: ***
That doesn't change anything... just because the meta is constantly changing doesn't mean players don't feel forced to keep playing it.
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: W slow should decrease over time. And what happens if his e were used BEFORE he ults?
> [{quoted}](name=ZonoBuster,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=ofcZAg4t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-01T13:59:56.492+0000) > > W slow should decrease over time. And what happens if his e were used BEFORE he ults? Well his ult isn't a basic attack. So it really wouldn't do much.
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: As Riot has stated, it's not based on who you main, it's based on your playstyle.
Vayne is no where near my playstyle. Neither is Teemo or Jinx.
: You gave Riot money. Lololol
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: You do realize tanks need to die, right? If they're unkillable/have no weaknesses, the game isn't fun.
Guys don't even bother if this person truly believes what she stated then I have no hope for her and her future.
FooDang (NA)
: Honestly, I'm surprised your that high up in rank. I have friends in silver 5-4 that have better CS. CS is a good indicator on how mechanically skilled a person is.
Keep in mind though, junglers don't get in on cs especially not as much as an ADC would. And yes I know they get more gold for killing jungle monsters, but that still doesn't make up for it. Besides, I rather be ganking and getting my gold that way.
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pripustas (EUW)
: They should remove Cinderhulk. Then we can buff all the champions that have been nerfed. I'm srs. All you see is Cinderhulk. Aren't you tired of this Riot?
Well I don't usually build cinderhulk on Rek'Sai. I go for a more damage early and mid game with a tanky late. But yeah they should also nerf something else so they can buff some other champs.
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: [Champion Concept] DhaMa, The Force of Balance
Dha should be his healing form, Ma should be his damage form.
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: I'm Willing to Sacrifice The Next Champion Release to Prioritise Fixes and Reworks for Old Champions
: Only God can save us now.
I don't understand why people are taking a mere joke seriously. He said only God could save us now from this abomination, so even if you don't think he's real, at least you know what God has done in the eyes of religious people like myself. But fighting over what's real and what's not is a huge waste of time. Everyone here just believe what ya mamma told ya and move on. I hope this post didn't offend anyone.
: This is what they should change {{champion:157}} dance to.
I love Yasuo, and it would only make sense.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Say Lulu,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=mkoZL4xv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-21T05:51:43.995+0000) > > Only God can save us now. God doesnt exist
No one knows if God does or doesn't exist. You can say that you personally believe he doesn't exist, but there are no facts to prove that. And as for science, ever thought they can make some stuff up? We will never know these things until we're dead.
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Jinxish (NA)
: The only problem with this splash is that I feel like her in-game icon would be a bit strange... the angle just isn't very flattering xD
: As an Ahri main I felt the need to log in for this. I vote no. I dont like this at all. I love her current splash. Don't care if I am down-voted- I hope they never use this.
I respect you for having your own opinion. I can understand why some wouldn't like the splash, as some have already clung on to her current splash.
: > [{quoted}](name=JastyGaming,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=EZrh7t0P,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-18T19:54:46.009+0000) > > As for the creator of this splash, that is is unknown. That would be [Knockwurst](http://knockwurst.deviantart.com/art/AHRI-League-of-Legends-Fan-Splash-517882502), who's actually the artist of the _original _ Ahri splash, as well as Firefox, Midnight and Dynasty Ahri.
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Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
I'm aggressive and ugly af {{champion:421}}
: Dark mane :D
Wolfbook (NA)
: 3 Refunds per season, upvote if you want 3 refunds per season.
Well keep in mind, you're refunding the RP. Not the actual money. So Riot loses nothing. You still payed for the RP.
: > [{quoted}](name=JastyGaming,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vwZp9MqQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-30T19:58:00.245+0000) > > You're probably thinking, why would you ask such a question. Well why would Riot disable a champion that people main just like any other champ in League because of lore most people probably aren't even following but are doing it for the icons. So is this an event thing or is he gone forever? Because even though they reworked him, like I said, the fact that they did this makes me wonder what they're gonna do next. This sounds like you're just talking out loud. What's your question/position? That you're wondering?
My question was whether or not Gangplank would actually be coming back.
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: League Fan Art Spotlight - AHRI
This fits Ahri's personality perfectly. Seductive and wild.
: Have leftover RP that you get tired of seeing? I have a great idea to get rid of it.
Well Riot would make no money. People would buy RP and then donate it charity leaving Riot with no money. And honestly 24 RP could be converted into a penny. I think this charity thing is cool and whatnot, but I think this should be approved apon. I think Riot should allow you to gift RP that you already have.
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: But poros are so much cuter than those wharf rats. ... yeah, that's all I've got for disagreements.
True, I miss those little white balls of cuteness. I wonder how Braum is taking this.
: Keep the new music in on every map, keep the pirate voiceover, keep everything about this. Idk but his event is the best one they have had in a long time, because they are finaly giving us some juicy lore, making every game mode fun, a sweet map, and cool skins.
I partially agree with you, since the announcer pack is funny af. But the music I think should be played late game. Early game is slow but the music is fast, and as humans things like that make us react a certain way, so for me I'm either playing aggressive when I shouldn't be, or missing all my CS. lol
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: Petition to change Cottontail Teemo's splash art to the one Cottontail Fizz has
Rioter Comments
: Didn't even mention League of Shurima, or League of Freljord.
Oh god. I didn't play back then, but I can already tell some Sivir and Ashe were shot down some throats.
: Considering only TWO champions are actually Pirate themed, i really don't understand this. I'm not counting SKINS into the mix because that does not make the champion itself, Pirate Themed.
Well that's what I meant. Any champs with the pirate skin I included as well. And have you not heard the music nor the announcer pack?
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: [Cottontail Fizz] Why doesn't the in game model match the splash art?
Rioter Comments
: Dragon Cho'Gath
Bultz (NA)
: The idea is cool, but maybe not for cho. His 6 hands sort of ruin it for a dragon I feel. And I don't think riot will release dragon skins mainly because they made such a big deal of their dragon champion Ao shin and never released him. If they did happen to do this idea I do t think it would occur till after Ao shin was released and honestly no telling how many years that could be.
His 4 lower hands would be his feet, and the huge claws above his head would be the wings.
: don't ever spend money to buy champs... buy the champ with IP, and if you like them AND are good at them.. then buy a skin for them with real money
Well why wait 2 months for a champ when 2 more will have been released that are also probably good. But the point is that a cheaper store would be better.
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: His recall should be where a pile of gold ipops up then he goes and curls up on top of it guarding it similer to smaug his e could be so sort of mini fireball or fire shard.
That's a really good idea! I'll add it to the thread.
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