: What is acceptable for taunting?
Just talk shit, these super specific comments are dumb anime bs
Isopods (EUW)
: Do you not want us to play your game?
You should make sure everything is closed when you play, might be a firewall issue or another program messing with your client. The client sucks, but it should work most of the time and you shouldn’t dc enough to get leaver buster
SanKakU (NA)
: When Twisted Treeline is gone, that means among other things...
: Why would you remove TT?
Maybe they should make it permanent hexakill map and increase gold received like on aram. People might play it then
: Helpful Tips For Mid Lane?
If you’re low gold/silver mmr or lower it’s probably due to your team grouping up early and since people worry less about wave management they just come mid and take all the cs and then stand around and do nothing. What I do to help alleviate this, make sure you get what you can get early and then make sure the areas you are walking through are properly warded. Go either bot or top don’t push out too far, I will almost never go past river as a mage, the closer to tower the better. you pretty much want just 1 wave and then back to the team aram. Be quick about it though and if you get even a hint that they are going to engage or get engaged on rush back to them.
: Doesnt Akali do hybrid damage with gunblade? Akali can just roam and afk kill his bot lane with 4 kills also. This game kinda was just over its like feeding rengar its just over and not worth playing anymore if it happens.
She has hybrid scaling but most of her damage and more importantly her 2nd R execute damage is magic.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Daily reminder to nerf Thresh
I would say it’s more a result of the support meta, lux and Yuumi are seeing a lot of time bot lane and thresh can snowball bot lane off both of them pretty hard early.
: Actually nerf aftershock Lisandra
Early game is basically the same but she will fall off in damage and defenses like the other mages that used to use it
: More Lv1 ganks, Lv1 cheese and Lv1 frustrating bullshit? Please, Riot.
I get it's frustrating but you can stop these from happening yourself. Place a ward in the tri bush bot side and sit outside the entrance to river far away from the bush but close enough you can see and you'll stop these invades 90% of the time by yourself
: can i carry with ezreal in low elo?
No he was nerf this patch unfortunately . Last patch yes ezreal was able to stall until he had double tear and could carry solo. Now he's not weak but he's back to needing a team like every other adc. Top lane is best lane to learn to carry unless you can perform consistently botlane.
DeThorn8 (EUNE)
To be fair anyone that buys 5 potions should be made fun of
: Donating 1st Buff to your ADC
Are they a random? Maybe if you coordinate with a team mate on chat and make sure you get a kill out of it. Also if I had to give a buff to a laner I would pick adc last probably support, mid, top in that order
: Kayle
Split push on her
BigFBear (EUW)
: It wouldn't work. Imagine on 10 toplaners goes 1 Support. If every one of these Toplaners gets his Support after a while (10 Supports) there are 100 new toplaners searching for Support. If these 100 gets his support there are 1.000 new toplaner. You understand? This would end in hours if not days of queue times.
No they don't. They think people are lining up to play whenever they want to queue up
: Rageblade and SoJ are unfun to play against and break champions
Just do what I do. My teammate hovers jax ban sejuani. Otherwise ban jax and its q decent way to climb.
: Can we get rid of tower plating
I think they need to get rid of the gold or get rid of demolish.
Wda04 (NA)
: Why do i keep getting put in games with gold and silver when im in iron?
I've been wondering the same thing, I've seen iron 4 players in my games where everyone is averaging silver 1/gold 4. I figure their MMR is high but then I check their ranked games played and they've played 1 or 2 ranked games. It was so bad once that the top laner on my team stopped attacking their opponent laner after killing them 3 times early game and started giving them advice on how to cs.
Eons3 (NA)
: Why do people actively try to prevent themselves from being carried or assisted in winning.
Unker139 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FLowerofLife888,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zagUQtJN,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-27T16:33:42.164+0000) > > I would lose more lp as I ranked up and it would reset my level to bronze 5 so I went in and out of bronze 4 I think that a consistent amount of lp lost and gained meaning that the lp lost and gained would be the same. It would be better that way. Idk if this is something anybody else encounters but i'm just speaking my mind. I'm running into the same issue between bronze 5 and 4. Its because there is a big gap in MMR between the two. The addition of iron will help. By dividing the low elo from 5 levels to 8, the gap between ranks will be smaller.
