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: I want Xayah, so yeah let's gift swap. I'm still saving the IP though, if you can wait 2-3 days.
i think you have to wait 2 weeks lol. unless you already on friends list
: > I feel like buffing Kassadin this way will make him too low risk high reward Explain this to me. All they are doing is fixing a bug on his W that was annoying as hell, lowering his E's cooldown by 1 second (which doesn't really matter ever because of how long it already takes to get enough stacks for his E early game, and late game he already has enough CDR this 1 second won't do next to anything), and giving a super minor damage buff to his ult of +10% AP, making it go from 20% to 30%. How are any of these things remotely going to break him?
> [{quoted}](name=Shuyin178,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rZREuy8W,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-04-02T20:44:55.584+0000) > > Explain this to me. All they are doing is fixing a bug on his W that was annoying as hell, lowering his E's cooldown by 1 second (which doesn't really matter ever because of how long it already takes to get enough stacks for his E early game, and late game he already has enough CDR this 1 second won't do next to anything), and giving a super minor damage buff to his ult of +10% AP, making it go from 20% to 30%. > How are any of these things remotely going to break him? any buff that will potentially make him playable will undoubtedly make him broken. this has been proven over and over again. his kit is toxic and needs a full rework
: I mean that would trigger chat restrictions. He can still play games none the less
> [{quoted}](name=MsBehave,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gcO1w844,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-03T07:34:43.472+0000) > > I mean that would trigger chat restrictions. He can still play games none the less then it wouldn't be zero tolerance would it? IIRC thate speech shoudl trigger a 14 day suspension for the first offense at minimum
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: I mean, at that point might as well disable his regular AAs and make his stars apply on hit effects
: Woo! Back to the first season
: If it scaled with CDR, it'd make more sense.
mechanically maybe? gameplay-thematic-wise you could think of his stars as his primary attack, but then wed have to let karthus q CD decrease with attack speed
Sukishoo (NA)
: It was only shipped with the Basics.... pretty sure they are open to adding plenty of other things down the line.
wont people just use it to play urf lol?
: Lulu's Polymorph applies a status effect known in the code as Pacify (champion is not stunned, blinded or displaced, but every auto attack order they input is ignored), along with silenced and having its move speed set to 60. The Pacify effect has never been considered crowd control by the game, hell it was only one or two years ago that Riot went in and intentionally changed it to be affected by Tenacity. Since it's not crowd control, it can affect champions immune to crowd control.
its been longer than that. the first time i bought mercs it specified "polymorph" in description. i had no idea what a polymorph was at the time, which is how i found out about lulu. that was like.... season 3?
: it makes you pop out of your ult form so you can't actually knock up anyone.
are you sure that wasnt the tower hitbox being wonky? you were in polymorph for a short duration before ult wonked out right next to dead tower
: You'd honestly think that Maokai would make a great support with all the things in his kit. A passive that would come up even more often in a lane with four people casting spells, his W for an engage and lockdown, his Q for further lock down and peel, his E for scouting bushes and as extra coverage from jungler ganks, and his ult for damage reduction for the ADC. But nope, doesn't work.
he was a meta support at one time. alongside rammus and kayle. fun days EDIT: the reason it doesnt work now is purely meta. all of the champions that counter him are being played support
: Too Many Chests, No Keys!
just buy a few keys. i wouldnt make a habit of it until you know that you have more chests coming in, but they are so cheap.
Wendin (EUW)
: Yeah they only nerfed him but suddenly it's better to play from behind. It's magic.
i sucked with aatrox before, after the minirework and the mid patch buff i came back to try him and it feelsgood man. I wouldnt call it an overall nerf. hes tanky as shit with a health build and a little attack speed because of the %missing health heal being overall better than the previous mechanics with health built. sure. less damage. meh.
: Pool Party Sona Concept Sketch
this is amazing the only input i have is, even tho the hand drums fit the pool party thematic, they dont go so well with her SFX. maybe she could play the drums for songs tho
: or at least make a warning popup "you dont have smite equiped"
thats cool too, but most of the time i "forget" to change something its because im frantically trying to change everything fast enough because i took a billion years to load champ select. autoassigning it to jungle or remembering your last used setup as a particular champion would make that situation so much more bearable. y'know, aside from fixing the new clients performance issues
: nope. nothing changed in regards of playing from behind. they nerfed turret first blood by 100 gold, but thats basically it. the team you were playing was probably just terrible and started tilting and raging at each other when they lost like a single fight.
ya they played pretty terrible after losing a couple fights and their jungler probably had a negative impact on the game. i also entertained the idea that playing dota this past few months has improved my positioning skills
Paroe (NA)
: they improved playing from behind. Its SUPER easy to do now.
do you know what specifically changed? so i can play around/with it better if i decide to make a habit of playing again?
