it here. I had the name "Jungle" in NA but when I transfered I lost it so i used a random-name-generator to pick a new name. some guy in silver stole my name. oh well. (can't blame him, it's a cool name) I'm just wondering if anyone actually believes I or think that it's worth a perm ban instead of a perm mute. Other games mute have different types of bans... ironically LoL's (NA) the only game I've ever had issues in... wonder what makes league a special gem.
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Hhamar (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BboyKamakazi,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=U0M1AVfO,comment-id=000000030001,timestamp=2015-08-18T19:19:20.605+0000) > > how will you compensate for Hawaii and Alaska players if you aren't trying to lower the quality of playing for anyone? i believe 175-250ms will just get us reported over and over if we try playing ranked... so do we just quit the game cause it will be 3 physical seconds of delay? You do realize that ping is measured in **milliseconds**
that doesn't include packet loss and bad hops. buddy. If 200 MS actually played like 200 MS no would would bitch. But it doesn't. Its 200Ms+ packet loss+ any other interfering sources.
BboyKazi (NA)
: how will you compensate for Hawaii and Alaska players if you aren't trying to lower the quality of playing for anyone? i believe 175-250ms will just get us reported over and over if we try playing ranked... so do we just quit the game cause it will be 3 physical seconds of delay?
you should be happy internet companies even pay the funds to allow people where you're located to EVEN HAVE INTERNET. LOL Like literally, you're in the middle of fucking nowhere. The fact you can even use your phone and open up a web browser should be considered magic to you.
Laurënt (NA)
: So much hate for CertainT. I personally think Thresh's opinion was based on his individual experience, not illustrating the whole community.
they're all the same to me. Douchebags.
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: Who's your best champ?
{{champion:28}} ^ {{champion:2}} {{champion:35}}
: > [{quoted}](name=PeachsProperty,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nPu7eELr,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-08-18T03:03:37.303+0000) > > Assassin Diana. > > she skips entire enemy team and melts your carry in under 5 seconds > > > she has built in tanky-ness with her shield 5 seconds? She does rengar level of burst rofl. I've been 4/0 lucian and literally 1.2 seconds 0/5 diana with abyssal amp tone oneshot me.
probably because you refused to buy a BV as a third item against a diana that has 200+ ap. Why does KDA have anything to do with damage lol. If she has 200+ cs she ahas 2-4 items by then so why does it matter if shes 0/20 or 0/100?
: techincally ekko is the best assassin to have on your team.
ekko has been broken since release like basically every champ since season 2.
: It's a generational thing...welcome to playing with teens and people in their early 20s.
ahh yes because most gamers are 40 year old virgins who work 70 hours a week. Ahh yes. Idiot..Lol.
: Why do LOL players want to fight so bad?
its funny that low elos wnat to engage constantly. But they don't have the mechanics to actually understand how to engage correctly to secure a kill. You'll start playing with people who make calculated decisions around diamond 3 2.2-2.3k mmr area. Before that its basically just a dice roll on who's actually intelligent and who's flailing around or elo boosted by duoing.
: Please, Nerf Alistar.
Yeah dude been playing him since beta as well. got black alistar on my main account "Jungle" in kr. Love him dude, he's the best. And you're right. I'd love to play ali jungle again man, would be tight tight tight.
: You aren't going to address his insanely good base damages?
you're literally the reason casuals shouldn't get to talk about balance. Let alone peoplewho don't play the champ
: He mains Shaco's clone.
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: I main {{champion:56}} every time the other team kills me I reward them with a lovely Noc Noc Joke. Knock Knock. Who's there? Canoe. Canoe who? Canoe stay out of my jungle. You would not believe how many of these I have.
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
Im an eve main. I Q. you QQ . Actually I dont Q anymore I max eve since they gutted Q 3-5 times in a row or something since post stun removal--> post rework eve. Certainly T champion mains to me are all handicapped irl in the brain I think.
: She doesn't do a ton of damage, but the pressure that her passive creates is enormous: her enemies have to assume that Evelynn is EVERYWHERE, limiting the number of plays that they can make. She also has permanent 40% slows with a Rylai's.
no her Q isnt a 40% slow because her Q is aoe. AOE is 20%. Unless that was changed I'm sure its still 20% but I don't know I just buy rylias on eve because its only AP item left that I can actually build first after hp items that works on her since they gutted her damage.
: Eve's biggest strength is the psychological pressure she puts on the map until the other team figures out if she is a good one or a bad one.
