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Wuks (NA)
: They're aware, and they'll fix it soon!
Thank you for letting me know! Anything to help.
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: "Go to your League of Legends folder (typically "C: > Riot Games > League of Legends") look for an application called "Leagueclient.exe". Delete it. Look for "lol.launcher.admin" afterwards and launch it." This worked for me
Thank you {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Pupel (NA)
: Why Ohmwrecker is good
Personally I love using Ohm Wrecker on Tahm Kench support, at least in the latter game. The speed boost from the passive lets you do what you do best even more effectively, be an armored personal carrier. In lane you get to hurt allies faster and get them out of dodge just as fast....oooor aggressively barrel towards some poor enemy with both your passenger speed boost AND Ohm's without having to depend on a finite Righteous glory. You could argue Zz'rot does the same but Ohm synergizes better thanks to the chunk of health it gives uping your passives damage. And the active? Swallowing some poor sap under tower without even bothering to use e? Oh the sweet salty tears Kench must enjoy.
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: if you are hit in the last 0.05 seconds (or 0.5 i cant remember) of a recall channel by a non-hard cc then it doesn't cancel the recall. this was caught on video a few times during last years fire and ice invitational, then froggen hitched a ride on another champion via a snowball all the way to their fountain. not a bug, infact its an intended gameplay mechanic. Hard cc like snares roots stuns and supresssions will still cancel the recall no matter how much time is left i believe
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: I guess it falls under the same bug as having a Jhin ghost always keeping the 4th shot.
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: Just curious, but was the turret able to deal damage?
Wasn't fully paying attention due to trying to finish off the darn thing with enemies on my butt but yes I believe it still fired back. I should note that at times instead of being spit out it would just phase out of me like with an enemy champion. Gotta edit that in.
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Ralanr (NA)
: As someone who has been on the receiving end of a few good Eve's (or because I rarely play against her so I don't know really how to fight her) I think her being a kiter really fits. Riot apparently classifies her as a diver, but I see her as a skirmisher with a unique defensive steroid, her stealth. She goes in, combos, and then runs away before you can retaliate heavily. She has a speed boost which makes slows not very useful, so she's allowed to literally dance around you (twice I've faced Eve's that just circle around me and kill me with continuous spikes and claws. She pretty much counters Sion IMO). She's both mischievous and malicious: a playful sadist if you will. Toying with her prey until they realize to late that they can't win, leaving a expression of despair painted on their face that will be forever remembered in her most enjoyable dreams. This is just how I think she is meant to be portrayed and how I feel whenever she kits me to death. But gameplay wise she is weird and it's probably because of how difficult it is to balance stealth (from it being near useless in pro to being broken in bronze. I imagine Riot would want stealth to be more healthy but still respectively used in high Elo). She builds tanky because she needs to get in the middle of the fight to do the most damage, whereas her passive gives the impression of a stalker who kills lone targets.
Funny thing you mention Sion cause I feel she has the same split personality(Kit) problems he did before his rework. However instead of half the kit going to ap and the other ad hers is half kitting half burst. It could be argued the shield ult is neutral since it could provide protection while running or going ham but still feels a little out of place for someone who stalks.
: Her niche is... ... ... [She's not one.]( She's been reclassified as a Diver.
I don't mean her class or subclass (though thank you I was unaware of that status) I mean what is the one thing Evelynn offers that is unique from other assassins and/or divers?
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: Welcome to the Aurelion Sol Q&A!
Good day sirs I just have a basic question about Aurelion's Q. Does it function like Xerth's? I mean that in the sense that extending the "charge" time will increase the range but has no effect on damage output. Nailing a fully charged blast is definitely an ego booster but in the context of chasing down an enemy this is an important distinction between losing your target due to unnecessary wait times and nailing them with a full combo.
Duke Anax (EUW)
: Not really, Sol is much shorter than Ao Shin was supposed to be. Can't really be called serpentine.
Well maybe but I think that seems to be mostly due to his oddly large head relative to his body. I've seen some of the gameplay so far and if you focus past said noggin they definitely seemed to have mastered that serpentine swaying movement. Heck I think part of the reason his bottom half seems transparent was a clever way to avoid it clipping on itself.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I think its possible that they were afraid that if they made the ao shin skin his release skin,then some people would more or less ignore Aurelion Sols character and simply pretend that he is ao shin.
