: Star Guardian In Game Models and More!
The in game model isn’t shown in a T pose. Truly disappointing.
: I can think of a few. Needed code space. Needed UI space for another option. Need of removal as game is progressing through time and not stuck in season 1. Think through stuff before thinking you know the facts.
It’s barely any space at all. Literally just a few small low quality pictures used with the same code as the new cursor.
: Probably because she doesn't really do anything groundbreaking like some of the releases recently. Ultimate Stealer, Champion Mimic, Summoner Spell Stealer, AD support assassin, etc. She's a very simple and easy-to-understand champion, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all. TFT is also another factor.
She’s pretty groundbreaking in her requiring being near certain terrain to use specific abilities, and as mentioned by others, she introduces a new faction. Her ult also interacts with terrain (rivers and wall) in a very unique way, so I would say she’s quite groundbreaking. I think the issue is Mordekaiser was just reworked recently, and TFT came out simultaneously. TFT is a HUGE deal, so that’s a large bit of the issue.
: I am sad to see the free champion rotation announcements going away like skins sales announcements went away. I haven't had access to the client on a regular and reliable basis, so for the longest time the only way to know what was free or what was available was to check the league website. It helped me prepare for those rare occasions when I did have access to the client and could play the game (such as looking up a free champion's abilities in advance.) Now that this information will no longer be on the League website, being ready when I do have access is going to be much harder. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} I suppose Riot has their reasons though. I have to admit, the News page has been a lot less cluttered ever since sales announcements were done away with. And i guess i could look this information up on the league of legends wiki. I am worried about getting malware though, seeing as how there tends to be a large number of malware awaiting to infect your computer on fan-made fansites. I guess i will make it anyway somehow.
Although that is a valid concern on sketchy sites, the League of Legends wiki on FANDOM should be safe. FANDOM is part of Wikia, which is an established company that provides a place for not only fandoms, but people with similar interests in subjects such as history, religions, politics to create wikis. They keep their site secure, and people can make pages on different things, but can’t do things like add malware. So as long as you don’t click on ads, you should be fine. Or that’s what I know.
: That’s not true at all. The whole reason they shut down paragon was because they put their whole company into fortnight not because of a lack of money because of a excess of it. Fortnight was such a huge cash cow that they shut down paragon to get even more from it. Paragon did just fine especially with money as they used the same system as league with skins etc and people were actually really disappointed it went down.
Fortnite. Fortnight is an actual word.
: So don't use the feature. It's optional. Just don't click the checkmark. I don't plan to use it, but I think its great for those that want it to have the option.
It says “it’ll free up the art and music teams for more projects,” so it looks like there simply won’t be animated login screens with music anymore. Hopefully they’ll still have champion themes, even if they aren’t in the login screens...
LinxTY (NA)
: Probably make it filled with micro transactions
Y’all act like LoL is overloaded with micro-transactions. They’re all 100% optional with no impact on gameplay. There are tons of pay to win games out there that you can’t compete on equal grounds with those who pay. That isn’t true for League, where you can become one of the best without spending a single penny. Faker is famous for not using skins. If you want skins, spend money. That’s all there is to it. Stop complaining for a second. There are definitely things Riot could do better with the game, but their micro-transaction policy is completely fine.
JPlayah (NA)
: Riot, you should let us buy spawn animations so we can have them permanently. Players get to feel cool and Riot makes money. Everyone wins.
The more they do things like this, the more they’re accused of and scrutinized for money grabbing by the majority of the community. They already have been criticized for their prestige skins. I’d think this event was meant as something to bring some of the reputation back. Plus, they’re likely reserving Summoner Rift recalls for Challenger recalls only, in order to make it feel really special.
~United, we stand~
: There is no way council has more people in it than faceless. Feels kinda rigged. Anyway warbands are the best, let’s go.
