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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 20
Do you think the double hit passive from rageblade is healthy for the game and particularly good for the overall balance for champs that build it. I feel its a problem when a chunk of its stats are wasted on champs like yi and vayne but not only do they continue to build it, the double hit makes them extremely strong way earlier than they were intended to be.
agbudar (NA)
: what if {{item:3033}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3135}} get removed and mages get a similar item such as {{item:3071}} for them that stacks mr reduction. {{item:3071}} is imo a lot better for the health of the game then the 3 %ar/mr penetratrion who tripple handedly have warped all the tanks in the game to be as retarded as they are currently, then with the vanguard update you could rebalance all the tank items without these three in the way rebalance tanks in a health way and bada bim bada boom healthy tank meta. ow and please riot get rid of the absurd base damage scaling tanks have thank you.
The problem with black cleaver for mages is that they rely on cds. So they would most likely have to blow all their spells just to get the reduction but then have nothing to follow up on a now weakened target. Combine that with the fact that most spells are skill shots so there is no guarantee you would ever stack it fully.
ybuR (NA)
: Bruisers in jungle mages in mid Your point?
marksmen mid, assassins mid, support mid (karma,lulu). Assassin jungle(kha,rengar), mage jungle(gragas,elise), tank jungle(sej,gragas,zac). Multiple classes have gone to other roles besides bot where adc have essentially been since season 2. Literally every other role in this game has seen the rise and fall of different classes except bot which as always been an adc with the exception of morde who was only there because of how overtuned he had to be just to compete for that spot. Even now when adcs are 'weak' theres still at least 1 every game.
ybuR (NA)
: "Mages going bot lane promotes diveristy"
Marksmen have been pushing out other options in the bot role for how many year?
: The real issue isnt "ADC's" its "Tanks"
Marksmen are outdated and that sounds weird to say considering how recent the update was. But a class dedicated to just dealing damage and offering very little otherwise isn't valued when you can get meaningful damage from other classes along with utility. Thats why you see ashe,jhin,varus as top picks and not kog or jinx because just doing damage isn't enough. Especially when you need to funnel a lot of resources and put a lot of effort to keep them alive. Tanks are not the problem. No one is complaining about sej,rammus, malphite. Whenever tanks are the problem it seems to be maokai + one other which in this case is poppy. Don't blame a whole class of champs when the problem is a couple. Likewise don't say a role is useless when there are still a few that are performing well. Tanks are not a problem has a whole only 2 of them. Adcs/Marksmen aren't all bad just most of them have nothing to offer other than I do damage.
Jbels (NA)
: Why Marksmen feel weak
I'm not entirely sold on the idea that adcs are weak. They are still late game powerhouses. The problem as I see it is one you have a class that just builds damage until their last item in most cases but expect to never die. They often rely on lifesteal to mitigate damage however its hard to lifesteal off of tankier targets because you do less damage to them meanwhile when an adc gets hit they more or less take the full effect of abilities and aa. I think this is fine early on as late in the game adcs shred through all things. The second problem is that adcs offer nothing besides damage. If other roles can bring meaningful damage to the team why do we need a class that just adds more damage? This is why jhin,ashe,varus are popular picks because even if they arent blowing people up the entire game they can affect it in other ways through the utility they provide. If people really wanted nothing but damage from the role jinx,kog,and vayne would be top choices. Fact of the matter is the marksmen update may have given adcs more unique identities in how they do their damage but didn't really give them a way to contribute outside of that damage. Now if adcs are to be given more utility it would most likely come at the cost of their damage and then the question becomes whats a fair exchange of damage to utility that would allow adcs to be impactful without being broken.
: Skarner's current state and his future as a champion
Honestly I think the spires are dumb and has a jungler all it does is either give your position if you take one or goes unused when you need it most ganking lanes interacting with the enemy.I liked the version of him prior where he could stun you with an aa if he hit you with 3 abilities it was useful for clearing and fighting champs. He was rewarded for sticking to you one of his biggest weaknesses.
