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: We're confident both Sylas and Lissandra, need some power taken out regardless, based off their performance with other keystones. Extremely confident that's the case with Sylas. Fairly confident that's true for Liss too, though will assess post Aftershock changes and see how she's doing given it's been her primary and most effective choice for quite a while now.
But if you're not entirely sure what aftershock will do to the champions, why not prioritize fixing aftershock first? Maybe I'm missing something because I'm definitely no pro at game design or anything like that, but it seems kind of backwards to work on the individual champions first when you already acknowledge that aftershock is part of the problem, you just don't know for sure in which champions. It is even making more work for yourself too; instead of messing with aftershock and then just adjusting champions accordingly, you are not adjusting champions, then messing with aftershock, then adjusting champions again. In my opinion, it seems you're being a little too careful. It has been a long long time since League has had a big bomb drop in the meta. I think it would be cool to see a major thing like aftershock tweaked, then the rest of the game balanced accordingly. Although, maybe big bombs create a lot of work too. Just my thoughts!
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: It's so obvious. When I check and see even teams like **(3x Plat1, 2xDia4) vs (2x Plat1, 3xD4) all around 55% winrate**, this games are the best. Like in earlier seasons. It feels like good old LoL actually. You can even carry them if you play good(!!) But this shit is rare. But most of the games are like **(1x Gold1 85% wr, 1x Plat2 79% wr, 3x Dia4 57% wr) vs (3x Plat1, 2x unranked, all negative winrate)**. This games are so out of control and coinflip. 0 fun! For me personally Smurfs and bad matchmaking are the No. 1 problems of LoL atm!
Yeah I gotta say, I totally agree with you. I have been getting a lot more matches this season that are completely unbalanced by the ranks on each team. Sometimes the enemy will have 2-3 players that are an entire tier above mine. In fact, some games even the average rank of all players is a full tier difference between games. This has never happened this often until this season. Also, I have about a 50% win rate, so why are they ranks of the players I'm getting matched with so drastically different? Glad to see it's not just me experiencing this.
: Matchmaking and ranked are horrible in every MOBA, not just League (go look at Smite, they might actually be worse). That being said, it is still early in the season, plus the whole provisional ranks did screw with things a bit (that system is on the out so woot). I don't know what could be changed to fix the problem. Ranked has always been kind of weird. I mean after all you can play (and win) 10 games in a row in Bronze and maybe move up one rank. But in Gold you move up like 2-4 or maybe even skip to the next division. That is mainly due in part there are FAR more players in the lower brackets than anywhere else. In theory you could fix that by making lower tiered ranks have less of a ladder to climb, but then we would see a possible influx of players getting into ranks they may not be ready for (Yeah that Iron 3 player "totally" belongs in Plat). Matchmaking is also wonky due to the multiple ways the system finds a match. I think it combines your rank (or lack of one) plus the invisible MMR system. Just because player 1 has a higher mmr than the rest of the team means that "somehow" the entire enemy team is keyed to that mmr (1 Gold and 4 Irons, vs 5 Gold/Plat players). That is a bit harder to fix. You could get rid of the mmr part of the system, but that might increase queue times (which players will complain about).
Do you think things might clear up a little now that provisional ranks are gone? IThat might be part of why ranked feels so wonky at the moment. Also, what do you think about an MMR rework? I personally think MMR should be much more closely tied to your rank. For example, I think I've heard the way it works now is that in order to be demoted a full rank (gold --> silver or plat --> gold), you need to have your MMR be as low as the lowest teir in that rank below you. For example, if I am a Gold IV 0 lp player, I will not drop to Silver I until my MMR is the same as a Silver IV player. This makes for really inaccurate ranks and possibly unbalanced games.
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: leaverbuster is there to discourage people from dodging.
Nah, leaver buster is for leaving matches or idling during a game. This is something different, directed particularly at dodging champ select and the punishment that comes with it.
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: As long as one champion is responsible for 80%+ of the damage in a game, then the rest of the players in that game are basically placeholders. Yes, a good tank and support will ultimately achieve victory, however a terrible ADC will instantly lose the game.
Since when does bot lane do 80%+ of damage in games on average? Mid, top, and jungle have potential to do just as much damage as bot lane, and even more, depending on the champion picked. How is this the highest voted comment? It is clearly just straight-up wrong, and this person literally doesn't even play on summoner's rift, he only plays ARAM. What does he know about bot lane? Plus the OP is a Zoe main. If you have played Zoe for 400+ games, and you're not consistently doing more damage than bot lane, or at least the same amount, then you should probably take a step back and evaluate your own gameplay. These boards are fucked lol Edit: BTW to be more on topic, the problem is not that a terrible ADC will lose the game. It's that a bad player in any role, playing a damage-oriented champion, will make the game much harder to win. Imagine trying to win a game with a 0/4/5 Singed vs a 0/4/5 Jayce. These are two totally different scenarios.
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: ive never gotten a single honor capsule and im honor 5
I am honor level 4 now, also never gotten a capsule. Also consistently sit at 4-5 chests because I can never get enough key fragments to open them all. Loot has become a lot less enjoyable for me since the honor update. My luck in video games is always bad lol.
: Attack move on click 6.10 BUG
Hey guys I'm getting the same problem. As far as I know the attack move is actually not working. I have a temporary fix though. Just go into your setting and set your normal hot key for attack move to something else, press okay, then go back into your settings and switch it back. Only problem is you have to do this for each game. Hope it helps!

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