: 7 Common ways everyone dies - and how to avoid them
nothing that everyone doesnt know already BUT, something we all forget in the heat of the moment. thanks for the friendly refresher course
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: It's particularly hilarious against nasus, who tries to wither you while stormraider's surge just shrugs it off.
its better WITH nasus lol, and 70% reduction does not simply shrug off a slow that massive. wither is hardly effected at the end of its duration, because the slow already exceeds the maximum practical application of a slow at that point, so 70% reduction leaves it as a moderately strong slow still
: {{champion:412}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:25}} would beg to differ. Also, if you can't appreciate your impact on the game if it doesn't involve deleting chunks of HP bars, you might be into the wrong genre. JS.
naming high impact supports is cool and all but all supports are high impact, thats why they are played as supports, and not in a role that needs to farm to become powerful
: I think there's prently of people still calling it pinkward since it's basically its replacement, some may call it intuitively redward, then there are nerds who call it controlward. Then there is me, always forgetting to buy one (well at least I am not support to get yelled at for it) and seeing nobody else care in Silver V so we don't call it either way. Too busy blaming each other... and the jungler...
control wards are a must buy on junglers now. it nearly guarantees the success of a gank on someone who is preoccupied and assumed the ward in the tri expired
: I'd upvote but then we'd lose perfection.
: If Vayne is a tank shredder why is she also a squishy burster?
being a tank shredder and a squishy buster is a thing that every adc does well at every phase past 2 items. your salt should probably be directed to her stealth mechanics being unreasonably strong after the stealth rework ?
: The main playstyle of the champion was one shotting people from invisibility. I'm okay with losing that.
no, you misunderstand. he will still do that. the difference now is that if he plays to proc his passive he will be less likely to oneshot you, and if he simply stabs you in the face you wont feel outplayed while you are being oneshot
: I had a brand new level 30 in my Gold 1 ranked placements alongside a Diamon player.... TT Ranked is even weirder xD
TT solo ranked MMR never existed before now, so everyones solo MMR is "reset" by default. ive been waiting 3 years to play against diamond players in tt
: tf happend
daisy burned flash
: Maybe Aatrox and Master yi will get picked : ^)
yi might... {{item:3070}} {{champion:266}} {{item:3070}}
: Add whatever you want, people still need safe wave clear and siege potential. Unless you make the whole class worthless, they will still be picked.
no, turnspeed would completely destroy most adcs, or require them to have 2 supports and always play whichever lane is safer per side of the map they are on, like in dota. see, turnspeed makes kiting someone who has any gapcloser or movespeed boost impossible. you cant move backwards and attack forewards at the same time, so the whole studder step routine becomes straight impossible until you have max attack speed and movespeed as far as safe waveclear, there are plenty of casters who can do that.
: Honestly, I wouldn't say so. If they are early-game champions, then they generally need to pressure the map early before they are outscaled by their opponents. If you are clearing without runes, then you will clear far slower and have less health when you finish. As such, you will have a much harder time pressuring opponents early-game. If you need to play a jungler without having runes, I would recommend the following options: {{champion:20}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:154}}
{{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} unless your level 8 opponent contests blue buff lol
Draqone (EUW)
: Clearing jungle on Shaco without runes is a pain.
its micro intensive, but not really that slow. i know because i tried scaling health runes on shaco before which is pretty much no runes
: > [{quoted}](name=Toastersaot,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=foEEEnfj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-01T17:44:22.386+0000) > > Squishy{{champion:157}} ? LMAO > > {{item:3046}} Damage Reduction > {{item:3022}} Health with a permaslow > {{item:3031}} Fine. Ya got me. Still it's so gold efficient on the bastard. > {{item:3072}} Big shield > {{item:3053}} Even BIGGER shield > {{item:3026}} The average Yasuo dies 7.5 times a game. Praise be to this item. why the hell whould yasou eveen build these itens?-->{{item:3053}} {{item:3022}} his tank build was already nerfed genius
there is no way to nerf a tank yasuo effectively. his base damage has always been shit since the first E nerf. the problem is fervor and being able to get in 3 "autos" in 1/4 second with AA+ q +aa combo and a tiny bit of attack speed.
