: A humble request from a fan
I don't know all the variable the dev team would be considering. It might require a separate development to plug 2 different sets in, but regardless I though I was the only one who preferred it, I am glad to see that there are other people who like the old set as well. It was my go to pass time TBH and even though i tried giving the new set a shot (since intro to PBE). It just does not have the quality of the first one, Almost feels like the second season is a knock off (its not i know). no offense to anyone who worked on it, its only my opinion but i suspect it was a bit rushed, maybe.
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: Riot was too busy ignoring bugs and community feedback about the game while they pushed it into ranked prematurely to even worry about something like spectating.
I actually agree with what they did from a developers point of view. Moreover, Ranked is taken seriously by people and that would mean that people would be more inclined to report a bug or an issue. there is no developing perfection and then pushing it out in cloud based programmes. users need to fix it for you by telling you whats wrong. the number of scenarios that can happen can not be tested locally. Unless the game is released to public and played "seriously" for a while it will not be "bug free" ( this is the dream but I've never seen it... lol) or no bugs impacting game play mechanics. visual bugs will always be there and can be taken care of later. ps. it all depends on The order of the code in terms of which bugs should be resolved first. This is my point of view, I don't know if riot actually intended this or not.
: Any tips on how to get better as Gangplank?
1. Farm well 2. Keep good vision 3. Dont push lane without clear purpose 4. Evade barelling minion wave to get off poke 5. Poke with q last hit with aa 6. Don’t triple barrel in lane unless ganked for or all in or need escape 7. Do not die in lane give up farm if u have to. 8. Dont take clepto in hard matchups 9. Take wats free basically and dont push your luck without tri force and another item 10. Underrated point: keep you passive in mind, the move speed allows you to chace or escape basically try having it up >use it then restore it with barrel. All good gps are not necessarely mechanical players, its those little things they keep in mind 11. Finally, understand that spacing and minion wave management wins top lane in most elos. Matchups come into play when you become hight diamond.
: Get Rek’t: Putting the Shark Back into Land Shark
I hope she becomes better. i honestly can't see her competing with the Elise,nid or lee sin.ohh yeah.... and the abomination of an overturned champ "graves". {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Bultz (NA)
: Nerf Gangplank
Tip from GP main. just sit on top of minion wave and gimp him early game. " they literally made it that he loses to most lanes". GP is like a cat that puffs itself to look bigger but at the end of the day its still a kitten. how we play GP is by "faking" dominance in lane, by spamming you with Qs and barrels...etc. but realize that good GPs never commit to any fight before {{item:3078}}, in some ranks not before level 13. This is a because they know their lanning phase is the weakest in the game, they just count on you not detecting that. so, push him to tower, dive him when ult on CD. Ps. {{champion:114}} demolishes GP in lane.
: Riot, We Need To Talk.
one more leaving the game.....my queue times are already long enough please don't leave. (cries in the basement)
: New loot: Soulstealer Vayne and Hextech Ward
Dear idiot gamer with no job: please stop wasting your money on insignificant bs sincerely your more responsible fellow human being thanks
: Well...Guess I'm never playing League again
omg....... i quit for the same reason {{item:3070}} !!! jk not really i just had no time to play lol
: Zed is an assassin, if he has not enough damage to kill his target, he is worthless. That's why you can't nerf his damage. So how do you want to nerf him instead? Reduce his non existent utility? Zed has nothing but damage and you can't nerf his damage because he must be able to kill people in one rotation. The only way to nerf zed without making him useless, is to make his damage harder to access.
> [{quoted}](name=Leeerzeichen,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AAF8X6yl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-27T22:33:16.647+0000) > > Zed is an assassin, if he has not enough damage to kill his target, he is worthless. That's why you can't nerf his damage. > So how do you want to nerf him instead? Reduce his non existent utility? > Zed has nothing but damage and you can't nerf his damage because he must be able to kill people in one rotation. > The only way to nerf zed without making him useless, is to make his damage harder to access. why is this down voted ??? it's the most reasonable thing i have read on the post. I think most people are upset because he is very strong in lane and out of lane. where the idea of an assassin is the they are an opportunistic killer waiting for the right moment rather than bulling people out of lane full front. i would not even have the slightest clue on how to fix something like that it seems too fragile to temper with any small change can gut the champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f29q8ARf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-22T21:33:00.909+0000) > > Couldnt u just leave without wall of text? Or just simply: Goodbye League im leaving? I just thought that I'd explain my reasons for leaving, why League is no longer satisfying to play, and how Riot can fix their game. I'm sure it's not just me that is no longer having fun...