Possibly, though you'd be hard pressed to fully ignore a titanic space dragon 0_0
: I think there would be an immense amount of backlash if they did that. Here we've been waiting three years for Ao Shin, but instead we get Aurelion Sol, but his alternate skin happens to be Ao Shin? I think a lot of people would complain about Ao Shin not being the actual champion and just being a skin instead.
True but at the same time there'd probably be a fair amount who'd be equally ecstatic.
: Someone asked riot this, but they said that it was unlikely to come anytime soon. They never made a working model for Ao shin. Only a few cubes here and there
Well maybe they'll make it in the future eh? Eighther way it looks like they fixed the serpentine body movement issues with Sol here. That's why I made the ridiculous title XD
GreenLore (EUW)
: Honestly I am surprised that Riot didn't make this his starting skin,given the huge amount of requests for ao shin.
Who know's. Maybe they're being cheeky and reserving it for the next Lunar Revel ;)
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: It's his W and it even works on Syndra's spheres.
Oh darn it your right. Is there anyway to edit titles?
Núll (EUW)
: ***
No this is overdoing it {{champion:30}} ALL HAIL TEEMO! {{champion:30}}
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Núll (EUW)
: ***
He can try. Like Morde humself, its not the necromancy bringing Sion back that you have to worry about. It's putting him DOWN in the first place. SAY IT WITH ME FOLKS! Like undead grandfather like undead grandson! Also kudos on the Karthus quotation marks, beautiful touch.
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: It's not a bug. His ghost's AA is MAGIC damage, which feeds into his iron man passive.
Thanks for the clarification.
: Meddler had stated in a thread that originally Syndra's maxed W would cause a knock-up upon landing. They removed it because they felt it didn't fit but also didn't like how easily you could chain it into her E to get a knock-up + stun combo. Just some interesting info for everyone. If anything, they should make her passive like Scylla's from Smite. They have the exact same passive, but Scylla gains flat magic power (AP) for each maxed skill. Would be a pretty nice buff.
1 Didn't know that. It is interesting. 2 Ooo That does sound promising. I forgot about Scylla.
: Mordekasier's Q won't add to his passive shield when hitting turrets because his Q doesn't deal it's damage to turrets.
Thanks for the clarification.
: It'd be great if there was a quote for when Vi hits somebody with her ult after travelling a certain distance. Like "No speeding!" or something.
That would actually be epic. I implore you to start that very discussion on the boards.
: Sion's ult reminds me of
Does this make {{champion:421}} a subway bullet train?
: followed by {{champion:254}}
I've actually seen a Vi chase me as Sion. Tis a thing of beuty XD (especially when she finally hits and NOTHING happens to you)
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: Brambleback? Golem already can apparently.
Ashenvall (EUW)
: Why not!
Why you could hurt an innocent {{champion:17}} just invisibly minding his own business!....Oh wait. You said why NOT. Silly me.
: I feel like her passive would be a lot more interesting if you actually had a choice as to what effect it made on all of your abilities. As it stands she's kind of just "your skill gets better when you max it" which never really felt satisfying to me. It doesn't even seem important which skill I max first for the passive effect, I just max the skill I want to be the most powerful.
Kinda similar to some earlier commenters but I like seeing people point out similar desires. For example, off the tip of my tongue, when maxing q you choose between the secondary damaging explosion or a secondary slowing only explosion. With dual options for her other abilities. Heck maybe even her ult.
Divewing (OCE)
: @Riot: Notice this thread pls senpai
Pretty pwease {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Nebuul (NA)
: Her ult resets the timer on her spheres
: If I'm not mistaken, the dance for blue buff with Popstar Ahri is the same one used for the Rift Herald.
If that's the case maybe its a place holder. Though I saw them both and I think they may vary slightly, might have to give it a second pass.
: If Voidlings can dance, i see no reason why Scuttles can't.
Or gromp, wolves, raptors, krugs, dragon or baron. Did I miss anyone?
: they already dance with popstar {{champion:103}}
Your kidding. Really? Well that sounds awesome. But why not have everyone proc it? Rift wide dance party! XD
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