: Evelynn required a nerf so they nerfed Q cdr by 10% now they say she needs a buff and guess what...
this is such a joke. evelynn needed a nerf for two patches, so they placebo nerf her and then buff her. cool. they buffed a champion that is banned almost every game because of how good she is.
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: Define being black please {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Pika Fox (NA)
: Not how this works. You cant stop development on one thing to have them fix something completely different, especially something where the issue is 99/100 times user end. Different teams do different things. TFT team doesnt know how to do anything with the client.
I have an extremely difficult time accepting that the programmers who are working on TFT, which is a part of the same client, have absolutely no idea how the main game and client work at all. Point is, when there is a glaring issue with your game, making a completely separate game mode gives off the attitude of "we don't care".
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darkdill (NA)
: Thicc K/DA Ahri artwork (Artist: Rothy)

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