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: If Spell Vamp was removed..
Morg's passive doesn't increase spell vamp it is spell vamp.
strut (EUNE)
: Why i think the removal of Normal Draft without compensation is a step backwards.
Im on the NA sever and I agree with everything you said. Me and my friends used to do blind up until this season where we switched to draft because we got bored of facing yasuo/cait everygame or someone just locking in their champ right away. I'm also one of the last people to connect to the lobby so often I didn't see if anything was called and would have to ask if it was already taken. I know this change doesn't affect me but I can definitely see how it will affect other people. If anything blind draft should be removed since the game is balanced around standard lanes and drafting itself. But that would screw over legit new players since jungle would be hard to fill with no experience+ no smite.
: Can Korea vs Korea be called "Worlds"?
Teams from around the world participated and Korea ended up on top. It wasn't just Koreans competing. If it were like the world series (baseball) where only american teams compete you would have a point though.
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Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=WarlockLaw,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zA7foswm,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-17T08:42:25.937+0000) > > So long as all the other big ticket AP items are stuck at 100 AP, nothing else (asides from Deathcap) should go over that. I would however be down with Hourglass getting some AP back at the cost of the cdr. I can't justify the item on champions that don't have ultimate synergy with it over Rylai's or raw damage items. I mean... fair enough i suppose. Originally there was the trifecta, though; {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3157}}. 360AP+35%AP. Rylais was always meant to be a niche item for low mobility mages to combat mobility. such mages usually had long CC and some form of sustained damage with little actual burst.
Problem is cdr is very accessible and ap is lower. So burst is lower and mage damage is more sustained now hence the rise of rylais.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CB Thea Queen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zA7foswm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-17T07:57:16.945+0000) > > Does the reason matter though? The usually gripe is just that the item is annoying and anti-fun, nobody really cares WHY they're buying it, just that they ARE buying it. It does indeed. Because of the incredible buffs rylais received and the nerfs hourglass received rylais, which was a balanced item previously, suddenly became less niche and INCREDIBLY powerful. Spammy mages coming back into the meta have since added fuel to the fire. the difference between 15% and 40% is quite high. And i vaguely recall casses twin fang having a unique interaction with rylais where it applied as not single target because it was such a low CD.
You're right about the cass interaction with her twin fang it used to be treated as an aoe for spell vamp and rylais. But they changed it however at the time I believe she still relied on hitting her q or w in order to spam e. However after the mage update her e is now spammable without hitting the q or w so now she just hits the e and then tries to q you for the damage amp on e.
Paroe (NA)
: PSA: Rylais is only strong because it was massively buffed and its slot competition was nerfed.
The last change to rylais was in 5.22 where its cost went up from 3000 to 3200. The change you're referencing was in 5.13 which was: single Target Slow increased to 40% from 35% Area of Effect Slow (instant) increased to 40% from 15% Damage over time or Multi-hit Slow increased to 20% for 1 second from 15% for 1.5 seconds summoned minions now slow on-hit 20% for 1 second along with a recipe change that increased its cost from 2900 to 3000. That means there was a whole season of rylais being untouched and no one complained until after the mage update. In the update mages lost high end ap items and cdr got tacked on to everything. This made bursting people harder and has such required a mage to rely on doing more than one rotation. Rylais synergizes really well with cdr and it makes hitting the next rotation easier. Before the update if you wanted high cdr you gave up ap. Now mages are pretty much forced into high cdr builds and lower ap values. Lower ap means lower burst potential. This also leads to protobelt and the icicle thing being popular choices because even though they don't give ap they provide damage through their actives and thats being seen as a problem as well. Instead of nerfing an item that hasn't changed for a long time leaving mages with no alternatives will just hurt the class. Instead we should make it so rylais isn't always the best choice by giving mages back their options. Make cdr a choice not a given (I believe this to be true for lol as a whole). Give mages high end item options that can compete with rylais like before. If rylais continues to be a problem then it should be nerfed.
