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: Hey, don't leave that LeBlanc support out of the equation! She also has a snare. She can _peel_.
TWO snares my friend, AND two slows. that's more utility than {{champion:89}}
Astôlfo (NA)
: *nerfs Sej because of item* *nerfs item* *doesn't revert Sej nerfs* {{champion:113}} {{item:3070}}
they reverted {{champion:77}} nerfs after devourer was removed there's still hope
: so much fun getting analed by a nidalee smurf
man. i know how you feel. got destroyed by a nidalee smurf and she went something like 17-2. Outfarmed and outleveled our solo laners. and this was on my other account in plat 3... fuck that champ and boosters
McFatal (NA)
: Ive had 2 afks in the past 3 games on my team only in diamond 3 elo.
wow it happened to you in 2/50 games. in lower elos this happens at a much higher rate. it sucks just as much for the silver clawing at gold but gets cheated out of wins because of afks or trolls, this happens all the time, get over it
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Cloud273 (NA)
: Why do people keep saying that items are OP?
{{champion:10}} with {{item:3116}} is op are you telling me kale without relay is op?
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: > [{quoted}](name=magic pole,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=0Ml8teq1,comment-id=0004000100000000,timestamp=2016-10-07T16:05:44.242+0000) > > well i just mean the anti-snitching sentiment seems to represent some value or belief...but if it doesn't apply to these behaviors too, then I find your beliefs to be inconsistent and thus flaky and whimsical, ultimately meaning they don't really mean shit, so neither would your condemnations of snitches > > so kudos for remaining consistent about the murder, even if i think that's nasty. > > I guess rape is really commonly seen as the worst crime, possibly worse than murder even in some [peoples' eyes. interesting Well i see it this way, rape cant be justified. lets just leave it at that.. :P
: You know i really want to try Brand Jungle now...
first clear is pretty tough but after that it's not hard. gets straight ez after an item or 2 ap quint / attack speed red / armor yellow / ap blue {{item:1410}} >{{item:3027}} >{{item:3158}} ;)
kile147 (NA)
: It's certainly allowed, but that doesn't mean it's polite. Playing a champion you've barely played means you won't be playing your best, and when you have 4 teammates who are counting on your best you are letting them down from the start. Combine that with Ivern support being an off-meta pick that would require even more experience with the champ than his normal jungle role, and it's pretty obvious that this guy just wanted to play Ivern his team be damned.
it's not polite telling someone which champs they can and can't play
: No. I've been a PBE tester since Kallista, and there is a huge difference between PBE play and live ranked play. In PBE, people are screwing around, and everyone plays with everyone. For all you know you could be playing in a game with diamonds and bronzes at the same time, and the objective is to break the game. In the PBE, you find bugs, you tell riot you found bugs, and then you go find some more, or you are testing different builds to see what works best. In ranked, you are trying to win because you have something on the line that matters to you. Play in the PBE =/= experience on the champion in the same way that play in normals or ranked does.
basic game skills are acquired and improved over a long period of time...the macro/micro skills such as map awareness and positioning that you still retain regardless of which champ you're playing. ...those skills aren't really exercised much on PBE is what it sounds like you're saying. Ok...but if someone played the new champ a lot on PBE, and if that champ wasn't changed much when it went live, then that player may already have plenty of experience with the new champ's kit. They already have the other skills, so why should they then not be able to play the new champ upon release?
: When you play for fun!
when you play as a TEAM :)
: THIS. I am so glad I found another Brand main on the boards. Tell me, what runes do you run? Have you considered a CDR build? As in delaying the Torment to buy a Morrellos, then getting the hourglass to get 40% CDR with 10% from runes?
