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: Love your support: Thresh and Tristana
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Hufa123 (EUNE)
: Why is this community so rude?
Everyone has bad games. This does not mean they wont hate you because of salty players, its bound to happen! They will hate, just like tSwizzle you gotta shake shake shake shake , ah shake it off =D
: Fellow junglers. Teach me something.
It depends on what you classify as a KS. If you gank and everyone is at full health, your players will anticipate that you might take the kill, and often times try to beat you to it, but if the enemy champion is low on life, and you KNOW you would be stealing the kill when your teammate is perfectly capable then they will hate you. Also letting the players know that you will gank with a ping is nice so they know they should get the kill or else you will.
4nem (NA)
: Twisted Fate Players!
The previous user has a great point but its all about timing. If you practice mid lane then you will know when to use your abilities. If you cannot time abilities and your mechanics are bad just forget about playing as him, because you WILL DIE, A LOT. Id recommend practicing playing mid lane with him first, even if you don't like it, then moving on to to other lanes (You should only go to other lanes like top when counter picking, otherwise you will die a lot. Unless you are Faker, I wont recommend it until you have mastered him Mid lane.)
: Season 5 Provisional Matches Chart
I think many of you here don't seem to see that that chart that is posted is for platinum players. ID imagine it would be much different if you were placed somewhere else.
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: May bundles, Mystery skins, and the Mystery Chest returns
im so mad about the fiora update{{champion:114}}
: [LFM] Nemesis Games - Ranked 3v3 Recruiting!
IGN- Legend569 Age-17 Rank in S4 and S5- S2 and B5 Can you shot call?- What your strengths are-Supp and Jg What your weaknesses are-Adc Why are you applying for this team?-I want to play ore with people who i play with consistently to learn more and get better. Are you able to join Skype or curse calls during games?- Defiantly, I prefer Curse. Anything you'd like to share about yourself?- I am very determined, I will go through anything for my teammates and as a thresh support you will NOT be disappointed. I am also very flexible...I can switch from any lane and do pretty good but my strong point is supporting. I can learn new things and new champions very easy. I am easy and fun to work with :)
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: Making for a BRONZE TEAM
IGN: Legend569 Curse:Legend569 Skype: ( i have one but its a personal name, i will share if we get talking) Age: 17 Lanes you main: Sup, top, jg (i can also mid) 3 main champs you play: Thresh, Xin Zhao, Voli ( I am very familiar with Mages like Ziggs, Brand, Malzahar)
: Champion Nerfs
Yeah I shouldn't have said "Overplayed", I meant Overpowered to the point where the champion is overplayed.
: Annoying Shaco Bug with new attack speed item DEVOURER
Good thing its shaco so you can just Q out haha
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: New Update/HUD creates LAG
I fee like this new update is for computers that have higher performance levels, which in this case separates people like me who have limited money but really love this game.
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: About Miss Fortune's E skill
Yes the damage is low witch I think they should change, But there are always ways around everything. I think since her passive makes her fast they decided to keep the slow at that rate because MF moves so fast anyways, so they might have thought it was a good idea not to make it better.
: About Miss Fortune's E skill
Her E is actually very nice. It basically Is there to bully other players. If you are in bottom lane and you see a JG gank is heading your way, if you pop the E he most likely will not head into it. Who would? Thus you can use it to control the players because simply nobody wants to be slowed and take damage.
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hook me up @ Legend569 in league, I really want to do tournament stuff!
: OK?
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: Dragon isn't a monster?
Maybe because it is stronger, and tipically is killed through a team fight?
Anybody else see it?
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Preeti (NA)
: Riot with us at live events!
We should have a tournament in mass, just sayin XD


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