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Bârd (NA)
: Banshee's needs a buff. It's designed for a different game than what we're playing today.
Yeah it feels pretty bad. they should just make a MR equivalent for Zhonyas which is more useful against a fizz anyway
: That's kind of the point. Her ulti has the potential to be a massive one-shot, so it makes sense that she'd need to get somewhat close to activate it.
yeah, same with malzahar. his ult range is less than ignite
: K6's current state is disgusting.
Khazix is not a fucking 1v9 machine when all you need to do is stand near a minion to cuck him damage. Rengar on the other hand...
: When will Riot admit that modern assassins are too forgiving?
Assassins should be brought back to jungle and tanks brought back to toplane
yıff (NA)
: yasuo is seriously in need of a buff
> i propose we increase his dash radius/distance he dashes through a target for more outplay potential the thing about "outplay" is you're supposed to have to work for it ...
: just gank the fucking lanes
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KazKaz (OCE)
: So sick of people playing their m7 mains in norms....
Lol I agree it's annoying but just don't stress too much about losing and you'll be ok.
: Talking bad or nah
It's kinda this wierd thing where people who have toxic tendencies will be triggered by you typing anything, which causes you to respond, which causes them to escalate, and repeats. So while there is nothing wrong with typing, if your goal is to avoid toxicity, don't type too much.
: League of Power Creep: Pyke is one of the worst examples of power creep in the game
Sirsir (NA)
: Does anyone still have a Mastery 0 champion?
I have been playing league for nearing 2 years and still haven't unlocked like 50 champs
: Rengar is useless now
His damage is Soo high though.
: Pyke In ARAM Is Annoying Beyond Belief
Annoying really is the best word for pyke. His ult resets are the only really OP thing about his kit, other than that he's just slippery.
: Malzahar rework was a failure, bring him back like it was pre rework
Kinda agree. Malzahar is a little too simple. Waveclear and ult. I've been playing zyra mid instead.
Srbonator (EUNE)
: Why isn't kled played a lot?
People are playing him a lot now. I think people of all ELOs look at the tier lists and buffs and sort of mirror the popular champs in higher Elo.
: {{champion:1}} I haven't seen her in ages.
Annie is really good with predator build. Comes at you like a train and hits accordingly hard.
: > [{quoted}](name=macspam,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=faU3pi8w,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2019-07-21T05:43:34.197+0000) > > Nah, thats not true. It's not ok for lux with deathcap to do 50% of your health with an E. How on earth does lux do 50% of your HP with only deathcap? Atleast be realistic with your examples dude
not only deathcap bruh. but fair enough point, i'm not being properly 'statistical' here
: Can we talk about supports and pyke ?
IMO the issue with pyke is not laning phase, its late gane when he will look for hooks on such a short CD, stealth away / heal whenever you try and focus him, and get resets on his ult.
vrasidaros (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who thinks rengar on top should be nerfed?
Yeah i do think rengar should have to work harder to get a lead considering how easily he can oneshot when ahead.
: Personally, I think the main damage problem is attack damage. In a lot of ARAMs but also draft pick and sometimes ranked games, MR can completely end teams if their damage is entirely or mostly AP. But, armor is practically a joke. If a team is mostly AD, or even entirely AD, those teams still have a high chance of winning. As an ADC main, if I buy a {{item:3156}} or a {{item:3139}}, I can usually live a fed AP character. But, buying armor on anything but a tank doesn't really too much. {{item:3157}} and {{item:3026}} don't really stop a fed AD champ from one-shotting you. Yet, MR can usually save you from AP champs. Just my input and opinions of course.
Nah, thats not true. It's not ok for lux with deathcap to do 50% of your health with an E.
: Is playing Zoe still a thing?
Yes Zoe q when you are asleep from bubble can definitely still one shot you. However i think since nerfs zoe is more of a high skill cap, onetrick tyoe of champ
: fun question how much ap does veigar need to one shot a alistar full build and yes veigar full build
Not doing the math but keep in kind veigar R is an execute so the AP scaling is I think 100% if theyre at full health, at 33% health its 200% scaling
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Pyke gets far too much gold from his ultimate now
Pyke is so damn annoying and strong. He is so slippery and repeatedly able to fish for hooks while dashing away and healing so you cant focus him down.this is all in additon to his ult which is the strongest execute reset in the game ... Come on
Barkley (NA)
: "Spam this button" skills just feel bad.
