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: Funny Zyra Skin Dialogue
I am Hentai Zyra and I approve this message.
: To all the memers out there... how did you come up with your username?
: Or, some Lux/Zed Rule 34...
: @ Riot, in regard to the Lulu changes on PBE
Fisk (NA)
: And thats a huge issue. I understand why some things just have to be nerfed. Its not fair when leona is solo killing your midlaner from behind after 6 second chain cc'ing them. Or lulu shielding/ulting an adc until theyre virtually unkillable. But in my opinion, supports should be allowed to be this powerful (making sure they aren't a "carry" is important though, its not who supports are) but through good play, it should feel pretty difficult and annoying to play against a very strong support rather than "oh their supports good but we still won because our adc solo farmed bot while we pushed mid for 30 minutes and he carried us".
Exactly! Supports shouldn't be penalized for doing what they were supposed to do. MAYBE they don't do damage, MAYBE they don't have wave clear, MAYBE they cant afford big expensive item builds, but they SHOULD be able to turn a 5/0 carry into a behemoth. But we aren't allowed to, because having a niche and doing it well as a champion that isn't *traditionally* a carry is "toxic".
Fisk (NA)
: Yeah, but this doesn't even necessarily mean solo queue capable in my opinion at all! I think its more about supports fantasy as "saviors" and utility powerhouses isn't at strong as it should be. There should be more incentive in wanting your support to be powerful. You want your alistar to be strong so he can peel even hard and get even stronger engage. You want that janna to be stronger so her shielding potential is even better and her ult is an even more powerful monsoon. You want your soraka to pump out even more powerful healing. You want your sona's and nami's to be able to change the tide of a fight with the perfect ult's if they are strong enough. Its about supports having better powers as that fantasy, not just doing damage/having wave clear. I think when supports do damage/have good wave clear it makes very odd gameplay that is very hard to balance/crowds support meta very hard.
Except when we DO get the fantasy its "obnoxious" because we actually make the other team have to react to the support instead of see them as a free kill. Then RIOT nerfs them because supports shouldn't impact games like damage dealers do. {{champion:16}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:37}}
: Please help me
Watch KaceyTron videos. She got me to challenger.
Fisk (NA)
: Support isn't a desirable enough position right now
We aren't allowed to have "fun" (solo lane capable) supports because "fun" supports don't get played as support. {{champion:117}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:117}} And the role of support was a mess from the beginning. Nothing defined support in S1-S3 because support=no money, wards. that's it
ßoy (NA)
: Teemo worth Maining?
Soul worth selling?
: I believe they want to bring the changes back at a later date and do some tweaking to the numbers.
> [{quoted}](name=OverpoweredSoap,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=geH5IF2U,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-02T23:02:04.514+0000) > > I believe they want to bring the changes back to later date and do some tweaking to the numbers. Honestly it wouldn't be too big a deal except her Heal AND her sustain AND her safety were nerfed. The biggest one being "Alignment". Actual turd status mechanic. Almost Zyra passive bad.
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: A QoL buff for Jhin
QoL? {{champion:6}}
Bunchr (NA)
: Look i love this game but....
: Is jhin better mid or adc?
Jhin is good anywhere because a fast 1.75 snare at 2500 range that passes through minions is good in any lane. Tbh Rito why is this a thing... At least make it scale with range so Jhin doesn't have a slowfield and a long snare and a slowing ult with 1000 base damage and 1.0 scaling. Tldr Jhin should not be a control mage.
: Why do people play _____? (Apart from being good at playing them, of course)
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: If you could make one subtle change to a champion to make them top tier ...
{{champion:143}} Left click target to attack with any plants that are in range. When targets walk out of range, fire are something else in range, instead of AA cancel a million times. Maybe like how if Lucian's passive kills on the first auto the other one picks a different target.
: My ranking messed up?
All ranks are messed up
: Preseason MMR rise not being accounted for
No one to compare your stats to, so ranks become harsher
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: Why do you think that? Because of the numbers? The Passive only grants you something when the condition is fulfilled. Without, Karma would have no Bonus/ Passive. The Passive might seem too strong but if you look at it like it is now, you can see that it is rather difficult to reach a 99% bonus because that would mean you AND your Team has to be at 1% Health AND the enemy team has to have full Health. The Numbers are not final though plus this is just a suggestion.
Incrediblly low CD and even without the passive the base shield and AP scaling on it is pretty good. I would be fine with it if the passive had a CD per skill enhancement. So one use of mantra passive E, one use of mantra passive W, one use of mantra passive Q, and separate CDs for non mantrad skills in X seconds. (25 would be nice imo)
: @Riot I think this could work as an Identity and Niche for Karma
Lavaniel (NA)
: Riot, you better have a good explanation for this "soft reset" bullshit
There's no one to compare your promos/mmr to So yes it feels like a hard rest but its not. Hard reset would be free for all diamonds vs wood
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Pro Tip: Don't play Ranked (reasons inside)
What if we've played like 9 ranked games and wait 3 months before completing placements?
: Silver/Gold LF Duo Partner
I only play support so I can't but +1 for name
: I never thought I'd say this.. but Vayne needs a buff
Vayne: I fight **tanks** not tragedies. But Assassin Meta is back so don't expect Vayne to feel strong.
: Who do you think will be touched up in the, "Immobile Mage Update"?