: Its traumatizing. When I started playing and was bronze, I never realized how bad it was. Now that i play mid gold, going on that account is just a nightmare. Like.... its like the players just don't give a fuck? If I'm 18-2 and I say "lets push ____" or "lets get baron" and they ignore me its like, what the fuck is your thought process? People in bronze/silvers biggest issue is well, that they're bad, and 2, they don't know how to get carried.
i feel like I need to experience it myself lol
: I'm just trying to play my fiora- problem is when I was bad, no one camped me. Now that I have a slight idea, I had an Olaf dive me under tower at lvl 4 (and invade/gank at lvl 2) and then come back at 7. =/ Never ending ganks. Not gonna lie, that made me pretty salty.
fiora is really garbage now her ult is too hard to make work. She's not even half a champion anymore. I wouldn't bother trying her in ranked until she gets a better rework. played 10 games of her and was like "yeah this ult is literally shit" The only way it ever activated was if they died. I never once hit all 4 sides. I hit 2-3 sides multiple times but all 4, not once.
: 80 damage literally every second can add up quickly. Not that I agree she should be banned.
lmfao most champions have base armor/mr thats 10-20% resistances at level 1
: > [{quoted}](name=lDontLiftIcarry,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PNas173F,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2015-08-17T16:41:29.775+0000) > > > > His Q still crits from any amount of crit source did you know that? The AA damage can crit, the bonus damage does not
nope. Thats what they told you. Go try it. about 10% of time the entire damage will crit. its like shens ult bug, will never be fully fixed. Or the fact that if you auto attack then cast projectile skill shot (auto+ Q as morg/nidalee for example) the skill shot turns invisable until its max range/hits target :) ;] bet you didnt know that one did you cutie remember this game is coded by people who don';t code very well. there are plenty of bugs that are very abusable :) its the only reason rengar is still viable is the fact you can run 1% crit runes and get a free FB at six with just a yomuus almost everytime :)
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phodi (NA)
: like i suggested all games under diamond 1 should be a coin toss heads=win tails=lose this saves a lot of time!
i'd love this. Then I'd get diamond again and could go back to playing my 1 monthly game instead of trying to climb back up after decay from inactivity for like 7+ month sfrom d3-plat 5-
: To all the players "stuck" in bronze
I want to have a bronze account. I've never been anything under plat before. even in season 1 my first 10 placements I was already in gold and then plat shortly after basically. I want to experience this. But then I watch people playin bronze and I don't really understand how people can be this...different.
: I played Eve a bit, then they nerfed Runeglaive and I was about to pick her up again...then they nerfed Q. -_- Eve is such a fun jungler too.
i didnt even get to play that. I played 1 game. And then the next day it was nerfed and Idk what happened to it. So idk if runeglaive was good or not basically because I work 70+ hours a week and dont have time for league. why i've decayed from diamond to plat. I don't have time to play a million games a day. I've stayed upa fter work almost eveyr day trying to get back to diamond but I just cant do it. Jungling in low elo is hard. I'm planning to switch to doing mid/adc until im back at diamond. Just gonna buy viktor and abuse him.
: ***
thresh has no risk lmfao. Dont even try that kiddo. He's been broken since release. certainly T champions are broken. Don't even try to compare other champs to them lol.
Zeralyos (NA)
: Arachne says hi. EDIT: been a while since I played Smite apparently.
was that a smite joke? lol Shes teh one that can pull you through a wall into spiders right and then latch onto you and drain hp. Bitch was so annoying. I used to play her in 1v1's and loki religiously on the joust map, had a 90% winrate on both of them. smite wasnt a good game for me but at least it had some champions that really made it fun to be a total dick :) I haven't played since like closed beta or whatever basically.
woobeee (NA)
: Blitzcrank should still retract his arm if he misses his grab
that should be implented with anyone in the game with hard CC then. Because all its doing is making blitz even clunkier. Imo this nerf should be added to thresh :) Because certainly T champions deserved to be gutted.
: I'm a long time LeBlanc player and I recall before the small rework buff (when she got fotm.) everyone just said "Oh she does a ton of damage but her CS sucks and shes too risky late game." That was with silence, "full movement speed distortion," and roughly the same burst output. I think her identity was best kept as a zero counter play poke champion. However, with the option to do 2 Ethereal Chains or 2 Distortions, it makes her incredibly safe providing she didn't blow her ult on a botched assassination. I think if they restore her mobility and consider a short silence, they can look at nerfing her root tether's cc. A lot of her escapes and team play involve rooting people forever, but people get so caught up about a 17/0 LeBlanc bursting them that it often gets left out of discussions. --- Edit: I was taking a crap and had a good idea for a rework; -- _What if we port everything people hate about LeBlanc onto her ult and nerf her primary abilities?_ Sigil of Malice: Reduced damage on consuming it Distortion: Slower dash Ethereal Chains: No root Mimic: Sigil of Malice: Silences the enemy for 1 second, more damage. Mimic: Distortion: Blinks to enemy Mimic: Ethereal Chains: Roots enemy Just a interesting thought, didn't really think too deep into balance. Many of the "toxic" components left from her rework were because any combinations of her abilites blew you up without her losing any form of CC/mobility.
leblancs primary abilites have already been gutted, thats why she's shit. Her ult is just a combo finisher. It doesn't "get you there" you're genetrally going to die fro 2-5 normal abilities being cast on you and 1 ult... so obviously its her normal abilities doing the work. Nerfing these anymore literally does nothing but ruin her even more lol. Atm why even play leblanc when broken ahri or vik or ekko or fizz or xerath or orianna still exist and perfectly fine to play and most of them are relatively safe waveclear with minimal drawbacks if you know how to CS at all like a normal human being.