Rìcco (EUW)
: Seriously, can we stop pretending Mages NEED Rylais?
Rylais is popular because ap is down has a whole and cdr is up. Before you had to go out of your way to get high cdr at the cost of damage. Now cdr is on everything and damage is now more in item actives (protobelt and the icicle thing). Rylais was more situational before because there were more high damage items, and before it was either you dumped all your spells at once and killed the guy or you didn't and now you have nothing up. In either case you didn't need a slow. Now you know your not gonna kill the guy but your spells are up a lot faster so you get another go at it and rylais helps you land the next combo. Rylais itself hasn't changed since 5.22 (where its cost went from 3000 to 3200). However a lot of other items have changed and rylais has found itself at the top because everything else pales in comparison to it. Instead of destroying an item that wasn't an issue before why don't we try to fix the other items so it doesn't look like the best choice every time. Lower available cdr (in the game as a whole imo) so its something you have to opt into instead of it being added on because theres no way around it. Bring back high end ap items. If rylais is still a problem then revert the 4.13 change where ryalis was given 20 more ap and lost 100 health. Yes its been that long that rylais has been 100 ap and no one complained.
: Can you drop out of Gold?
You can demote from losing games you can't decay anymore from not playing. In general I think its harder to move down tiers (gold to silver for example) than divisions (silver 2 to silver 3).
: > [{quoted}](name=nep2une,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HUU5gcrh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-10T21:55:37.292+0000) > > Eh, she is still decently strong and annoying to play against. > Except that applies to a good chunk of the roster. > And she's just the most prominent one due to appearing in LCS play at the moment. > There's always a champion or few like this. > > It was Azir a few years ago. A few weeks/months before Syndra was Viktor. > Zac's another prominent name at the moment. > Janna's anothe- oh wait supports obviously can't be OP kappa > People will always cry. I think shes fair as shes immobile and needs to be able to nuke people. I just dislike how easy it is to score a kill with her R + ignite.. Its literally no counterplay except dont be in range ever because ignite + her R will do like 500-600 by itself at lvl 6
She may not have a dash but shes still more mobile than others since she can cast while moving. So she can kite better than most mages due to not giving up ground to fight back along with self peel in her w and e.
: Armor Pen Jayce build is actually infuriating to play against
Armor pen in general is annoying to play against. Doesn't matter if its an assassin,adc, or whatever jayce is considered. I hope riot looks at their items before they start gutting champs. Not saying jayce doesn't need to be toned down (haven't seen him much myself) but I would hate for another sej incident to happen.
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Meddler (NA)
: Exact changes are still under discussion. General problem statement is that it's too universal. Having all your abilities slow is something that should be a deliberate choice you opt into, and make trade offs for, not just a default item on so many AP champs. That issue's magnified by the HP given by Rylai's, given health's the most universal stat we've got (everyone can always use it, and more's always useful, even if it's not the ideal stat for a specific champ). One of the directions we're considering is a pretty dramatic change that strips the health off entirely, replacing it with mana or something like mana+CDR. That's got some substantial cost to it, given it effectively removes Rylai's as an option for a lot of champs who have traditionally bought it. Possible it's the healthiest approach however. It might also mean we'd want to make other slowing items (Dead Man's Plate, Randuin's Omen or GLP) better options for champs no longer able to use Rylai's well. Another possible direction's to strip AP, and possibly slow strength, off Rylai's instead. Big advantage there is that that would preserve more of its historic niche. Risk is that it remains too universal given the health, or that we have to hit it so hard in terms of AP/passive strength that it's just mediocre for everyone. More thoughts to follow, likely around the time 6.22 (tentative Pre-Season patch) hits the PBE. Very much an ongoing discussion for us at the moment, with people arguing for a range of different approaches here.