haha Im a jungle main. Although I've been discovering mid is actually probably my strongest role :/ so I think i should switch over maybe. I have played a bit of brand jungle actually. It's totally viable and actually pretty fucking decent. You can be vulnerable to invades, but his clear is effortless once you pick up your smite item (not even the enchant). And his ganks...well he usually brings more damage than the player he is ganking for :D of course you are often subjected to the lamentations of your teammates for picking brand jungle. that passive start 1 shotting camps pretty early on and the jungle enchant keeps your mana decent, still need a RoA or morello though probably --- anyway, my mids I just AP quint/ magic pen reds/ scaling HP or armor yellow depending/ and then typically 6 scaling cdr blues with 3 scaling AP blues...since I will often pick up early MR via {{item:3001}} ...if I'm not getting abyssal and need MR (vs. {{champion:7}} {{champion:134}} ), then i need the flat MR blues. my builds are pretty variable tbh. Some games ill build {{item:3027}} if i get an early need, or if i just need the survivability against a high damage comp. But ya, {{item:3165}} is probably the item i would buy most often. I think CDR is strong on brand, even if you only hit 20 or 30%. And of course the mana. It just lacks the HP brand desperately needs imo so it is a definite trade off you need to think about. Perhaps start with your Rylai instead of rushing morello. though 10% runes, {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3158}} would get you the 40 too. I think i'd prefer the morello though, since brand is all about DAMAGE
: > [{quoted}](name=magic pole,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=0Ml8teq1,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2016-10-06T06:30:43.413+0000) > > does the snitching thing still stand for rapists and murderers youre comparing botting to murder and rapists? what... i have enough loyalty to not snitch on my family for murder but for raping yes i would. x)
well i just mean the anti-snitching sentiment seems to represent some value or belief...but if it doesn't apply to these behaviors too, then I find your beliefs to be inconsistent and thus flaky and whimsical, ultimately meaning they don't really mean shit, so neither would your condemnations of snitches so kudos for remaining consistent about the murder, even if i think that's nasty. I guess rape is really commonly seen as the worst crime, possibly worse than murder even in some [peoples' eyes. interesting
: I seriously cannot farm with certain top champion because of creep block.
i actually played a {{champion:54}} game last night and felt like they secretly made creep block a bit less oppressive.
morris1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Worst Spider NA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=twUzGfOk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-05T14:51:32.675+0000) > > Only 3 champions are broken with rylais: {{champion:69}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:30}} etc. There's clearly a problem with the item and not the champions.
Kivolan (NA)
: Only if you do the same to {{item:3142}} and {{item:3071}}. The reason it's in every game is because squishy immobile APCs need something to deal with all the mobility offered to AD champions through skills and itemization. Is Rylais a problem on spam / DoT mages like {{champion:69}} {{champion:63}} and {{champion:90}}? Sure. But that's a problem with those champions and their kit's affinity for the item, not with the item as a whole.
: Can we stop complaining and thank Riot for a little bit?
thank them for bringing back what we've been begging for all season? after they lied to us about solo Q coming back? now they see the game population decline and realize their folly, no they do not deserved to be thanked
: ok im tried of this "nidalee is op" bull
nidalee can out farm and out level solo laners while still invading and ganking what?
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: SOLOQ will be back, but should we thank Riot?
yes, it was really a shameful and poorly carried out system. It's kind of funny to see them bring back solo Q, now that queue times have become outrageous. Further, the majority (i estimate 75%+) of my friend list on TWO accounts quit the game early in the season. the solo players quit because this DQ abused them, now queue times increase and premade 4s can barely find games. And these 4s further encourage solo players that actually still play to quit because they are often abused by these premades...a downward spiral we have witnessed. Riot is climbing a shit rope they can't hold on to, squeezing harder only to slide down further. I'm sure they saw sales decline as many players quit. Then more players quit because of outrageous queue times. Normal queue should not even exist at this point because of common 8-10 minute queues ---- I agree, we shouldn't thank them. They only "listened" to us and gave us back a superior system when they finally realized that their imposition of DQ was harmful to their bottomline. is it a coincidence that while this is all going on, Championship Riven goes on sale? I think not.
darkdill (NA)
: Once again, Thornmail lets me down because Vayne got Mercurial Scimitar...
{{item:3075}} {{champion:33}} kinda feels like old {{item:3145}} {{champion:8}} ... meaning it's really only useful on this one champion...maybe {{champion:54}} too, although then his attack speed debuff also seems to contradict that build. maybe they rework it S7
: Dot abilities would be broken if they applied the full 40% rylai slow for their entire duration
the item should be removed from the game because champions like {{champion:69}} {{champion:76}} break once they purchase it. similar story for old {{item:3145}} and Vlad. His existence made balancing the item impossible. Instead, balance the champs that NEED this item to properly function around not having it any more. Im talking about {{champion:63}} , whom could then either use more CC , more reliable CC, or mobility increase. Another example would be {{champion:82}} whom would be compensated with mobility ---- the {{item:3116}} is becoming ubiquitous for mid laners if you watch worlds. That speaks to its power of providing quite a bit of durability, AP, and in effect mobility. Mobility and durability (especially as a mage) have become premier stats. Without some health, most mages are too easily killed because of increasing average damage largely due to keystones.
: The thing is, he doesn't need it. That was the whole point of my post. He already has a stun and now a slow, even if situational. He is completely fine without it.
he is squishy and has no escape, his only CC is an unreliable skillshot that needs to first be activated via his other abilities, the ideal activation being his other unreliable skillshot. He needs the HP since he is easy to kill and needs the slow since he has little CC and is immobile.