i've also quit a while ago for variable reasons, i just stick around to follow the news because i have an interest in development and game theory. please entertain this idea my friend, league is an imperfect balance where counter characters exist rather than counter strategies to a point ofcourse. and this is vital to the continuity of such a game. games that are a perfect balance like chess for example will have a finite number of strategies that counter each other. this # can be calculated. if the strats are know to all the players the game will turn into who can perform the strategy faster and better thats about it. star craft is exactly that, all have equal power so the competition revolves around who can click faster, micromanage faster, and multitask rather than focusing on the individual strengths that are intrinsic to the subject of play. which promotes less engaging game play. my friend i agree with a lot of the points you made and i respect your decision. but still we have to accept that in order for a game to become that engaging and that big it has to be in such a way. unfortunately the nature of gaming it self is the core to most of the balance issues you have raised. an imperfect balance will eventually manifest itself as micro imbalances in game play. but will give off a "balanced" holistic image that allows for- dare i say- an infinite # of possible strategies. finally, this is not to defend riot but a modest attempt to explain some of the ambiguities that associate the game. (disclaimer: i am not a game designer or work in gaming i am a geneticist with an interest of sorts)
: If Malzahar doesn't take damage for a certain amount of time (which is 23-6 seconds depending on level), he will gain 90% damage reduction & crowd control immunity. Imo in playing GP, treat Malz's passive as Yasuo's, such that you should Q him to remove the passive, and then hit him with your barrel.
> [{quoted}](name=BeatzBoyFTW,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=babHLeTM,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-05-08T03:25:40.736+0000) > > If Malzahar doesn't take damage for a certain amount of time (which is 23-6 seconds depending on level), he will gain 90% damage reduction & crowd control immunity. > > Imo in playing GP, treat Malz's passive as Yasuo's, such that you should Q him to remove the passive, and then hit him with your barrel. you are right and i tried it in lane but still the impact early game is substantial on the lanning phase since landing a GP barrel is almost intierly dependent on the element of surprise if you walk up to Q and remove the shield ; to a good malz player its a clear sign to play passive until the shield comes back and in the early phase the barrels have high cool down and and longer ticks so they would just farm with w from away. if you zone with barrels they can also stay away and do the same. the reason for landing a GP barrel is because they try to cs when you have a zoning barrel in the minion wave then you chain and Q but everything about malz's kit counters that. now with that being said my objection is not to the fact that its a counter but rather to the fact that there is no skill required for the counter and the cost is almost abysmal to the malz player if i can't hit the barrel then i zone but does not work with this guy. so a GP barrel arguably one of if not the hardest skill shot to land in the game is countered by merely existing in the game is in my opinion ubseen and frustrating to play against.
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: The Self-proclaimed Queen of Shurima (Try asking Rek'Sai)
queen of sharurima...... yea right more like queen of nurfs ... lol this post is very creative thou i commend you efforts!!
: Thoughts on Rek'Sai?
well let's just say that there is little reason to pick her over other junglers in (solo Q) to be honest...... the best thing she offers is the radar thing and the mobility other than that i find her less than avg a little behind on your game and might as well be afk cuz you won't do much, as in your tunnels will become ineffective which means no ulti and since your no exactly a fighter neither have any inherite tankiness you will struggle and you are very item dependent so...yea. ( keep in mind the LCS is a different story for many reasons that do not concern the rest of the community as much). at the moment i think udyr, kindred , nidalee and Elise are in a very good position.with kindred being a bit too forgiving on tower dives. but its not a reason to trash the champion she is fun but sadly does not live up to her advertisement.
: Dem Rek'sai nerfs
lol {{champion:64}} i see what you did there..... oh wait i can't.... see. {{item:3070}} no but seriously she has no dmg or tackiness its pretty pathetic i played her sometime ago and just straight up got shat on by every single lainer even the tank and i was like a lvl ahead. lol rip {{champion:421}}
: You butcher Shaco because he is unfun to play against.
CLG ear (NA)
: What did Stephanie Stone do to get Banned from forums?
did not build tri full tank and built ap on champs that don't have an ear piece for ap items so riot kicked her.
