: > Reason #1- this season is just in a absolute terrible state, it doesn't even need explanation at this point, boards has been complaining about it for the entirety of the season. pretty sure therer was never a time they weren't. > Reaseon #2- Normals are unplayable. You sit through 20mins of autofill dodges, until you get autofilled and are left with the decision to play what you don't want to play, or to dodge and then relive the experience all over again. I almost 100% play normal draft and aram, do i get autofilled? yes sometimes but i can handle that, if you're only capable of playing one role why the fuck are you even playing ranked. and i sure as hell don't spend 20 minutes in queue > Reason #3- Toxic premades. In the event that one of your non-autofilled games does go through, you will generally have the luxury of being grouped with a toxic premade that will play badly, and then gang up on you in an attempt to get a reportable reaction. This is in no way worse than having only one toxic %%%% on your team. > Reason #4- How did this last patch leave the conference table as a good idea? patch is good, it achieved it's goal. making lanes fight again instead of waiting for the jungler. Jungle itself might need some tweaking to allow farming ones own jungle to be more viable. but overall it's a good patch. > Reason #5- How did the Spear of Shojin leave the conference table as a good idea? seems broken as shit i'll admit that, probably needs changes > Reason #6- How did Pykes ult leave the conference table as a good idea? So when pyke does it, it's bad but when veigar or urgot do it, it's "so frickin cool" >Its funny how Overwatch didn't even need to put forth work to become a better game than LoL. Riot did the work for Overwatch. hmm? there's so much crap in there that's just as annoying to deal with, hell they even have their own yasuo. I like both games but they suffer from the same problems any online PVP game does: Meta & random People playing together. > and Fortnite. Current hype, enjoyable to watch (i don't really feel like playing the BR mode, i'll wait for the base defense to be free), An art style that attracts all age categories (like OW & league), fun skins (like league and OW) and it's FREE. Fortnite has a bright future but if you think it's gonna keep going you're wrong. Look at OW, pretty sure their playerbase has dropped since release but they're still going strong, like league. You can't expect a game to stay at it's peak forever.
Urgot and Veigar reset and do AOE damage?
Gabresol (EUW)
: Most of these people are toxic and always cry about how being toxic gets them banned and I am not sure wether these people actually quit or just say, because they believe they hurt anyone by claiming that they quit. Going by the fact that queue time did not seem to grow I think the game is still doing fine
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: On it's death bed? People will be saying that years from now.
Optimism is healthy, delusion is not
: i dont understand this trend of posting "im quiting league" posts. just go. no one is going to feel sorry that you left or regret that you're gone. if you have a point to make then make it without whining about it. some of us are excited about the new content.
Fun how its becoming more frequent huh? And the Boards are supposed to be the "vocal minority" sooo...
ToddnK (NA)
: If hitboxes aren't what Riot is spending all their resources on now they're wrong.
Nah mate, they're spending all of them on adding a fresh hook to the family of broken hitboxes polluting botlane.
: I'm not surprised that the PBE Xayah with electrocute, a 4 level disadvantage, a 2 item disadvantage, and 114 CS down from the enemy jungler out of all people, on a team that already fed the Mundo and put themselves behind before he even got the items, could not fight the player who is someone who apparently got to rank 3. I don't think that video means anything about game balance; he does this with Ahri jungle or whatever he does.
Just gonna blindly accept the fact that this dude blatantly walked through 5 champions, eating all of their ults and multiple spammed abilities all while having Grievous wounds applied to him... Guy was surviving 20 straight seconds of non-stop damage from 5 people all at once and he even walks out after nearly killing one of them, wtf is your brain?
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Kupoe (NA)
: you know whats even more "fun"? they are taking crits away... lol
No they aren't? They're making them do true damage
Terozu (NA)
: I'm sorry but no. S/he saod that it is hard to do yes, but others all throughout your thread gave other reasons. By no means is the skill shot issue laziness. It is just a legitimately hard problem with no clear solution. They constantly patch and change animations like thid and are constantly trying to fix it. This isn't laziness. Some cases such as Blitz Q? Sometimes you get clipped. They hit the skill shot. Just because you dont like that they did doesnt mean they didnt do it. Hell it generally means they're better at the champ. It is impossible to avoid this problem.