The issue they're having won't change much. They don't really account for your rank when you queue into a game it's based off your mmr. Unless they're planning on changing the mmr system you'll be matched up with the exact same group of people you currently play against. I've been in bronze 5, The real issue I think is how long the system takes to normalize your mmr. The current rankings system doesn't reward you for being good at the game or making plays. It rewards you for being consistent and if you can't be consistent you'll always be stuck. In my opinion they should really look into giving players with small win streaks chances to normalize their mmr a little bit quicker than it currently does.
Rioter Comments
: Not a Viktor player but please nerf the right thing
They need to make the shield and movement speed scale with ap imo. dropping a couple base damage and increasing scaling isn't going to fix it
: Mean players?
Is your friend playing with you? If so then they have a system in place to detect an actual new player and someone who already knows how to play. Chances are if you're playing with your friend then it's going to place you in the I already know how to play this game pile and you'll be with all the toxic people. New people are usually nice
: Nami midlane
When Leblanc and akali are meta? Why would you want to do that to yourself lol
: What would happen if barrier could be used on allies?
I think everyone able to take to would take it. It would help late game team fights, and early tower dives,
: Ranked Games Help
Na just pick 1 or 2 in your primary/secondary and have a go to support/jungle for when you get autofilled that way you don't just throw the game when you get filled like a lot of people do.
: Why is both the Client and the game itself very laggy lately?
Client definitely sucks, it always lags at the worst times. But in game maybe I'll lag in the first 10 sec or so usually first bush I walk into but after that it usually normalizes. Not sure if that's what you mean since you weren't clear
One side always has to lose, we've all been on the losing side, just the nature of the game
: My forecast prediction for Worlds Patch 8.19
Don't forget about corki somehow becoming pick/ban 100%
Spindan (EUW)
: I'm tired of seeing Zed
I don't want his damage to be nerfed but I would like his EW interaction changed. He basically fishes for the slow during laning and if he gets it he unloads. He should not slow in my opinion unless it is the champion landing the ability and he should be rewarded if he lands both E with a super slow. maybe do something like what akali has on Q where at max rank his E can slow regardless of shadow or himself landing.
Ryushiin (NA)
: Why do ppl hate support?
Most of the people that complain about support can barely carry a game even if by some miracle they're up 15/0. They can't make plays on their main and they sure as hell cant with the champions designed to make them.
: For the love of low ranks: Find a Way to Nerf Zed
Zed loses a lot of games in silver, I feel like people are confusing over powered with annoying to face. A lot of these changes aren't rational and just asking for flat out nerfs. If he needs changes, change his EW interaction, remove the slow until rank 3 or 5 whatever, unless it is zed hitting you directly with it. His shadow should not slow in my opinion at rank 1 unless the champion himself does it. Increase the slow if he hits both, reward him for hitting both.
: Plz Save Shen!
Maybe change his W active From just flat out dodges to some kind of sustain or maybe add a sustain portion to it when used aggressively.
: That would be bad because for one thing, if there were only limits to Armor and MR and not AD and AP, tanks would be unviable. And what about tanks like Malphite or who revolve around Armor and usually wants to build as much as possible? If it was capped he wouldn't physically be able to get to his full potential. There are a lot of reasons I think this isn't a great idea.
This was supposed to be a question, the thread is asking what the stat caps are if there are any caps for stats in the game. Soft caps and hard caps, unfortunately I don't know but maybe someone can clearify for them.
: The Main Issue with Nexus Blitz
Doubt they'll change much on the afk situation since they've yet to make any actual strides to fix the problem (it's inherently unfixable since there's no way to know what happened) but they definitely should balance out the events. It felt like a coin toss as to which side the event was happening on. One king of the hill was literally on our side of the map next to spawn, how is the enemy supposed to contest that lol
DW Diana (NA)
It's just something that happens with online discussions, regardless of how strong or a weak a character is anytime you something about their precious champ someone will always ignore what you said and just spew out whatever they want. You could've said Zoe shouldn't have been nerfed and someone would've called you an idiot
He might get buffs considering they want to nerf electrocute, looking at recent trends it's a possibility
ISmurfy420 (EUNE)
: How do you build Sivir?