Can you stop adding cdr to the game? Rylais synergizes to well with cdr. More spells mean more slows. The influx of cdr combined with the reduction of raw ap in the mage update made rylais a core item for many mages. Before rylais wasn't core because some mages didn't have low enough cds to make use of the slow because they typically dropped their load and if the target lived they waited around for another rotation. Since there are fewer big ap items which means burst is down and more cdr with means mages are doing more dps this leads to mages having to land more spells to be effective. What helps you land more spells while being a big ap item rylais? You need to make competing items look better (raising ap values of some items and/or lower rylais a little) and/or make cdr something you build into and not just something thats tacked on to every item. Even ad items have cdr tacked onto them which is why we see adcs with at least 20 cdr giving up very little for it if anything. Support items have cdr on just about everything and tanks can get 30% in a couple of items. At this point your better off removing cdr from the game and just lower everyones cds by 20-30% since its almost impossible to not have that much.
: Just wanna pop in on this, please understand this is MY opinion on this :).. "Sometimes I think riot really over thinks simple things. Like with appearing offline option for league. Certain systems like a im messenger aren't new or unique to league but somehow you guys make it sound like you have to invent the wheel to provide what has become standard" I think the whole idea of making the IM system more advanced is really pointless. The IM system in League is there just as a tool for setting up games. Riot hasn't taken the route of some other games out there where the IM system is also a place to chit chat if your bored, though they have provided private rooms chat for that purpose. If you want to play League, you'll be on league, if you want to chat, there's always skype. That being said it's best that it's as simple as it is. Either your online or your away from your computer, if your not interested in playing, then don't log into league. If you just wanna play solo, then just play solo and tell anyone who asks that you just wanna play solo.... people actually understand that. It's not Riot's responsibility to give you a way to hide from people on your friends list because you want to play and don't want them to know.
I was just using the im as an example of something people have requested for years that riot hasn't implemented and have commented on saying they would have to research it. Personally as far as ims are concerned i would like to be able to block getting messages from someone without removing them from my list. And the reason for that is i don't need them spamming my chat cluttering my screen while im trying to focus. Minor but annoying.
agbudar (NA)
: most of the problems this season were not the champions but abusive itemization.
Yasuo doesn't really benefit from cdr as much as other champs. His q cooldown gets lower with attack speed. The fact that trinity lost crit probably made it less appealing especially with the changes to his ult that made it so only his crits benefit from the armor pen it provides. What made yasuo a big problem was frozen mallet along with the way his scales and his kit as a whole. Ekko is just overloaded and riot has been chipping away at him for a while. You don't see other tanks building a trinity and wrecking because they don't have the tools to make as good use of it has ekko does. Ekko does percent health, slows, speeds himself up, has a shield/aoe stun/slow, and an undo button while being pretty mobile. Ezreal and corki were never really about critting like other adcs so zeal was kinda meh for them. Mord didn't want crit either. The cdr arguably is better for them. Whether its better for them to have easy access to it is another story. As for jax,irealia, and wu actually do like cdr. They rely on their abilites to do damage and stick to a target. Lower cooldowns= more damage for them. I don't think jax and wu have really been complained about since the trinity change. Irealia has and thats probably because theres not much outplay potential when her dash and stun are both guaranteed and she has true damage that scales with attack speed. Irealia's kit just synergizes too well with trinity. Brand,Cass,and Malz always got ryliahs them getting it now is nothing new. The reason you're seeing more ryliahs is because ap has gone down and cdr has gone up. Its harder to burst someone down in a single rotation and mages are doing more dps because of the access to cdr. Ryliahs works well when you can get more spells off to apply the slow. Combine that with the fact that its one of the highest ap items along with providing health and a slow and theres very little reason to not pick it up. I agree that itemization has been a issue this season. But your reasons as to why I feel are wrong. Some champs do need to be retuned with regards to items. For example I think some adcs need to be looked at again with how available cdr and armor pen are to them. I think cdr as a whole needs to looked at again along with ap value of items, and the availability of armor pen.
