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lmNova (NA)
: Hearing Azir not as Azir
Now that I think about it, are there other champions that say things when placing wards? I can't think of any off the top of my head, unless I block them out. Because what Azir says is definitely things about sight and seeing Shurima.
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: Any other changes to Annie? I really don't think she is in a place to need buffs lol.
I think that's the only change to her.
Wuks (NA)
: You can control Tibbers (including who he attacks) by pressing R on champions (or using ALT+right click).
Yeah, I know that. But in the mymu, Tibers will now maul whoever is stunned by Annie.
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CDZoro (NA)
: Some chinese splash art are downgrades to our current splash arts
Kind of ironic, that there was a time people modded their game to add the chinese artwork to our game. I agree a lot of ours looks better, due to Riot getting better artists.
: Decided to play 10 games of "fill"....
Here's the thing, people tend to have two different views on "fill". To some, it's playin what role is needed for that particular match up, to others it's more of a random role. With support obviously having its enjoyment problem, it makes sense it's going to see 90% of the chance with fill. If I had the power, I'd make it so there is either a random option added, or make it so the max you can play the same roll is 3 out of 5 games.
lmNova (NA)
: Zyra changes
I thought about the Illaoi thing, but that would be too similar, especially since she just came out. What i meant by they just spawn, for example. activate Q, after the inital damage, spawns the shooter plant. After E spawns a needle plant somewhere along the line, maybe at first enemy hit. Not sure if i explained it thoroughly, she isn't instant re-spawning at these, more like instead of spawning at base after dying, she can go to these plants, so no instant resurrection. I feel like that would be nice to some extra movement. and really fits with her nature theme.
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Stiv1234 (EUW)
: Imagine if DotA's Blink Dagger got implemented into League
I've always thought adding the blink restrictions to flash would make it normal and bring other summoner spells back in. Flash: 150sec CD, increase range by 200, can only be used if no dmg taken from champion, baron or dragon for 3 second. Maybe add mnions or neutrals if it still needs tuning.
: Agree completely with how we deal with toxic people. I know ragers complain that this game is too "soft" but I feel like the only thing we are soft on is toxic people. Takes far too many reports and far too long for any action to be taken. For your other points: 1. Definitely disagree with this point. Right now balance may be a little out of wack but its the pre-season, that's to be expected. During the season the vast majority of champions hover around a 50% win rate. Yes some champs are more popular in LCS and some champs are more popular in low elo but I don't think any of the champs are broken. Please provide a link for the Lee Sin comments and comments admitting to nerfing champions to make them unpopular, I've never heard of this. I agree some champions stay nerfed for far too long and that I think Riot should favor buffing weak champions rather than nerfing strong ones. I do think Riot is on the right path with all these balance changes and reworks, its just going to take them a long time to overhaul all 125+ champions. 2. I would like to see a testing mode so people can try out a champion before they buy him but I don't think its essential (I'd prioritize a replay system way above this request.) 3. This has never really bothered me but I can see how it would affect people who are new to the game. Usually if I'm going up against a champion I am unfamiliar with I look the champion up while the game loads so it never really is a problem for me. If you go into the game not knowing the basics about the enemy team then you're already kind of screwed.
I don't have the link, but it was stated years ago with eve and twitch. They didn't know what to do with them and their 60+ seconds of stealth. So they trashed them until they did their stealth rework. I remember twitch easily 1v5 everywhere with how his abilities were and scouting. You didn't see them coming, just pop up and you died. Twitch had a 50% no target, huge AoE slow around him, that all stacks did was make the slow longer. They nerfed their abilities to near useless state, sonce in order to keep their version of stealth they had nothing elsewhere. There is a reason the term "eve teir" existed.
: Can Mordekaiser get a new W, pretty please?
Someone said I should post this from my thread so doing so. Make his W castable on enemies. He gains MS when moving towards them, the Dot hits them of their circles touch. But they won't take the activation dmg. This way he chooses speed or burst. Tweak numbers if needed.
: Three Yordles? Is this a joke that hinges on the assumption that Mordekaiser is actually just 3 Yordles in a suit of armor, like Vincent Adultman or the 3 kids from _The Little Rascals_?
