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: KayPike Fashion Bodypaints Kai’Sa!
Beautiful and Talented person. {{champion:145}}
: Can we choose an unlocked skin for our recently played champion on our profile?
Please riot add this! I love how the lux has its own if you have the ICON enabled but we should have a little more customization when it comes to our profiles and this would be a good idea to implement!
: Can you get the Project borders before you get a Project skin? (Jhin, Vayne, Vi)
Yes you can get the project borders before you get the skins, I did this for Championship Ashe. I bought the borders / and icon for her, next day I bought the championship ashe and got the borders. :) Just make sure you do it before your token expires!
: I unpacked all the files for Star Guardian Ahri Announcer pack
: I unpacked all the files for Star Guardian Ahri Announcer pack
Ok, I will post it the download link tonight, thank you guys for the quick response!
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Bethanie (NA)
: New Horizon Star Guardian Skins.. Music not added into recalls?
I love the small details with the star guardian skins. Can't wait for riot to fix it in 7.18 !
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Lilty (EUW)
: Star Guardian Music I made a thread about it too I hope they add it I really want to hear it, I'm going to buy the bundle right when it comes out! I love them! <3
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Wait, all of older SG ave music? I thought only Lux had it during recall. Or you mean the one that plays at beginning of game?
I'm talking about when they "Recall" For example lulu poppy janna jinx and lux have a star guardian soundtrack playing when they recall but the new ones they don't have any it's just them doing animations and recalling.
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