: Smurfs-Main tracking for permabannable offences.
: "lvl 6 account with a C9 icon" Okay :^)
I watched Lcs with friends before I ever played a single game of league. :3 GO C9
9kPluzZ (NA)
: Why do people think random people on the internet are supposed to be nice? Matter a fact the internet is what allows people to act like dicks.
No, the internet does not allow people to act in such a demeanor. It is people who think that it is a matter of fact that the internet is cruel, that make the internet a toxic environment.
: > [{quoted}](name=Redus,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=bYTjXBwJ,comment-id=0046,timestamp=2015-11-08T16:06:08.558+0000) > > I wasn't going to comment, but most of these comments don't really give much direction to anyone having this issue. As long as Lyte is in charge of Player Behavior you should just mute, report, and move on. Obviously this action sucks. It's not strong enough to do anything about that player, you muting people increases your chances of losing, and it just sucks knowing that that player is going to continue playing the game, but I am saving you a whole lot of time and heart ache here. So many people season after season try to make a difference about LoL's biggest issue (in my opinion) of players with bad attitudes and that is all Lyte has to say about it (mute, report, and move on). To be honest, once you hit gold 3 or so, the trolling, feeding, and bad attitudes decrease a lot, but its definitely still there. It's just something you'll have to deal with as long as Lyte is around I'm afraid. Lastly, somebody already mentioned toughening up a bit in the comments, but they're right. You have to realize it's just some punk coward trying to get attention by bringing others down. Don't feed these losers what they want, after all it is just words on a screen. You cannot expect Riot nor any company to monitor the behavior of hundreds of millions of players. You don't know if the guy that flames you is always flaming or if he's just on a tilt this game. If he's a chronic flamer, he'll get punished eventually. If he isn't, he probably won't be (and while flaming is wrong, tbh you shouldn't get banned if you tilted one game out of 500).
> [{quoted}](name=Aeolian Melodies,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=bYTjXBwJ,comment-id=00460000,timestamp=2015-11-08T16:50:03.018+0000) > > You cannot expect Riot nor any company to monitor the behavior of hundreds of millions of players. > > You don't know if the guy that flames you is always flaming or if he's just on a tilt this game. If he's a chronic flamer, he'll get punished eventually. If he isn't, he probably won't be (and while flaming is wrong, tbh you shouldn't get banned if you tilted one game out of 500). I understand what you are saying, however, if I were to burn my neighbors house down once in a blue moon... I probably shouldn't be on the streets. I'm not saying to insta-ban anyone who ever flames. What I am saying is that if you are going out of your way to purposefully and willingly Harass and berate someone you SHOULD BE BANNED.
cagaman (NA)
: Op must be trolling... what a %%% post... "Oh no a complete stranger from the Internet talked bout my mommy, I'm deeply affected now..." LOL
> [{quoted}](name=cagaman,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=bYTjXBwJ,comment-id=0044,timestamp=2015-11-08T15:50:46.142+0000) > > Op must be trolling... what a %%% post... > "Oh no a complete stranger from the Internet talked bout my mommy, I'm deeply affected now..." > LOL Constructive
Ironhold (EUNE)
: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pseudo-intellectual You disgust me in any way imaginable. Please do not ever address me again.
: > This is absolutely Intolerable. > "You're being very disrespectful" >This is a Very Very Relevant problem Let me get a few things out of the way here before I move on 1. Is this your first on-line Game? 2. Do you know about the tools already given to you? I have been playing online for over a decade now and if there is one ting I have picked up within that time, it's that people become vitriol in competitive environments. The stress and emotions run high, and when combined with anonymity, it inevitably leads to confrontation. What you are describing isn't a "League problem" it's a human one. Riot (like many other developers) have included in your game various tools to police the community and to "protect" (I use this term almost sarcastically) yourself from harsh words. Use them if this is an issue. Coming to the forums here does nothing, you're complaining about something that runs deeper than a community culture, it's human nature. Call it Intolerable, unacceptable all you want, the fact isn't changed. It is neither a problem that needs fixing or can be fixed: much less a relevant one at that. You are not forced to play this game, nor are you without the ability to both actively ignore individuals or virtually block them from communicating with you. Unless you are one of those individuals who sincerely believes his games should be nothing but fun time joy sessions and all others who dont conform, shouldn't play, I suggest you just hit the mute button and leave it at that.
You are correct, I am new to the scene of online communities and am quite frankly shocked. From what I've been hearing, you are also correct this is a human problem. That being said, why is it that you believe this can' be changed? With the right amount of enforcement and positive reinforcement from the non-malicious segment of the community, I truly believe that a better experience can be born.
Ironhold (EUNE)
: I believe the name of the pattern is called "hypocrisy"? Personally, I'd rather have what OP tries to portray as "lesser people" in every single of my bloody games, than this crapload of hypocrisy. At least, "lesser people" can be muted and reported, hypocrites spread their malignant tumors and there's nothing you can do about it. Scroll down a bunch of comments, you'll see OP reply to one of them, in his reply, he fucking compared rape to being shittalked on the internet. I shit you not.