Why would Riot go out of their way to rig an event, not to mention that they wouldn’t benefit from rigging this event in the first place lmao
: When do we get the "against sexual harassment in the workplace" poro icon?
Got’em Rito even had the employee walk out recently lol
: You must not play in the top lane.
*any lane So basically the entire game
: I dont see the link
It’s small, but it’s below the text in the top center of the screen, between the two factions that take up the middle fourths of the screen.
: I guess this means skinlines can get lore updates along with the main canon. Well, it's more like an addition than an update.
That was already a thing, right? (ie star guardian)
: > [{quoted}](name=FOR JUSTICE,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=s7sQZyak,comment-id=000100020000,timestamp=2019-04-02T21:32:00.984+0000) > > Because it shows that they havent turned a blind eye to the community? > > Especially because earning ppoints before was absolute cancer, so a thank you for the change is in order. absolutely not! They changed it only for a one reason, and that reason is MONEY! and money alone, they shit at ur head for that lol They saw decline in sales and changed it, but anyone buying passes and stuff deservers to get banned or get a borken hand hah! supporting and thanking something they made for their own profit and not yours is absurd and u clearly do not understand their intends, or you do and u are just like the rest of this cancerst community
: That's because Hail of Blades isn't triggered on-hit, it's triggered on attack.
Ah I see. Looked into it, seems like you’re right
: the mr shred from wit's end was the only reason you'd really take it at all. it was a great item on magic damage on-hit champs like {{champion:10}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:518}} & now it's just a weird niche item..? for fighters for some reason, as if they were benefitting the most from it. {{champion:145}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:10}} say hi. imo they should've kept the mr drain but made it just shred rather than siphon, maybe even lowering the -30 mr to ~25? i had like 100 mr on kai'sa like..? i could at least understand it if fighters took it then but now it's just a badly niche on-hit item.
Azir never built wit’s end. His soldiers proc ability effects, but mostly no on-hit effects. The only exception I know of is hail of blades
Dragenik (NA)
: The real reason riot wanted to only allow one tear buy was to stop people from selling all their items and filling their inventory with tears.
Wait I didn’t think about that fuck _fuck_ What will I buy at the end of the game to express my salt now?????
: Meanwhile, Talon is still looking for a dead man and his lore is more shallow than the unwarded Silver 4 river.
Two words. Gragas lore.
: New free champion rotation: Azir, Graves, Ziggs and more!
: When I try to see the detail page about the price changes in the US depending on the state it tells me I'm not authorized to access this page Error 403.
It literaly tells you to ask the state department of revenue yourself... like, I ain’t botherin the officials over freakin “oh hey would I get taxed for buying stuff in a bideo game? :)”. I can just look in the shop and see rhe changes myself, that’s faster. I don’t see how hard it could be to create a list of the taxes, because there’s no way they don’t know what the price changes are per state when they themselves implemented the changes
: "keeping League secure and functional for a population that's getting smaller and smaller" - how small is the LoL population?
Did you read, like, anything in the article
: We need a {{champion:91}} Lore update between him and {{champion:50}} idk if it was intentional but swain doesn't even recognize him unlike literally every other Noxian. Also {{champion:69}}, {{champion:55}}, {{champion:91}} are supposedly all in the same family but i dont believe any of them have any Voice lines to one another. Its not really anything major but it a little disappointing.
Gragas needs a lore update really bad. His lore is literally “he’s an alcoholic that gets into bar fights. Oh yeah, he’s also somehow strong af and can fight alongside demon-scythe wielders that have done nothing but train and fight since childhood, and the literal demons themselves lol”
: Got to love the OG memes btw neeko ult is still super broke along with akalis shroud . . . .better nerf irelia xD
Boi they literally have it in this patch notes that they nerfed akali’s shroud
Ðiamant (NA)
: If Sylas stole your ultimate, what power would he get?