W Flynn (NA)
: Mages are more so meant to have to do several combos, as they have more of a ranged advantage. And dfg was pure cancer, and if you disagree you don't remember what it was like then. It was an item that didn't fit a niche, it was good on some champions, but realistically you would just take it as a last item and say "eh why not, I mean now I can one shot their ad in an instant". It was never really a too well designed item, it just let people blow you up really quickly for no good reason. I agree that some mages are fairly underpowered now, but its undeniable that some, IE Anivia, thrive with current build paths. Also, Ludens is in the highest winrate item build for anivia right now, put that down to whatever you want, but its there. Basically though, standard mage build has changed so standard mages, like viktor syndra and lissandra, have fallen out of style. It's not a negative for the meta to have variety though imo.
I disagree mages are meant to do several combos. They are meant to poke or burst with a few that do dps. They are bounded by raw ap and cdr. Also in many cases they are bounded by your ability to actually hit the target. Ap has gone down and cdr has gone up. This hurt alot of mages. Why would I opt for playing a champ thats meant to burst someone if it's going to take several rotations and theres no guarantee I will get the damage off. The answer is utility and cc but when it becomes so spamable it makes certain classes weaker (melee) and some items less valuable (swifties,mercs). Add on that ryliahs is common to a lot of mids because of its cc that works well with the cdr thats on everything. I agree however that dfg wasn't really fun to play with or against. But at its core it emphasized a part of what being a mage is, bursting someone down.
: The challenge, and it's something we're really trying to understand now, is what players mean by sandbox. Some way to practice last hitting or even try out a new champion seems consistent with League. An editor where you try to come up with your own URF mode is something we're less excited about, but that's why we really want to understand the player need here.
I think most players when they say sandbox they don't want access to all your assets to make their own game or whatever. They just want the option to vary certain variables within the game itself such as levels,gold, cooldowns. Sometimes I think riot really over thinks simple things. Like with appearing offline option for league. Certain systems like a im messenger aren't new or unique to league but somehow you guys make it sound like you have to invent the wheel to provide what has become standard. And just to be clear I'm not saying programing isn't hard or anything just quite bluntly you guys spend a bit too much time thinking and analyzing and not enough doing sometimes.
: @ Riot whats the new equivalent
{{item:3147}} is the new dfg but instead of starting with it to amp your damage you try to do all your damage before it pops. But oh wait its for ad assassins but finds its way on a couple of adcs. But i agree ap has gone down and riot hurt a lot of burst mages pushing them more towards dps. And with the loss of ap ryliahs has found its way into many builds because its one of the highest ap items that give health and a nice passive. Back when there were more high end ap items ryliahs was situational but now its why not buy it your cooldowns are low from excessive cdr and you're gonna need a extra rotation or two to kill anything because your ap is lower. I really hope riot looks at itemization in the preseason. Mages need ap on their items since they don't get ap per level the same way ad champs get ad and as per level. They also need to retune adcs since cdr is more available to them along with flat armor pen.
: Way less damage in return for an overpowered passive. I didn't feel like it was my champion anymore.
Agreed. So much was dumped into his passive and w that he lost a lot of power and became a worse champion for it. Even more so since hes been nerfed a bit since the rework.
: Yeah Kog's skill order had some issues where many players found it optimal to not even level their Q at all until the midgame- that's super lame. Cassio definitely gains a huge power spike from Rylai's- I wouldn't pinpoint that interation as her "problem" (before even discussing if she has a problem at all). Anyway, the fact is that Rylai's is there so she will build it. That being said, there's been a lot of discussion revolving around Rylai's at the office although nothing set in stone. Regarding Ivern, as much as I want to keep this thread focused on 6.19, I expected this question to pop up and there isn't any other good way to reach us about it until he releases, so I'll allow it. I think Ivern is a really risky champion design with game-warping implications when someone picks him- and that's a good thing! I'd expect his unique playstyle and theme to appeal to players who haven't found their main yet in the champion roster yet and would be happy to see new Ivern mains (as long as they aren't on the enemy team). Also, Ivern has a really cool interaction with Blitzcrank.
