: This game is ridiculously unbalanced
I agree about the damage part but what you’re saying makes no sense for reasons already posted
: URF isn't bad this time around, it's the community
Just do what I do and play Mundo. Chances are they’re gonna go all AP, so build all tank become god and force the game to be funny
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Mihalikb (EUW)
: Braum won't get buffed because he is not flashy, doesn't have a hook and doesn't have the mobility to zig zag across the map. He doesn't fit Rito design philosophy for LOL atm. Maybe if he farted fireworks out his ass everytime he took a step and played the URF theme every time he ulted Rito would pay attention to him.
This made me laugh my ass off at work
: Can we finally buff Braum now?
As someone who secondary mains Braum, he’s a very good soft counter to hook supports which are meta as fuck right now and I think he has room for minor buffs such as base resistance or small ability buffs. People saying Braum is cancer when he’s mostly disengage are apparently fine with a spell thief brand solo carrying bot lane lol
: why why why? why another yasuo and akali skin??????
Qiyana lookin mighty tasty in those pants
Sukishoo (NA)
: True Damage skins T-Shirt leaked.
so none of them actually deal true damage. just cash cow champions lmao
: I was playing Malphite and I almost lost lane because I was too FAT
: I'm scared to speculate what's coming
JoshTGW (NA)
: Nerf Yasuo
i have no idea why yasuo is banned all the time when he's barely even meta right now banning stupid shit like qiyana is where it's at now tbh
: THIS is what a team fight should look like....
replace that cait with this current cait and everyone wouldve died in about 2.5 seconds.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Everyone Joins The Battle - League Of Rage Edition Part 1!
: Raise your voices pls
Holy fuck it looks like the first PowerPoint slide in a kids presentation on American history
: Qiyana Should Have To Actually Land Her Abilities To Do Damage.
GigglesO (NA)
: Stage a Protest?
I’m sorry but I’d rather shoot myself than let Malphite go thru banning phase
Glîtchy (NA)
: What champ makes you salty like no other and why?
Malphite, absolutely fucking brain dead and broken, been permabanning him top lane but is a problem literally everywhere else. Deals high dmg with no dmg items (at least juggernauts need to buy 1 dmg item), Free shield, q to instantly win lane, w to instantly be good on hit and with splitpushing as a tank, e to instantly win trades against 90% of the on hit roster, and r to instantly win everything in the game or instantly escape. Even if you don’t group, he will just pick someone off, and champions that don’t dash 0.1 seconds after he ultis are guaranteed to die, which also means champions can’t dash at all for fear of being caught by Malphite ulti.
: Fiora buffs LMAO
As a Fiora smurf main, they need to revert the atk speed buff or the parry buff if they’re adding this. She won’t be broken after this but she is dangerously approaching Jax/riven tier if riot keeps power creeping her like this.
Moody P (NA)
: blaming pro play and not the champion for being broken in the hands of people who play the game right
Kolgrim (EUNE)
: Jayce and GP main top? Is it ok or a horrible idea.
I mean if you want to shut your brain off until lvl 11 you can continue playing them.
: Enough of This Nonsense Malphite mid
Enough of Malphite period. Fuck this champion, a tumor in literally every role.

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