: Patch 9.12 notes
Mathematically that is not a nerf to tahm's devour. For example at level 1 it does 40 less base dmg but 4% more max health. A common top champion like nasus has 561 health at level 1. Before this patch that's 100+5% max health or 128ish dmg. Now its 110ish dmg. Or 60+9% max health. But as nasus builds health and as tahm levels his devour the dmg goes way up with this patch. I could see that without calculating it but I did it anyway. At level 5 when devour is level 3 if nasus is also level 5 the difference is 3 dmg. Good job with your "nerf" riot
: Patch 9.7 notes
i think it is pretty disrespectful to the league community that riot does things like say urgot is op we need to nerf him, so they nerf him... then buff him... then nerf him again. first make up your mind, second all this effort could go to champions that actually need work or reworks. this patch team is a joke they change their mind every other week on who they want to be meta
: Patch 9.6 Notes
so basically everything they nerfed on urgot they reverted and increased... if urgot aint broken no one plays him so riot purposefully brings him back
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: is dark harvest nerf yet? The notes say yes, but when im in game it still reads "each soul grants 8" damage rather then the the lower amount mentioned in the notes
I was about to ask the same thing
StuIte (NA)
: There is no such thing as balance in <Plat to begin with, Riot needs to balance around high elo/pro play. Besides that yes, it's clear that they just want to sell kha skins and force champs into worlds.
<plat equates out to more than 60% of their players. If they don't care for them than they will ruin this game. They have to have balances throughout the entire game of all skill levels or no one is gonna try climbing anymore.
: Patch 8.19 notes
there Riot goes pushing the meta again instead of caring about balance issues. This patch is solely to force champs like Zix, Darius, and Fiora into Worlds. This is a big fat middle finger to the rest of us in plat or below saying, "we don't care about balance for you guys we just wanna make money and do what we want" Riot is going to continue losing players and viewers because of this mentality.
sunden12 (NA)
: Aatrox's hit box
I agree, I also made a post about this
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: Patch 7.10 notes
{{champion:74}} passive should regenerate ally turrets health, with rift herald, ziggs C4, trist's bomb, sheen procs, and rammus ult turrets are torn down so much faster an there is only Janna's shield that can slow it.
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: Patch 7.5 notes
Basically aatrox has no health costs now huh... makes sense rito. Smh
: Patch 7.4 notes
serrated dirk should be 5 lethality and then you get ten when you complete it into whatever item. instead of having 10 then when you complete the item all you get is 5 more
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: I actually bought quite a few champs for this specific reason and it has helped me to understand the weaknesses of champions like Fizz, and Veigar who at one point were the bane of my existence. However, when I played as Fiora, she felt every bit as broken as I thought she was before I tried her out.
exactly how i felt
: Fiora could use a slight nerf, but she can be in deep trouble if she is against a hard counter. Counters so far I've found when I play Fiora: -Pantheon (his passive pretty much counters Fiora's passive) -Illaoi (it's Illaoi) -Riven (Usually a easy counter to Fiora, but depending on how good the Riven is, Fiora can be doomed) -Nasus (Stacks > Fiora's Squishiness) -Irelia (It's Irelia) -Camille (an equal match really)
nasus doesnt beat fiora. im a main nasus and shes a hard counter. her late game destroys his sustain. she can take a 400 armor 4000 health tank and kill them in less than 5 seconds
MaeDoSan (NA)
: Maybe riot should adjust lethality so that lethality users > Fiora > Tanks > lethality users then her full ad build wont work coz she would be too squishy to survive the burst and the tanks should be strong enough to handle lethality but weak enough to die to crit users late game
yes this is what i was thinking. burst should be able to beat her but it wont right now
Dynikus (NA)
: The best way to find out how to play against a champion is to play them yourself. Play fiora, learn how her kit works, and you'll realize basically everything you posted is wrong.
I have and I know how to play her. I'm not wrong.
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: Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage
just faced a team that decided to try this out. apparently it doesnt matter how fed they are when you have a fed {{champion:91}} and a stacked {{champion:75}} on your team
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