I don't think rylais itself is a big problem. I think all the cdr added to mage items along with the decrease in ap makes rylais too appealing. Before the mage update mages had to choose between high ap or cdr or in other words burst vs dps. With more cdr and less ap mages are forced in the dps direction. Rylias works well when you have low cooldowns because you can proc it more. In addition rylias is one of the highest ap giving items while providing good health so theres no reason to not get it. Honestly for the preseason I hope you guys focus on items specifically cdr. I don't feel certain champs are properly tuned for having such high amounts of cdr being availalbe. For example Lucian and Jhin having high cdr while still having good damage or mages "abusing rylias" (quotes because i feel they are forced to go that way from the update).
Dealth (NA)
: I have rank 5 on skarner, and I can confirm that all he does is spam qweqweqweqwe in a fight, and sometimes ults a squishy target. Shyvana also spams qweqweqweqwe in a fight, and her ult is just a glorified gragas e.
what champ doesn't spam their moves in a fight besides adcs? And even some adcs spam their moves in a fight like lucian.
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Rìcco (EUW)
: Please don't make Rylais the "Squishy kite option" (Some arguments inside)
Mages build rylais because it has one of the highest ap values without needing to build up like roa/archangels or a steep price point like deathcap. Also with the influx of all the cdr riot added and the overall decrease in ap from items mages are forced into a more utility role and rylias works perfectly in the environment riot has created.
Poske (EUNE)
: Sorry but mage Update Nerfed AP itemization overall. Heck even if you just look at rabadon which is the most important part of mage items it literaly got GUTTED
Totally agree. They put cdr on everything but took out a lot of ap. Theres a reason ryliahs is being built more. Its now one of the highest ap items.
: FFS can you ADC's please buy executioners calling when facing a soraka
Didn't mundo get nerfed because no one bought it.
: If players want improved diversity in pro play, you have to ignore normal queues.
If it ever came down to having to choose between balance for the pros and balance for the rest of us I'd choose the rest of us. I play the game far more than I watch the pro scene. I want to have fun playing it. And I think riot makes far more money off the rest of us and loses money with the LCS. So if they ever had to choose it would probably be in their best interest to appeal to the masses and not the .01%.
: It's the same with her and Ez's Ults, but I never quite understood why they couldn't be interrupted other than "Well, they always been like that."
Lux and Ezreal have long cast times on their ults not channel times like fiddle. The only way to stop them is to kill them before it goes off.
Kivolan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AvantelWings,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5xQFtj7T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-29T03:41:37.234+0000) > > AD has lifesteal and *some* minimal specific defensive items (that also offer offensive stats) > > AP has about 6 different items that gives tankiness and defense while also bolstering offensive power. {{item:3022}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3046}} vs {{item:3174}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3157}} Whoo one whole extra item for AP champs. Anyway, apples and oranges. Most AP champs are all about burst. You do your rotation, and if things aren't dead you're then a punching bag for 5-10 seconds until you can do more damage. AD does constant, consistent damage from auto attacks (in addition to their skills). That's not to say I think lifesteal is that overpowered. It's really only broken on a few champions at the moment such as Graves and Kog'Maw.
you forgot deaths dance. allows you to vamp off physical spells while turning some of the damage you take into a dot so you can try to heal before it kills you.
: I feel sorry for Zed players with recent news
People either ban what they don't like or what they think is strong. Zed had a period where it was both. He may not be as strong now but people probably still don't enjoy playing against him. And should bans increase I'd imagine more assassins being added along with him.
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Reav3 (NA)
: That was also true of many low mobility mages before the mage update. They were considered not viable for competative play due to there weakness to ganks or being far to binary (like old Malz, for example.) Not sure if new Kat will or won't be played in pro play, but the changes should make her a lot less binary and lot less reliant on her Ult to be successful. Also a champions ability to lane well has a pretty huge effect on how viable they are in pro play. Kat having a stronger laning phase could help her viability quite a bit.