The power of being ass at everything
: Patch 9.2 notes
Can we have a bunch of other spells added to the “mini map isn’t clickedwhile casting?” Like, basically all the abilities. It would be faster to list the ones that you would use the minimap for, like Ez or Jinx ult. Otherwise, it should be disabled. Not like it’s a major problem cause I’ve only had an accidental click on the map during a fight a few times, but it’s werid to me that only Nami and Lux ult would be added. I get thay maybe it’s because they’re longer ranged, and so the click is more likely to be near the edge of the screen. But it’s not like most other abilities would use the minimap with their short range anyway, so the only times the minimap would be clicked for a cast would be a misclick.
: well thats cause macs suck.
I’m playing on my newly constructed $1000+ (bought parts on black friday, so not sure of exact price; too lazy to check) Windows 10 PC. It’s obviously not one of those top spec computers, but it’s much more than enough to play LoL on max settings. It doesn’t have to do with PC quality, just something’s wrong on Riot’s side But there’s like 100 days till the missions end, so they’ll get it fixed with more than enough time for us to complete missions is the good news
: Learn More: Spring Split Watch Missions
I didn’t get any rewards for watching 2 matches :( and I definitely watched more than 10 minutes of it, was logged in, and had the “you are properly linked” notification
: That seems entirely reasonable for a glorified white and gold chorma skin, honestly.
That’s fair... it’s basically just a chroma
: * Earning 1 prestige point per PVP win could be one way. (100 wins for 100 points) * Maybe if you do a flex queue, you can earn 1 point per party member (5 party members queue up, everyone can earn 5 points if y'all win). * Missions have been a tried and true method. * Tuning in for the Spring Split.
1 prestige point per win is too high. If you have a 50% winrate, then in theory playing 2 games every 3-4 days (for a total of 200 games per year) would get you a prestige skin. And most of us play more than that, so it would be much too easy to get 2 or even 3 prestige skins, if they even release that many for the Prestige Point system. But I agree with a non-buytowin approach would be much better. A point for every x games won would probably be a good way to do it. Or possibly for only ranked games, to create another incentive to play ranked (because some people just can’t get out of silver, and end of season rewards aren’t anything good up to gold; and even then, the skin might be for a champ they don’t play)
: #A Corporate Carol Two {{champion:64}} "Woo, another night alone." _"Pours himself a drink."_ {{champion:40}} "Hey, I'm still here!" {{champion:64}} "Yeah, but you're going to clock out in a minute when your shift ends." {{champion:40}} "Oh yeah, I guess you are going to have another lonely night." {{champion:64}} "Mhmmm." {{champion:40}} "Why don't you go get smashed at a bar or something like you usually do?" {{champion:64}} "That's not even fun anymore. I'm just gonna stay here, have a nice drink and get some extra work done. Balance is a mess right now and I can't seem to get it under control. If I don't do something Mundo is going to fire me." {{champion:40}} "That sounds great. I'm leaving now." _"Floats out the door."_ {{champion:64}} "Goodnight." _**A couple hours later, Corporate Lee Sin has drunk the whole bottle and passed out at his desk:**_ {{item:3084}} "Wake up.... Waaaaaaaaake uuuuuuup......" {{champion:64}} _"Snoring."_ {{item:3084}} **"WAKE UP!"** {{champion:64}} **"AHHHHHH!"** _"Falls back out of chair."_ {{item:3084}} "Are you awake?" {{champion:64}} **"WHAT DO YOU WANT, MIGHTY TALKING FLOATING CHEST-PLATE?"** {{item:3084}} "I am the ghost of Snowdown past. I am here to teach you the error of your ways." {{champion:64}} "Wait, chest-plates get ghosts? I thought you had to be alive at some point to get a ghost. Unless you were a talking chest-plate in life as well." {{item:3084}} _"Sight."_ "This isn't important, but if you must know. I was once a great overlord. But I was betrayed and killed by my own servants. My spirit contained in this bloodmail. For a time I was used as a powerful armor for many champions. But I was destroyed and forgotten." {{champion:64}} "Oh, I remember something Mundo said about ghosts last year. But aren't you supposed to have someone announce your arrival?" {{item:3084}} "Normally, yeah. but he quit on short notice and we weren't able to find a new one in time. Why am I telling you all this, I'm here to do a mission and you are wasting our very limited time. Let's go." _"Flys onto Corporate Lee Sin."