It would be really nice if they did attack move click for these abilities the same as autos, for cassio E for example
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Εlin (EUW)
: What is the most annoying ult ?
Mordekaiser. But if you really want the essence of an annoying ult, teemo
Prime159 (NA)
: please for the love of god, tether norm and ranked mmr.
There needs to be way to play with a lower MMR when you play a new champ though.
: Can you rework ninja's to actually feel like Ninja's?
I think they should also change marksman autos to be skillshots with an ammo system like a FPS
: The problem is gold = damage. And turret plating is easy to break if you have massive lane pressure.
Turret plating was supposed to extend laning phase, right. And i like the idea of that, if im playing a champ that needs some ramp up time. However when you have a feeding lane on your team, it feels like the feed is worse, because theyre stuck in lane longer. Maybe this is just confirmation bias, and they would feed even without turret plates, i dont know.
: You've been playing just about every role in ranked this season, and you've brought out more than a dozen different champions to fill those roles. That'd be fine if you were playing ranked for fun and got a good laugh out of it, but you seem to be taking it seriously. It's very hard to 1v9 a ranked match if you're still learning how to play your champion and your role. You seem to be leaning more towards jungle lately. That's good. The role has more impact than any other role, and you can help feed any lane you want with it. Kha'zix is also a very good champion for low elo solo queue if you understand his pathing and mechanics. A new guide to jungling just dropped today and I think it's definitely worth a watch. Good luck and happy hunting!
I appreciate your advice here. Trust I am sticking to my best champs to climb. I really have a core champ pool of 3 that I'm using for ranked. I hope I'm not coming off as defensive here. But this post is not really about climbing. I want my games to go long enough where I get 3-4 items. Even if I'm ahead. It feels too rare to have a game that's even enough to last 30-40 min.
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: Can we get an option to not be matched with premade groups?
This is why i stopped playing flex queue.
: Shield bash is a prime example of an unhealthy hard counter.
I wouls be curious how much damage shield bash actually does over the course of the game for these champs. In my experience the damage is relatively low, however i have only tried it on skarner jg, and since i was jg i didnt skirmish /trade that much
Barso55 (NA)
: Velkoz is all skillshots with no mobility but his range and burst are way too much
I would say rather play against a velkoz than a xerath. At least velkoz q is blocked by minions. Playing against xerath feels like im on a firing range for all laning phase. Havent played against a xerath mid for months because i permaban
: {{champion:23}} Sounds like your guy. Needing other roles huh? {{champion:141}} Behind? Meh. Blue will probably fix that. Red will probably aswell. {{champion:23}} (Also can be played jungle.) {{champion:105}} If you learn him and spam him mid (Especially with the stupid buffs incoming.) you'll easily have fun. Adc you can't play from behind. Neither for support. If your behind the game is over. Stay away from these roles tbh. Kinda Lied: {{champion:350}} If your losing lane. Max E and W. Get the hell off your adc and get on someone that didnt lose lane.
Sivir can just afk waveclear. MF can ult. Adds arent all useless from behind.
: League’s Champion Banning System Is ALMOST Perfect if Not for Two Things
Yes, I mean pro players get the multiphase bans why cant we? And why does twisted treeline get it?
Reksee (NA)
: I played a game of jungle for the first time in a while...
Jungle is pretty fun if you play a tank like rammus, skarner, hecarin, etc. Squishier champs are fun but you have to be prepared to fall off super hard if you get behind. Khazix for example is a super fun champ but way more effort to impact the game than a rammus or skarner
coreym11 (NA)
: Bot lane is literally a bullet hell shooter
This is one of the major reasons i dont play much ADC. And when i do its usually sivir so i can spellshield that shit. Playing redside is so much worse because of the camera. They straight up fire their spells from offscreen when youre trying to farm under tower.