: There's a difference between Champions who need rylais and those who wouldn't need it in order for their kit to function properly
and those that can abuse it because their kit already offers a great deal of kiting and escaping {{champion:76}} {{item:3116}} really this combo makes you feel helpless. Even if she messes up, you won't be catching her
: Leo bro youre a snitch how do you feel about yourself? where im from being a snitch is pure disrespect the lowest of the low. i know this guy is cheating but thats his life its not your place. is he affecting u in any way? No not really, let riot do their job if he is boosting. youre nobody bro you just feel like its unfair to you and others when in reality another players status shouldnt have to worry u. wow dude and hes youre irl friend, you cant be trusted.
does the snitching thing still stand for rapists and murderers
: What should I do?
> I mean on the one hand, 'Oh no he boosted him from bronze 2 to silver 5, whats the big deal?' seems unfair for the actual high bronze players legitimately trying to get silver that lost to a player much higher rank than them. Idk what rank the player using his account was, but anything gold or higher really smashes actual it would be unfair for them to be in the same ranked game So i guess it depends on how strongly you feel about your values, such as fairness. On the other hand, friendship can be a good value too, so maybe confront your friend about it, and ask that they play in normals? ultimately it really doesn't matter, bronzes will get silver if they work hard enough for it. But I think this is an ethical dilemma so I actually think coming to your own conclusion for be important for personal growth good luck
oh well, live and learn make a new account and don't buy RP waste of money anyway
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: As a Shaco main, it bothers me that they're removing the True Sight from Pinks. A simpler fix, IMO, would've been to have a 1.5s delay before Pinks granted True Sight, that way you couldn't just bonk one on Vayne's or Akali's head. Is it weird that I want less 'easy' vision and more varied, less reliable vision? Things like Red Trinket and FQC are doing it right, IMO. Maybe an invis ward that granted no sight, but pinged out enemies (and they could hear the ping)? What about a visible ward that sees over terrain, but can only be placed on terrain and is visible through the Fog of War? So many possibilities for cool vision and information-gathering effects. Riot, please!
when vayne can no longer tumble through {{champion:59}} ult, then she can get pink delay xd
Niyumi (NA)
: So, why is Riven a thing?
all you have to do against riven is not die in lane... pretty ez tbh
: When do you find out that your main role isn't for you?
Decrendo (NA)
: Are cocky players considered toxic to people?
being cocky is a state of mind state of minds that depart from the league of legends standard aren't allow, no you shouldn't be cocky
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: Janna & Ahri need nerfs.
and the comments are actual discussion and the thread is just blindly down voted by ahri mains. this forum is a waste of time, thank you all for the clarification, i will never again use this forum to waste my time trying to post constructive thoughts and comments about the game; because the up vote system favors ignorance and blind opinions. good luck to all of you.
: Janna gets a nerf once a season. This trend will likely continue.
where is ? give her Q a cast-time before she can instantly cast it and boom she can keep her scaling and now takes actual skill. even with a massive Q nerf as this she retains the instant peel of her Ult. her ult functions basically as her Q , except in every direction don't give her two of that ability. Limits that incredible displacement/peel.
: NErf Sona alongside Jan, the fact that her Passive auto can do half your life at level 4, is a bit ridiculous and unbalanced... That's more damage than most supports do with an ENTIRE COMBO, let alone just one single auto attack.
sona takes lane dominance and runs away with it. you have to play like a bitch, and then dominate her after lane. she is annoying but not worth complaining over. janna on the other hand has an easy lane (with a not-retarded adc) with insane scaling utility post-lane
: Janna Sona Blitzcrank Soraka are all the top tier supports ;)
are you telling me i should play {{champion:53}} too bad i quit maining support because of new champ select haven't seen a blitz since season 5. literallfuckingly
: If you could remove one champion from the game
look all the top posts want to remove yasuo from the game, but it seems like 50% of the mid lane player base plays yasuo catch 22
: Does wave clear really matter that early? Before 8 min or so, isn't it a lot smarter to freeze your lane and zone your opponent? Even if you blow her ult it has a short CD so it doesn't really matter. I mean I main the champ - before the ult changes, she truly had terrible waveclear.
yeah, bc if you can manage to shove leblanc in pre level 4 she is suffers severely; unless you are foolish and give up a free overextended kill. her ult CD at level 6 is still quite long. If she is going to kill you, she must use it. Which is why it's so powerful to have stronger wave clear against her...push her in and she probably has to waste R on wave clear or go for the 'fail mary' ----- i have mained the champ since season 3, which ult changes are you even talking about? I can't recall any unless you're talking about ult changes pre season-3
: Janna & Ahri need nerfs.