_ {{champion:64}} "Oh Rito." {{item:3084}} "I love this part." _"Whoosh."_ _**They travel through space and time to a rundown house with loud shouting inside.**_ {{item:3084}} "Do you know where we are?" {{champion:64}} "No I don't. Wait, it is a little familiar. This is the home I lived in when I was a little kid. But, they tore this place down years ago." {{item:3084}} "No, it won't be torn down for years." {{champion:64}} "You've taken me back in time, to a night when I was a boy." {{item:3084}} "Yes, but this is no ordinary night. Do you know what makes it special?" _"He asks while a man storms out of the house and walks right past them."_ {{champion:64}} "Yes, that was my dad. He and my mom would fight all the time, often very loudly. But this was the last time, tonight was when he left us and I never saw him again. I was seven." {{item:3084}} "Yes, from that point on your mom had a revolving door of boyfriends. Most of them treated her terribly. You never learned how a real relationship was supposed to work." {{champion:64}} "Why are you showing me this?" {{item:3084}} "You have a problem, and you can never fix it if you don't know where it came from. Now that you do, I will take you back." _**Whoosh:**_ {{item:3084}} "My work here is done, be ready for the next ghost." _"Fades away."_ {{champion:64}} "Oh Rito, I don't think I can take another one." {{champion:518}} "Well, you better buck up. Cause the ghost of Snowdown Present is here." {{champion:64}} "Okay, why do you have to look like that annoying chameleon." {{champion:518}} "I am the embodiment of the present state of the rift." {{champion:64}} "Why are you all messing with me? I thought you were just supposed to mess with the mean old rich. Those who have more money than they will ever need but still don't spend help anyone and are mean to everyone. If I'm being honest, I barely get paid enough here to support myself and there are tons of bigger jerks than me." {{champion:518}} "You think that all we do. There are only so many greedy meanies in the world. No, we help those who have hurt Sho'ma. Right now, that is you. But you are wasting time, we do not have a lot." {{champion:64}} "Then go ahead and take me to wherever." {{champion:518}} "Yay, let's go!" _"Grabs his arm."_ _**Whoosh:**_ {{champion:92}} "Here's to another great night." _"Toasts the air and downs her drink."_ {{champion:64}} "Is that?" {{champion:518}} "Your Ex-wife, yes it is." {{champion:92}} "My life sucks." _"Throws the glass behind her and starts drinking straight from the bottle."_ {{champion:64}} "Riven no, you're amazing, you shouldn't be sad." {{champion:518}} "She can't hear you. But, she is just as lonely as you are." {{champion:64}} "Seeing her like this is terrible, what can I do?" {{champion:518}} "You can try again." {{champion:64}} "What, ask her out? She will never forgive me for everything. And we will never work out as a couple again." {{champion:518}} "Maybe, maybe not. You are both sad and alone. And until you learn to open your heart, you will never be happy. That is all I can show you." _**Whoosh:**_ {{champion:518}} "I hope you learn the lesson here. I must leave." _"Fades away."_ {{champion:64}} "Man, this night really sucks." {{champion:82}} **"HELLO, I AM THE GHOST OF SNOWDOWN FUTURE!"** {{champion:64}} "AH! Why are you Mordekaiser?" {{champion:82}} "Because, in the future I get a rework that is both heavy, and metal!" {{champion:64}} "Alright. I don't see the correlation there but fine." {{champion:82}} "It doesn't matter. I just have to- Wait, I'm just about out of time. What the hell took those other ghosts so long." {{champion:64}} "I have a tendency to draw things out." {{champion:82}} "Well, now I don't have enough time to show you your future and teach you your lesson. Basically, the immense stress and loneliness gets to you and you drink yourself to death. Dying sad and alone. So, call your ex-wife and prevent that terrible future. That's all the time I have." _"Fades away."_ {{champion:64}} "Well, this night is much weirder than I thought it would be. Stupid ghosts. she would never want to talk to me again. There's no way. But, maybe I should listen to them. It's not like I can make things worse." _"Picks up cellphone."_ _(As a reminder, last week's episode was posted to the concepts and creations boards [here:](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/fL0BcY3t-a-corporate-christmas-iv)_)
Ok but Lee and Riven being ex-spouses is gonna haunt me
: Hey guys, we don't have sales on this week? Only on Monday? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Maybe they’re gonna wait till 2019 rolls around to switch to the new sale system they were talking about?
