: Wow buddy... You're really going to pick a fight with them over word choice and semantics? Way to miss the point.
who are they? not picking a fight.. what is the point? just bend over and take it? from people who seem to be held in too high a place? yeah thats me
: >so I Intentionally fed because somebody ignored my lane call. and I am the one who gets a 14 day ban Well... yeah. Intentionally feeding is against the rules. Just because you feel slighted by a player doesn't give you the right to throw a tantrum and ruin the game.
you are right. though many games are ruined through lack of courtesy
: lane calling is a practice that isn't enforced by riot. it's not illegal to ignore
illegal is the wrong term.
Kei143 (NA)
: there isn't a rule about call order in blind pick. It's common courtsey, but not a hard and fast rule. If you wanted lane assignments, go play draft pick.
not so common i guess.. courtesy .. i tilt one time and 2 weeks ban ... blind match? too harsh. is my point
: Ignoring a role call is a douche move, but its not even an official rule to follow it. But instead of just playing whatever was left, you seem to think inting would solve the problem. Enjoy your two weeks off.
I usually do that.. 2 weeks ban .. too harsh
: “So I intentionally fed” everything after that means nothing to me.
so i wonder if i just play others' lanes from now on.. bully in on them and thats all .. I bet there would be a lot of intentional feeding going on. you miss my point.
mazdajay (NA)
: Players ignoring called positions
there should be a rule. and 14 day ban. ridiculous. just venting i guess but more blind games are ruined by not self regulating lane calls.. far more than feeding due to tilt. just a thought
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