{{champion:143}} Probably buffed and will be nerfed because she'll do well in mid and support and we can't have that right {{champion:117}} ? Honestly Riot please just change the passive and Zyra is perfect. Please don't force her into mid...
: Why Stormraider's Surge doesn't work
It's not JUST assassins that can use this spell. 30% hp is not that hard to deal. I use it on {{champion:37}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:34}} poke/kite/immobile mages love this mastery. High damage bruisers who are kited easily like Shyvana use it well too.
Evenstar (OCE)
: @RiotMeddler/Repertoire/FeralPony/Balance team, we need a centralized discussion thread on Karma
I think Karma is fine but she needs an indicator on her leash like Morgana ult. Giving back the damage on her ult E would be nice too.
: Suggestion: Would it be better overall to have every champion movement speed increased by 5?
Sure if we increase projectile speed and delayed Spell speed by the same rate. No. It's not. Slow champions are slow for a reason
: Yes I understand that now and in my next game I actually played support. I picked Mid/Bot because those are my two strongest roles, but you're completely right as far as picking support goes. I don't doubt that i could've done a lot better though, had my support have been present.
Why are you playing placement matches when it's about to reset
: Whats even the use of keeping certain summoner spells locked?
I don't think it makes sense to sell less effective runes either. MOBA progression should be game to game only, not summoner level to summoner level.
Noah9329 (NA)
: I am thinking of getting a new laptop for school but I would like to know if it would be able to run
My Lenovo Yoga 2 ($450) can run it on low settings whenever I play between classes. It has has higher specs than that, and its a touch screen Plays at 84 fps
: > [{quoted}](name=PDE5 Inhibitors,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gl7IFlAy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-01-19T23:01:06.088+0000) > > I don't know if I'd call her an assassin lol. She really is. She's mobile and 100-0s people, ideally with the element of surprise. That fits League's definition of an assassin. In the past she wasn't one because she didn't scale well enough with AP to build damage but she typically ends games with ~400-500 AP now, with a shitton of magic pen.
She's a % Damage Mage? Most Elise's build m.pen>ap so she shouldn't be popping squishies left and right, considering her spells have a relatively long CD
: I agree that more visibility/QoL changes for all champs are good... but Graves is incredibly dominant right now so no thanks. Also LOL at your name... rule 34 Zyra.
Visual indicator=Dodge Graves players probably know the radius by heart, but for the rest of us it goes against Rito's burden of knowledge policies.
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Tohob (NA)
: aww you're not complaining about her? :c i wanted to complain about her.
: Champions' Abilities Ideas
{{champion:1}} Speed boost on E (Like Tibbers) {{champion:143}} Any passive other than the one we have now. {{champion:25}} Better quotes. {{champion:117}} Nerf minion damage on Q, return her to pre-"We had to nerf her top and midlane, so sorry supports, suffer the consequences." {{champion:412}} Fix the hitbox. {{champion:43}} Revert R-E changes. {{champion:53}} Lightning passive doesn't work while inside a bush.
Grashnim (NA)
: Didn't taste like salt. Tasted like crappy paper. Liar.
Soggy bland paper. Not even lightly salted tears.
: Theory Crafting
Or you could build FQC >_>
Supports have the highest demand so if you put it as your secondary you will get it. Put ADC primary and mid as your secondary. Mid ques are the hardest
: I play Annie once in a while for sure. Yeah I get its normals and that's fine but there is fairly large skill gaps between teams which isn't helping someone learn the game any better than bots would. Lucian had 10 cs at 10 minutes. What did he learn from that? Atleast if he was against bots he could have practiced his CS and last hitting in an environment where he wouldn't get absolutely destroyed by the enemy Sivir and Karma. People seem to think bots are like some terrible place to play league when if youre really looking to learn that's the place to be. When you get some basics down you should move to norms and see how you are for skill level.
Or maybe they aren't used to csing and paying attention to 2 enemy zones of control? (Karma is hard to lane against for people who arent used to it) Or maybe they are playing norms because bot exp gain is terrible? If you want a more "balanced" skill level game play ranked. Norms is where people try new thing/smurfs level, and snowballing is prevelant.
Afeee (EUW)
: The tank support issue needs to be addressed
LCS has a different Meta game. It's like comparing coordinated play to uncoordinated play... Oh wait...
: Constantly being placed as Support for Adcs who cant adc.
Play {{champion:143}}{{champion:1}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:117}} DIY carry Plus its normals and they are trying to learn
Viavarian (EUW)
: It's not really necessary, because you just need to select mid as your secondary role and you should get support at least 99 out of 100 times. And that one time you get mid, you can just play a champion you already know, like Morgana. Also, if you main support, you should have a good idea how to play ADC or if you have problems with CSing, you can play jungle.
Dr Rob (NA)
: but how much of it based on getting decent teammates? Like I don't know what I have to work on to be honest. Just showing me W/L or K/D doesn't translate anything for me. I have a lot of games where I don't feed and get vision on enemy camps and even set up ganks and we still start snowballing. I'm thinking maybe I need to roam more towards mid sometimes because normally it's top or mid that feeds early game.
Pick 2-3 supports and play them BALLS TO THE WALLS in normals. Test the limits of your support so you know what fights you can win. Most of the supports I play against are too passive when playing "passive" supports. The only support that shouldnt directly confront them is Soraka. Ignite is a better summoner Spell if there aren't too many assassins and you are confident in your ability to pressure the enemy laners/peel.
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