Naymliss (NA)
: People really, really, really don't want to jg
If youre a laner who does bad your team will flame you. If youre a jungler who does fine but your team ends up losing, your team will flame you
: > [{quoted}](name=macspam,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=piP5XxMG,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-06-28T19:13:27.678+0000) > > and yet lethality caitlyn functions as a burst mage, it's like a single target karthus ult that does more damage. Having scaling on missing heallth would help to pick off low-health enemies from a distance more dependably, this seems like the obvious design goal of the ult. Yes, I know how it works, thanks, but that is not the intended role of Caitlyn. AP Malphite deals DMG too and works to a certain degree, but no one wants to see that, not even Riot and they love cancer.
> [{quoted}](name=SuicidePlank,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=piP5XxMG,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2019-06-28T19:15:47.460+0000) > > Yes, I know how it works, thanks, but that is not the intended role of Caitlyn. > AP Malphite deals DMG too and works to a certain degree, but no one wants to see that, not even Riot and they love cancer. so what you're saying is that changing it to an execute would not reduce it's effectiveness as a one-shot tool? I'm honestly not sure if you're disagreeing with my original post or not. (again, by "execute" i mean scaling with missing HP)
: Because why should it. She is an ADC, supposed to deal consistant DMG, not a Burst Mage.
> [{quoted}](name=SuicidePlank,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=piP5XxMG,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-28T19:05:49.226+0000) > > Because why should it. > She is an ADC, supposed to deal consistant DMG, not a Burst Mage. and yet lethality caitlyn functions as a burst mage, it's like a single target karthus ult that does more damage. Having scaling on missing heallth would help to pick off low-health enemies from a distance more dependably, this seems like the obvious design goal of the ult.
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: lol why does aatrox heal for 400 with grevious wounds applied???
Its probably because he was stacking lifesteal to counter the grievous wounds. With max W and deaths dance he is already healing for like 30% of damage dealt right. Grievous wounds lowers that to 20%, still a lot of healing. I played a game a while ago when late gane fiora legit 1v3 us even with grievous wounds. We got her down to like 5% health and she just powered through it,
: Lux is played exactly like Xerath now
Yep I banned Xerath and the player chose Lux, lane phase was just as annoying, constant E / Q spam when she got CDR. When we gank her she BMs "you need all the help you can get" so I retort "you're a xerath player aren't you?". They say no. Post game I look at their profile and lo and behold they played Xerath the previous game Facing Lux support when you are botlane red side is even worse because of the camera angle, spell spam from off screen
: Thoughts on Malzahar?
I didn't play League before Malzahar's rework, but I play a fair bit of him now (got mastery 7 over the last few months) IMO you are correct, he is totally an unininteractive, AFK champ, very stat-checky and in general super annoying to play against. But, he's balanced by having a weak early game and weak late game (good luck with that self-root when you ult in a 5v5 teamfight!) I do think he's balanced, it's good to have a counterpick to assassins / fighters really. And although he can bully / push in top laners after he gets lost chapter, he is low mobility and single-target focused which means he can't survive a gank. I do think having more AoE later on, on a level more comparable to Heimer or Zyra, possibly at the expense of his single-target damage, would be a good way to improve him. For example being able to control the voidlings with mouse clicks
NY64 (NA)
: Is there a point of taking Exhaust on supports?
Exhaust is pretty versitile, I do think you have to consider whether you need the grievous wounds or the damage reduction later because i think in laning phase exhaust is pretty comparable to ignite in terms of getting killls (it's better than ignite to set up a gank for example), and it has the benefit of being dual-purpose, e.g. you can use it defensively in lane phase as well.
: What noob mistakes did you make starting out?
Building Ohmwrecker on mage because I was getting stomped and wanted HP regen / armor
: Bots in ranked games....
Theyre probably just non native english speakers. Why would a bot be programmed to type? And whats the use of deploying a bot to ranked When they obviously wont climb?
: Thoughts on ALL champions of league (Encouraging players to respond with their thoughts on this)
So I just kinda skimmed through the beginning of this but ... I dont really have so much of a problem with ADCs scaling. I do have a problem with full build mages ignoring any kind of defense ... Rabadans with void staff is just overkill
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