Don't remember why it started just that it did like 3 years or more ago. Linda like candlej----
: We have so many playable Yordles but only 1 playable Troll and 1 playable Darkin
I know it's another generic fantasy race, but I'd like to see a Dwarf. Like full on dwarf, not gragas who is like human dwarf. I'd like to see it like a dwarf slayer or doom seeker.
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=KaptainKonrad,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WEwR92a0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-12-07T20:42:47.042+0000) > > Well it only gives MS when moving towards the other. You won't be moving towards the enemy champion you just cast it on? That's not a very sound idea when your main desire is to shove your morgenstern up their ass
Why wouldn't I be moving towards them? I'm a little confused here. I put w on them so it's on me and them. I move to them for MS.
Jbels (NA)
: I can't think of a single situation where you would rather cast your W on an ally when in a teamfight if you can just cast it on the nearest enemy champion and magnet away Rylais ahoy
Well it only gives MS when moving towards the other.
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: Riot, if you ever rework Singed visually and lore wise.
Of coarse Sion always angry, he wants to kill everyone. Unless they do a tea and crumpets Sion.
: why does no one remember Release LeBlanc? She had to get hotfix nerfed 2 HOURS AFTER RELEASE because she could 100-0 anyone with QW at lvl 2.
Remember the Nasus ultimate bug? 1-1 ap ration. That shit got fixed quick.
: All aboard the DoTA 2 train!
I enjoy DOTA 2 a lot, but also enjoy league. While I have spent more hours on league, I tend to get frustrated with league more, then pre season hit. At least Dota gives you cool abilities before I r@pes you. The way I've seen it, Dota 2 is less newer player friendly and less for people with short attention spans. You got to put the time into learning it, once you do it become a lot more enjoyable. I've met a lot of nice people in there and even the assholes. The abilities are what riot won't try/used to do. Remember jax dodging towers, TF Tele on basic ability? Tons of abilities feel powerful or crazy for basic abilities. Then you have the awesome skins, buy them in the market place for cheap, mix and match them together. The interactions are bloody amazing. Heroes talking to each other randomly, rivals calling each other bitch. "I'm like a bad meal, ya can't keep me down" after respawning. I still play league more due to friends and time/money invested, but for some reason when league has op characters the game gets frustrating. I think its because league characters own because of pure stats or overloaded kits whereas in dota it's because they got ahead. Though dota isn't exempt from op characters. Its just their balance team is by far better then Riots, due to how different the games go about themselves. Didn't mention league because we're on a league forums and we know why we love the game, in all its good and bad moments.
Cindikle (NA)
: They should take Dawngate's surrender conditions. - Large gold imbalance - Player AFK too long - 20minutes
Oh Dawngate, you were an amazing game. I miss you.
lmNova (NA)
: Anti life regain aura
I've thought thorn mail should of had GW a long time ago, but if it hasn't happened now, it probably wont, hence this idea.
lmNova (NA)
: Anti life regain aura
Is it the aura itself that you feel is op? Or is it the aura with the stats? The new changes don't look hopeful or fun item wise.
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: Riot will make some meaningful changes to the, currently underpowered, Thornmail!
lmNova (NA)
: So Riot, Why did the Crimson Elite skins stop?
I like the sci-fi look of them. It isn't too sci-fi and tbh, you could easily make it not sci-fi but just a lot more smooth in style.
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: Considering he had IE and Youmuu's for 40% Crit Chance, this seems like three crits. Jayce has 357 AD. Hyper Charge crits do (357 x 2.5 x 1.3 = ) 1160.25 per shot, before Armor. 3480.75 for three. You have 131 Armor. 80 after LW and mastery. 60 after Youmuu's. (1- 60 / 160) = 0.625, you take 62.5% of the raw physical damage. 3480.75 x 0.625 = 2175.5 damage. Seems possible with three Crits. Probably didn't have HC rank 5 yet, but some damage-increasing masteries, too.
Damn, ok. I guess wasn't a bug. It also helps that I thought that was his one skill shot, Guess that's what happens after posting and playing after being awake for 21 hours.
: Nerf Jayce mob yet?
I'm mainly curious if this is normal or a bug of some sort.
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