Joseraph (NA)
: Yeah using the word cancer is literal autism (Kappa)
: this is actually a nature of elo systems and cant really be fixed whats happening is your MMR / elo is increasing. so the system assumes your really good. so it matches you with teammates that are less than you to "equalize" the teams MMR and match it with another teams MMR but what ends up happening is, as you win alot, eventually youll get teams where EVERYONE is absolutely terrible compared to you. and the reason is because you are the highest MMR on the team and to equalize it the system gives you all teammates with lower MMR than you this happens when you reach a point where your the highest MMR on the team. it will seem like everyone else on your team is trash, because they are compared to you, since your the highest mmr and then next. the reason your toplaner does 0-10 by 15 minutes is because the MMR system to balance team MMR probably has a enemy team WITHOUT someone on a win streak, meaning the whole enemy team is fairly balanced in their MMR level meaning your toplaners MMR will definitely be BELOW their toplaners MMR, since your higher MMR offsets the mmr calculation and gives you a toplaner with LOWER MMR think of it this way. very basic way to explain it. but its basically like it entire enemy team has 20 MMR per player you have 60 MMR. and your teammates each have 10 MMR both teams will average out to 100 MMR per team however, because your toplaner has 10 MMR, and their toplaner has 20 MMR, you can expect your toplaner goes 0-15 and you have literally zero chance to win a game of league if the enemy toplaner is 15-0. its basically impossible to carry that so while your 60 MMR will let you win your lane, the truth is in league you cant "win lane harder". you just win lane. so you win your lane, and the enemy team has 3 winning positions. so your 1 winning position cannot carry VS the enemies 3 winning positions (and the 4 positions are jungle, mid, top, and ADC-SUPP)
>commenting on the fact that i upvoted this to offset all the shitposting with a comment and a vote +this guy knows what he is talking about
: > [{quoted}](name=SociopathFriend,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bYqhYlNr,comment-id=000d000000020001,timestamp=2016-10-28T04:26:10.092+0000) > > OBJECTION > > > I complain about him any time I see him. I'm sorry, that just flew into my mind.
: or {{champion:105}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3145}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} The famous "1 q" top korean lcs worlds build
not enough AP to justify {{item:3100}} over {{item:3078}} especially having armorpen in the mix lol
: @Riot Please Consider Leaverbuster's Omnipresence
there has been a ton less people afking in my games since this was introduced so i guess its working as intended. if you are the type to get leaverbustered and chat banned often maybe you should just get a bunch of smurfs so you can instaswitch to a level 10 alt and play with other intolerable assholes.
NichtHurz (EUW)
: I have absolutely no idea what the intent of these changes is. I understand that Shaco's early game is quite strong and cheesy for enemy players, but right now I still deem him one of the most healthy assassins regarding his scaling. Shaco really needs to get a few kills to get rolling and delete his targets, while other assassins can do that without even being fed. Nerfing every single scaling he has AND removing his strong early game just leaves me clueless what to do with him. His Q is insanely weak now, his E can't be skilled first and lost tons of power and his passive seems just like they made it a weaker version of his old Q meaning that Q + passive now does around the same amount of dmg as his old Q if you attack the enemy from the front... I'm sad...if they leave him as it is I'll be forced to completely stop playing him, because this doesn't seem like it'll be fun to play.
ive been experimenting on pbe a bit. we need to bring additional base values and scalings into his build to make him viable whatsoever as an assasin. also, we need CDR. a ton. max cdr. you cant kill anyone who isnt a "gimme" early - mid game without it AP {{item:3100}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3115}} seem mandatory AD {{item:3078}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} is already a build i use on many mobile spell based characters who can off-meta adc with mixed damage and dont care about attack speed too much {{champion:37}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} this build makes them "viable enough" to compete by taking advantage of adding burst to their normal spell rotations with the IE CRit statik proc spellblade shotgun effect. it happens to be perfect for shaco. just replace{{item:3074}} for {{item:3078}} then maybe {{item:3508}} after our core. overshooting our cdr a little bit, but sealing the deal on anyone with multiple escapes
: I feel it's more because A. He doesn't need mana from Iceborn or Triforce B. He doesn't really need AP C. His new kit REALLY rewards building AD. Just pure AD. The sheen items don't give much bonus AD.
you cant use the mana argument for triforce anymore. the new triforce is gold efficient without the mana and only provides a litttle bit. also no AP on sheen as the other guy said. the only reason triforce rengar isnt common is black cleaver exists. it fills its slot in any beefy bruiser build you can think of for rengar. they both have 20% cdr and phage and BC is flat out easier to build
: {{champion:23}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} Does nothing but right click. Somehow among the hardest champions in the game.