ImSoFull (NA)
: Make aram fucking random
actually that is the def of randomness : every champ you own has the same chance of being picked so lets say you own 4, thus every one of them has a 25 % chance of being picked in a particular draw. now randomness does not care which 25% it pick from in every draw cuz according to the game every match is a new event and {{champion:23}} has never been picked before(as well as any other champ you own). so it will pick without prejudice to previous matches so, thats random. i think it would be more suspicious of order if i would to see a diff champ every single time imo. thx for reading .
: A lack of mobility is the only thing that reigns Darius in. If he were faster, he would be insanely strong. As it is, mobility is one of the avenues of counterplay against him. The reason he has such high damage in his kit is because he can be kited.
and then he gets {{item:3742}} and achieves the insanely strong status. thats why he is banned in almost every game his ability to be kited can be solved by a dedicated cost efficient item build. jugger will prob will be banned in worlds they are a bit over the top now. fun to play but not available.
darkdill (NA)
: So... Darius is able heal upwards of 1k health with ONE Q, but Renekton's heal is capped?
cuz he just got reworked. after enough people had bought him he will be nerfed so other champions that are not owned by many become op and get bought too. its just business.
: What if Yasuo's Wind Wall cost him his Flow?
riven, darius,mord, fizz, nid,fizz, fizz... just should not exist. oh and did i mention fizz? he literally takes him self out of the game for like 2 seconds and come back. yasuo gd champ overloaded kit he reminds me of rek'sai was op then trashed i think they cornered them selves with his kit. although he is not as trashed as rek'sai. he is still playable at higher skill levels.
Yonz (NA)
: Nerfing Rek'sai
now that i watch this 8 months later i see how they were right ! she is useless in solo q now to say the least.
the only meta that ever existed in solo q is the picks and bans meta...... just ban ops(i heard a pro player say that actually). even rito knows that. they shit on some champs and raise others otherwise no one will spend money to buy the "ops". other wise why would you create such a system like bans? if it were not for the fact that some match ups are destined to be unfair** at certain skill levels**.(e.g.. a melee mid laner vs heimer in laining phase) its pretty much over when heimer gets zhonyas.
: Graves Win Rate Is Almost at 51%
yo rito how are you not nerfing this.......common now he is fun to play i am sure he is nurf worthy. not like riven or vayne or fizz surly not something like those "balanced" champs)...... lol iam just kidding rito don't get salt i'll delete dota 2 i promise. or you can just nerf rek'sai again she is used to it by now lol.
: The Tahm Kench Cookbook
can I use this post to hate on riven thou ?.... fiora? maybe...
GreenLore (EUW)
: I dunno how strong/weak she is right now(haven't played with or against her enough),but I disagree with several of your points: 1.Her burrowed Q is more utility than anything,it is isn't meant to deal tons of damage,remember she fights mostly in her unburrowed form and she doesn't have any mana costs 2.The life bar being shown when you are burrowed is important.I mean you aren't invincible while being burrowed and it would be ridiculously op if you were.There is absolutely no reason from a gameplay point why your lifebar should vanish if EVERYTHING in the game has a life bar above its head. 3.Her having only one type of CC isn't that bad if you consider that she has tons of mobility,champs should have either good mobility OR good cc,but not both. 4.Her tunnels can have a ridiculous range,especially since once she is underground,she'll dig until she can resurface meaning that you can cross EVERY obstacle in the game. seriously she can gank from positions others can only dream of.
**Her tunnels can have a ridiculous range,especially since once she is underground,she'll dig until she can resurface meaning that you can cross EVERY obstacle in the game. seriously she can gank from positions others can only dream of.** have you heard of lee sin mate?
: Rek'Sai is over powered atm. I really don't know how to explain this into detail to a solo que player but I'll give it a shot. Classification of role towards common objective. Follow up engage, Map Pressure, Split Pressure, and defensive counter engage. **What the hell is this you might ask.** Well if you ever the chance to join a big team or make one yourself. You find that the obstacles of game play no longer become those of player skills as much as they become strategic obstacles. When you go into a solo que you just think a couple things on your pick. Countering, do we need a tank, and do we have too much ap or ad? When you join a team you have much more important things to think about. What is the goal of our comp? How do we plan to get the most gold over our opponents? Do we have pick potential? Are we capable of handling hard dives? Are we syncing picks? Are we aiming to focus drags and bot pressure? Are we having top or jungle pick the hard engage for our comp and so much more. The reason I just explained all of that was to explain the role of Rek'Sai and how she is extremely strong overall. She has the ability to be anywhere on the map where her tunnels are, she has the ability to pre-set tunnels on each ally tunnel to counter dive, and she has the ability to weave in combat. Set your team around mid pushing in as you split bot. When the enemy comes bot to handle you, ult to a tunnel near baron and bait the engage 5v4 or take baron down with ease. There is so many of these options on the table that solo que does not make use of. To say that Rek'Sai is weak in her current stage would be ignorant. (no offence) Just give her a shot before the pros show her true power :) Tip - She is also a hard counter to stealth champions like Evelynn/Shaco/Rengar. See them from a mile away.
