Goiner (NA)
: LF Iron-Bronze players for team
I can play mid if needed
Ishe (NA)
: [NA] Diamond Team LF Head Coach and Analysts
Higuybye (NA)
: Team SoL is looking for Gold players
Do you already have a coach, or do you need one?
FaithXo (NA)
: If you are interested, I am searching for players for my silver team. DM me on discord: Faith#1143
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FS Storm (NA)
: Spectrum E-Sports is recruiting
wanting Sub or Starter: Starter Rank: currently B2 (just demoted, was S5 last split) Role: Mid Lane Champ Pool: Orianna, LB, Azir, Aatrox, Cass, Ezreal, Galio, GP, Irelia, J4, Kaisa, Jhin, Kassadin, Karma, Ryze, Vlad, Viktor, Vayne, Zed (willing to buy what I do not own and learn other champs) Availability ( include time zome): anytime between 1pm PST and 8pm PST days off from work I can commit almost all day. They vary so I cannot determine which days I will have off every week. Age: 22 Discord Yes/No: yes Willing to practice Tues Thurs Fri: yes Willing to join Tournaments Sat: yes Willing to Learn as a team: yes Willing to sign player Contract Yes/No: Not without payment/fully going over it Weaknesses: I do not have the most amazing or flashiest mechanics and I have been away from the competitive scene for a while (played comp PUBG) Strengths: Shotcalling, I have coached at a high level (no mechanics, but good game understanding and draft skills), I have always been a leader and can help lead if needed. Tournament Exp Yes/No: Both as a player and a coach for multiple games
Mewlife (NA)
: Feed the Dream black Is looking for Top,Mid, Support
I am currently out of the country, no access to PCs for discord (phone disc weird for me), I am back in the country Saturday June 29th, unsure if I have decayed or not, hoping that I can tryout and discuss some options for me if there is room for a mid/jg to trial?
3Jamz (NA)
: Diamond ADC looking for team
If you are interested in coaching, I can use a position coach for the team I coach.
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mairuu (NA)
: G3 Reapers Coach/Analyst Opportunities!
Whomever submitted at 11/4 9:40am PST please add me in game and shoot me a message!
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Kotorie (NA)
: New Team Needing Staff!
I am interested in being head coach, I can send my resume if requested.
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mairuu (NA)
: I may end up with a team or two interested in joining, how would I go about that?
Cåp (NA)
: SkyFall League (SFL) Brand New Gold Plat League LF Teams
I may end up with a team or two interested in joining, how would I go about that?
: Strategic Coach LF a team
The discord did not work, you can add me in game or at Zach | mairuu#4656
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: glad to see you're back into league my guy Yung Ice Cube#6203 ill come check it out :p
much love man https://discord.gg/H3KpgvK
: we are a silver-gold team Elite Honor / Sarah J #9114 (mainly silver)
mairuu (NA)
: Lower Elo Scrim Discord
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