Broporo (NA)
: Oh whelp, yea 80% packet loss is DEFINITELY no good. I'm leaning towards thinking that your ISP might be having some issues, but go ahead and reach out to our tech team in a [**ticket**]( with those logs to see if there's anything they can find to help with!
JuhnChan (NA)
Probably too late to the party, but your local ori main is here w her own anecdotes: I have never NOT fed against Talon, Zed and Ekko. I can't ever seem to 100-0 them quickly enough and I'm just way too squishy. Pick someone with burst and even a fraction more sustain than her. Her ult is on an insanely low cooldown, especially once she gets her cdr up. if you're playing someone squishy, it's going to kill you. If you're not, it's going to secure a kill for her teammates. Always assume her ult is up and stay the FUCK away from her until you see her use it. Even if it means people spam pinging enemy missing, it's never worth feeding the Orianna. I would say most importantly, don't get hit by her E. Getting hit by her E is entirely your fault, to be honest. The thing's slow as hell and moves in a straight line! If you're playing someone who counters her, she's likely going to play passive and farm for hours. DON'T LET HER. She's a painfully average champ until she gets her {{item:3165}} , so bully the hell out of her and stall her as long as possible. It should seem like obvious advice, but only getting a morello 18 minutes in is devastating. TLDR don't 1v1 her when she gets morello, bully the living hell out of her until she does, then beg for ganks lol (or take her up for yourself, once you get a feel for the ball she's super engaging and fun as hell)
Broporo (NA)
: Yikes those ping spikes getting over 10,000 is preeeeetty bad. The only time I've heard of it hitting those kinds of levels is when you've either lost your connection completely or if you're having some pretty significant packet loss problems. Check out this [**log reader**]( to check for packet loss first. Try to grab a screenshot if you can and post it here so I can see the results as well.
Sorry if there's a better way to post this, but here: It's from my game a few hours ago, when I spent all but the first two minutes attempting to reconnect.
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Porocles (NA)
: Play what you want friend, nobody here is going to judge you for that. :D Based on your details here, it sounds to me like a connection issue might be blocking your patcher from reaching us, so nothing is loading. My suggestion would be to start with each step of the [connection issues]( guide to make sure it's configured. Give it a go and let me know if you run into any issues.
Thanks for responding so quickly! I tried as many of the troubleshooting options I could to no avail, so I just went ahead and reinstalled the game. It's taking its time setting up but it's working! Thanks for the help ^^
Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
if anyone would be kind enough, I've been dying to get my hands on Xayah ;; my summoner name is maccery, and though I'm having some issues w launching the game rn if anyone has the ip to spare I'd be so grateful!!
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