I love this, all the comments are for nerfing janna, and yet... the thread itself has a negative vote this forum is really the way to discuss logical opinions! oh wait i guess blind opinionated down votes and biases take precedence over thought out (logical or not) discussion
: Yeah, but Solo Q was probably runner-up for worst online experience. Everyone just plays their own game, ignores the fact that it's a team game (in fact, a five-versus-five) and is only interested in blaming someone for their own trash, whether that's bad plays or bad picks or whatever else. Like, yeah, I'd take my friends too if they were high rank; I know they're going to do something, initiate with me, be in place when they need to be. Obviously I want to queue with friends. Why wouldn't I? The problem with the anti-DynaQ stance is just that the gameplay is far more enjoyable for the people with teams. Nobody likes pugs and it's not some secret myth. The sooner we admit that Solo Q wasn't some romanced fairy tale, the sooner we could actually develop a system that works. For as long as the boards make it 'Solo VS Dyna,' they will have Dyna and not Solo. They're pleasing the greater number of players if they keep five people happy to the one complainant from the Solo Q side. Nobody has to like the opinion. Solo Q was a terrible experience by video game standards, period, no way about it-- playing a team game with four other people who may or may not have a concept of the word 'team' is a waste of god damn time. I'd much, much rather just bring one to four friends and that seems to be a widespread stance.
> The problem with the anti-DynaQ stance is just that the gameplay is far more enjoyable for the people with teams. lol, then explain the countless threads lamenting dynamic Q. Yeah pugs suck, but this isn't even about the group aspect of dynamic Q. This is about dynamic Q's far reach of queuing partners allowing players to be legitimately boosted; so that gold is populated by actual silvers. This imbalance in ranked is not in any way enjoyable and queuing with friends does nothing to remedy that, unless you're trying to get boosted or purely interested in group play/fun. Guess what? some people have zero interest in queuing with a group so your whole "group play is funner" premise is immediately trash Unless you want to argue that solo players have no place in the game. and at that point then, why not make queuing for ranked require 2+ players? "No group, no fun, no group, no game, no group, no play. Play my way, only with groups bc that's the way i Like it!!! "that's basically what your comment sounded like to me. ----- besides, the argument isn't even about enjoyment; ranked is supposed to be a competitive mode, but the fact that silvers can queue with plats via an intermediary just trashes the integrity of the ranked system. --- and btw i've played solo Q since season 3 and each was by far more enjoyable than this season, specifically bc we didn't have to deal with boosted ranked players. Never before has gold been so easy to obtain., OH! let me just queue my silver ass with a gold who is friends with a plat! that is the sad state of ranked these days. makes actual low-mid golds suffer bc low gold has had an insane injection of silver players who think they're hot shit gold/plat players
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: If you could remove one champion from the game
{{champion:157}} {{champion:103}} these two's laning phases are too free.
: She doesn't have poor wave clear.. (inb4 downvotes)
her wave clear is abysmal until you are either fed or have 1.5+ items, by which point laning phase is basically over and basically every champ has at least decent wave clear where they don't lose any minions to a tower. She has to waste R to wave clear on par with viktor and the like, i can smell ur salt
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: Tired = Drunk/High Seems legit.
actually multiple studies suggest that driving while tired is actually more dangerous than driving while DRUNK. the motor skill deficiency caused by exhaustion is actually more severe than the motor skill loss as a result of intoxication (provided one isn't also's to you 9am alcoholics! that also play league at 9am!)
: > [{quoted}](name=Not Xpeke,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=h0Bf9r1U,comment-id=0004000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-25T01:03:52.567+0000) > > can you not talk about specific situations but at the big picture and objectively? > > Also I already said that in no way was I ACTUALLY suggesting being tired or sleepy was a reportable offence. Seriously did you even read man? I think it's you who isn't reading. I pretty much (albeit indirectly) stated you can get drowsiness mid game all while feeling for during the first few minutes of the game. What part of that is controllable? I never said you were saying that was reportable/should be reportable but you are using this as a defense for your case and it isn't working.
i mean i poured two pints of liquor before the game started. I only planned on drinking half of one, but things and diseases (that are out of my control) happen and i ended up drinking both pints in 20 minutes. I really did well early game but then idk what happened late game. I really didn't intend to get overly drunk mid-game but shit happens
: then the question becomes why is the system failing to accurately rank players.
exactly. why rank players when the actual indicator of skill is hidden
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