Better because they have a hitbox I'm unable to see and play around, gotcha. If the thing wasn't a wonky POS that pulled crap like this then maybe I'd agree with you, but so the animation clearly goes and fucks itself due to the ability's actual hitbox which, guess what, you just AGAIN said is "too hard to fix." And where per chance are these fucking fixes you're mentioning? Riot hasn't touched a single hook champ or talked-about hitbox EVER.
Nevurwin (NA)
: Mobi's are a great early-earlymid item for various Supports, Mid Laners and Junglers.
When they're even or ahead. When they're behind it's just a feed-more item that doubles their deaths by the time they buy them to when the game ends.
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Terozu (NA)
: Way to again ignore that the reason isnt that its to hard.
Isn't that what the whipped mod just said in the original reply? That Riot hasn't done anything to fix these clearly broken hitboxes because it's supposedly too hard and too much "balancing work" to make an animation actually match the ability?
: 47% win rate champion has the highest ban rate
What's his playrate? Kind of puts that win-rate into perspective when it's still that reasonable on a pick-ban.
Terozu (NA)
: Way to blatently ignore things you don't like...
Way to just roll over and accept blatantly broken things that need fixing but won't get it because "it's hard"
: Heartwarming story, faith restored in riot
Man you're weak if that's all it takes to get your belief
: Do I get punished for this?
Of course, you think Riot is competent enough to tell the difference?
: They can't really just do that as easily as you think. A skillshot with a wide hitbox for balance purposes could be HUGE, or inversely the hitbox be shrunk down to the size of the object and be significantly more difficult to use; visually and balance-wise, they are like this for a good reason.
So perpetually broken because Riot is too lazy to actually put in the work to fix it. Glad we're just repeating ourselves with different words.
: It doesn't split or change direction, the edges of the hitboxes met and it centers the animation (so it's not hooked onto just a pixel or seemingly nothing).
You know damn well what I mean, Riot needs to get off their lazy asses and fix hitboxes already by making their bullshit size match the animation.
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Raoul (EUW)
: Yeah, just look at WoW... do you really want that developement for LoL? We wouldnt have items any more, because Blizzard would deem them too complicated for the casual player, unified leveling like HotS because Blizzard wouldnt want to leave the casuals behind... only plus side,w e would have more maps with some objectives, but no more SR.
: {{summoner:14}}
{{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} etc If you're close enough to ignite them you're wrong
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: So I played Fortnite for the first time today....
> [{quoted}](name=Evil Jester,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wxcP3e18,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-16T22:39:35.519+0000) > > IDK it's kinda fun but there's not a whole lot to get me coming back if you know what i mean. Seems like its fun at first but I think i will grow bored of it quickly. > > I guess I see the appeal, but I don't see the incentive to keep playing long term. So just like people coming into the current league and wondering wtf the point is in it still having level locked shit when the locked content does nothing to change playstyles at all once you get it.
: Riot, thank you for this change to Banner of Command
YES, finally my magic tops aren't cucked into a frustrating mess by one cheap item.
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: To be frank, unless he's overtuned, I don't see him working properly in any lane, perhaps top, but he's gonna be a memey pick for normals. And he doesn't have the sustain or clear for jungle.
He's melee isn't he? And his harpoon knife is an aoe line if not charged. {{item:3077}} seems like an obvious option.
Meep Man (NA)
: I'm Fine With Pyke Being a Weird Support/Assassin Hybrid, Just One Thing...
Empty words that Riot will act as if never happened? Not the first or the last time it's gonna happen.
DrLuau (NA)
: Is the tail wagging the dog with Pyke?
You expect Riot to stick by what they say? They go back and forth on shit so much it's a wonder any of them even has an idea of what they're talking about anymore- Oh wait...