If I was being hypocritical, you'll have to show me where. As for the comparison to rape, I was using a technique of rhetoric. It was an analogy stating that some people's virulent attitudes "rape" the experiences of others. I was not nor ever would Imply that actual rape is equivalent to being "shittalked on the internet"
: my problem is this.....the attitude you are taking encourages the behavior of the trolls. By ignoring the problem you are accepting it as is and thus agreeing with it. That is the problem, those who want a less toxic environment need to say enough and tell companies in the gaming industry ENOUGH already. They have ways to fight this, and if you ban these people and they don't change, then perma ban them, eventually, they will tire of making more accounts, or leave and go to another game, and you get rid of the toxicity here, not the good players and the ones YOU WANT TO KEEP.
Rew711 (NA)
: Honestly, I read it all... and all I can think of is how well your vocabulary is.
: First off it was a internet troll, who cares what he says. He means nothing to you 2nd; you seem mentally pretty weak; since unknown stranger effects you this badly. This is the internet jerks are around everywhere Mute report and move on, also get a thicker skin though. While he is wrong you look just as stupid making a post about this person. We all know their are idiots are on the web, you adding to it and whining does not do anything. Verbal trolls have power cause you allow them to effect you.
The answer to any problem is NEVER to ignore it. It is not the right of "trolls" and "anons" to beguile any individual. I'm not saying that this plebeian made any indentation on me personally, I am however questioning why so many of you sit around and accept this as a fundamental truth. Why does anyone feel that it is acceptable to berate another human person in such a demeanor. This is the problem that Riot needs to address; we all know that they are trying their best but I implore you, the people of League, to not sit back and be raped by those whom feel it necessary to derogate and opprobriate. Rather, I do encourage you, to transpose upon to them, your abhorrence of their temperament and condemn their behavior as unacceptable.
: Could of swore just yesterday we weren't able to comment on anything until like level 8.
: level 6 and I am appalled with the attitudes that I have been exposed to in League Riot PLEASE READ
Thank you all for commenting, and for all of your advice. I would really appreciate it if you would leave an upvote to bring more attention to this problem that evidently plagues the community. Thank's again! - maxtherag
: Did you report them? If not please do in the future, Riot bans people for these offenses. I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience. Riot really does try to combat this behavior but its very hard because the game is free and anyone, even those who have been banned before, can make an account in a matter of minutes. These scum of league frequently occupy low level games because their accounts get banned over and over and they have to keep making new ones. There are definitely still toxic people once you hit level 30 but its much less prevalent. I'd recommend mainly playing in bot games until you reach level 30 to avoid as many of these troglodytes as you can. Also, I'd recommend you use the mute button if people are harassing you. You can access it in the TAB menu or by typing /mute [player name]. Alternatively, you can mute everyone by typing /mute all.
I did indeed. I find it unfortunate, however that this problem seems so prevalent in the community. I am aware that Riot is implementing countermeasures, and I do respect their efforts; all things said though, I don't know If I as an individual will ever be comfortable playing in a community where People applaud my mothers death. And I know that those few don't even begin to represent the whole. But you know what they say one bad apple spoils the bunch...
: I'm going to be blunt, but your best bet is to toughen up because it's not going to get any better once you're level 30 and playing ranked.
That's exactly my point, I don't believe that a group of kind and respectful players of any level of experience, should be forced to "toughen up". We as a community either need to join together in an effort to deter this type of behavior (Which we all know unfortunately is exceptionally unlikely), or I do reckon, that Riot will lose an increasing portion of its community. It's really a shame too, the little bit I have played league I have generally enjoyed, but it in no way excuses this type of demeanor.
: As you get further up in the levels and get better at playing, it gets a lot better. I rarely encounter people that are toxic in my games anymore. It sucks when people are toxic, but the best thing you can do is what Archon X says, mute them. Just make sure you remember to report them at the end.
I will certainly attempt to mute the toxic players in the future, nevertheless I don't feel that I should have to tolerate behavior such as this. I shouldn't have to diminish my game play experience, to cater to the toxic fraction of the community.
nerak23 (NA)
: Hi :) so sorry to read about your experience thus far. There are some very nice people who play league and I hope you find some more friends to play with to help you along the way. I believe Riot is on the way to helping this problem, with the new punishment system things may get dicey for a time but I think after it is in place it will substantially help this problem. Players will either conform or be perma-banned...even if they make new accounts they will quickly either play by the rules or get suspended again. Please give it some time :)
I will certainly not be quitting after just a few experiences like this, but I'm afraid, if this attitude is perpetuated through multiple of my upcoming games, I would rather spend my time not being verbally attacked. I am sure, however, that there are some very kind people that belong to this community. That being said, I do not foresee that the influence of the amiable could possibly outweigh the impact of the callous. I will be giving League a long grace period, and I sincerely hope that I can be proven wrong about this game.
Archon X (NA)
: don't tell other people to report, just you reporting is sufficient also if you press tab, there's a button to press to mute people
Thank you for the information I will be sure to use it in the future. Thank you!
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