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: I can see where you are coming from. I have left LoL for a few years for similar reasons (returned recently to just have look at the games current state). But on the same time I know that there is more into it. The real problem is "random groups" in games overall. People tend to have less to no patience with people they are likely to never meet again. Their social skills drop to zero. We tend to fall back into pack behavior. And the pack behavior in Random Groups is that there are no social bounds and therefore less to no real team-spirit/team-work at all. You just want to get the job (winning) done ASAP and that's the reason you did choose a random group and skipped social interaction to form a group with bounds and real team spirit. And now I have to ask nicely: So you have played 6 years of LoL without forming bounds with other players with similar mindset like you? Do you still only play solo(/duo)Q because you don't have enough people in your friendlist to form a permade group of 5 players? Either that or you simply can't loose as a team. And I guess the reason why you have so much more fun in Fortnite is that you are playing the battle royal mode where you don't have to bear the fails of any teammates, cause you don't have real teammates in the mode. I know, you can still play with friends on your side, but that's not a real team. That's just abusing the mechanism to have better chances to survive to the later stages of the game. But if you 2 would be the last survivors, would you still be a team? You can't win if your so called teammate is still alive, so it's a fake team to abuse mechanics. I don't intend to pick on you, so don't get me wrong. I just want to help you see where the real problem lies. And that is that this game (LoL) is not suited for your "actual" mindset/playstyle. You have to change either one (doesn't matter, either the game or you mindset. So, I'm not calling you out to change your personality so don't get me wrong on this ;). I hope you get over your negative emotions and whish you all the best =)
Sorry, it's been a minute since I last logged in. I appreciate the well written response. I play to win in all of my games. You can't force someone to have this mentality. If someone wants to queue up for a game to int, they will. In League of Legends, it's less about your own personal performance because you cannot carry your team by yourself, and it's more about being able to prevent your team from tilting. So many people give up after first blood, it's insane. So many players just refuse to listen to calls. Everyone just has this ego problem, looking at you guys {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:67}}, where they just ruin the game. The worst part is telling someone to build defensively (specific items) when losing lane, or passively farm until you can coordinate a roam/gank/tp, then they just build full damage. Generally, it's pretty damn frustrating when you share your knowledge of the game, get ignored, team ints, lose LP.
MyNemahJeff (EUNE)
: OK BUT FORTNITE??? REALLY? buddy you are like a year too late for this
I might be a Fortnite player, but at least I won't be a League of Legends player in 2020.
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Zardo (NA)
: He's squishy and his healing + shielding is nothing special. He does not do very much damage. You're not going to be as good at engaging as someone like an alistar because you're just going to get bursted down. You're not going to shield or heal your teammates for as much as someone like sona or nami. Heck you won't even do as much damage as a nami.
He genuinely seems like the Swiss Army Knife of supports. Capable of doing everything any support is of doing, then flexing on them by doing it better at champions with a kit dedicated to it.
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: If you play a champion with 40% WR, especially that she's new and you have no experience on her, you are, by all means trolling. If you do it, it means you have absolutely no interest in the game as a whole, to check how a champion is doing in the meta and you're playing for fun. If you play for fun, then there are normals for you, but putting your team at a HUGE disadvantage just because you don't care is trolling.
I mean, while everyone else has a 40% WR on her, I currently have a 71% WR. As I've stated in another post, if we're going by win rate, Kled support must be OP at a 60% WR. I really don't like the toxic notion of not having fun in ranked. Of course I want to win games, but I'm going to win with what I like playing.
: yes it is she has 30% wr
I mean, if we go by WR, Kled has the highest WR for support, so we should probably start playing him support.
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