: e’ll be focusing on more favorites like Your Shop, **event passes**, and the Essence Emporium. Who thought "man my favorite league pay feature is event passes!", I've seen nothing but hardcore criticism about the last 2 passes being absolute dog shit, from what the rewards were and for how insanely impossible it was to get good value from the pass when you could only realistically redeem 1-2 rewards and a majority of those coins come from the event, not the pass. As someone who's purchased every pass that came out, It feels really disheartening with what I got. Atleast with the VS riven and yasuo event I got the ward skins AND the border AND an emote along with crappy hextech crafting stuff.
I hope they mean the event passes will be ln sale, so we can get a better price for them
Wendígo (NA)
: What if you stop caring about winrates. Sincerely, -everyone above level 30
Winrates are a good indicator of how viable a chmapion is. Now, what it DOESN’T reflect are things like how hard they snowball once they do win early, how poor they perform when they lost early, how much counterplay there is against them, and things like that. But it’s just foolish to say winrates just straight up don’t matter.
tsmKX (NA)
: does anyone say “first” here or is that just a YouTube thing
: So how about that Patch 8.24?
djmax31 (NA)
: Where is oddesey kayn
Plebian, I got it for free from a crate I also got soulhunter from a crate, so I have all (two) of his skins
: hMmMMMmMMMmmMMMM {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I need a clarification. So, after six months... I have to buy the skin AND spend BE on the chroma?
Idk why you’re complaining that you have to buy the skin, did you expectto get it for free just because you bought the chroma for BE?
: Full AP is Looking For A Gold+ Support!
Gold 4 supp with good performance on 5 supps, averaging well above average performance on them. Can play pther supps as well. Friend me if you guys are ok with me :) http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=mage192117
kcoolz (NA)
: Gold team looking for a mid laner
I’m a g4 support main, but have played, in ranked, ori mid well, ahri decently, and tali well in jg (so probably in mid too). Check me out on op.gg, and friend me if you’re ok with me :) http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=mage192117
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Hiker (NA)
: LF Top/Support for Clash Gold+
G4 Support, can play a decent variety of champs well. For the most part can play 5 supps above average performance fairly consistently http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=mage192117
: CLASH Group Looking for Silver/Gold Top Laner and Support
Gold Supp, can play a decent variety of supps well http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=mage192117
HighTek (NA)
: Looking for mid and top laners for clash
Gold 4... support? main? I say with question marks because I've been playing jg with tali only recently, cuz I was doing good with supp but just not winning enough. I can play ori mid decently, ahri meh, and I would think I can tali mid decently. OP.GG my ranked history for more info
: T2/T3 Clash team looking for a high gold+ support
I'm only g4, but let me know if you want me anyway
: Looking for gold top,mid and jungle players to join my Clash team
If you OP.GG me you'll see, but I can one trick tali in jg, I'm decent with ori and meh with ahri mid (although I think I could play tali mid as well), but I'm strongest overall in supp. If you guys want me, let me know.
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