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: This sounds really cool, but I am concerned about the general rule a Rioter gave to the effective of "it can't interfere with the game between when a player hit 'play' and sees the victory/defeat screen". Does the first section in this post (telling a player what to choose based on the enemy team) violate this? Or is it safe? Again, sounds really cool. Would love to use if it gets officially cleared!
It's just a website, not a tool running inside League. All of the APIs and data we use comes from Riot themselves. The rule you posted is meant for in-game tools that actually modify your experience in the game, so it shouldn't apply in this situation. It's just like using a site like Champion.gg or lolnexus.
: By the way, is it for ranked games only or can it tell me the optimal build in just a normal?
Parts of the site work for normals, but not everything. We're working on getting as much as possible working on normals, but the most in-depth data from Riot only is stored for ranked games, so we're a bit limited there.
: Holy, this sounds really cool! I'm bout to check it out, hope its free ^^
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