when your kit is linear your opponent knows everything you are about to do until you learn to use the simple kit creatively and efficiently
Poske (EUNE)
: It does less dmg Most of a game QEW / EQW can kill a target if its at 40% hp What you are just saying is straight out false On paper killing everyone just with ressets does seem the fastest. But there is this Human thing called reflex Which just simply dont allow us to be everywhere I dont feel like arguing with someone who never plays katarina I told you before And I ll tell you again SINCE THE FKING ULTIMATE BUFF your statement is nowhere near true
seems like youve never played katarina. standing still for 3 seconds is never an option. if you knew how to play her you wouldnt be whining about reflexes, because kat doesnt have anything to calculate after the first 2 kills, which you should know you are getting before goign in. the only reflexes that are required is your opponents reflexive prediction skill. they have to know where you will be, you had to know before you went in. if you sit there and ult you just die unless they are really bad. we are talking about a teamfight. there are cc's that completely wreck you, everyone will aim at you. you will never get a full ult off unless your opponents are super bad, or you are in a 1v1 with rylias against an immobile champ. if you just get 2 resets. you do as much damage as your ult in a fraction of the time. you could do it in half a second. with you whining about reflexes maybe you are bad and would take a full second. in any case, i was talking about POTENTIAL dps. and that includes damage you could have done if you were better at the game.
Poske (EUNE)
: Its the damage just a one press of an ultimate can put out Katarina can easly put out 8k dmg in teamfights
keep in mind it requires more than pushing a button. it requires you to stand still, not cast other spells, and channel for the full duration. her spell rotation outside of her ultimate just just as much damage, but instantly instead. and after you are done and they dead you do it again. if you just stood there and ulted during that time youd do half the damage and be easily burst down because you are standing still
: unless the enemy team has dead ppl
Poske (EUNE)
: typo changed... Its not like I am katarina main top 600 world You can always check the lol wiki to lel it just says dmg per dagger in game you can see maximun dmg though Whatever I constantly have it at 2500 dmg I am 100% certain in that
ok? 2500 isnt anywhere near the amount of damage she can potentially put out in a teamfight if she wasnt channelling a spell that prevented her from casting spells she cares about
: > [{quoted}](name=Tyrian Purple,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=teBlpEjx,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-10-20T17:25:22.577+0000) > > why karthus? every mage I know that isn't viktor, who just sits at towers and clears waves post 1250 gold, is done if this item gets implemented > > maybe that's meddler's fantasy for mages, just sit at mid tower and farm waves, the mage fantasy There's also the fact there's health packs on the river after Karthus gets his R lol Like he was already subpar, if you wanted a long range mage for DoT you'd go for cass. If you wanted burst you'd go for something with more burst you'd take something like Veigar. If you wanted utility there's tons that have way better (Zyra, Liss, even Viktor) so he's this really outdated pick that you're pretty much using for his passive/ult. And his ult is getting even more fresh counterplay options.
its true that cass takes up some of his design space, but she is the only one who comes close to his fantasy of DPS mage. even zyra and syndra cant shred tanks as fast as adcs like karthus can
Poske (EUNE)
: That was true until katarina got buffed to the point where it scales to much. I dont know exact ratios But saying that ultimate which does 2500 dmg with deathfire touch wont increase your potentional dps is ridicilus Specially because you need her ultimate to kill the first target
im pretty sure her ult has never been 5 times the damage of the rest of her abilities combined. and even if it was, her reset combo is faster edit: also "her" not "his" unless you were referring to karthus at the end in which case he doesn't get resets :P
: it's weird how riot delayed the burst of assassins on a different lvl, i mean talon got it delayed by like 2 seconds, meanwhile leblanc got it delayed by 0.5/0.7 seconds. overall assassins rework were all good, especially {{champion:107}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:91}} because it fixed things, and really FIXED not like mage/juggernaut (except darius) rework, assassins have tons of counterplay now. {{champion:35}} is the only weakness of this patch. Riot gave shaco more possibility to juke people, but they nerfed SO HARD his early game "but shaco needed his early game to be nerfed" yes, but they didn't fixed his feast/famine problem, shaco problem is that unlike other assasssins he needs 2 items to burst a squishy, and that will still be the case.
keep in mind that with longer duration boxes, higher health boxes, decent ap scaling on q, boxes coming out of his ult... not being able to be detected.... all of this adds to a much stronger AP shaco.... which may or may not end up being low-key pubstomp broken.
Varnoc (NA)
: It might be more fitting at this point if Kat's ult threw out a bunch of daggers for her to rapidly blink between. You'd still do quite a bit of AoE damage, espically if you blinked onto a group and activated 2/3 at once, and the current counterplay (don't group up as close as you normally would) could remain intact. Hard CC could still be made effective if they last a short period of time (say, 2.5 seconds? O.o).
ya, as a former kat main, her ult never made much sense on her even with her old kit. this rework would be a good opportunity to fit a synergistic ult like this on her kit
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