: @RiotRepertoir Leblanc in her current state
Leblanc is the epitome of a gutted assassin. W nerf after all the nerfs were just nails in a coffin waiting to be dropped into the ground and burried for years. The likliness they ever actually make leblanc playable again is so far fetched. Thats the same chance they'd bring back piost stun removal eve so I can actually play AP evelynn with deathcap+lichbane again like I used to enjoy in season 1/season 2.
Divewing (OCE)
: Forgive me if I'm out of line, but since when has community sentiment mattered on champions other than Lee sin?
: The fact that Vayne isn't even being considered for nerfs when her stats are so absurd is sad really
: Exploitable Skillshot Bug.
riot broke their game a long time ago, bugs been here awhile.
GigglesO (NA)
: Why do you only care about half of the community?
{{champion:28}} Main since her release. I have no pity for anyone. I didn't even want the rework, I was fine with post stun removal eve. Because AP eve jungle worked just fine. Now she's gutted. 80 damage max rank Q. Phsyical E. R is worthless at killing anything and doesn't even heal when I do kill. but muh AD eve. I knew thats what they'd balance eve around. AD eve. Because fuck you for liking deathcap/znhoyas/rylias/haunting guise eve.
: looking at this makes me sad
riot likes the micheal jackson pointy face. Stab you with their chin
: "so noob killing someone who was AFK"
you're desperate for a win because you can barely pull 50% winrate, thats why you BM. K bro.
: Zyra has the exact same problems sona has.
certainly T champions get no pity from me.
: I think the creeping is mutual :3 I swear, their baby would be a beyblade or something.
it would probably just be a spinning shortsword. Basically the same thing as a dagger and a longsword.
: He's a poorly designed "feast or famine" champion that regardless of who plays it I always see end up getting fed. Playing against Rengar Top is ridiculous, he'll simply hide in the brush until a minion is low, kill it, and walk back in. You can't really poke him, and you can't really deny him farm or experience. As for his jungling, his ganks aren't the best but he is DEFINITELY a carry jungler that can very easily win the game. If he gets fed there's virtually nothing you can do to stop him besides hard CC and a lot of pink ward, but even then it takes less than 0.5 seconds to kill an ADC even when they have a defensive item. If he gets behind he's pretty useless but can still instakill your ADC late game and he actually does have a fair amount of utility so he isn't totally irrelevant.
I actually was shitting on some rengar top player last night with shaco top lane lol. Just go armor pen runes+ 21/9/0 masteries and start dorans ring but put boxes to the bottom side of minions closer to river and when he jumps he gets stun locked and takes 2-5 autos from boxes and then dies :) laning in plat is easy.... getting backl to diamond.. is...not so easy lol but its funny how dumb I can play and still win lanethough.
: Literally can't upvote enough because rengar's gameplay has no counterplay, he either one shot's you or he doesn't and you have like no control over it if you are an adc.
idgaf about adc's stop making it about them. Fuck adc's your role got bufed enough buy a GA noob. The rest of us that don't have a GA and actually have to deal with rengar buying just a yomuu's and 4 dorans.
: Instead of an ! icon for when an enemy Rengar ults just open up the shop automatically His Q still crits from any amount of crit source did you know that?
Durzaka (NA)
: You need about 60% lifesteal to break even on Thornmails damage if you only have base MR. Less if you get a veil, or QSS. Thornmail also gives the lowest effective health of any defensive item. THAT is why the passive is strong. So why exactly is it a bad thing for the tank to deal 300 dps to your ADC, but it is ok for the ADC to deal 1.2k dps to anyone else?
you'll kill a tank years before you die to thornmail unless you're shit at a moving lol.
Baunjo (NA)
: ? are you saying she charms him or dashes out of it?
go get a friend. and do it. i dont have to even tell you. Just go get a friend lol
: {{champion:79}} Real men have curves!
: But Vayne specifically can;t tumble over normal terrain, why can she tumble out of cataclysm
actually can tumble over normal terrian, the spots are jsut so miniscule that in a game where you're constantly repositioning and not standing still finding the 1-5 pixels worth of space to do it is impossible.
: "Jarvan IV leaps to an enemy champion and creating a circle of impassable terrain"
jarvan 4 leaps at ahri and gets his entire ult canceled and put on full cooldown with no damage applied Ahri is broken. Has been since release.
Ancestor007 (EUNE)
: Remake to Blue dabadee?
red vs blue. Tiny red overlord edition. Zerg agrees.
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