Old malz was stronger than the current in just about every single way. The only thing that made him "competative" was the broken passive you gave him which removed counter play to him. Pobelter even says it in an interview. Also of the low mobility mages you guys worked on they are still low mobility and are only picked (competitively) because of how insane they were on release. Vlad with his insane healing and zyra for the large amount of plants. Zyra has been pretty much a non factor after nerfs and vlad dropped off largely. The only one seeing play seems to be anivia and viktor who were both seeing play before hand. If the goal was to make mages more competitive picks I think you missed the mark, if it was to make them more mobile it missed the mark. If the goal was to make them op on release and then nerf them back to where they were before then you guys nailed it.
: The QQ coming from tank mains has gotten out of control and it needs to stop.
Theres black cleaver which is team wide % armor reduction. And its not only armor pen that more available to ad but cdr as well. I don't think adcs were properly tuned for all the cdr available. And theres also hurricane that took a class that specialized in single target damage with exception of a few and made them do aoe. Add on a phantom dancer that reduces a person's damage. Adc have become harder to kill, get to, and itemize against. At least mages take a break from hitting something because of cool downs.
ßoy (NA)
: "If you want vision, buy a sightstone yourself." - Lux Support
Like I always say theres no such thing as support Lux or Nidalee. They are midlaner number 2.
: I'd be surprised if it wasn't at least looked at during pre season.
I think the problem ap values have dropped but cdr has become more available. Rylai's gives one of the highest ap values while having health and a useful passive so its a good all around item. However I would be against just nerfing it without buffing the ap value of other items.
: Depends on the severity- for example, Sona's recent buffs were over the top and justified a hotfix. In general, I think it's important to be careful in not immediately tossing out buffs and nerfs based on perception since that could often change due to meta shifts, be incorrectly skewed (for sometimes by a single pro game where that champion succeeded), etc. For Jhin specifically, he's been too strong for too long as well and we're looking to give him some nerfs in the near future.
Why allow jhin to be strong for so long and why continue to allow it?
Hibeki (NA)
: Why does an Irelia with nothing but a Trinity force and some armor outdamage a 4 item Yi?
Was yi stunned for 2 seconds? Thats usually how irealia kills things. She takes one hit stuns the squishy and kills them before it wears off. You don't need much damage to kill a squishy but to pull it off in 2 seconds with a mostly tank build is a problem. You would either have to lower the stun time or reduce bases to force her to build damage to do damage. However knowing the way Irealia works she goes from garbage tier to top tier with the smallest of changes so its probably why riot is hesistant to touch her sometimes.
Rux100 (NA)
: His champion page literally spells out that all of his stuff deals magic damage. Specifically, where (besides his gatling gun) do you see " physical dmg". His E does, and his basics are half n half. The rest is magic damage scaling with AP.
You're confusing what it scales with with what it is output as. Scaling is what stats you would build to make it stronger. The output for an offensive move can be either physical, magical, or true. Corki's moves scale with attack damage and ability power but they deal magic damage. His gatling gun is the only one that does physical damage while scaling with only attack damage.
Rux100 (NA)
: Actually if you read his ability specifics, the only thing that scales with AD is his Gatling Gun. Everything else scales with AP.
Actually all of his moves scale with ad except valkyrie but the package scales with both. His gatling gun is the only thing that scales only with ad. His passive is his autos do half physical half magical. So he still wants to build ad but he deals mixed damage.
Hibeki (NA)
: What is it with peoples obsession with being able to dodge something making it balanced
: It’s not a feature that’s currently planned to be added, but we do recognize that this is a feature that’s requested quite often. What we’re committing to is to conduct research on it to understand more of why players want an offline/invisible mode and what activity they expect to take while in that state. We usually conduct research via in-person player labs, surveys, and collecting data from players around the world. So, we are not going to say “yes” or “no” to the request at the moment, but we’re committed to learning more about it so the best decision that would affect all players globally can be made.
Is a lot of research really required to see why people would want to be invisible? I don't see the reason for being invisible in LOL being much different from any other application or game where there is a similar option.
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