: Actually really good job with Pyke, Riot
Yes good job making a botlane assassin that will be viable for all of one patch before he's gutted into the ground for being one of the other genius designs that work off building no doubt full tank and riding 100% off the fact that his ult has an HP threshold to execute like {{champion:6}} only it's also an AOE with a built in reset. Well done.
: A support with an AOE heal and knockback for enemies... Wat? A support with a global massive heal...Wat? A support with a AOE box that has a 90% slow...Wat? Are we just going to keep listing support ultimates? Nothing wrong with a support that has the power to kill players. We have had {{champion:63}} support for ages now. The 'kill support' is now becoming an actual role, and I'm very glad to see it.
Those are all abilities that are made for supporting teams though. {{champion:63}} is not a support either, he's just a secondary carry that gets by with a {{item:3098}} only due to his ridiculous %HP base-damage.
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Chermorg (NA)
: They certainly do punish **intentional** feeding and **intentional** trolling. The problem is it is very hard for both computers *and* humans to determine with near certainty someone's *intent* behind their actions. There is no combination of statistics other than straight running down a lane repeatedly (or things *very* similar to that) that is definitively and certainly intentional in nature. It is wholly possible for almost all players who *look* like they may be trolling to just be having a bad game. Riot will not punish someone for *looking* like they may be trolling. Riot requires there to be enough evidence that they're *intentionally* doing it for there to be very little doubt.
How the fuck do you unintentionally troll?
Bunnymap (NA)
: Why I’m quitting league post #5497
That's a lot of people isn't it? And the boards is just the vocal minority of the whole league community I thought...
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Vemira (NA)
: 11 Year Old Game Breaking Bug.
Riot needs brains for that kind of speedy fix, you can't expect them to have the competence necessary to fix every bug as soon as they're found.
: > [{quoted}](name=FilDaFunk,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tKtAtfoh,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-05-06T17:34:06.561+0000) > > So you had 5 items while another player had 2 and a half? > Did you not help him due to your advantage? > In that case, I may agree with a term just below "useless". As if there aren't 5 players on a team right?
Because it's easy for lanes to roam on each other, leaving theirs unguarded instead of you coming as the jungler.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: it's not 40% because it stacks multiplicatively and yasuo has already 50% armor pen on his ult which completely defeats the point of true damage before mitigation which is why despite conqueror he has 49% win rate right now as for tryndamere, champ is garbage and doesn't do anything in the game so it won't matter
: Why is Riot adding more true damage?
Cause they're idiots just throwing out random thoughtless changes to make things "new and exciting!"
: ADC changes are not shipping until 8.11. Even more reason for these kneejerk reactions to stop flooding the boards. 3 weeks to change things so stop flooding the entire front page with 12 posts saying the same thing. Confine it to one so more opinions can see the light of day.
3 weeks lol. When these people can't make simple changes with months on the table. Sheep never cease to amaze me.
: > [{quoted}](name=Slogg,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=OAgH66LG,comment-id=000400010000000000020000,timestamp=2018-05-05T17:34:38.729+0000) > > It can be much better, and the bigger issue is being banned for oh so bad words on an internet game over actually ruining the game for others. > > It's pretty idiotic to be banned for calling someone an idiot because he is being one. Are we 11 year olds playing this game? If you can't handle that, life gets a lot tougher I'm afraid. Mute them and grow a pair. > > Yet, intentionally ruining entire games is met with... nothing. Fantastic system!!! Because its almost impossible to PROVE (you know the number 1 most important thing in justice) that someone is truly feeding. But its easy as fuck to prove someone told someone else to kill themself.
: Brah I played a game today against Rengar adc. My support promptly warded his bush, saw him, and then walked into his bush at start and force fed him first blood.
I just want to understand what the fuck goes through their heads? Ok I died once, just a fluke I can still win this => OK 2 times, kind of a problem but let's keep going pure squishy damage => Ok I'm dead 4 times, but who fucking needs a defensive item when their carry is almost to 10 kills? => 8 times... but I got 4 kills, it must be working!
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