Stormrazor, rapid fire cannon gives you very strong early game. W actually can use the crit from Storm razor and passes like a normal crit would.
borger (NA)
: so why was fizz buffed again
My assumption is he got buffed since everyone runs stop watch vs him and his kill pressure in lane dropped a ton, but they just nerfed watch the same patch. They really should queue up the buffs/nerfs for champions and wait a week after making major item/rune changes and if they need them hotfix it midpatch. But to buff a champion and also nerf his earliest counterplay is just reckless.
Rexxiee (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=lilpokfluf,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=K7zziHEB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-26T17:56:34.136+0000) > > How would you stop them? The current set up is jungler always hit lvl 2 from first camp which they sometimes get leashed so they may take very little damage. the only way i can think of to stop them would be to have the jungler not reach level 2 immediately but that would completely gut a majority of jungle champions. Either that or delay the jungle monsters from spawning for atleast 10 or 15 extra seconds. About every single jungler can jungle without a leash with how much of a joke the camps are to clear now, maybe just removing leashes would make their early game ganks not as early and less safe.
Giving 10-15 seconds is a buff to invaders and fast pushing assassin midlaners. You would have to increase jungler experience/sustain or the same thing happening to you at level 1 would be happening to junglers. Edit: Maybe if they actually made buff+ scuttle+ any camp give level 3 the cheese gank wouldn't happen since scuttle would be much more enticing
Rexxiee (NA)
: Can we do something about the lvl 2 jg ganks on lvl 1 laners?
How would you stop them? The current set up is jungler always hit lvl 2 from first camp which they sometimes get leashed so they may take very little damage. the only way i can think of to stop them would be to have the jungler not reach level 2 immediately but that would completely gut a majority of jungle champions.
: how to you deal with diana as talon?
Get hexdrinker first, and get merc treads not mobi boots which a lot of talons get. Don't fight her past 6, you'll never outdamage her unless she misses her Q. You have better wave clear than her, i would try to get any possible kills early on and then once you're both 6 try clearing waves and roaming bot. She can't clear waves as fast as you and you'll always have lane priority.
: Wukong, 55% win rate, 10% play rate. You gonna laugh me off the boards now for saying he's broken?
It's a similar situation to what nocturn does, I think it's definitely more a problem with items (stormrazor+duskblade) combined with how strong electrocute can be when you can proc it reliably.
: The community's median skill with Zed/Yasuo is absurd.
But they're not consistent, what you see is more of a lucky break. We all have them in low elo. i personally fee like low elo knows how to play the champions when they're strictly ahead. If at any point they fall behind they become 0/12 memes. Probably because a large majority of them rely on an all in to test their strength against the opponent.
: Its unfair that because youre famous,you get more honors than me,hence you reach honor 2 faster.
Does this honestly bother you? Cause it's really not that big a deal. Normal People get honored when they carry, maybe try carrying more. being positive or just resisting the urge to be a dick isn't enough
ƒrostγ (EUNE)
: Don't like it? Don't play it.
No that makes too much sense, they HAVE to play
: How to not play like noobs in ranked????
You could try counter building more and pick items that will benefit you in lane. Generally gargoyle stone plate is terrible idea as it's essentially useless until mid game team fights. Also purchasing Merc treads instead of tabi will drastically help you survive against rumble
Rioter Comments
: Is run down mid on co-op vs ai bannable?
A better way to relieve stress is to play another game or go out on a walk. Why is actively watching even sound remotely fun
: Evelynn's charm doesnt provide an assist...
What if they make it so if the full charm gives a +1 assist? You gotta admit there technically is a sort of assist there but it is somewhere in the middle of why don't we points if someone puts down a ward that ends up in a kill? It's gray area
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