the question remains is it sensible to design a champion that fits the needs of the 1% rather than the 99% that play this game every day. even in lcs rek'sai does not often make the comeback or flip the tables or something like that its complete dependance on your team. and doing her job as a glorified knock bot that just soakes dmg ( keep in mind it says fighter on the cover).
Visigoth (NA)
: Riot stop nerfing Rek'Sai's damage
1) thing is all her mobility can be countered by stepping on the tunels 2) "well her E has true damage....." NO play her and see how many time you get to bite with max fury. 3) has 1 cc not bad.... but at a very expensive cost you are literally putting your self in the middle of the fight. "well it works 1 vs 1...." yea about that she does no dmg know so you probably don't wanna do that. 4) no slow, prey will escape 5) you are a glorified knock people robot and a meat shield congratulations. yea.....moral of the story if u wanna be a tank jung play grag wanna do dmg and be a walking cancer play nid or lee sin.
: Rek'Sai nerf to much?
to people who are saying her E does a lot of dmg i want you to play rek'sai and see how many times you can actually bite with full fury in ganks or against campions in general. you will probably lose it in regeneration since you are unmobile and unable to gank unburrowed and your combo is not enough to fill the fury meter it might as well not be there..... its a loop concept that works occasionally.
: Yet another Rek'Sai nerf.
why do i see another {{champion:266}} in the making ......yea this WAS a very nice champ. the poster said strictly fighter now build her like a fighter and she is not viable so you need to go pure tank with 1 dmg item to be even relevant aka a "knock bot"....... not viable in solo Q anymore where you might need to carry....... yea i miss AD rek'sai !
: When you give arguably the best utility in the game to a jungler with near 100% uptime, the champion *shouldn't* also be a high damage carry. I'm talking about her Vision control. Not only can she see *any* movement from a freaking insane range, but with a no cost, low CD Q which gives vision when it hits while Tunneled means it's basically impossible for Rek'sai to ever make a mistake. When Rek'sai has all the tools to avoid making a mistake, as well as play making tools, the champion is just atrociously overpowered. Her tunneled vision range needs to be drastically reduced to just slightly below normal sight range to warrant any positive increase to her damage output.
yea but whats the point here if she can't follow up on actions and btw tremor sense has a latency on foot steps and the target stays anonymous which gives an approximation only. maybe its a situation where you can win but you unborrow and lose vision its a closed loop add all the nerfs....... i hope you understand my point she can help her team more than her self great for lcs not so much in solo queue .
Profirix (NA)
: Continued damage nerfs to Rek'sai have pidgeon-holed her playstyle.
I have been feeling the same way too I can understand the initial nurfs but all the continued nurfing ( to lcs pro players liking ) have strayed her away from here alleged role as "fighter" to become the following : knock people and absorb damage robot.(which is good if your playing with your own team cuz thats your job and your teammates will put in the damage. but not really in solo queue) " 98% of us are not professionals" you will try to chase and knock people including carries (mostly have a way to escape) but your damage is pathetic. its just frustrating with 1 dmg item late game. build 2 dmg items and you'll just die at the beginning of every team fight cuz even 2 items are not a threat when everyone has armour late game given you are most probably in the middle of it considering the nature of the camp. basically your are in complete dependance on your teammates in the game after the 15-20 min mark adding you don't really have a strong early game other than your ability to gank early. now compare these attributes to other fighters like darius for example and tell me the resemblance. now add no crowed control without high risk of dying ,no slows pray escapes often, low stats and squishy early game ( ofcorse positives like lane pressure, sustain and tremor sense still exist but sadly out weighed by all the nurfs) on the other hand you have a champ like nid that can whipe your health bar with one skill shot.(js) rek'sai is in the game for her W button........ just pick up lee sin or nid i play here just for fun now.

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